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API REEF MASTER TEST KIT Reef Aquarium Water Test Kit 1-Count at Amazon £28.20
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Best Kit I use so far.



My API fresh kit tells me my water has zero nitrate when its sky high and tell me its sky high when its very low (lol) think they printed the chart backwards, the others work great though


I will give Red Sea a try, thanks


Heat added for price. Great price for a full test kit but the API test aren't very accurate IMO. I'd recommend the Red Sea, Nyos or Salifert kits over API any day.

'Kid for a Quid' - Children ticket for just £1 during May Half-Term, May 25th 2019 @ Blue Planet Aquarium
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
For information on Shark Week in general, click on this link here :) This SPECIAL OFFER ticket entitles one junior ticket (height over 90cm up to 12 years) for £1 with one … Read more
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Great post thanks. Kids love it there. (y)


If you go again, don’t forget to go to the new haribo shop that had opened there. Kids went the other week - was huge and lots of offers


£1.50 booking fee as well


I know I felt a right idiot for paying. I’d never been before and wasn’t paying enough attention clearly as it should have been obvious to use the outlet. I never even got to visit the Nike Outlet Store :(


Not like you can go anywhere else is it? There is a car dealership opposite park on road outsider there ;)

Marina Deep Sea Explorer Fish Tank 17L Kids Glass Aquarium Filter Starter Kit £25.99 ebay /  hugglepets
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Marina Kids Aquarium - Deep Sea Explorer Nothing on Earth is as distant or as alien as the deep seas and oceans. Deep below the surface is a mysterious world, a world abundant … Read more

I've got a 450 litre African Cichlid tank with wild caught MBUNA,two Eheim pro 2080's with Hydor inline heaters.70% water change every week oh and 5 cuckoo cats too keep the population down...


Only good for an Aquascape and a few shrimp,and maybe a beautiful Betta Splenden male...


Please don't buy a tank this small. This tank would be questionable even for just a single neon tetra, let alone the goldfish that would inevitably get put in it. When you buy a tank too small fish stop outwardly growing (but their insides keep growing, eventually causing a painful death), they get over-stressed and/or they swim in their own filth until the ammonia levels burn out their eyes


They are too small I only have minnow but had to upgrade to a larger tank as no where said it was big enough for them.


My son would absolutely love this, unfortunately I’ll be the stuck cleaning it out so he won’t be getting it. Cheaper still to buy direct from the seller if you live in Wolverhampton and can collect

Wilko Aquarium Airline Tubing 244cm  50p @ Wilko free C&C
Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
Wilko aquarium airline, clear plastic tubing fits all standard outlets.
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Once you've had silicone tubing you'll never use this rubbish again. Not expensive (get mine from "The Range") and can also be used with co2 !


Out of Stock :(


Thanks so much @Mysticaltopaz24 your info is very helpful. :D This tubing is something I know nothing about, just saw a good price & decided to share :) & good morning <3


Bargain for 50p for approx 8 foot long. As opposed to this for £3 for approx 6.5 foot I have used the Wilko one for many years attached to a bubble stone.They do firm up but still function! At this price you can replace if needed many times and it still is a bargain.I also use it for crafting \ upcycling too .Thx Zany ;). 🐠🐠🐠


Thank you @apur32 & good morning :)

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Entry National Sea Life Centre Birmingham + Soft Drink £7.20pp with code @ Groupon - Under 3's Go Free
Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd Apr
Entry National Sea Life Centre Birmingham + Soft Drink £7.20pp with code @ Groupon - Under 3's Go Free
£7.20£1655%Groupon Deals
Thought this was a decent price - pre-booking direct 24hrs in advance is at least £13pp for just entry without the drink & on some days / time its £20pp + even more on the door… Read more

Serves me right for copy / pasting the T&C's, was making sure I pointed out they weren't valid during the main Easter Hols, I didn't register the Mon - Thurs bit - sorry for any confusion


I think this is a special deal via Groupon - not usually included with the normal entrance price, they don't have a cafe, so must be a bottle given out to you when you arrive, hence only cold drinks :)


Not valid weekends


(confused) where do they give the soft drink iv never been offered one


Is it the free return ticket they give to rebook again(lol) (lol) (lol) iv also got the same

Fluval Roma 125 Aquarium Set and Cabinet - Oak £294.99 @ SwellUK
Posted 21st FebPosted 21st Feb
Currently down to £294.99 from £446.98 and comes with the cabinet free which a lot of tanks don't. Also free shipping Product Information Fluval Roma 125 Aquarium Set and Cabinet … Read more

I’ve got a 30 litre Biorb for him.. so no more killing tetras (lol) Yeah I’m in Plymouth, I’ve start using emperor tropicals, they’re very good with advice


I did a quick Google and it suggests he should be fine with neons but he is called a Siamese fighter for a reason. I think you'd get much better advice and service from Maidenhead Aquatics or Weald Aquatics - they've both apparently got branches in Brighton.


I have added a discussion group if anyone wants to have a look and post their tank pics


Yeah I am a looking into a 30l just for him, as he isn’t very friendly, killed a tetra when I first added him. Wish I knew more before starting up as petsathome advises he’d be fine with these fish.


