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Posted 4 August 2023

Seara Frozen Whole Chicken 1-1.3kgs - National

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For all those struggling with quality food or on a budget or even unable to buy meat and groceries
FARM FOODS! Is overstocked with Tons meat, chicken, Beef, lamb,
variety of products

affordable and also HALAL

this May help anyone struggling with the cost of living

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  1. Robdataff's avatar
    What country is this raised/slaughtered in?
    sul's avatar
    Brasil I believe
  2. Solac's avatar
    Bald Foodie Guy did a review and said these are pretty good
    themachman's avatar
    Yep, good old Gareth des some great reviews
  3. Bazzer55's avatar
    Mine has loads of this
  4. 2014iulia's avatar
    We've been eating this chicken and other products made by them and they are great!!!
  5. Bazzer55's avatar
    These also fit nicely in my Ninja air fryer
  6. abdulwahid7797's avatar
    You sure this is accurate
    A_H's avatar
    Yes. Also Seara - is the number 1 meat wholesale and distributer in the middle eat from saudi to dubia to Oman 
  7. adamnsu's avatar
    Sutton farmfoods isnt overstocked with Seara meat products and quite the oppostie with empyt spaces
    A_H's avatar
    Maybe they are out of stock or sold out. But if you ring farmfoods customer service they won’t tell you the exact store but will mention stock numbers and will tell you significant amount of stock in those areas mentioned 
  8. mmachine's avatar
    thanx op for posting will have a look at my local on sat
  9. mrTea67's avatar
    Shame there not Crowns.
  10. KingNav360's avatar
    Good deal on a budget.

    But this chicken doesn't taste like chicken 🤢
    savedosh2day's avatar
    A bit of masala should do the trick (edited)
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