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Seagate 4 TB Backup Plus Portable External Hard Drive with 2 Months Photography Plan 2 year warranty Silver/Blue £82.98 delivered @ Amazon
Posted 21st JunPosted 21st Jun
Blue link: The Seagate Backup Plus portable drive simplifies backup for those who want to help protect t… Read more
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Isn't this price just the going rate now for 4TB drives?


tl dr: The Backup Plus and Expansion are more or less the same, with the Backup Plus smaller dimensions, more warranty but a heftier price tag.


Does anyone know what’s the difference between this drive and the expansion model?


Very nice. Thanks


4tb! My goodness.

Seagate 5TB Back Up Plus Portable Drive £112.99 at Argos perfect for XBox One & PS4 (Price has dropped by £7)
Posted 21st JunPosted 21st Jun
Seagate 5TB Back Up Plus Portable Drive perfect for XBox One & PS4 (Price has dropped by £7) Seagate Backup Plus Desktop drives are available in capacities up to 8 TB and com… Read more

Cheaper elsewhere and according to the Camels it's been as low as £90 in the past, so this is £23 dearer than the lowest price and as such it's cold for me.


Probably a My Book, it will need a seperate PSU


Do you need an extra external power cable to run that?


Got a wd 10tb for 160 on amazon worth waiting


It’s currently £109.99 at Amazon and is often ~£105 (see at

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Posted 20th JunPosted 20th Jun
SEAGATE 6TB IRONWOLF NAS HARD DRIVE 3.5” SATA III 6GB’S 7200RPM 256MB CACHE KEY FEATURES Rotational Vibration (RV) Sensors IronWolf Health Management (IHM) enabled Designed for al… Read more

Thank you. Not sure who changed the pic to the 4TB one (confused) (flirt) , I had uploaded the 6TB pic when i posted the deal this morning, pic of which I had also saved on my phone so have uploaded the same pic again


Despite the pic showing 4tb, it is for the 6

Seagate 8TB Backup Plus Desktop External Hard Drive with 2 Months Free Adobe Cloud Photography Plan 2 year warranty £129.99 @ Amazon
Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
Two integrated high-speed USB 3.0 ports on the front allow you to connect and recharge your other USB devices Formatted for Windows computers out of the box Install the provided NT… Read more
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expired now :/


Already posted buddy, I was gonna post it couple days ago too but saw the following post and was like leave it.

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Seagate 4 TB Expansion USB 3.0 Portable 2.5 Inch External Hard Drive £79.99 @ Amazon
Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
Twice the storage capacity of comparably-sized portable drives Ideal add-on storage for your PC, Xbox One or PS4 Drag and drop file saving, right out of the box Powered by USB, … Read more

I would prefer the 4tb drive to be internal as the primary drive. And the 2tb drive, that i have now, & (which is practically full), would be my secondary drive for saves and captures. I have 176gb of free space, & every day i am told by my ps4 system notifications, that i have no space, & i have to delete more games to accommodate just an update etc.. This is why i need to upgrade to a bigger internal hdd. Sure i could use it as an external, but my preference would be to use it as an internal drive. Hence my question😁


£82.99, from a product the very same people were formally selling for only £81! (before they initially reduced it that is). And all within a window of only 4 Day's? = cheeky ... lol.


It's thickness is too thick to fit internally into the innerds of a PS4, or an XBox One, I believe?. But I've heard people commenting in the past that it'd fit in the innerds of a PS4 Pro though?. But I don't own any of the above 3 aforementioned, I'm unable to comment exclusively either way ... I'm curious, what's stopping you simply using it as external only though? (via it's supplied usb cable), or ... It's not even like it'd need it's own external power supply via a dedicated psu, or something, is it?. Or am I missing something in the reasoning behind your initial question?, thanx.


I'll ask again, can someone tell me if this drive fits internally a PS4, or One X please. As the Amazon answers are not helping much. I've had this in my basket for a while now, so it's good that it's back with Amazon😁


Everyone has their thoughts when it comes to HDD's ... Whether for, or against, it's a two-edged sword basically?. That's all I can say, lol.

Seagate BarraCuda 6TB SATA III 3.5" Hard Drive, £122.04 at CCL/ebay-with code
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
Small saving with code on this drive. Key Features: 6TB Capacity 5400RPM Spin Speed 256MB Cache Multi-Tier Caching Technology Advanced Power Saving 2 Year Warranty

Read my comment again and please highlight what misinformation I have relayed.


It's just frustrating when such misinformation is put out there for others to swallow up and regurgitate resulting in an endless feedback loop on thread after thread.


Whoa, calm thy titties dear. I think you'll find that was my point.


I shouldn't even bother to respond anymore. That's a lot of data to lose? Are you serious? Would you prefer 6x1TB drives or perhaps spread it over however many million floppy disks? This eggs in one basket vs many is unbelievably flawed. Don't you realise that you're increasing the changes of encountering a drive failure every time you a add another drive into the mix? If your data is important BACK IT UP! Splitting it over several smaller drives is not a sensible alternative. Now the second issue. Seagate reliability. There's absolutely nothing in it when it comes to Seagate vs WD, absolutely nothing. Gone are the days of problematic Seagate drives. Aren't we talking about something that happened 5-6 years ago? Ultimately you'll be absolutely fine with either manufacturer. Just backup your important data as any drive from any manufacturer can fail.


