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Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 for Windows/Mac

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Microsoft 2019 Professional Plus is one of the most popular business suites globally. This new version of Office 2019 has been redesigned with more powerful features and improved cloud connectivity, allowing you to do more in less time.

Office 2019 has a lot to offer in terms of features and functionality. It provides users with the ability to produce, revise, and organize documents, spreadsheets, slideshows, emails, and databases.

Some of the fresh enhancements featured in Office 2019 include enhanced inking in all Office programs, new analysis capabilities in Excel, new presentation tools in PowerPoint, and updated features in Outlook to manage emails and contacts.

Lifetime license for MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher & Access
One-time purchase installed on 1 Windows PC for use at home or work
Instant Delivery & Download – access your software license keys and download links instantly
Free customer service – only the best support!

Bring your documents and presentations to life with Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus!

The Office 2019 suite includes:
Word 2019
Excel 2019
PowerPoint 2019
Outlook 2019
OneNote 2019
Publisher 2019
Access 2019

Important Details
Length of access: lifetime
Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
Access options: desktop
Version: 2019
No subscriptions – no monthly/annual fees
All languages supported
Updates included
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  1. StormB's avatar
    Office Professional Plus isn't available on the consumer market. Only Office Professional (not Plus) is available through retail channels, at a cost of ~£400. 'So what?' I hear you say. Well, ProPlus can only be obtained through business volume licensing and also schemes which use volume licenses as their basis (MS Action Pack, MS Partner scheme, TechSoup, SPLA, companywide enterprise agreement, academic agreement, to name a few).

    OK, and now I hear you asking why it even matters who it was intended for - you're paying for it, so MS are getting the money, right?

    Nope. Firstly, it's important to realise that most businesses (charities/academic generally excepted) pay hundreds of pounds for each copy of Office ProPlus through legitimate channels (via distributors). It's not hard to work this out - businesses are one of Microsoft's most lucrative customers. Just look at the comparative prices of Office 365 consumer vs Office 365 business as an example.

    Secondly, as I mentioned before, there are numerous schemes that use volume licensing as their basis. These provide a thousands of Office activations for the end user company using a single key, on the basis that actual usage is reported back to Microsoft on a trust basis. The benefit to the end user company is that it is easier to manage a companywide deployment using a single MAK key. Most of the time, no-one is checking the use of the keys, but sometimes Microsoft picks up on odd use of keys because they are being activated at a rate that doesn't fit with what the end user company profile is paying for. In this instance they provide replacement keys to the company and revoke the old key.

    So when an activation key gets leaked, this is exactly the type of site that they end up on. The key is a real key, but don't kid yourself it's any more legitimate than just downloading a free copy from usenet or torrents. It may continue to work fine forever, if the key hasn't been re-sold too many times to raise suspicion with Microsoft.

    I sell Microsoft licenses to businesses as part of my job. I have access to plenty of keys with thousands of activations available on them. Can I use them for myself? No. And if I sold one of those keys to someone to let them activate office, would they have a legit copy of office? Of course not. It would show as activated, but this doesn't mean they have bought a licence to use the software. (edited)
    ashyt16turbo's avatar
    Absolutely spot on 100%
    Anyone who thinks they've got a genuine authorised key for £20 odd quid is dreaming.

    The money is going in the pockets of dodgy con merchants.
  2. KarthikSarma's avatar
    To all those worried about the authenticity of this, this is being sold by Microsoft authorised seller. Description updated with further details.

    Click below to verify Microsoft partnership


    Have questions on how digital purchases work? Learn more here

    support.stacksocial.com/hc/en-us/articles/4404248309261-What-Is-A-Digital-Product?_ga=2.177095206.2086593784.1711987079-1805580355.1711987078 (edited)
  3. DryUrEyesMate's avatar
    I paid £5 for mine from Electronics First and £6 for win 11 pro and all was approved by Microsoft as official keys (edited)
    DealHugger's avatar
    They might work till they don't, and technically speaking they are illegal keys.
  4. KingSuns's avatar
    Okay, so my experience, and no, I'm not saying that this isn't legit.
    Last time I bought a cheap key and yes it did register as recognised by MS etc. After about a year it stopped working, got a couple of emails from MS saying it wasn't sold appropriately and that was that. EXCEPT I had used cloud saving for a couple of spreadsheets that I needed to access on another computer and those were not retrievable at all. (which was a PITA) Basically MS didn't want to know as the key was sold on inappropriately.

    So the moral is, sure get your key wherever you want and you will hopefully be alright, and if it fails after a while just get another one but do not use cloud saving as you will lose your data! And of course, if you do fall for a dodgy key then also remember that usually the administrator of the key (if it's a business key you get) may well have access to your data that you save on the cloud(!)
  5. smokieUK's avatar
    I bought a cheap key once for Office 365. It worked fine for a while. To all intents and purposes it was a genuine key. Turned out it was a key from an educational establishment licence, I don't remember what it was called, but where someone buys a licence for a whole site and the machines all get the same key. It was stopped by Microsoft who presumably recognised that while it was genuine, it was obtained not under the terms of the license.

