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Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer - £179.51 Delivered using voucher from AliExpress / 3D Printer Speciality Store
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Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Update 1
Price decease with voucher to £179.51 (Was £186.29) - 20-5
Seems a good deal to me for an in stock printer.

Probably the usual trick. They pretend is in Europe but ships from China to Europe then forward to you from Europe


4 days later and now the seller tells me they are expecting stock in 6-10 days..... Effin useless seller. (mad) Told them to cancel


Looks like it




There isn’t any stock of this one anymore

Anet ET4 3D Printer with 2.8-inch touchscreen, heatbed, 8Gb SD Card & 10m PLA Filament for £146.02 delivered from EU @ TomTop Germany
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Posted 7th MayPosted 7th MayShipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
Great price on this 3D printer and comes from the EU - no extra VAT or Customs on top. (y) Comes with EU plug so you will need an adapter. Features: Modular design, 3d prin… Read more

Anyone recommend one with a slightly larger bed, ...e.g. At least 250x250xheight Ta


That is awesome! Loving the drip tray for the gaggia classic! I need to get one for mine!


Is this one any good ? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Geeetech-Acrylic-Pro-Unassembled-excellent/dp/B01GJDO9I0/ maxmix


Less Dinosaurs more baby Yodas.


Depends on your budget really. I've got a Prusa but for a starter printer I'd probably say Ender 3 or Ender 5. Creality printers are fine once they've been out for a while but pretty much all have had significant teething problems

CREALITY 3D Printer Ender-3 pro DIY Kit Big Size I3 3D Printer approx. £170 @ Aliexpress - AliExpress 3D Printer outlet Store
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Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
Select the pro from Czech Republic and use 10USD off code in basket. I paid with revolut
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I thought it was what came in the parcel I got.. turned out it wasn’t that and I’m still waiting on delivery 😩 Yeah I’ve ordered one that just hooks straight up to the Enders power supply


Did you get a 24V LED strip?


Haha I thought it was glass.. I’ve only used my glass one. That looks great! Think it’s a bit out side my technical/electrical ability. I seen you wrote loads of words but I’ve no idea what they mean (lol) 🙈 I’m just about to hook up a L.E.D lighting strip to mine.. I’ll struggle enough with this


I've never heard of anyone washing the magnetic bed before that's a new one 😁 I have only recently added a raspberry pi/octoprint setup to mine. It's not a necessity by any means but it is useful. Mine is powered by a buck converter wired in to the Ender 3 power supply so everything runs off one plug 😁 I designed a custom enclosure for the buck converter and modified an existing raspberry pi case design to allow for a huge usb fan to sit on top


Might be different for the glass bed maybe? Seems one solution doesn’t work for everyone. It’s finding what works best for your own. I’ve not looked into getting a raspberry pi as of yet but I think I need to. At the moment I’m either looking for another printer, a bigger machine or a second Ender 3. There’s not enough hours in the day to print (lol)

Flashforge Hunter DLP 3D Resin Printer - WiFi / USB - £500 Delivered @ Box
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Refreshed 20th AprRefreshed 20th Apr
Update 1
Now another £500 off, making it £500 Total!
Okay, I might get shot down in flames here but for this model, the price here is fantastic. I literally can't find it anywhere near this price point anywhere else. It's a resin 3… Read more

This was £1000 when I commented which is why I said a quarter of the price as the Elegoo Mars is ~£250


Cool, where are they for sale at a quarter of the price then - £125? Bearing in mind this was £500 and you commented on it at that price.




the resin is 100 bucks per bottle ??? (y) (popcorn) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124020631761


They only had two in stock at £1000 and now they have one after the price drop :D At least no one will feel that £500 burn!

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Creality 3D Ender-5 High Precision 3D Printer DIY Kit £217.03 Delivered (EU Shipping) @ Tomtop
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Posted 14th MarPosted 14th MarShipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
Creality 3D Ender-5 High Precision 3D Printer DIY Kit £217.03 Delivered (EU Shipping) @ Tomtop
£217.03Tomtop Deals
Features: Dual Y-axis motion control system drive the timing belts on both sides to output stably, effectively avoiding printing oscillation. The system will automatically save th… Read more

The actual 3d printer? Any links or info please?


Frame/kinematics is the bit I would opt to pay extra for up front as everything else is fairly straight forward to upgrade piecemeal.


The Ender 5 has a more rigid frame and only has to move the head in the Y axis instead of the entire print bed+print. This should result in less ringing/ghosting and therefore better quality printers (and/or faster print speed). I bought the Ender 3 (non Pro) and adore it. Amazing piece of kit. I would probably get the Pro now just for the reinforced Y axis but would get the Ender 5 over the Ender 3 Pro if they were the same price.


