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Posted 19 August 2023

YouTube Premium Monthly Via Pakistan VPN

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Download Urban VPN
Google Play: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.urbanvpn.android
App Store: apps.apple.com/us/app/urban-vpn/id1517016374

Connecting to Pakistan VPN
Load up the app and search for Pakistan, connect to it then go to this link on either your existing YouTube account or a new one: m.youtube.com/premium

Make sure it shows as PKR 479 (£1.28) before paying.

Pay as you would normally with your card (Visa
Cards also worked, I tried it )

Enjoy YouTube Premium for £1.32 a month!
YouTube More details at
Community Updates
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NOTE: If you plan to use Premium family you need to add other accounts to the Google Family group BEFORE upgrading to premium in a different region.
Google Account settings>People and Sharing

For PC\Chrome users there is also an UrbanVPN chrome extension that you can use
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Significantly cheaper in regions other than Pakistan, please read thread to avoid overpaying...
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  1. jusdeals's avatar
    Do you always then need a VPN active to use YouTube add free? (edited)
    Belsi's avatar
    No mate only for the sign up. My tv has been signed into my Indian YouTube account for about three years. No vpn on it
  2. Random1234's avatar
    Did google disable anyone's Google account because VPN was used for paying cheaper subscription? I read somewhere that they can do that (edited)
    hcc27's avatar
    I used a new Google account to pay for the sub, and invited my main account as a fam member. That way even if they ban my sub account it won't matter. (edited)
  3. jujuzeez's avatar
    this is useful and helpful too:
    razzele's avatar
    That's how I done it however it still says
    Transaction declined. This purchase requires a payment method from your billing country.
  4. wakkaday's avatar
    Cheaper then india ....
    mrew42's avatar
    My last india bill was £1.23
  5. WatchThisSpac3's avatar
    For those struggling or having payment issues just change it to Ukraine, works out at under £2 per month.

    Some people have had issues getting payments to process India/Turkey/Argentina so this is an easier route.
    dazzlaa's avatar
    This worked for me when India/Pakistan would not, thanks.
  6. djg34's avatar
    Slightly cheaper in Turkey. Paid 88p last month
    Deedie's avatar
    that is not slightly cheaper. that is signficantly cheaper. makes this a terrible deal
  7. dgrain's avatar
    Been trying for multiple days with payment card error in Pakistan, Ukraine, India, Argentina.

    I eventually got it to work with the following setup

    Firefox > urban vpn extension > private window.

    I have only tried Pakistan since and worked on Revolut card. This card was repeatedly failing on chrome.

    Try the above if you have had no success so far.
    Cheepy's avatar
    Legend, thank you! This just worked for me, after may failed attempts. However it only seemed to work for Pakistan (Error occured with Turkey).
  8. Matt_om's avatar
    If I adding my gf to family account it’s says that’s she is not in the same country. How to go around about that ?
    Conkers816's avatar
    You made the same mistake that everyone makes.  You paid for premium before adding family members.

    You’ll have to start again with a new account.
  9. mikehunter's avatar
    Another method I have found is the following. If you have a 2nd Google account which you don't care about:

    1. Set up turkey vpn
    2. Open play store
    3. Then go to settings, account and devices preferences
    4. Under "country and profiles" you should see the following "switch to the turkey play store. Select that
    5. Open YouTube app, then sign up to YouTube premium
    6. Should pay Turkish prices

    I have tried this on twitch tv, 8 ball pool. Twitch tv I managed to subscribe to someone with the price of Turkey (like 30 cents lol) and 8 ball pool showed me the prices in Turkish lira. Whenever I sign into the Turkish account now, it continues to show me the Turkish lira prices without any vpn
    dave.richardsonskV's avatar
    Key is payment profile once that is done play store can change even without vpn
  10. markiedon's avatar
    I just buy two 1 year subscriptions at a time from India.

