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Posted 22 June 2023

United Office Mini Pocket Printer @ Lidl

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  • Print any time, anywhere
  • Perfect for designing your planner, notebook, bullet or art journal
  • Print creations directly from your phone using the free app - simply connect your phone via Bluetooth
  • Compatible with all common Android and iOS devices
  • Print your photos and pictures, labels/ stickers, templates, documents, banners and much more
  • Inkless black and white printing
  • Includes 7.8m paper roll
  • Scanning the QR code takes you directly to the app
  • Size: 8.9 x 8.1 x 4.2cm
  • Weight: 166g
  • 3-year warranty
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  1. Toonah's avatar
    I was wondering, if you get this...how does the prints work. I mean if it's like Lidl receipts, those things are awful lol slight crease and the print disappears. Or will it last "a while" (doubt it's as good as regular photo paper) like say a Tesco receipt?
    dblake's avatar
    As the paper is thermal if you put it anywhere very hot it will spoil. Generally it lasts 2 years before the print fades but you can buy higher quality stuff that lasts 10 years.
    It is thin paper though and on a roll, so will have a curl when printed.
    It isn't photo quality by any stretch of the imagination, but I've got something similar (that cost me £30) and the kids love the fact I can print out stickers and clipart for their crafting on demand. Also use it for printing address labels on a sticker roll for all my Xmas cards. (edited)
  2. Reggie100's avatar
    Where do you buy replacement ink, that’s where the money comes from them
    vnomis's avatar
    It uses thermal paper, no ink needed.
  3. bhavani123's avatar
    do we need special paper for this?
    Toonah's avatar
    This is one for sale on that weird online shop Temu (seen mention of in here, been pondering a risky purchas to try them out so have no idea what they're like)

    The example is the mini printer and 10 (2 X 5 ) rolls of the paper, and you can buy the paper on its own.
  4. stethorn's avatar
    The cheap till rolls you see on ebay are probably from China and will most likely have BPA in. BPA till roll manufacturing was banned in the UK in 2020 due to help risks in pregnancy as apparently the bpa can go through the skin.
  5. Proveright's avatar
    I get bombarded with Temu adds, has anyone ordered anything that actually turned up? They look too good to be true?
    Phatboy8's avatar

    I'm on my third order but I always pay via Paypal
  6. trebor's avatar
    The paper size on this printer is 56mm x 30mm, the standard (cheap) thermal paper rolls are 57mm x 30mm. Although only 1mm difference, my partner has a similar printer and alternative paper doesn’t fit, not sure about this one though.

    More details about a presumably rebadged version of this: craftsandco.eu/en/…er/
  7. samandgouldy's avatar
    My daughter has a generic Chinese Amazon version of this. The paper, which indeed is thermal, is quite cheap and the prints are clear and have shown no sign of degradation as yet (6mths) you can even get clear paper to make labels etc. It's a great little thing.
  8. Actionnotwords69's avatar
    Got one already.....

  9. nikunj87's avatar
    Did anyone manage to get this in Lidl? Is there a way to find out stock availability for Lidl? The customer call centre clearly states they cannot discuss stock availability. (edited)
    tanitani's avatar
    Got 1 today in Manchester
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