Face shield frames for NHS! 😁


I should have mentioned it was always an eu plug. I bought a new lead from eBay for £3.50. Same lead as used for a kettle or a desktop computer Or you can just cut off the eu plug and fit a UK plug. Price seems to have gone up to £227 but still available. Mine turned up within a week and has worked great. No issues with tomtop.

Dremel 3D40 3D Printer for £499 delivered @ box
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Posted 11th MarPosted 11th Mar
Dremel 3D40 3D Printer for £499 delivered @ box
£499£79938%Box.co.uk Deals
Great price on this 3D printer which is a reliable one and doesn't need installation. Supports 3D filament: PLA in 11 different colours. 1 x white PLA filament spool included in … Read more

Resin is taking a rapid increase with accessibility these days. However we'll see another bump with heated chamber patent expiring would be my guess.


Is it me or have 3D printers hit a bit of a dead end in terms of market penetration? I don't avidly follow the tech but they've been out for quite some time now but still seem like early adopter/prototype machines rather than making their way into even the average enthusiasts home.


Exactly right


A £300 (at best) printer tradining on its name. Kodak did the same. All they have done is stick a badge on it, put it in a box and made the print area small in the process. Absolutly no reason to buy it. Think they were aiming at the school/uninformed general public in order to get sales.


Compared to say an Ender 3 for much the same same results and the Ender having a bigger print area I think I would give this a miss

ANYCUBIC MEGA-S 3D Printer £279 - Sold by ANYCUBIC Store (UK) and Fulfilled by Amazon.
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Posted 14th FebPosted 14th Feb
ANYCUBIC MEGA-S 3D Printer £279 - Sold by ANYCUBIC Store (UK) and Fulfilled by Amazon.
I think my first proper deal so go easy please (embarrassed) (embarrassed) (embarrassed) Interested in getting a 3D printer but not got the funds, did some window shopping and… Read more
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There is a huge facebook group just for the sovol. Also it's all the same components and boards as the creality printers just upgraded already for you saving you time and money 8)


I have an Ender 3 and have looked into BL Touch but it seems quite the hassle. Thanks for the tip regarding resin printers, I’ll definitely give that a look!


You can always add a BL Touch to an Ender 3 although I tried one and went back to manual levelling. Failing that you should look in to resin printers levelling is super easy!


Cold from me I'm afraid OP. Fantastic printer and great after sales support! That's based on my experience. Purchased mine from anycubic store on Alixpress a year ago for £215 delivered from EU with 2 additional kgs of filament. These were recently as low as £169 with only 1 spool. They are bringing out a larger build plate version so these may start coming down in price more.


Anybody have any suggestions regarding an auto-levelling 3D printer for not too much more money than this? Or is it wishful thinking?

Snapmaker 3-in-1 3D Printer, CNC Carver, Laser Engraver V 1.0 £649 Delivered @ Box
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Posted 10th FebPosted 10th Feb
Snapmaker 3-in-1 3D Printer, CNC Carver, Laser Engraver V 1.0 £649 Delivered @ Box
£649£79919%Box.co.uk Deals
Best price that I could see in the UK for this highly anticipated 3 in 1 printer, featuring Laser engraving, CNC function and 3D printing in a single device. 3D Printer CNC C… Read more

Just read the review linked above and wow so many issues! Much better machines out there than this. Buy separate machines is my advice and save some cash too!


Depends! For you, maybe.


All3DP review verdict: https://all3dp.com/1/snapmaker-3d-printer-review/ "ProsSolid as a rockFeels premiumEffortless transition between functionsOut of the box 3D printing better than expectedFast and responsive UI via handheld touchscreenConsTiny work volumeAccompanying software needs workTerrible screwdriverLabeling errors could lead to confusionNo control over CNC spindle speed Performing an admirable job across three distinct functions, the Snapmaker is a maker’s dream tool for small-scale work. There are better individual tools that cost less than the Snapmaker’s $799, but few, if any, that challenge it for 3D printing, laser engraving and CNC carving all in one." At Amazon.com to view customer reviews: https://www.amazon.com/Snapmaker-Engraving-All-Metal-Entry-Level-Fabrication/dp/B07H92MPRS/