    My recollection was that it was dodgy from day 1 as I could not choose my own email address or domain, that was all supplied with the key and was presumably the domain the licence was attached to.
    GibStudentCode's avatar
    The shady dodgy admin could have accessed your emails as well.
  6. Msic's avatar
    Be aware that this becomes End Of Life next year:
    This doesnt mean it'll stop working, but you'll cease to get security patches.
    This might not mean much to some of you, but if you care about security then just consider.

    Office 2021 becomes EOL only 1 year later (2026).
    ashyt16turbo's avatar
    It doesn't matter. My car hasn't been updated for 12 years, but it still works.
  7. Gotta's avatar
    The cheaper ones usually say that its a one time cdkey that may deactive if you change PC components or reinstall windows. Not sure how certain it is that it would not active on reinstalling windows because you can usually bind it to your microsoft account?
    I've had great lasting success with windows cdkeys from gamers outlet for litrally a few £
    PizzaCake's avatar
    I built a new pc and was pleasantly surprised to discover that I could move my licence from my old pc to the new one. One of the benefits of it being linked to your account rather than a computer. A warning came up when I tried to install Office 2019 on my new pc that the licence was already used but there was a link to learn more which said it was okay to move the install even on a completely different computer as long as there is only one active installation. The page asked me how many active PCs I responded 1 then it activated office on my new PC.
  8. Gbarrowman's avatar
    That’s just for updates. It shouldn’t stop it from working. 
  9. Madhaggis's avatar
    A site I have used in the past and trust CJS Cd Keys has the 2021 version for £18.99 and the Mac equivalent of Office 2019 for £19.99 I can't link as the domain is banned on here.... (edited)
    MrBook's avatar
    Likewise, I've bought from CD keys and their codes have worked for me fine.
  10. MRP's avatar
    Stacksocial are legit and popular in the USA.
  11. fastcarmaniac's avatar
    I still use the 2016 version at home, does all I need to do. Prefer it over the most up to date version that we use at work!
    MrBook's avatar
    Me too still running Office 2016 and working great.
    Only gripe is that the XLOOKUP function on excel doesn't work.
    Much better than the good old' VLOOKUP.
    But, hey, still runs great.
  12. Iru786's avatar
    Office 2024 is going to be out soon as well
  13. pantaiema's avatar
    Does anyone know where to get Adobe Acrobat DC or other similar version (just for editing PDF file). for lifetime licence less than £15 ?? It is just for single personal use and not for business. Thx (edited)
    gringohero's avatar
    adobe have cracked down majorly on the dodgy/reseller keys. sometimes cheap "lifetime" keys will appear on sites and it ends up being a download link with a crack/patch to install. I ended up paying adobe's blood money for the genuine licence since I NEED editing capabilities. If you sign-up via the "counterfeit software" pop-up that the dodgy crack version inevitibly starts showing, you actually get a decent discount lol.

    Best bet if you really don't want to pay, find a cheap or 2nd hand adobe pro 2020 licence. That was the last true perpetual licence adobe sold. Or run a cracked version, be sure never to update it and lock-down ur system with firewall rules as other software vendors can also report it back to adobe.
  14. Crossbow's avatar
    Edit, added later: I have bought 3 items from Stacksocial before... lifetime subs each for a VPN, cloud storage & adblocking software - all good.
    It's just items like this sold via a thirdparty that don't ring true due to large-scale pirating of Microsoft software, hence my concern. Although I'm happy to be proved wrong in time.

    Original post..
    Please don't be fooled at these prices, probably not genuine - licence could be blocked in the future despite initially activating & working fine for a while.
    Might as well risk it with others for much less if you don't mind going down the cheap route...
    52500024-Tfb6W.jpg (edited)
    GrimDanFango's avatar
    If they weren't genuine keys then they wouldn't activate. Most of these sellers take PayPal so you have the additional protection in the unlikely event that the seller won't provide a replacement key if the one you buy didn't work.
  15. MRP's avatar
    Much better than a subscription deal. (edited)
    ChampionshipManager's avatar
    Imagine getting a Microsoft subscription
  16. pantaiema's avatar
    All the people who said is not genuine is just personal opinion, they can not prove it. Why would anyone want to care other people personal opinion ?? Even it is not working after you are using it for a while how much did you lose if you payed less than £10 or even £5??

