Posted 30 March 2024

3 Months Mubi Subscription (new accounts)

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***apparently this promo is for new accounts. Thanks to . Check comments below for solutions.

MUBI is a streaming service dedicated to elevating great cinema, where each film is carefully selected by a team of curators.
Their hand-picked selection of incredible films is yours to explore, with three months free, exclusively with your Picturehouse Membership.
If you missed great films in cinemas like Molly Manning-Walker's award-winning coming-of-age drama How To Have Sex, or the sexiest, messiest Parisian love triangle Passages, watch them at home, exclusively on MUBI.
Whether you want to revisit genre-defining classics or be inspired by something completely new, MUBI's got you covered.
Start streaming beautiful cinema today - head here to get started.
Mubi More details at
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  1. Chilpstark's avatar
    This seemingly needs to be a new account btw. Or one that's not had a trial before
    darren_hooker's avatar
    Correct.. If you have Google email do the dot trick and pay with a different debit/credit card or PayPal if it let's you pay that way..
  2. flintstone's avatar
    had a few free subs with Mubi over the years, I think I've watched maybe 2 or 3 movies in total

    A very eclectic range of movies, just had a look and can see 2 I may have watched

    reservoird dogs
    shooting for socrates

    BTW it's not working for me and I know I could use the gmail trick, however I also know I'll not watch anything on it this time. Heat added for the movie buffs who will though
  3. Philip_G's avatar
    Thanks for this. Been looking through their list and adding to the wishlist, all the time thinking, "What an amazing catalogue!" Then I realized that their list was not their actual list of titles. When I ticked the "now showing" box, my wishlist of 50+ turned to 0. But no doubt I'll find something...
    Sammylove2011's avatar
    Yes I did the same few months ago on last offer posted here. I spent an hour gleefully adding amazing titles to wishlist only to find none were actually showing.
  4. Darren_G's avatar
    Weird for me, got 3 months free and could watch films, cancelled sub and they offered me another month so 4 months in total, then cancelled again and now no access at all to movies ?
    Chilpstark's avatar
    Yeah that's new and unlike other services they cancel your trial when you turn off resubscription. It's not at all clear as well when you cancel
  5. mrman007's avatar
    I think they have the new film about Elvis Presley wife on it atm. Pressila I think it’s called not sure
  6. jacklee2's avatar
    If you enjoyed Anatomy of a fall (currently on Amazon Prime), you might like Toni Erdmann starring Sandra Huller on MUBI too.
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