    You can stack two annual subscriptions at a time so I buy two 12 month subscriptions at £12.98 each using a revolut card. Been doing it for four years now.
    Use a VPN and a private page with cookies cleared before logging in to YouTube.
    Stefanos_Kalli's avatar
    I was doing that for 2 years but this time it says I have to use card with billing address of India. I have been using Revolut
  11. Ccat80's avatar
    I had issues with payment cards not working (OR_CCREU_06 error message). Fixed it by adding the card first as a payment method in the Google account, then using this saved card when purchasing the sub.
    jujuzeez's avatar
  12. Turret-Buddy's avatar
    Revanced gang
    SarbZero's avatar
    Revanced is so buggy nowadays. Randomly stops working. Videos don’t play. They don’t update it anymore unfortunately
  13. aide199's avatar
    Just tried Turkey and my card was declined, it says I need a payment method from my billing country
    YoEvery1's avatar
    Yeah, I had the same problem too so that's why Im using Pakistan right now
  14. beasty54's avatar
    I finally managed to get this to work. I used Firefox and urban vpn but I had to go with Ukraine and turn off the vpn before I hit the "buy" button.
    Barganins's avatar
    This worked straight away for me. I tried student at first but it asked for student details, so I bottled it and just want individual. Thanks!
  15. OllieFTH's avatar
    Solution for iPhone & NatWest Card users!

    After scratching my head trying to get this to work with any country I finally managed it. May work for other main banks as well.

    Here’s what you do:

    1. Get Urban VPN as above described above.

    2. Get Brave Browser via the App Store.

    3. Set Urban VPN to Ukraine.

    4. Use Brave Browser to navigate to YouTube premium. Select your plan. Student worked for me and all I did was put my details in! Give it a try!

    5. Sign into your YouTube account and enter payment details. For Ukraine you don’t need to add an address!

    Depending on which bank you are using you maybe have to login to online banking and approve the payment.

    Voila enjoy your cheap YouTube premium! Student is about £1.30 but if you can’t get that to verify it works out just over £2 for individual plan.

    Hope this helps someone! (edited)
    halfbakedjake's avatar
    When you added your details for student what did you put for school/university? Started asking me for documents after the first to verify student (edited)
  16. shubyz's avatar
    Ironthroneking's avatar
    I’m on NatWest and iPhone and always struggle. Thanks for this
  17. Zeesh_Ali's avatar
    Worked for me via Chrome incognito, Urban VPN Ukraine, Revolut Mastercard!

    Pakistan and Turkey didn't work for me on Firefox private browsing.
  18. hell2021's avatar
    It's still showing uk price with the vpn on?
    stuartie94's avatar
    Try another vpn
  19. f111's avatar
    Hi all, I have a Turkey yt sub expiring tomorrow (perfect timing), change of card means I can’t auto-renew and now YT asking for £16.99pm. Couple questions pls -
    1. Can I just renew Turkey account, or best to make a new one?
    2. When putting in card address should I put a pakistan address or U.K. address?
    3. Lastly, can you make family account and just add U.K. accounts?
    YoEvery1's avatar
    1. You can try renewing it but if it doesn't work then try India or Pakistan
    2. Pakistan address
    3. You should be fine paying with your main account and adding people on there
  20. CptnNugget's avatar
    This worked for me, thank you so much! My India subscription randomly failed after over a year's use and I have been trying best part of a week to get another working VPN solution but my card kept getting rejected. This method worked for me. I just put in my normal address minus the postcode and it went straight through. (edited)
    jujuzeez's avatar
  21. Billy_Boy's avatar
    50816355-HUXJV.jpgTried different cards and addresses but keep getting this message
    jujuzeez's avatar
    50816387-Hk9Lu.jpgwas getting same message, took two days to get mine resolved back in February. try these steps i took.
  22. MemoryExport's avatar
    If anyone has a problem where YouTube isn't accepting your card, here's a solution:

    Do it through Ukraine. Change the VPN and pick the student plan. It's almost the same price, but YouTube doesn't even check if you're a student.
    kneale81's avatar
    Thanks. Tried India, Pakistan, Turkey, Argentina and nothing worked. Ukraine with student discount worked for me. I’m not a student too. Just put my details in and it said verified
  23. senorsombrero3k's avatar
    Or just use YouTube revanced
    jujuzeez's avatar
    no I won't. won't even work for strictly ios users. so what's the point
  24. Jacinto_Fernandes's avatar
    If youre like me and lazy/finding it extremely complicated and having payment issues, use a Ukrainian sub. It's 3.3 quid for family account and around half that for an individual acc. For the ease of setting up, it's worth paying the extra 40-50p extra a month
    Richard_Little's avatar
    Did you do this on your iPhone or pc?
  25. Richyfingers's avatar
    I could only get this to work via Ukraine. Pakistan, Turkey and Argentina all failed due to billing address errors. Tried multiple different VPNs and payment methods and hotel addresses but none would go through. Urban VPN for Ukraine didn't ask for an address and payment went through no issues with my Halifax Clarity card.
    sivilis3d's avatar
    Turkey works mate. I had the same issue, the key is to purchase the subscription using a VPN on the YouTube mobile app. Several other people have confirmed this to work.
  26. Conkers816's avatar
    If I had a penny for the amount of times the question "Do you always need a VPN while using" had been asked, I wouldn't need to do the lottery
  27. dirge's avatar
    Tried all sorts, this is what got me through.

