Unfortunately, this deal has expired 23 February 2023.
Posted 10 February 2023

Samsung Bespoke Jet Complete Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner + free extra battery - £529 (£329 if you recycle any vacuum) @ Samsung

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At £529 it's not a deal but if you recycle any old vacuum (handheld, cylinder, cordless, upright or robot) you get a £200 discount, making this £329. 8.5% topcashback too.
Free extra battery thrown in also, so two batteries in total.

  • All in one Clean Station empties the dustbin for maximum hygiene
  • Up to 60 minutes run time (1 removable battery included)* Get a free extra battery when you buy this vacuum cleaner*
  • Ideal vacuum cleaner for pet owners
  • Powerful, light and efficient cordless stick vacuum with extreme suction power of up to 210W**
  • 5-Year Warranty on parts and labour available for this model**
Samsung More details at

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  1. Bovrilontoast's avatar
    10% Samsung r e f e r r a l codes work with this too, takes off around 32 quid
    turbo_c's avatar
    How do you get a code?
  2. NeptunesNemesis's avatar
    The price of the replacement dust bags
    jezcooke's avatar
    I've ordered 25 from AliExpress, should keep me going for a while! Worked out at just over a quid each. fingers crossed the quality will be OK!
  3. harvey.atkins's avatar
    Buy this If you don't have an old vacuum
  4. NeptunesNemesis's avatar
    Mines just arrived, unless you buy an additional charger (or have one from something else) you have to put it in the dust extractor to charge it
    Mark_Hickman's avatar
    Whete is the slot in the dust extractor ? Or do you mean just switch to second battery and put the vacuum back into the stand to charge again ?
  5. Bogditzy's avatar
    Just received the order, not bad!

    Weird, the accessory cradle doesn't come with a charging cable o_O
    Mark_Hickman's avatar
    Got mine earlier today and very impressed it, feels much more robust and has better control when navigating the head around compared to my dyson v11.
    it also feels much lighter and is a much better design, when comparing disassembly of the dust bowl and filters for cleaning, also the brush heads come apart so easy with a button push to remove hair on rollers etc...
    On dyson i have to start using coins or tools to unscrew the sides to access rollers.
    My only gripe is i wish it was wall mounted because i know 100% my daughters going to push it over and you have to buy a second power supply for accessory stand if you want it to charge spare battery (edited)
  6. SeanRTK's avatar
    Has anyone worked out what charger to buy for the accessory cradle yet. The manual states a (VCA-SAPA95) but I can't find it using a Google search.

    crocodilezzz's avatar
    A Dyson vac charger works. So does a Bosch vac one as well.
  7. banshee3099's avatar
    Does it have a fluffy head type for hardwood floors and are the bags for the self emptying part expensive? Seems to defeat the purpose of a bagless vacuum.
    jezcooke's avatar
    Yes comes with a soft brush for hard floors (it’s called the ‘slim action brush’). Genuine bags are 3 to 4 quid each depending on where you buy them from. Knock offs are just over a quid each if bought in bulk from AliExpress. (edited)
  8. banshee3099's avatar
    What old vac are people trading in to get £200 off just curious, I’m trading my old V6 Dyson works fine just needs a new battery I was tempted to try and keep it a get a new battery and have it as a spare / car vac etc.

    Is this gods compared to shark and Dyson etc? (edited)
    FCrux's avatar
    Any old vacuum will do.. working or non working. I traded my Dyson v6 as well.. word of advice (which I didn’t take from my missus) - keep the Dyson charger with you and just hand over the vacuum as it may work with the accessory dock.

    Also my suggestion will be to get a cheaper one from FB marketplace or something and hand them over when they come to deliver yours & keep the Dyson just replace the battery which is around £45..

    Also I’ve bought it and now used it for few days and can definitely say it’s very good and all the ratings compare this one to Dyson V15 which is more expensive. For £296 this is amazing and don’t know why this deal is not scorching hot?? (edited)
  9. matt0781's avatar
    Does this have anti hair wrap heads ?
    watcher456's avatar
    No unfortunately.... This and the fact the head doesn't have an led light at the end of it is a bit pants.
    Used the pet head to do the carpeted stairs and had to use scissors to get the hair out. Probably one of the biggest cons for something as expensive (and premium) as this
  10. Duggan360's avatar
    Tried combining this with the 15% off VeryMe rewards, says it worked but no extra money taken off, asked live chat but they said codes aren't valid with the trade in offer, which looking at this thread isn't the case? Anyone managed to get veryme code + trade in £200 off to work?
    harvey.atkins's avatar
    Yeah confirmed with Samsung it won't work.
  11. Adam182's avatar
    Cheers OP, took a while for the 10% code to register after creating them via twitter but got there in the end £296 + 3.75% via quidco

    (will update if it actually tracks)


