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MSI Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon £159.99 - Buy a Intel processor with it and claim back up to £85 @ CCL
07/06/2020Expires on 07/06/2020Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Finally upgrading my faithful 10 year old pc, wanted a good mobo to upgrade the cheap i3 9100f I bought with it in the future. You need to buy between 06.05.2020 - 06.06.2020 and c… Read more

I didn't say it would mate


How do you know it's the CPU? It could be any of several of components causing problems, or even an issue with your Windows install.


I've used other browsers same issue. I've also played games, 20 year old ones still get issues. it seems to get bottlenecks easy. I've had previously and never had issues, since get thus cpu there is always something, would never recommend them.


Maybe stop using Chrome? As a quick test, I'm seeing 8%-15% CPU utilisation in Chrome, at idle (HUKD homepage). In Edge (Chromium), it's a tenth of that (0.8%-1.5%). In Firefox, 0%-3%. With Brave Browser, CPU utilisation quickly drops to 0% and stays there. Is this a CPU problem, or a Chrome problem? It's been known for years that the Windows version of Chrome isn't a good browser for laptops and tablets. It's a resource hog that kills battery life.


I'd prefer going with a ryzen 5 and b450 board but this is still a good deal.

PC SPECIALIST Vortex ST-S Gaming PC - Core™ i7 9700, RTX 2070 Super,16GB RAM, 2 TB HDD & 256 GB SSD Damaged Box @ Currys_clearance eBay
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Prices from the other week when I posted this up with the £75 off offer. So it looks like the parts could be from looking at the pc specialist website plus forum posts, and on ol… Read more
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It's freezing in here


Or i just copied and paste from the last time i put this machine up...the description says that at the very top. :) As i said ill try to call pc specialist at some point tomorrow :)


You have a good memory to remember all these spec details then...


I'll jump into tardis to go back a few weeks, I'm not going through my search history for ages finding random threads on the forum, the pc specialist configurator, and wayback machine back ups. I'll call pc specialist tomorrow and get them to confirm / make, amendments :) .


Gonna get pretty chilly 😏

MSI Infinite S 9SC Intel® Core™ i5 RTX 2060 Gaming PC - 128gb ssd 1 TB HDD REFURBISHED £663.20 @ Currys_Clearance eBay
54° Expired
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Description Key Features THIS ITEM HAS BEEN REFURBISHED From frantic FPS action to immersive MMORPG worlds, the MSI Infinite S 9SC Gaming PC helps you to get the best out of your … Read more
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Bargain But 350 watt power supply Obviously you can change it for a few quid but maybe why they're being returned through crashing due to the power supply


Very weird considering this is the MSI Gaming LAN edition board! A good price for a very capable machine...


This was a bargain,


Yeah people want alot for £530 and a 800 year warranty


yeah it was a CEX one for £530ish with a 1660ti, didnt say it had or didnt have a ssd thought, but i preguess its possible there. was a good price, even though it got knocked by some folks who didnt look at the bigger picture. ah well. keep a look out they come up often in various of formatts.

Intel i9 10980xe Socket 2066 - 2 in stock - £1077.07 delivered @
-293° Expired
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Just 2 in stock, and atleast they're cheaper than scan. Socket 2066 Base Speed - 3.0 GHz | Max Speed - 4.6 GHz 18 Core ( 36 ) Integrated Graphics Not Included No Cooler incl… Read more

If you're gonna sell the 4790k, noe's a great time as prices are still high.


Had my 4790k for 5 years now, such a beastly chip. Still great for gaming as ive oc'd it a little. Next chip will certainly be an amd though, im hoping their next line up is just as good as current one


Only for connoisseurs.


ahhhh but will it.......................................... play crysis?


What annoys more than Intels incremental updates for a decade. Is there obsession with forcing a new bleeding socket on us all the time. Nvidia school of milking.