Looks great! Is that a betta in there? Mine never fared well in communal tanks ;(

Christmas at the Aquarium - Free Kindle Christmas Romance Book
Posted 23rd Dec 2018Posted 23rd Dec 2018
Christmas at the Aquarium - Free Kindle Christmas Romance Book
FREE£1.99Amazon Deals
I do like a little bit of a feel good book at Christmas but I do notice a lot of books with Christmas in the title seem to go up at Christmas, however this one is free. I picked it… Read more
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Do they fall in love underwater?!

Peppa Pig Aquarium £25 @ Pets At Home
Posted 1st Dec 2018Posted 1st Dec 2018
Peppa Pig Aquarium £25 @ Pets At Home
As my little girl loves peppa pig, and fish, this seemed like the ideal Xmas present for her. We've been looking for a cheap price, and happened to stumble upon this today, the ch… Read more

Sorry, early evening is peak pain right now, but meds make me dopey and I have to do some driving later, so I cannot take them yet. For tanks, plastic "glass" is bad, it is a very porous surface material, giving lots of places for waste to accumulated and algae to grow; cleaning them only make the surface rougher and so causes the algae build up even faster. Bigger tanks are also easier to clean and the temperatures stay more stable; too hot or too cold can kill fish, especially if the temperature change is fairly quick; some species are more delicate than others when it comes to this. Also look at the filter replacement costs and how often, some of the smaller/cheaper ones need monthly replacements that will soon bankrupt you. I use ones with washable sponge filters. Also checkout the noise; if this is going in a bedroom, you dont want a pump/filter than sounds like a construction yard dumper truck.


This barely big enough for one smallish gold fish; please go read something like the tank calculator on types/size of fish per gallon; also bear in mind cold water and tropical fish calculations are totally different.


Good price I really want this!


Wow.... It was meant as a joke, and I was just wanting your advice... I haven't posted an umidigi for a while. I don't think I'm the defensive one here.. Anyway, thanks for the advice. I appreciate it.


It'll be perfect for one or two goldfish. I think this is a good deal.

Resin Baby Tree Man fish tank / aquarium ornament with air pump connection and bubble stone 2 designs from £3.57 @ Zapals
Posted 19th Nov 2018Posted 19th Nov 2018
Resin Baby Tree Man fish tank / aquarium ornament with air pump connection and bubble stone 2 designs from £3.57 @ Zapals
£3.57£5.5736%Zapals Deals
Thought this was really cute for a fish tank in a kids room (Or even an adults) I am a fish fancier myself and my goldfish love to play in the bubbles. You can either get baby tre… Read more

probably painted in cheap lead paint :p


This is soo knock off it's definitely tree man


Sorry voted cold by mistake should of been🔥


I am not Groot. I have crazy eyes. I drown birds.


You do know who baby groot is don’t you?? (lol)

Buy your tickets now and return visit as many times as you like for a whole year FREE! £12.15 The Deep
Posted 18th Oct 2018Posted 18th Oct 2018
Buy your tickets now and return visit as many times as you like for a whole year FREE! £12.15 The Deep
Book tickets online and save 10%. Tickets bought online include free return visits for you and your party for 12 months with the Day Plus Pass. To take advantage of this, simply … Read more

Bloody hell you lot are harsh! (lol) I didn’t realise it had always been that price for the year, I went recently and thought £12.15 was a good price (lol)


Voted cold only because this is the standard price/deal and always has been. So not a 'hot deal', is it? Yes, can confirm it's the same 'free returns' if you buy on the door. We took the mother in law last week.


I went years ago and it was free conditional on signing a gift aid form?


Hully up.


Not really, once you've been and faffed on with all the queuing, there is zero chance of a return within the year (excited)

Glasgow - Entry for 4 People was £23 now £12 / 2 People was £11.50 now £6 to Amazonia via Wowcher
Posted 11th Oct 2018Posted 11th Oct 2018
Glasgow - Entry for 4 People was £23 now £12 / 2 People was £11.50 now £6 to Amazonia via Wowcher
£12£2348%Wowcher Deals
Kids have been here a few times when visiting friends in the area & although not the largest of places, they've always enjoyed themselves & ask to go back whenever we are i… Read more
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It's deffo not worth the full price. Suppose you could tie it in with bowling or softplay but then that just bumps up the cost. M&Ds goes over my head. I really don't understand the fuss over the place. Just cause it's the only 'theme park' in Scotland doesn't make it any good. Overpriced all year round


It’s not in Glasgow. It’s in Strathclyde Park, near Bellshill (quite close to Hamilton and Motherwell).


Don't worry, we let people in for free, just charge them if they want to leave.