    It did track at £14.46 on quidco bringing total price to £281.54 (edited)
    jack201's avatar
    Cashback will be declined for using the code
  12. Ibtasaam_Khan's avatar
    Does anyone have a spare 10% code can’t seem to find one
    Adam182's avatar
    try 6SBJ34WDW
  13. michaelu's avatar
    Just in case anyone needs a 10% code, here is mine: GPZQZFN2P
    michaelu's avatar
    another 10% off code: 39GC8JH6B
  14. Andrew_irD's avatar
    is it me, or are there not enough spaces for all the accessories on the accessory tool stand?
    i see other stands have 2 extra bits on the top, but mine only has 4

    is this right?
    Deedie's avatar
    All the accessories fit on mine! Plus I have the floor cleaning attachment also, which is also on the stand. So not sure how you are struggling with this (edited)
  15. newbie68's avatar
    Surprised this is cold - decent price with the trade in and cashback. I have a few old vacuums lying around if anyone wants one to trade in. Your local dump will have plenty too. With cashback this is around £280-290 (assuming your trading in junk like I would be) - great buy - folk must be nuts here voting this cold

    Just to compare - been sold for more than this over the last 6 months and highlighted here at hose higher prices and voted much higher - fickle lot here - follow the leader me thinks.... couple vote cold everyone follows and in reverse (edited)
    Bovrilontoast's avatar
    Same. Its a good saving! But post a deal to get a 50p bonus with Airtime Rewards and it goes scorching!
  16. thomo__'s avatar
    while an OK deal at first glance, Samsung themselves sell these on ebay for £354

    Every samsung new-other i have ever got (2 or 3 things) has always just had a slight dent in the box, still sealed.

    Deaa's avatar
    Whats the warranty on those? The 5 years is making me consider one as the only problem I've had with dysons is them breaking after 2 and being out of warranty.
  17. rambits's avatar
    Hot, £329 and £53.82 Quidco tracked. (edited)
  18. SeanRTK's avatar
    Thanks for highlighting this deal. Purchased it today for £297. I have no idea why this isn't hotter when the deal for the jet 75 from C&M is over 700 degrees. This is a much better model, direct from supplier with a 5 year warranty, 2 batteries and an built in cleaning station for a tenner more. It's a no brainer.
    matt0781's avatar
    How did you manage to get it down to £297 ? Many thanks
  19. banshee3099's avatar
    Good deal I used TCB as well and got £34 back

    I think people are not seeing the true deal here and they are seeing £529 and either voting cold or ignoring, that’s their loss…. (edited)
    SeanRTK's avatar
    Exactly. No reason for the lower spec jet 75 to be over 700 degrees for the same price. When this is the top spec model with everything included in the other deal and more for the same money. People can't see past that £529 price in the headline. It actually works out closer to £270 or £280 with trade in, discount and cash back. (Assuming the cash back pays out and isn't declined)
  20. MoneySavingPunjabi's avatar
    Voted hot, better than the Costco deal that was posted not long ago
    rambits's avatar
    What are the differences between and the one from Costco?
    There is another model listed £749 on Samsung website, is it because the extra battery?
  21. ccc's avatar
    Also voted hot on this,
    With trade-in my old broken vacuum, turn out 329£ + free extra battery
    And hopefully Topcashback 10% gone through

    Thanks for the post!
  22. Bogditzy's avatar
    Ordered for 296, thanks for the 10% extra tip I wonder how they'll pick up my old vacuum, do I need to pack it or anything? (edited)
    Mark_Hickman's avatar
    How did you order I've been trying to checkout for hours and after picking a delivery slot it just keeps flickering and can't check out, also you were supposed to pick the £5 deliver and recycle, now you have to return the old vacuum yourself (edited)
  23. Mark_Hickman's avatar
    49538831_1.jpgAnyone whos bought this or going to buy this fancy splitting the cost of 3 spray spinning sweepers with me and @FCrux ?
    It's 3 for 2 on accessories and can also add 10% off which makes it £101.40 each.
    Would work out to £397 including this bespoke package and you'd be getting all items from the pro package which is 749 (edited)
    SeanRTK's avatar
    Did you find a third person for this? Where are you both based roughly. Pm if necessary.
  24. harvey.atkins's avatar
    Use this link to create new codes, just need to share on social.

    soreto.com/sam…off (edited)
  25. gavbrooks's avatar
    Just got mine, no charger for the cradle either!? and no specs to buy one, the Samsung site doesn't sell them either. 30v 1.2amp on the bottom of it .. (edited)
    crocodilezzz's avatar
    I managed to get it working with a Dyson charger (750mA) that I already have - after a bit of trail and error, it would take anything above 750mA but wouldn't charge with anything below.
  26. duncanhill's avatar
    I have to say Samsung are so bad, I thought it was difficult placing the order but I was eventually successful a week ago. I had to specify a delivery date so selected 19th, no updates whats ever order status changed to delayed now 20th. Customer services are useless or are hiding something, they did offer £20 voucher but this would result in me having to spend more money with Samsung did suggest they refund £20 but not interested

