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Plex Pass - Lifetime using code

£75.99£94.9920% off
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About this deal

Turkey method no longer working as of 22/09

NOTE: Plex is NOT a streaming service like Netflix/Disney+. This Plex Pass does not give you access to media content. Make sure you know and understand what it is before purchasing.

20% off Plex Pass Lifetime for the current Pro Week event.

If you currently subscribe monthly (£3.99) and plan on using Plex for more than a year, this is a no-brainer as it will have paid itself off after 18 months.

! Potential for much cheaper price via Turkey FUPS method !
Thanks @wildman72
Using a Turkey VPN + a FUPS card, you can get this above deal for about £19:

If currently subscribed, disable auto renew, enable Turkey VPN, force refresh the Plex website and try to purchase again. It should convert to Turkish lira.

Plex More details at
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What is Plex Pass?

Plex Pass is a subscription service that gives you the best Plex experience available. Plex Pass gives you:

  • Early Access to new Plex features.
  • Access to beta (preview) release versions of Plex Media Server and some other apps (such as Plex Media Player) before they’re released generally.
  • Enjoy an app on us. Our mobile Plex apps (Android, iOS) are yours free.
  • Watch and record (Live TV and DVR) over-the-air broadcasts available at your location, using a compatible tuner and digital antenna.
  • Premium features like Mobile Sync and Skip Intros.
  • Premium music features: Take your music experience to eleven! Enjoy automatic lyrics from LyricFind, Loudness Leveling, Sweet Fades, and more.
  • Make use of fine-grained sharing restrictions, as well as the ability to allow access to Plex Pass features like Mobile Sync and Skip Intro when sharing.
  • Trailers & Extras: Automatically gather high-quality movie trailers, interviews, and extras for movies or TV shows in your libraries.
  • Access to Plex Pass Perks, which offers discounts and deals, early looks, and VIP experiences from our partners.
  • A way to show your direct support for Plex.
  • And more!
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  1. Stripedew's avatar
    Ended up paying around £25 for this all in all using the guide, between the cost of Plex Pass itself and the FUPS card setup. Thank you so much!
  2. kyser143's avatar
    Each time plex comes on offer I have a look to see if any benefit for me ...but I really don't see why I would put so much effort into this..I currently use a Debrid on a app such as stremio and watch whatever I want to...can't see any benefit in plex personally.
    Stripedew's avatar
    Same idea really. Very much an iOS vs Android type discussion. If all I was doing was watching my own stuff at home, I wouldn’t even bother with Plex when so many free apps do the same, so in your case it’s probably not worth it! But I have a whole home server set up and it just works so well with other software.

    I like Plex because it’s by far the most widely supported, has native apps on every platform imaginable, in my experience the best codec and transcoding support. It integrates very easily with all the selfhosted apps like Sonarr/Radarr, integrates with Trakt.tv… and I also share my server with family and friends, and all the alternative apps are not as easy for the tech-challenged people to navigate. All of their cheap TLC/Roku/Hitachi TVs have apps for Plex, Jellyfin and similar are more rare. Also makes it easy to allow my family to automatically request media to add without me having to do it. (edited)
  3. Porsche_did_911's avatar
    Awesome thanks. Been weighing up cancelling my Spotify family account and switching to using my NAS for music. Used their Plex app briefly around 6-7 years ago, is it still worth considering a lifetime pass?
    Zoidberg_3000's avatar
    I've switched from Spotify and Tidal premium to downloading FLAC music to my Plex library (i'm a lifetime subscriber) and using plex amp.

    I have free spotify for music discovery, but I don't miss premium at all. Lifetime pass mainly gives you access to newer features, but for me the hardware transcoding is the main benefit.
  4. HUKD9823094847839's avatar
    Good if you use PMS at home. But they are now blocking hosting providers such as Hetzner
    ando's avatar
    Hardly surprising when you're serving illegal content to thousands of people
  5. hax3's avatar
    If I setup a NAS server for Plex abroad (cheaper electrical and broadband cost, in a safe known environment), it'd still be accessible from the UK with this pass (or without)?
    Stripedew's avatar
    Yes, provided the right networking setup. You either need a static IP through the broadband provider that your NAS server uses, at which point Plex has a 'remote access' setting that makes it work easily. Or if no static IP, you would need to tinker with port forwarding and potentially a reverse proxy/tunnel service like ClodFlare Tunnel or Tailscale Funnel (have a look on reddit /r/selfhosted).