    Whether it is from stacksocial, electronic first, cjs-cdkeys you bought it from legit sellers. It is not your duty to investigate whether they are breaching the contract, or not. All you are interested is whether the software is working or not and you could use it. And the most important here is that you are just a small guy, not a business. You are not making profit out of them but you just refuse to pay that amount as you will still need to make sure you have food on the table, your energy bills, transport is paid. (edited)
    marteee's avatar
    "Right To Use" - educate yourself, your over-simplification is incorrect
  17. Bargaingirl's avatar
    I went for Electronic First... paid £8... think unless you are paying full price direct from Microsoft they are all dodgy of sorts...have to say it all worked fine... didn't need to do any telephone authorisation which some say you had to....I spent ages researching and decided I'd risk it for £8... glad I did... all set up to my own accounts no issues...took minutes
  18. dannyzz's avatar
    Great thread, with great knowledge, input and feedback!!
  19. japes's avatar
    Office 2021 for less than £10 on Gamers-Outlet site. Yes, it's a genuine key but, like this deal it may stop working after a while as the keys are sold many times over. Likely to keep working until you change something on your PC and have to re-register, but at £10, who cares. (edited)
  20. ChAdOx1's avatar
    If it’s too good to be true…
  21. crack_shot's avatar
    I have office 2021, dont know if there's any difference
    don't know if there's anything new since office 97 i used in.... 2002

    i think excel is magic and whoever thought of it is a secret genius of the universe
  22. Gazman2k's avatar
    Expired :-( Well it won't let me linking this .... (edited)
  23. Minder1975's avatar
    I tried a few of these 2019 versions and none of them worked. Ended up getting it direct from Amazon and it worked fine.
  24. Miss_understood's avatar
    Does this have the designer feature on PowerPoint?
    ifti's avatar
    No that's 365 only, I bought a 27 month office 365 subscription for 89 from Amazon which in pretty happy with, but I only need photo album so 365 is a waste for me

    PM me I may be able to help. (edited)
  25. coolio887's avatar
    NGL this seems shady, everything they are selling is massively discounted. Microsoft sell office life subscriptions for £400, how can these guys sell it for £20?

    Probably stolen CC and not even grey market.
  26. A54D's avatar
    Genuine question. On Mac, why do people use this instead of Apple Pages, Numbers etc. ? Apple Pages opens and edits Word files. Is there any benefit to using it over the built in software provided for free by Apple?

    The only thing I can think of is collaboration with people that don’t use Apple devices. But other than that, can’t really think of anything. Genuinely interested as I stacked Office 365 which is expiring in a few months and don’t know whether there’s a hidden gem that I’m missing out on by not using instead of Pages.
    silencesanctuary's avatar
    Microsoft Office applications have some more advanced features that power users lean heavily on. The data also syncs across all platforms Windows, Android, iOS, iPadOS, macOS with native clients on all these systems. Apple has clients on macOS, iOS and iPadOS, but any non-Apple hardware requires you to use very basic web versions via icloud.com.

    For most people, Pages, Numbers, Keynote are more than adequate. That's all I use.

    Most regular users justify the subscription as their own Dropbox storage-in-the-cloud solution (1TB OneDrive) with all the Microsoft software free (when compared to Dropbox/Google Cloud pricing for just the storage element). (edited)
  27. ref1ux's avatar
    I have 2019 and when I try and update Outlook I get a message saying that I need to upgrade to the latest version of Office. Other apps (e.g. Word) are all fine. So I think they have already started 'sunsetting' it.
  28. tinfoilhat's avatar
    does this have Morph and designer on PowerPoint? thank you
  29. Sjsjzwzebxxbn_Uajqzszdbx's avatar
    How do you get it for 23.90? Mine says 29.90?
    Sjsjzwzebxxbn_Uajqzszdbx's avatar
    Ok it's in dollars sorry didn't see it
  30. ralphaverbuch's avatar
    Interesting option. I renewed not too long ago with an official key for office 365 from Argos covering six users for £44. Pretty sure I got it on this site. I then took advantage of a deal giving me 15 instead of 12 months on top of this. I thought it was a pretty good deal given all of my family including two teens at Uni can use all the software on their own PCs/phones/tablets and have the 1TB storage if they need it on OneDrive. This was the deal...
  31. kirillav's avatar
    Can this key be used again in case of moving to a new PC?
    al355's avatar
    depends when you move. If within a couple of months should be fine but longer than that no
  32. westy125's avatar
    Got my last office 2019 pro key for £3.99 off hrk gaming last year,
  33. hichachoc's avatar
    Beware of this crowd. They show a price, but when you purchase, they add tax, duty and 'shipping' (for your online purchase!!) and charge you the full amount before you can stop them. :-(
    JA23's avatar
    0 g
  34. gurdeep's avatar
    Hello. Great deal. I already have Office 365 web version on my Mac (approx £6 p/month). I mostly use web apps but occasionally have the need to use desktop apps ( word and excel). Im successfully using Outlook on the free desktop app, but the other MS apps won’t work as I need to ‘upgrade’. If I get this key will it sync with my subscription and OneDrive etc? Thank you
    JubilantPigeon's avatar
    No it won't sync with your subscription in any way. It's a separate thing entirely. It'll just let you use office 2019 which is not a subscription based product. It can save files to your OneDrive but that's a separate thing.

    That said, there is no "web version" of Office 365 (now called Microsoft 365 btw). The £6/mo plan includes desktop versions of Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
  35. dylanadam's avatar
    Anyone know Does it have the desktop onenote with the dictation button ?
  36. Flashman's avatar
    this is a keeper
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