HP 14s-dq0500sa 14" Laptop - Full HD IPS / 128GB SSD / Intel Pentium 5405U / 4GB RAM - £299 + Free Next Day Delivery With Code @ Currys
09/06/2020Expires on 09/06/2020Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
I've been keeping an eye out on the mid range laptops lately and not really taken much time to look at the lower end, budget friendly side. So... This one may do the trick for some… Read more

Can anyone help me, I'm not very clued up on laptops. I am looking for one mainly to run office on, browse the web & the main thing is I need to download alot of photos from my 2 google drive accounts I have & sort through so then reload to one single account. After I've done that it will be light use Thanks


Any help with this ,all i need it for is surf,email,photos and more important connect to my tv with hdmi and be quick enough to run sky go to it


No, it won't.


Dual core laptop in 2020, nope.


Thank you :-)

ASUS ZenBook UX431FA 14 Inch Full HD IPS-Level Thin Laptop (Intel i3-10110U, 256 GB PCI-e SSD, 8 GB RAM, Windows 10 £529.99 Amazon
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
I know this was posted before recently - but it's gone down another 20 quid to £529.99. Whilst previous comments suggested the Currys version with AMD Ryzen 5 3500U was the better… Read more

I remember that deal, I was actually interested in that but decided to pay £400 for an i5 Zenbook, I like it more. I'm not sure if that deal was cheap because of a student discount. Or it was a strange colour if it was the John Lewis deal. I do remember a good deal on Lenovo on the specs you suggested, but without the OS. However, I can't say this is bad just because I found once or twice a better deal a while ago. Pretty much every price here was cheaper a while ago. What's important is what is available now and for how much. This is not my favourite laptop deal by far, but it is still somewhere on top, I don't vote hot only for number 1.


There was the possibility of an i5-1035g1 with an Nvidia MX330 dGPU for £420 with the lenovo ideapad 5 a bit back so I would disagree with heat on this.


Just the way it is. Any laptop that did meet the spec doesn't exist anymore I bet. Lower demand for it for something lighter, thinner etc. So now they're all chasing impracticality and profitability.


It's non-removable according to crucial website as well


On Amazon and scan it says max 8gb supported.

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Apple MacBook Pro, 16 inch, Intel i9, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD - £2,539.99 (£2,285 with code for new users) @ Very
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
I am sure I am going to get apple bashed but still daring to submit ... this is the top of the range macbook pro reduced from £2799 to £2539. Use the new customer WELCOME code to b… Read more

What is wrong with you? My experience is my experience, for you to say my experience is a lie? As I've said you don't know me or my experiences. So take your hate somewhere else. By the way no need to reply, as I'm putting you on ignore.


This is a late 2019 model. No-one knows when the next MacBook will arrive, if it will arrive at all or what it will have (some rumours say it will have Apple's own CPU in it, but that could only be in a smaller sized model like the Air). Honestly, if you have a usable computer, I would hold off for a year or two from buying any Intel-based laptop -- their processors have been nothing but refreshes since around 2015 and they are miles behind AMD (they're embarrassingly bad in comparison). I'd honestly wait for Intel to launch their proper new architecture on 10nm to respond to Ryzen in the next year or two, which should leave current laptops from the past 5+ years in the dust performance-wise.


You've got to be the "demented one" here to ask a question like "why are you so insulting?" simultaneously next to your "demented dog" comment. You must have an IQ a few dozen points below that of said dog. Time to take your head out of your backside, bud -- I called you out for your "I would've gone through X number of Windows laptops in the same time frame" BS statement because that's what it was -- blatantly false (you don't see me spreading that sort of nonsense here about your precious Macbook). No need to get your knickers in a twist over it, son. And you'll get spoken to in the same manner that you speak to other people with. Deal with it.


this is a macbook pro of which year please ? and do you know when the next macbook pro 16 (or more ?) will come, please ? ( 2020, 2021 ? ... )


A few questions for you. 1. Why do you need to be insulting? 2. My choice of laptop is, my choice from personal experience. So what has it go to do with you? 3. You say I'm lying about my experiences with my laptop? What are you on? Rant on like a demented dog, all you like. But save some energy so you can rant on the next Macbook deal.. PS, MacRumours, AppleInsider: Never heard of them, not something I use.

