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Posted 6 April 2024

intel 13400 - RTX 4060 8GB - 16GB DDR5 - TX550 GOLD - 1TB NVME PC

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Phoenix Flash (PHO12)

  • INTEL Core i5 13400 - 10 Cores - 16 Threads - up to 4.6Ghz
  • ASROCK B760M-H/M.2 DDR5
  • ADATA 16GB DDR5 5600Mhz
  • ADATA 1TB M.2 nVME - Legend 800
  • INTEL HD730 Int7ergrated Graphics
  • ANTEC VSK4000B Case +
  • MICROSOFT Windows 10/11 or 10/11 Pro
  • RTX 4060 8GB Graphics card

£839.99 - uk.pcpartpicker.com/lis…PWt
- Add the GPU to basket, then come back to huk; add the hyper for the PSU.


Palicomp More details at
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  1. ratatatat's avatar
    I was thinking of a pc to run dayz got hooked watching freshspawns etc on YouTube.
    Is this the going rate for. Decentish cheap rig for such a game ?
    FairPriceSystems's avatar
    Not Required, can do cheaper for this.

    Nice 5500 (5600G in this case) paired with an AMD 6600 would do u well.

    + 700W in promo
    + 1TB in promo
    +AMD 6600 in GPU section:




    ^ and preselect 1TB / 5500 / a520 2 = 566.92

    but a better case, and £20 less.

    The AWD does come with windows loaded (unactivated) if it makes it easier.

    5600G has onboard graphics but when used with a GPU its pretty much a 5500 like the AWD. (edited)
  2. CoolCab's avatar
    not even a blu ray drive, what are people doing with dvds in the year of our lord two thousand and twenty four, lol
    jaffamuffin's avatar
    optical media is dead for the masses. No one uses dvd any more. they all prefer to pay corporations money every month to get a limited selection of low quality streaming movies that they can't take with them that will hopefully be provided long enough to watch before it s removed. Progress!
  3. pajdairlandia's avatar
    Went for Lenovo Legion Tower 5 (8th Gen) Gaming Desktop PC | AMD Ryzen 5 7600 | 16GB RAM | 1TB SSD | NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 Ti | Win11 | Black | Includes Keyboard & Mouse | 3 Months Premium Care amzn.eu/d/eVEKXiP
    1106 EUR with delivery and VAT adjustment to Ireland. Was thinking of canceling it when I saw your deal, but the warranty will be better with Amazon for me as I'm living in Ireland not the UK :-p and the final price would be very similar... I'm aware of some limitations... (edited)
  4. Affray's avatar
    I'm glad it looks like a box, fancy for no reason boxes are passe.
  5. jasmith85's avatar
    Bet it can't run Crysis though.
  6. silencesanctuary's avatar
    Intel makes this a pukka deal. Hot!!!
  7. FairPriceSystems's avatar
    joke aside on the case/drive:

    13400 over 13100F.
    DDR5 over DDR4
    B Series over H Series
    Gold over bronze.

    the 1st player is onsite at £20 Quid.

    But I'd try it on and add this: 1st Player T3 (its worth a shot)
    (because there is a drive involved that be removed..)
  8. energy80s's avatar
    Don't like the computer, but do like the case. It's rare that you can get a case with 3.5 & 5.25 cutouts these days. Seems to be 46 quid at Amazon.
    naik's avatar

    Can i ask your opinion of this costco desktop?
    Been on lookout for a desktop on the site but been pretty quiet
  9. mjob76's avatar
    Sorry if I'm missing something, but shouldn't this be £539.99 not £839.99? (at time of posting).
    FairPriceSystems's avatar
    Need to add the GPU Though within the link.
    But that option will work as a UHD system (or add ur own card to it).
's avatar