Wouldn't the Creality CP-01 be a better deal than this? £495 at technologyoutlet.co.uk and no doubt cheaper at AliExpress? Besides that I don't think all in one's are a great idea overall. You get the 3D printer side of things all perfectly set up then you go and mess with it to swap the to head? Sounds like more hassle than its worth. Happy to be corrected though if you know better? 😁 Edit: The Creality has a bigger bed than this one too 200x200x200 Vs 125x125x125

Anet ET4 3D Printer with 2.8-inch touchscreen, heatbed, 8Gb SD Card & 10m PLA Filament for £133.49 delivered @ TomTop Germany
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Refreshed 17th JanRefreshed 17th JanShipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
Anet ET4 3D Printer with 2.8-inch touchscreen, heatbed, 8Gb SD Card & 10m PLA Filament for £133.49 delivered @ TomTop Germany
£133.49£155.7014%Tomtop Deals
Update 1
Back up at the same price.
Delivered from the German warehouse, this item won't subject to VAT and customs charges, which is nice. The Anet ET4 is a self-assembled 3D printer, which thankfully only takes a… Read more
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It's a 2mm Allen key


This is maybe a really stupid question but how do I open the base? None of my torx, hex, etc screwheads fit whatever the screws in the base are. Any ideas?


anyone printed the calibration boob today? I did, it's amusing. Find it on thingiverse.


Updated fine for me. You can now insert the Micro SD and the files will appear without you having to turn the machine off and back on. I haven't tested the new auto leveling as i'm happy with how level my bed is.


let us know how it goes (y)

Creality CR10S Pro 3D Printer for £415 delivered @ Box
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Posted 8th JanPosted 8th Jan
Creality CR10S Pro 3D Printer for £415 delivered @ Box
£415£4406%Box.co.uk Deals
The next best price on this item is from a Chinese website, which doesn't come with a 12-month warranty or a UK-based technical support team, which this offer from Box does. Market… Read more

Banggood is banned.


To be fair it is a third party.


I had to laugh at the suggestion of technical support from BOX.


Posted 10 minutes ago on youtube.


The only competition to this would be the artilliry sidewinder x1 (I have a CR10S) so worth checking that out on youtube for reviews.....Checked prices and amazon were £499 and ebay £355. Banggood have it for what appears to be £310 form the UK (hotukdeals wont let me post the link.)

IDO 3D Printer £3.99 @ Home bargains cramlington
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Posted 8th JanPosted 8th JanLocalLocal
IDO 3D Printer £3.99 @ Home bargains cramlington
RRP £49.99 just picked this up in home bargains for £3.99!!!
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Heat added because I would buy it for that price. However, the RRP is exaggerated - you can get it for under £15 on amazon and for a tenner on ebay. Also, the product is not a 3d printer - it's more of an injection press. Finally, refills might be expensive and hard to get.

Creality 3D Ender-3 3D Printer Kit With 5 Meters Filament (EU Shipping) £138.41 @ Tomtop
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Posted 6th JanPosted 6th JanShipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
Creality 3D Ender-3 3D Printer Kit With 5 Meters Filament (EU Shipping) £138.41 @ Tomtop
£138.41Tomtop Deals
Cheapest Price 3D Printer with 5 Meters Filament @ Tomtop. Shipping from EU, no custom fees. Reviews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8Z-9ncYsps Copy & Past Features: H… Read more

For those who bought, how is everyone getting on with their Ender? Mine has been printing 24/7 since it arrived, not had any problems and think its an absolutely brilliant bit of kit.


Think this is why I’d prefer to spend £20 more and buy from a UK supplier


Oh no, mine is on the verge of delivery. I've ordered from tomtop before with no problem so hope all is OK again. Will report back when I have received mine.


I bought an Ender 3d Printer (good printer) from TomTop and it shipped in a bust box and a part missing. I am still trying to get them to send the missing part or refund cost of getting one made. Three separate email chains later I am still no nearer. They wanted me to take a picture of the missing part!?. Risky to do business with TomTop.


GCode commands are very easy to learn plenty of tutorials on youtube, gcode is used to tell your printer ok what to do. I use fusion 360 (free hobbyist version) to make my own models/enclosures for my projects.

Flashforge Inventor II 3D Printer £249 Box.co.uk
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Posted 16th Dec 2019Posted 16th Dec 2019
Flashforge Inventor II 3D Printer £249 Box.co.uk
£249£35931%Box.co.uk Deals
3d printer
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It's great! Easy to use out the box, was printing within 10 minutes. Made some great things. So far so good.


I ordered Ender 5 on ebay for £249. Came in 2 days. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Newest-Creality-Ender-5-3D-Printer-220X220X300mm-Thermal-Runaway-Protection-/153647879497 Would imagine this would be a better option for the price?