High Performance Overclocked Gaming PC with Intel Core i9 10900K and NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti £3,299 at Scan
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
I know this is very High spec and probably overkill for the vast majority. I did some sums and you cannot buy the parts individually and build it for cheaper than Scan are offerin… Read more

So is the end of the Pandemic but it's not here yet. Until we get them in stores to buy, anything can be brushed aside with "X is around the corner, coming next week, etc" Plus how much ARE these 3000 series going to cost? I know it won't be £3000 but it won't be cheap either.


So did you make a profit on the original ram?


I had expensive and 'rare' 16 gig Samsung b die 3600mhz c15 DDR4 and moved to 32gb crucial E-die 3200mhz kit which I new was similarly overclockable. That one I'm running at 3800mhz c18 anyway. People also don't seem to know that dual rank ram is faster than single rank at the same speeds. Bought the new for £109 and sold the old for £150 I think. People want that RAM to test overclocking with as the subtimings go really low.


That's a laughable price.


How do you go from 16Gb to 32Gb and make £20. What kind of trickery is this :{

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Platinum Intel Core i5 8GB 128GB £789 from Microsoft Store
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
Microsoft have a few deals going at the moment on the Microsoft website. Worth a look. Deals on the on the surface pro 7. **Additional cash back with quidco** :) Configuratio… Read more

What are the chances this offer will still be going at the end of this week?


15% of Wow points through Perks at Work (Employee discount) saving of almost £100


Unfortunately mine didn't. My Surface Pro 2017 developed a screen issue and they wanted me to send it to them for repair. I begged for a replacement machine but they said no. I had been using the device to take handwritten notes for my psychotherapy business, and to do my accounts and all that kind of stuff so I really needed it. I ended up using the Ipad Pro for all of that stuff in the end as it was generally more stable in my sessions (i.e. it wouldn't crash, sometimes with the Surface Pro I would go and show someone a pdf and randomly it wouldnt load for whatever reason, once after an update the start button wouldn't work, just little annoyances like that that you dont want to deal with inbetween clients). I'm sure most the bugs are sorted now. Toying with the idea of a Go 2 with USB C. I currently own a Surface Laptop 1st Gen which hasn't skipped a beat since I have had it but the 3rd gen is a bit pricey for me for what you get.


Jesus Christ my wife is going to kill me. It was 2016.

Nope, US law. You could have tried a Section 75 claim against the CC provider but the statute for claims in UK is 6 kick yourself that you didn't read this 3+ mths ago! (S75 would be a monetary settlement for repair).

2019 Apple MacBook Pro 13.3" Touch Bar with Touch ID, Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Space Grey - £1059.97 @ John Lewis & Partners
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
The 2019 MacBook Pro 13” features Apple’s Touch Bar with integrated Touch ID sensor and Retina display with True Tone technology for speed, security and sharpness. It’s fitted with… Read more

Only a touchbar. No full touch screen. Out of date.


Depends what you use it for. I use my 2013 MBP with 128Gb storage every day. Most of my documents stored in the cloud. Got me through 3 years of Uni, and still my daily device 4 years after graduating.


For all the people who have recommended avoiding this model due to the keyboard, are you suggesting to go for the 2020 model?


I just bought this model from Currys. Great little machine for the now reduced price. Unless you're going to be doing tons of typing, I wouldn't worry about the keyboard - it's fine. But be aware that the SSD drive is NOT upgradeable so you are stuck with 128Gb and use of external storage.


Yes I wasn’t clear in my answer, looking back on it again but yes that is essentially what happens. The top case and battery gets replaced and everything else gets reused including the keyboard. So technically you have a new keyboard but design wise you won’t get a resolution to it. Quite annoying truth be told. The only quality I like about laptops running windows are their general repairability.