    I used to rent a seedbox from Ultra.cc (hosted in Amsterdam) and had Plex set up on it, streaming to my devices in the UK and family in Europe. No issues at all.
  6. hotshot's avatar
    Is this similar to ip-tv then without live channels for sports etc?
    Stripedew's avatar
    Not at all.
    Plex are service provider, not a content provider.

    Netflix, for example, create or buy the shows and movies you watch (the content) and then also develop the website, video player, phone and TV apps (the service) that you use to watch the content. You use their service to watch their content, and Netflix provide both in one monthly package.
    Plex only develop the service. The idea is that you run the Plex server software on a computer, point it to your video files, and then Plex does its thing and you can watch those videos on any device you give access to.

    It's a great app for watching content you have or know how to get, it won't find the content for you. You have to do that part yourself (edited)
  7. wildman72's avatar
    About £19 from Turkey if you have a FUPS card
    Cocksy's avatar
    How do you get this to work, please?
  8. richie999's avatar
    Thanks OP, particularly for the fups method, was a bit long winded but worth it for that price! Been waiting for a good Plex deal for ages, didn't think I'd get one that good.
  9. fillroyy's avatar
    I've never been able to figure out what this software actually does beyond some vague explanations in comments and forums discussing "accessing media" on various servers, sounding suspiciously like pirating.
    Conkers816's avatar
    It's clear by your post that it's something you have absolutely no need for.
  10. McShane's avatar
    Worth every penny, even for just being able to automatically skip intros on TV shows.
  11. DipeshP's avatar
    Plex cracking down on plex fully loaded dodgy servers so if that’s what u need this for then prob hold off
    Stripedew's avatar
    I would imagine the kind of person looking to buy a Plex Pass in general would be someone hosting their own server. For your Plex Pass features to even work on a server, the server owner also needs to have their own Plex Pass. And if the server owner has Plex Pass, most of those features then extend to all users... kinda convoluted, but basically means buying a Pass is pointless if you're not the owner:

  12. waz12345's avatar
    Id get this for the download offline feature for my iPad but by all accounts its absolutely crap and unreliable...so im not convinced.
    chunk3rvd's avatar
    Try Infuse instead. That’s what I pull my Plex stuff with for offline viewing on my iPad
  13. mb1's avatar
    Someone on here recommended ibroadcast.com/ for your own music, which was a GREAT shout.
    SeanRTK's avatar
    Doesn't Plex do the same thing. They even have a dedicated app called Plex amp
  14. davemcgall's avatar
    Confirmed working via FUPS / Turkey VPN - Purchased for £20
    ImJennings's avatar
    How did you get money onto your FUPS card? Struggling with this bit.
  15. ulysees321's avatar
    Excellent service have the lifetime pass and use it for my Nas library
  16. vinnie_uk's avatar
    Also worth checking out Infuse App for streaming from NAS.

    I use the free version and have only ever found one encoding codec requiring the paid pro version.

    Very good meta data and UI
    Jameseh's avatar
    +1 for Infuse. £9 a year but spot on app.
  17. Ontheqt's avatar
    Plex is becoming more relevant again given the substantial increases heading our way for streaming services. Plex works great with a hd homerun as a PVR (assuming you have a NAS/ server and the like). A good cheap server is the NVIDIA Shield Pro for those that are interested.
    jouster's avatar
    I find the quad HD Home run a great piece of kit if a little pricey

    Being able to watch recordings of your stuff from anywhere anytime is quite a nice touch.
  18. Mrepg's avatar
    Just remember they are now blocking one of the largest cloud servers just in case you’re thinking of paying for access to a private server cough cough
    jouster's avatar
    This is due to rampant piracy and people running illegal servers from the cloud.

    They could have gone after individual accounts but as people know, spinning up new virtual servers takes a matter of minutes. As the hosting service in question had a lot of these illegal servers running from it, it made sense to take it down in one hit.