I have an Ender 3 as I do very little with a 3D printer but still enjoy it from time to time. One thing that puts me off using it more frequently is having to level the bed. I know it is supposedly very easy to do, but I actually struggle with it all the time. Does anybody have a recommendation for something around this price point with auto bed levelling? I'm not too fussed about build volume. Many thanks!


I bought a Monoprice MP Select Mini Pro 3D Printer last week. A couple of good videos on Youtube about it. I got it for £95, but its £185 now. The company were good to deal with and Printer came by Parcel force from The Netherlands. I haven't opened the box yet,keeping it for Xmas, so it could be 4kg of empty bean cans!! (unicorn)


Monoprice has now put up its prices.

Creality Ender 5 3D printer £198.17 @ Official Creality Aliexpress store with EU shipping
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Posted 12th Dec 2019Posted 12th Dec 2019
Creality Ender 5 3D printer £198.17 @ Official Creality Aliexpress store with EU shipping
Great bang for the buck 3D printer with a huge community and lots of support. Great for beginners and I actually got my dad one just now! Shipped from Europe so no import tax iss… Read more
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That’s basically the whole concept of RepRap


Must have ended,. Normal price now. Wish I had seen this earlier


No more than running a desktop pc


Really nice to see this printer sub-£200 within the EU. My only reservation is the sagging of the bed with larger prints. Really want to go for it due to the greater frame rigidity and lack of heatbed oscillation than my current ender 3, but have yet to see a good enough mitigation for the bed sag.


mmm interesting

XYZ Printing da Vinci Junior 3D Printer - £136.12 (With Code) @ eBay / Ebuyer
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Posted 4th Dec 2019Posted 4th Dec 2019
XYZ Printing da Vinci Junior 3D Printer - £136.12 (With Code) @ eBay / Ebuyer
£136.12£170.1520%eBay Deals
Hey guys, first post but I grabbed a bargain before so thought I’d share it. I know entry level 3D printers get a lot of schtick, but for this price I thought it was a great buy fo… Read more

Just bought for my nephew's Xmas present. Your detailed info generously volunteered swung it for me. Cheers! Thanks for making me spiritually richer in his eyes and financially poorer in mine, ha ha. Oh and thanks to the OP (y)


I looked into programming my own chips and could have sworn there was an app someone made to program them relatively easily, I could be wrong though as it was a while ago. I just ended up buying a bulk load of pre-programmed chips off ebay a year or so ago – think I paid £10 for 15 chips and they work fine. If you don’t already have one they’re excellent little printers, a bit limited compared to newer open frame types but they’re well made and ours has been trouble free.


Cheers yes seen a few sites on how to make your own programmer but not really interested in that, thought there may be as easier option just using the phone but guess not :)


I don't remember the exact forum with regards to the making your own, you needed a special app as far as I can remember but item 274053199471 on Ebay gives you 5x200m chips for £6.


Any details you can share on this?

Creality 3D CR-10S Self-assembly 3D Printer with 200g of filament £257.98 Delivered (EU Shipping) @ Tomtop
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Posted 4th Dec 2019Posted 4th Dec 2019
Creality 3D CR-10S Self-assembly 3D Printer with 200g of filament £257.98 Delivered (EU Shipping) @ Tomtop
£257.98£29914%Tomtop Deals
Cheapest price for EU stock of this 3D printer, and includes 200g of filament to get you started. This model is self assembly, but shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to put toget… Read more

This was one of my first printers and is still going strong! It has a few upgrades, and is still my go to printer amongst all the many others I have! Hoping to upgrade the mainboard on mine soon too...


@birdyboyuk (y)


Print a new room?


It's OK but the V2 is out and they are getting rid of 'old stock'. Would I buy one at this price? Yes (but I already have 7 printers and have no more room).


Is this model any good?

Entry level 3d printer at Box for £99.99 (free C&C)
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Posted 1st Dec 2019Posted 1st Dec 2019
Entry level 3d printer at Box for £99.99 (free C&C)
If you've ever fancied playing around with 3d printing, this could be the one for you. It'll have it's pros and cons, but doesn't everything! One good thing for starters, it comes … Read more

It's £125 now, so I've expired the deal


Any recommendations for a wax substitute filament that works well? Nice price OP (y) (I would rather spend the extra on a Wanhao, but it you don’t have that extra £50 its a spanking good price for an entry level 3D printer 👌)