Medion Akoya S4403 14" Convertible Laptop Intel Core i7-8550, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD £566.99 Delivered @ Laptop Outlet
197° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
i7 version of the laptop back down in price :) Use the code PICKSAVE at checkout to get the advertised price. Medion AKOYA S4403 With the S4403 you get a great convertible.… Read more

From the description: Intel® Core ™ i7 Processor The Intel® Core ™ i7 makes the most of your notebook. Thanks to the smooth Dual Core operation with 4 Threads, this processor handles all tasks smoothly for you. Furthermore, with 3 MB Intel Smart Cache and numerous Intel innovations, this processor ensures excellent performance. However as you say, it's really a quad core, so I happily stand corrected.


had one of these brands for 5 years now and while im not a fan of Lenovo its been faultless, yes its not a work horse but really good value. if this was 15" i may have gone for any way.


No, it’d be terrible. It’s a slimline machine with low-voltage processor, low thermal headroom and no dedicated graphics. You might manage to run them, but games are meant to be fun and this experience probably wouldn’t be. You can find much better and suitable for games in this price bracket - you’d buy this for portability and touchscreen.


Would this be good to play games like gta 5 or witcher and fifa? What about sims 4


The i7-8550 is a quad core processor

2020 Apple MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar, Intel Core i5 - 10th Gen, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, Space Grey - £1,649.97 @ Laptops Direct
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
A good price for the latest 10th gen Intel model. Around £150 off RRP. Portable Powerhouse MacBook Pro elevates the notebook to a whole new level of performance and portability… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I think you have shown us all your IQ is the lowest due to you feeling the need to respond.


touch screen is for phones and tablets. Even the touchbar is fairly pointless... used Dell XPS for ages never used touch screen, currently use a MBP 15" 2018 and would prefer physical keys


SixtyFive is either your IQ or the number of people you've baited


Ugly and perform poorly. Doubt that's what people are after.


iMac's are bigger. The bigger the better every girl knows.

MSI GL75 9SD-036UK 17.3” Intel® Core™ i7 GTX 1660 Ti Laptop- 512 GB SSD 60hz - Refurb Grade B - £804.20 (W/ Code) @ eBay / currys_clearance
204° Expired
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Type Gaming laptop Operating system Windows 10 (64-bit) Processor - Intel® Core™ i7-9750H Processor- Hexa-core- 2.7 GHz / 4.1 GHz- 9 MB cache RAM 8 GB GDDR4 (2666 MHz) Graphics… Read more

I bought a 1050ti laptop few months back already considering an upgrade but I reckon it might be worth hanging on till ps5 etc is in business as these older machines should drop in I right


Funny how none of these guys are posting any brand new £800 9750H + 1660Ti deals...


Not an overly special price for 2nd hand. Its about the right price for a brand new machine of this spec.


maybe before Corona.. I bought a 2017 msi 2nd hand on ebay for £500... since then prices have been going up as supply has gone down and demand has gone up.. have a look, its probably priced correctly..


get the rtx one brand new for 200 more... i mean grade B? why tho

MSI GL75 9SD-036UK 17.3” Intel® Core™ i7 GTX 1660 Ti Laptop- 512 GB SSD - REFURB £718.30 @ currys_clearance ebay
33° Expired
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Key Features THIS ITEM IS REFURBISHED!! Get a fast and powerful performance from the MSI GL75 17.3” Intel® Core™ i7 GTX 1660 Ti Gaming Laptop. Featuring the latest 9th gen Intel® … Read more

Grade C from Currys equals almost certain disappointment.


They've sold out already


Be careful with these, as in another deal I pointed out it says "Grade C" in details.

REFURBISHED MSI Raider RGB GE63 Gaming laptop 15.6" Intel Core i7 16 GB RAM - £503.37 With Code @ eBay / Currys Clearance
26° Expired
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Another cheap refurb from Curry's Ebay , 2 left at the moment, price inclusive of PICKSAVE discount 10%.
map66 this review mentioned two types of screen but my definetely not 4k ISP screen


yeah i expected 120Hz aswell


If I remeber right it asked me if I would like to replace existing software with this one, than installed. By the way what is screen refresh rate on your laptop? Not sure why but I expected it to be 122 Hz , only got 60 Hz.


i will try again


I've installed the program, only a GeForce game ready driver avaiable at the moment.

