Posted 13 May 2024

AMD ALT-F4 (ALT4) Gaming PC - AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D - 32GB DDR5 - ADATA 2TB + Seagate 2TB HDD - RTX 4080 16GB - Windows 10/11

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  1. vI_M4YH3Mz_Iv's avatar
    Just built the same system power wise for £1690


    Edit: added my build, all getting put together tonight! (edited)
    jaz_chatha's avatar
    For this pc, the parts picker is around the £2,280.
    I see on your link the AMD cpu is £60 cheaper but I couldn't find this price.
  2. Miketdi's avatar
    Hope it goes well! The pali system does have a better motherboard and includes an os too so it’s really not a bad deal all in for anyone who doesn’t want to build one
  3. Non0n's avatar
    a really good deal, i went and bought this. i wish there was an option to remove the OS to make the price a bit cheaper but still, you can’t go wrong at this price. i also removed the HDD that’s included to save an extra £40
  4. jaz_chatha's avatar
    Seems like a good deal from Palicomp. Any suggestions from the comminity on bits and pieces that you would change?

    I opted for the ICue H150 cooler + corsair 5000x case + 32 gb corsair rgb ram.

    Took the total to £2400 but that was still better than what I got on pcpartspicker.
    warfish's avatar
    Personally I would forgo the mechanical drive and add a second m.2. I'm not sure why they've even specified it that way, it maybe makes sense to run both if the mechanical drive is 4x the size of the SSD, but personally I moved away from mechanical drives completely about 18 months ago - reduction in noise and cable mess is worth it alone, never mind the speed benefits (enables you to put games you want to load fastest on the non-windows drive, rather than having windows and those games on the one SSD)
  5. jaz_chatha's avatar
    Thanks for the reply I'm looking to pull the trigger on this in the next day or so
  6. Macdory's avatar
    Would you recommend upgrading the CPU to a Ryzen 9?
    jaz_chatha's avatar
    Me personally no because this will mainly be a gaming pc but if multitasking then it may be a better option.
  7. Redinho's avatar
    I've always been a PS5 user but turned to PC since getting a steam deck.

    I was tempted to get a desktop as well, but this kinda stuff is way out of my price range! How much would you need to spend to get something similar or a bit better than a PS5 performance?
    Daniel_Wolstenholme's avatar
    I think something with a RTX 4070 would be a good shout so probably looking just over 1k perhaps depending on the quality of other components too.
  8. kai.johnson's avatar
    Would it be worth switching to the 7900xtx if ray tracing isn't important to me?
    adam_rockon's avatar
    For gaming only? No

    For multitasking? Yes
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