Quite noisy if I have to be honest. I have a 2TB version of this and it emits a rather annoying vibration noise. That said, in the year I've owned this drive it's performed flawlessly despite Seagate's reputation. I guess time will tell. What you must remember though is that 6TB of data is a lot to lose regardless of the brand of drive. As long as you have some sort of redundancy or backup, the decision should be based on whether the price justifies the 2year warranty. Furthermore, make sure you go through Quidco and claim your extra £5 cashback :-)

Seagate BarraCuda 1TB,Internal,8.89 cm (3.5") (ST1000DM010) Desktop HDD - £20.69 delivered @ componenthouse / eBay
Posted 13th JunPosted 13th Jun
Description says brand-new, Not sure if it's only the one available so I'll expire when someone can confirm it's gone, was tempted to get it myself but want a bit more storage.
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Wonder who is going to fess up to nabbing it at that loony low price! (lol)


Someone snagged it! Expired (y)


No. Laptops use 2.5" drives as they are smaller not 3.5" drives like the one posted.


This good for my Sony laptop?


Thanks buddy! Admittedly I've been scouring the internet for decent gaming pc deal's for a good week since my old rig blew up - Was bound to find something sooner or later!

Seagate Expansion Desktop 6TB External Desktop Hard Drive £97.19 (£93.50 using fee free card) @ Amazon Germany
Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
Looks like a good price for 6TB of storage. Fee free cards include Revolut and Monzo. You can purchase through using your UK Amazon account. Ideal add-on storage for your PC, Xb… Read more
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It's just anecdotal, but I've had a bunch of cheap 4TB seagates in my NAS for nearly 5 years with heavy use. All fine, guaranteed to fail now I've mentioned of course.


There was a period of time when Seagate's did that apparently, but you might want to keep an eye on Backblase's quarterly hard drive reports. They don't seem to trace the drives individually, just bulk failures though. I tend to buy cheap-ish and can end up with any brand. (Fateful words) I haven't had a drive die in some years now. Keep backups (keep the 321 principle going plus if you haven't tested your back up, you don't have a backup) and keep redundancy (RAID). I bought a couple of 60G SSDs, following a tip here, for a tenner each for my OS and used them in RAID10. The rule for me for SSD/sdcards/eMMC is to buy far bigger than one needs to allow wear levelling.




Good price, about the same cost per Tb as the 10Tb WD posted yesterday, so around £16/Tb which is about as low as it gets.



Seagate 5tb Backup Plus Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0 with 2 months free Adobe cloud photography plan £94.32 delivered @ Amazon US
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
Price includes import fees, delivery etc :) Looking for easy, on-the-go storage? Seagate Backup Plus Portable offers just that with 5TB of huge capacity. The perfect compliment … Read more
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Don't you just hate it when you come on HUKD looking for Just Eat codes and end up spending USD$95 on an external USB drive? (embarrassed) I feel like a cheapskate now trying to save £3 on take out (lol)


If you're paying with a Revolut card, it's usually cheaper to let them charge you in USD rather than use Amazon's conversion. At the current exchange rate (time of writing), it'll come to £90.42. If you have the USD$20 credit from the cancelled Western Digital drives a few weeks ago, even better.


Dont need to clear customs I am on holiday in September will bring it back


Going to visit family in September already so will bring it back (y)


Misleading post, if you add in the real delivery cost, import duty and VAT. Plus warranty / guarantee may not be given to UK customers, it is not worth it $90.50+$24.60 = $115.10

Seagate 4 TB Expansion USB 3.0 Portable 2.5 Inch External Hard Drive for PC, Xbox & PS4 £57.14 delivered @ Amazon Spain
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
If main link doesn’t work then try below link and select Amazon as Seller. Pay with fe… Read more

Also, there was no any transaction in my credit card account - no payment and no money return has gone through.


Yeah, you must make sure before you purchase an International item, that the card you use for payment is fee free or not


I have used Halifax clarity credit card and there is no fee for non-Sterling transactions.


There is no way of claiming international credit card charges. Should have used fee free card such as Curve


My order has been cancelled as well. At the same time I can see pending transaction of 89p from Amazon Spain in my credit card. Has someone else noted this?

Seagate Enterprise 3.5" Hard Drive 6TB, 7200RPM, 24×7 workloads @ Amazon for £130.52
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
This drive is equivalent to a WD Red Pro which has 7200RPM. Best-Fit Applications: Hyperscale applications High-capacity RAID storage Mainstream enterprise external sto… Read more

Looked for this before a finished work at 9.30, woke up this morn and its gone ughhh


Sadly expired. :(


How does this compare with the IronWolf NAS drives?


Thats very cheap for 6tb of enterprise quality storage


For anyone curious, this is much, much faster than a WD Red 6TB (or equivalent Seagate 6TB NAS drive) but is significantly louder.