Intel Core i3-9100F Quad Core CPU 3.60GHz- 4.2Ghz £60.38 @ Amazon
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Excellent value for money, which I cannot really say about any other Intel desktop CPUs. I was initially going to go with Ryzen, but this is cheaper than any quad core Ryzen produ… Read more

Yep nice boost on Zen+ as I said was unaware. Though at moment more interested in what that 4700g will be offering for a sff I have in mind as a maybe.


They're both solid chips for the price and I don't really care for fanboyism; just saying it's a valid low cost option if wanting to choose the AMD platform. The i3 9100f will likely still have the edge in games but it's multiplier locked so you can't overclock it easily although it turbo-boosts up to 4ghz all core I believe so no real need anyway. I'm looking forward to seeing how the i3 10100 performs when it eventually get's released as it will be a better budget choice for gaming with 4 cores and 8 threads. When you think that this was a flagship chip just a few years ago (as the 7700k) it shows how far we've come and how competition means better performance per £ for everyone. I just hope the i3 10100 will be priced to compete with it's AMD equivalents (the r3 3100/3300x, which are readily available now)


ah - had missed they had AF'd the 1200 too and yes can see overclocked gets close to the 9100 at stock Counter though is the 9100 overclocks too.


That's the original 1200, I'm talking about the new Zen+ 1200 AF refresh...


Not sure what overclocking you are doing a 1200 does not keep up with an 8100 let alone the 9100:

ACER Nitro 5 AN517 17.3" Gaming Laptop - Intel® Core™ i7, RTX 2060, 256 GB SSD £999 Currys
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Now seems to have been reduced to £979 ! Product features Intel® Core™ i7-9750H Processor RAM: 8 GB / Storage: 256 GB SSD Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6 GB Full HD screen Ba… Read more

I guess it was automatically registered when u went through ur windows setup for the first time


I haven't registered yet. I should do..


hey there. have you tried acer webpage for the your product info? is there option under "my products" which tells you the warranty status of your nitro 5? thnx


that ram is it CL 18 i guess?? most 2666 rams are CL 19. That ram is a a good choice...but big no to 5400 rpm...may be get 480 - 500 2.5 SSD or nvme


Yeah that RAM should work great (y)

New Inspiron 14 5000 Laptop Intel i7 with 12GB Ram. With NVIDIA® GeForce® MX230 with 2GB GDDR5 graphics memory £748 with code @ Dell
160° Expired
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Tech Specs Processor 10th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-10510U Processor (8MB Cache, up to 4.9 GHz) Operating Systems Windows 10 Home 64bit English Video Card NVIDIA® GeForce® MX230 w… Read more

great deal but gave up in the basket shows nowhere to put promotiomal code, unlike what is shown above....


No, still pretty shocking


What are the batteries like these days - they used to be rubbish on these? Have they stopped sticking in a small battery?


Well it depends on your budget I suppose. The XPS are towards the higher end of dell's make. They are very well built though. But very pricy if you want this spec.


Cheers mate. Added that to the OP to bring the price down to 738.64. Very decent spec for the price in my opinion but hey let's wait and see. Iam sure there would be someone complaining. (lol) (lol)

MINI PC W5 Pro Intel atom Z8350 quad core Windows 10 4GB / 64GB £87.37 Delivered using code @ AliExpress / WooYi Store
1238° Expired
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Good price for this PC on a stick, with 4GB of RAM and 64GB storage, and a licensed copy of Windows 10. SD card slot for expandable storage :) Use the code MAYAE7MAY at checkou… Read more

I imagine GTA5 wil be coming to Google's Stadia cloud gaming platform so this stick probably would be able to run it yeah. Depending on WiFi quality.


I also had no idea that this was a thing, amazing really!


Would this thing be capable of running vcarve for a desktop CNC machine?


Probably ready to go but other freight has been a priority. I had an item declared lost by Hermes to a non-EU country. The minute their restrictions lifted, it arrived. DHL is currently 3 x normal cost per kg.


Great for multi media stuff . Even skygo works on this .

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