    Samsung is like Ryanair… I’ll never deal with them again (edited)
    Tryp's avatar
    You were offered a voucher? They offered me nothing. Their website cart is broken and I spent days going back and forth to them before I somehow made it work. Very pleased with the vacuum and base, but their customer service is shocking.
  27. Sumiyyah_Ahmed's avatar
    Please share a code with me too. Thanks
  28. harvey.atkins's avatar
    Go onto the soreto website and find the Samsung 10% thing. Share it on social and you can get the code from there. Use a VPN when it says no more codes available.
    hash8511's avatar
    Thanks… worked!
  29. turbo_c's avatar
    Mine arrived with the free battery and trade
    -in for £279 using the birthday 15% code, so far impressions are positive. It does a good job on carpet, much better than the Dyson V6 it's replacing, however it is heavier and less manoeuvrable than the V6. Is it just me or do others index fingers clip the trigger area when vacuuming? (edited)
    hash8511's avatar
    Mine arrived today. initial thoughts, really pleased with the investment. Going from a V7 Dyson, definitely feel the difference in suction and build quality. Feels much more premium and high quality. 
    Digital display, really handy in knowing how much time you have left. I’m glad we went for this vacuum over the Dyson V12 slim. 
    lol and yes, the index finger is still starting in the trigger position  
  30. harrythefish's avatar
    Is this like John Lewis with getting a discount/trade in on a new iPhone of you return an old iPhone?

    The JL deal is, you pay full price then afterwards send your old one to a 3rd party (Square1tradein) by post and hope for your money. Sounded a good deal till you get past the advertising and look at the details.
    aforumac's avatar
    Probably too late for you but for the benefit of others, Samsung trade-in typically comes off at the checkout and then you have a time afterwards to give your old unit. With recent tablet deals, you posted it back and the wording said if you didn't then they would block the tab. With this, I've read in other comments that the deliver driver will take the old one, so perhaps has a collection label.
  31. chrisuk1's avatar
    296£ for me
    FCrux's avatar
  32. NeptunesNemesis's avatar
    Thank you
    Thats the right deal at the right time, which is unusual for me, I normally find a good deal when I don’t need something or have just bought it for more.
    £329 of readies less a bit of Quidco and a truly dreadful old Dyson upright that’s been in the garage (it would come in useful one day) for years) cracking stuff.
    Thanks again
    Bovrilontoast's avatar
    Don't forget the 10% r e f e r r a l code
  33. Darthballs's avatar
    it's £413.50 for the vac with the spinner, but i could not buy with the vac including using the 10%

    it teases you at £363 but when going to pay it jumps up, tried numerous combos

    unless one of you chaps can get it working somehow

    ...on another note, is anyone trying their luck and trading in with one of these beauties:

    49539389-k2Jfa.jpg (edited)
    FCrux's avatar
    See the comment below from Mark about sharing the mop..
  34. NeptunesNemesis's avatar
    Ordered on the 11th for free next day delivery on the 12th. Brilliant I don’t have to take off work to hand over the old vacuum. You get a delivery slot via email the night before.
    Got my email, delivery is the 13th, slot to follow. So that’s a 2 day delivery and now a day off work. Damn you Samsung
    Mark_Hickman's avatar
    Just did the same thing to me, was supposed to be DPD and now it's panther, with DPD you can see how many stops the driver is away, can you do that with panther ?
    Because now I'll have to pop home from work when they're close (edited)
  35. Darthballs's avatar
    panther usually call you from past experience
  36. jj007's avatar
    Anyone with a !0% code? Much appreciated
    harvey.atkins's avatar
  37. jj007's avatar
    If anyone has a code, can you please DM it? Many people being very generous here but others are stealing the codes
    harvey.atkins's avatar
    Need another?
  38. SeanRTK's avatar
    If someone can DM me a 10 percent discount code I would be eternally grateful. TIA
    Bogditzy's avatar
    Search on twitter for "Get 10% off at #Samsung" there are a few showing up. Sort by latest. If it says expired (you used it before), try VPN
  39. Deedie's avatar
    49544874-Lr42X.jpgCan I just confirm that this is where these codes are to be entered?
    harvey.atkins's avatar
    Yes it is
  40. Deedie's avatar
    finally got this to work. no idea why, or if the below even made any difference. but here is what i did

    i added it without trade in, applied voucher. then added a second jet with tradein, which did not show. then removed both from basket.

    put in basket again with trade in this time, then applied voucher.

    and it worked. no idea if that helped
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