Seagate 4tb Portable External Hard Drive £72.24 delivered with code @ Currys eBay
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Top features: - Portable storage for easy backups - Plug and play setup with no software Portable storage Transfer large files to save on storage, take important files with y… Read more

No problem (y)


Sold! I will nab one. Thanks.


Yes mate, it'll be fine :)


Does this work with PS4’s? Just ran out of game storage space on mine.

Seagate 4 TB Expansion USB 3.0 Desktop 3.5 Inch External Hard Drive for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 + 2 Year Warranty - £74.98 @ Amazon
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Ideal add-on storage for your PC, Xbox One or PS4 Drag and drop file saving, right out of the box Mains powered 2 years warranty

10 TB was the cracking deal (highfive)


Waiting for my £87 10Tb drive to despatch from the :D Mains powered USB drives are usually for 3.5" hard discs in the external enclosure, which are usually higher capacity and remove the need for USB power from the host device because often they cannot supply the power needed. Smaller sized hard disks (physical size) used in laptops etc have a smaller capacity limit which maxes out at a premium price, They do not usually need an external power source but are limited in maximum storage size, hence the continued abundance of mains powered USB 3.5" desktop USB drives especially those of larger storage size.


Didn't even think they made mains powered HD anymore!


Serious question what would be the advantage to a mains powered 4tb drive when you could buy a much smaller usb powered 4tb drive for around the same price or even much cheaper as weve seen recently? I hated buying a 8tb mains powered drive recently but couldnt find a portable version in the same capacity for a similar price.

Seagate 5TB Backup Plus Portable External Hard Drive 2 months photography plan 2 year warranty Silver/Red/Blue £99.98 delivered @ Amazon
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Red: Blue: The Seagate … Read more
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I'll never get tired of people comparing the 2.5 to 3.5 prices or mistaking one for the other etc (shock) (annoyed)


I'm loving this price OP. :-) Go and 'wreck' me some HDD's, huh?, hehehehehehe. :-D


"£90 for 6TB Seagate here, or slightly more for 8." That is a 3.5" HDD, whereas the comment you formally answered upon was for the 2.5" HDD instead, etc?. :-)


Based on 2 year warranty I suspect their cheaper variants rather than say a white label ironwolf. Looking online Seagate's backup drives (5TB) typically have 5400 RPM 128MB cache Barracuda drives in. EDIT: £90 for 6TB Seagate here, or slightly more for 8.


Does anyone know the model of hdd inside this? The 2.5" Seagate 5TB hdd on its own is £159 so this looks like a good deal to upgrade my NVR's storage.

Seagate 4TB Expansion USB 3.0 Portable 2.5 Inch External Hard Drive £79.98  @ Amazon
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Best price according to the camels (by a penny) - Free delivery. Cracking pr… Read more
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Haha I think the mods put that on, I didn’t. Suffice to say it’s the cheapest portable hard drive I’ve seen for this size.


Surprised this is so hot for 1p discount


Or if you prefer eBay for a penny more:

Seagate Back Up Plus Desktop Hard Drive 6TB £89.98 & 8TB £129.98 || Seagate 8TB Xbox Game Drive Hub £129.98 Free delivery @ Amazon
Refreshed 24th MayRefreshed 24th May
Seagate 8 TB Game Drive Hub for Xbox, USB 3.0 Desktop 3.5 Inch External Hard Drive with Integrated 2-Port USB Hub £129.98 Boost your console's storage capacity with the Seaga… Read more

If you look at the unit price per tb, the 6tb is a better unit price than the 8tb.. 8tb is slightly higher unit price. However, the 10tb had the lowest unit per tb since Nov 2018, but bought too many drives lol


Why is 6tb better? From what I’ve been reading the larger 8 and 10tb drives have red or white disks which are supposed to be far be


do these sill have the crappy archive HDs in them or are do they have real disks now?


Can I run either of these as network storage (possibly by shucking)?


It will probably be law eventually to have all your data in the cloud so people can see all your data.

Seagate 4TB Expansion Amazon Special Edition USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive for PC, Xbox One and PS4 - £79.99 delivered @ Amazon
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
On offer at Amazon Ideal add-on storage for your PC, Xbox One or PS4 Drag and drop file saving, right out of the box Powered by USB, no mains plug required This Seagate po… Read more
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It's £99.77 now, so time to expire, lol.


I was about to ask the same thing, eg. what's 'special', about the 'special edition'?. There must be something out there differentiating it from the normal Seagate 4TB Expansion portion HDD's out there, right?. Alternatively it could be simply a fancy naming convention thing, so there's literally no difference in anything between the two anyway, etc ...


I recently bought a 2T seagate USB drive, 1 month in and it's making a clicking noise and fully expect it to fail any moment, hopefully not before I back it up.


My old one crashed while playing far cry and it’s just making a clicking sound now. Tempted at £80 but will most likely this time get the 8tb game drive.


Does Amazon special edition refer to it being dropped a few times on the way?

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