    Urban VPN browser add-in. with Firefox, every other browser didn't work.
    Get to the card section, new visa card, existing google pay card didn't work.
    Disconnect VPN
    FrostyGlovez's avatar
    Not all heroes wear capes (edited)
  28. Jimbobery1971's avatar
    What are people doing for address? When I try to put my card payment details in it is defaulting my country as Pakistan. Is this because I have changed my YouTube location to Pakistan, or because I am trying to pay in PKR?
    Craig_'s avatar
    Leave the postcode blank, it worked for me
  29. complicatedsam's avatar
    Isn't Argentina cheaper
    stuartie94's avatar
    My tidal went up too. I should probably go from family to single since no one but me actually uses it and I've a waste of free slots lol
  30. Cal.Lightman's avatar
    Just signed up, I did use a private browser to get it to work. Thanks Op, will prevent the kids losing their marbles over adverts! Oh how the generations have changed from when you were forced to watched adverts on the selection of 4 channels you had
    doksook's avatar
    What type of card did you use?
  31. saq2's avatar
    Pakistan Zindabad
  32. __shopperrr__'s avatar
    It looks like Turkey🇹🇷 is cheaper
    Deedie's avatar
    and just about everywhere else, going by the comments above.
  33. Conkers816's avatar
    Something else I love about these threads is how they prove that very few people actually read anything else on this site apart from the latest deals.

    Loads of threads, guides and advice on all of the above around the site but the same questions keep getting asked over and over (and over) again every time something like this appears.
    jujuzeez's avatar
    i know, its ridiculous
  34. Ciaranciaran021088's avatar
    Don't understand how they can charge 1.32 in one country and 12.99 in another, that's an 800+% increase
    Gollywood's avatar
    Different costs or standards of living, salaries/wages. I'm sure there's the odd country that have a higher monthly YouTube charge than the UK
  35. maxtesti's avatar
    I don't understand the difference between YT Premium and a regular YT account other than free-ad. I use a free AdBlock app which blocks every ad. I've never seen an ad on YT. I can listen unlimited to YT Music . What's the advantage of paying a premium?
    Elysium's avatar
    No ads for the TV and mobile devices
  36. annarface's avatar
    Has anyone done this with a YouTube account that receives Adsense as a UK taxpayer (so has all the UK forms/agreeements filled in etc)? Is it going to mess things up by using a VPN to get non-UK pricing?
    Jedi-Panda's avatar
    Don't recommend linking your main uk account to any vpn accounts. Make a seperate gmail and separate youtube account and dont link to your uk account in anyway as you risk getting banned violating youtube policies happened to me last year i lost my youtube account that i had for over 10 years and was force to make a new account.
  37. CraigeDavido's avatar
    Anyone got Android, look up YouTube Revanced, I downloaded it last month on my phone, get all YouTube premium for free, plus YouTube music, ad free, which you can also download them for offline play. You can even see the dislikes on video's now on it, which think's irritates you . Its Great, you just sign in with your existing google account once everything is installed.
    T1Cybernetic's avatar
    I totally agree, Revanced is excellent.

    The only reason I have premium youtube is because of the family plan! Otherwise I would just use Revanced.
  38. t_m_k9's avatar
    This is a no brainer if you use YouTube a lot. Huge improvement having no ads and background playback.
    Quad's avatar
    adblocks a no brainer. I havent seen an ad on regular you tube for several years
  39. imam600's avatar
    But then don’t we have to pay for VPN service?
    Conkers816's avatar
    There are plenty of free VPN services available for things like this. Windscribe offer a 10gb allowance per month for free which is perfect for signing up to things.
  40. Cal.Lightman's avatar
    Do you have to log into the vpn everytime to use it once you subscribed?
    Bl1ng's avatar
's avatar