Hate being that guy, but you mean "moot point" not "mute". Anyway, how is discussing other printer which may be better value for money on a forum specifically about deal in anyway "moot". I never said it wasn't a good price or doesn't look solid. By all means if you think the printer is for you, by all means get it; it is not like other opinions should have much impact on your choice. We were just discussing 3D printers, on a thread on a forum about a 3D printers. But I hope you have fun with your new printer and get your monies worth. :D Cura, like anything, takes a bit of time to learn but is quite beginner friendly- I recommend watching some of the videos by CHEP on YouTube, he does a lot of Cura with the Ender 3 but 95% of it is applicable to other printers. As for filament - I am assuming you want PLA, I would recommend going for the bigger brand as you are just starting. The likes of Ziro, SunLu , amz3d and even Amazon basics are good starters. Makes sure you only get filament the is 1.75 mm in diameter. I would recommend staying away from glow in the dark filament, filament with glitter in it or anything that isn't bog standard PLA, until you are more established and have a good idea about 3d printer and your specifically. Hope this helps (y)


No doubt Wanhao are huge. And I have no problems with them or their printers. The ender has a bigger build plate and can be found sometimes for even cheaper than Balco. There are merits to both, if i were to recommend one over the two it would be the ender is all i was saying. The Ender has got a massive cult following and a lot of support is what i was trying to say.


3dfilaprint are good for reliable quality filament Aldi balco is very cheap and not bad

Anycubic Photon SLA resin 3d printer £163.56 @ AliExpress
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Posted 29th Nov 2019Posted 29th Nov 2019
Anycubic Photon SLA resin 3d printer £163.56 @ AliExpress
Dispatched from the UK. Use a fee-free card and pay in USD for this price. Just ordered one, will be my first 3D printer. Well regarded entry level resin printer with a good onlin… Read more

That's annoying. Mine seems to have gone through OK, showing as dispatched.


Tried buying one last night, used the friday15 code, all went through fine then I got email later to say there had been a price change... and it had gone back up ignoring the code. Bit shady and so far they've just told me to cancel the order, no explanation why they put the price up yet. £199 posted with 1l of resin - which if you dont have any already makes the printer bit useless day 1 getting it


I have the Photon and have been using it for a few months with amazing results but just a few bad prints but as stated above! Beware of the some of the Resin fumes and don't get it on your skin as it will burn you! You will also need Isopropyl alcohol (For washing your models) x2 large sealable wash tubs UV cuing station can be DIY or direct sunlight Kitchen Roll Disposable latex gloves


Be mindful of which version this is, they've just tech refreshed the Photon and it's effectively inferior to the previous model. Good price, all the same...


i have a 3d printer but have to say this is quite tempting

Balco 3D Printer from Aldi - £149.99
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Posted 29th Nov 2019Posted 29th Nov 2019
Balco 3D Printer from Aldi - £149.99
£149.99Aldi Deals
Cool printer with £100 off for Black Friday. Take your creativity to the next level by bringing your ideas into the real world with the help of a Balco 3D Printer. With minimal as… Read more
Avatardeleted2385492Get deal*Get deal*

Yes sold out. Looks like a rebranded Wanhao. £250 on eBay.


Sold out


use your imagination! You can make items that are significantly larger than the printer’s build volume....


Thanks @Chris_Pink for this (constructive?) criticism , it’s contribution is appreciated as much as the (zero?) Deals you’ve posted.


Thanks for your condescending use of parenthesis (brackets).

CREALITY 3D Printer Ender-3X £120.61 delivered with code (11$ exclusive site wide code) from EU @ AliExpress / CREALITY 3D Official Store
261° Expired
Posted 29th Nov 2019Posted 29th Nov 2019
CREALITY 3D Printer Ender-3X £120.61 delivered with code (11$ exclusive site wide code) from EU @ AliExpress / CREALITY 3D Official Store
Update 1
$11 off $111 spend - sitewide code
Black Friday 3D printing on the best value! (highfive) 8) Shipped from EU so no VAT or additional customs to be paid You can expect quicker delivery too! Use the code "… Read more

Agree, I think I haven't ordered anything from them, yet! 🤞everything will be good! ;)


Cheers sisqoboy2, that's the one I ordered - tomtop don't have the best of reputations, but here's hoping!




sorry, I can't follow the link


I'd get the Ender 3 Pro for £134.60 instead, better branded psu and a stronger frame. Day one upgrades is metal extruder (stock will fail) and better springs. You'll want to do more down he line like a 32 bit silent board for about £21 is an amazing upgrade but don't bother till you've got it working. It's all mentioned in the big 3d printing thread on here.

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