    Never understood why you’d have it on a server in the cloud anyway, with an internet outage you have nothing.
  19. RedRain's avatar
    I remember when Tom Tom did life time maps then canceled it would take the life time offer with a pinch of salt
    2ponbackofhead's avatar
    They've had lifetime offer on for many years now. Granted if everyone goes lifetime they'll have no business in a few years...
  20. Adam182's avatar
    Thanks for the deal and the link to the guide OP, purchased with FUPS card for a bargain £25ish in total
    Bendown's avatar
    I started to do this but it all looks a bit complicated, what are you guys using for payment method? (edited)
  21. fishmaster's avatar
    Why am I going to pay for a media server? I don't get it. Surely you would just use Jellyfin, Emby, Stremio, UMS or Serviio?
    daddybr00's avatar
    It seems like a flex to some, like paying for WinRAR
  22. anuruddha's avatar
    Excellent. Worth every penny.
    cypher1055's avatar
    I already have a lifetime pass but not sure what benefits does it give me over free version?
  23. Skillfulperson's avatar
    Great service, always trying to add new features. Did £60 lifetime pass around 6 years ago, not looked back
  24. Conkers816's avatar
    I've got a lifetime pass for Plex and Emby. I currently use Jellyfin
    ElRobinio's avatar
    The ease of using Plex remotely is the only reason I still have it installed, otherwise I'd ditch it and only have Jellyfin installed.
  25. dré.'s avatar
    Plex seem to be having a lot of management/financial issues so I'd be wondering what they define as "lifetime"
  26. jouster's avatar
    Had my Plex pass for over 10 years and would buy again tomorrow if there was some reason I needed too

    Plex is great and works so well for me. Haven’t had to handle any of my discs apart from the day they arrive. Then everything is available to play on any device anywhere. Brilliant.

    Before Plex I had Kodi which is what plex was forked from.

    I still have Kodi but Plex is just easier, especially for external streaming (for example I take a firestick on holiday so I can watch my media anywhere I have a wifi signal.

    Kodi may still ‘look’ slightly better but it’s a lot of tweaking which I can’t be bothered with anymore when Plex just works (edited)
  27. Jnh's avatar
    I take that the elephant in the room here is that you need to be heavily into pirating, torrenting, IPTV etc to make the most of Plex?

    I have an external hard drive of old ripped CDs and I use Plex to cast to smart speakers around the house, but other than that and ripped blu-rays etc what would I - legally - use Plex for? (edited)
  28. Jameseh's avatar
    Can you run a .ts stream through it?
    BlackwellNik's avatar
    Probably, given it's about the most supported video format for hardware decoding.
  29. Cyril_Blake's avatar
    What perfect timing 👌
  30. greatcapp's avatar
    I wonder if this particular offer might be because they're expecting to lose a fair few subscriptions with their upcoming October Hetzner ban. It's a good offer. Used Plex on my Synology NAS for a good few years and it rarely misses a beat. Heat from me.
  31. Adam182's avatar
    I cant seem to get it to allow me to input card info when using a Turkish VPN
    Stripedew's avatar
    For me I had to unsubscribe, log out of my account, turn the VPN on, force refresh the page (Ctrl + F5 on desktop) and then proceed to buy.
  32. Bendown's avatar
    May go for this, I have been using plex amp over the last few weeks and think its great, is it worth getting this I wonder
  33. ignorance's avatar
    DM me to join Emby
  34. glovebox1's avatar
    Had lifetime for 5 years, no regrets!
  35. herrbz's avatar
    So it's software to help you watch your pirated content more easily?
    pc5020's avatar
    Yep, exactly, I prefer Emby though
  36. MattC76's avatar
    So can you download your content onto your phone with the PLEX app or can you only stream it?
  37. ImJennings's avatar
    Tried the Turkey deal and can’t get a Turkey phone number now 😔 maybe I’ll have to pay the full £75
    obvious's avatar
    Use the pingme app to get a temp Turkish mobile number
  38. f_666's avatar
    which free vpn is recommended
    that has turkey as a location?
  39. tanya.ma's avatar
    Hey, what is plex? Still not sure what it offers
    Conkers816's avatar
    It really is one of those things that if you don’t know what it is, you don’t need it.
  40. jdpwest's avatar
    Not been mentioned above but jellyfin is a great free alternative and does everything i need and more..
    TheGhost's avatar
    Just tried it..I've no login and there's no sign up..installed the app but it just asks for a server address
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