Ahaha thought this was just to get into Glasgow (lol)

St Andrews Aquarium family day pass (2A + 2C) was £35 now £15 via Itison (valid until 28th Feb 2019)
Posted 10th Oct 2018Posted 10th Oct 2018
We were lucky enough to visit this Aquarium a few years back & friends went last year & we all agreed it was a great day out - family ticket is usually £35 but you can buy … Read more
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Going up on holiday today Haha perfect timing thanks


Purchased, thanks @wishihadadonkey I know what we’re doing tomorrow afternoon now with the kids :)


Only 6hours away..... Getting my boots in


Fantastic timing for us thanks

Playmobil 9060 Family Fun Aquarium with Fillable Water Enclosure £37.49 @ Amazon
Posted 27th Aug 2018Posted 27th Aug 2018
Playmobil 9060 Family Fun Aquarium with Fillable Water Enclosure £37.49 @ Amazon
Good price for this playmobil set rrp £49.99 generally sells for around £45.

Good price, was slightly cheaper a couple of weeks ago, but good time to buy. My house is turning into a showroom for Playmobil! Tempted to put away for Xmas though

Kids to get FREE entry to Blue Reef Aquarium in Tynemouth for Disney on Ice weekend Sept 1st + 2nd
Posted 18th Aug 2018Posted 18th Aug 2018
Kids to get FREE entry to Blue Reef Aquarium in Tynemouth for Disney on Ice weekend Sept 1st + 2nd
For one weekend only, on September 1 and 2, Blue Reef is inviting younger visitors to come dressed as their favourite Disney characters to access free entry! Youngsters who take t… Read more
Avatardeleted2026997Get dealGet deal

You have my mothers what


I have your mothers


I’ve never smelt a worse beaver.


Haha i was proper disappointed! Lol


Loved it here as a kid!

Bristol Aquarium kids for £1 with every adult
Posted 9th Aug 2018Posted 9th Aug 2018
Bristol Aquarium kids for £1 with every adult
Bristol Aquarium has an online offer of a Child 3-12 entry for £1 with each Adult. So for Adult & Child it is £14.77. Also get 10% off tickets when booking online. Please not… Read more

Enjoy the day. Lots more Gromits to discover.


It’s my son’s 8th birthday today so we’re off to Bristol zoo, then following more of the Gromit trail... we’ve found 20+ so far & my little lad absolutely loves using the free map to work out where we’re heading next! We’re certainly seeing parts of Bristol that we’ve never seen before!


Don’t know how old your daughter is but you could go to the Zoo. Bristol Zoo has free child with every adult offer which I posted on here which is also easy to get to on the Bus, train or walking. Lots of cheaper things to do also in the area or free depending on age. Enjoy


Appreciating all the comments on here, I have my daughter by myself for the weekend and was planning on taking her to the aquarium as I don't drive and figured it would be easiest to get to on public transport. Any other suggestions for good things for young kids in and around Bristol appreciated


Its a nice attraction but a very short experience, we were in and out in 90mins and consider ourselves to be a pretty typical family. I think theonly way you could make this a longer experience is to physically stand and watch the fish for longer periods of time, however lets be honest...a few minutes at each tank/exhibit is more than enough. We paid full price to get in, leaving us feeling very shortchanged. Therefore it may be a better experience when paying slightly less.

Piezoelectric silent  maintenance free aquarium air pump, £10 @ Wilkinson ( Amazon price £13.75 )
Posted 10th Jul 2018Posted 10th Jul 2018
Piezoelectric silent maintenance free aquarium air pump, £10 @ Wilkinson ( Amazon price £13.75 )
Piezoelectric silent performance air pump, great way to operate air-powered filters, ornaments or simply an air stone to improve the aquarium's oxygen levels and create a beautiful… Read more
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Just quiet please.


So is it silent or ultra-quiet?


Note: Ideal for all aquariums up to 60 litres (30 litres if operating a filter).I've had the air pump on my coldwater aquarium since the warm weather has started. It may take a degree off the temperature and provides extra oxygen. I'll certainly look at these when I need a new pump.

1 Child Goes FREE With 2 Adults, SAVING Up To £11.50 At The Deep
Posted 4th Jul 2018Posted 4th Jul 2018
1 Child Goes FREE With 2 Adults, SAVING Up To £11.50 At The Deep
Save £11.50 with this handy voucher, just print it out and take it into The Deep to save money! :o
Get voucher



Thanks for Posting ;)


The child won't get the Day Pass Plus which allows for free entry for the next 12 months but the adults will so worth bearing in mind if you'll go back more than once

Aquarium stick on thermometer X1 £0.99 FREE P+P UK 24HR DISPATCH @ Ebay Aquaticsoulutions
Posted 20th Jun 2018Posted 20th Jun 2018
Aquarium stick on thermometer X1 £0.99 FREE P+P UK 24HR DISPATCH @ Ebay Aquaticsoulutions
Size:13cm x 1.8cm/5.1inch x 0.707inch. Unlike traditional thermometer that takes forever to figure out where that little red bar in the tube sits. Temperature is accurate up to 1… Read more
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Yeah they aren't exactly accurate, but I use it more to give me a rough idea of the temps inside my demi-johns.

sam_cat 56p delivered on Amazon (I have prime, no idea on non-prime delivery price)


Used to use similar for home brew temperature readings can be a little off..


Not knocking this, but there are loads of these for the same price on eBay. I bought a few for my homebrew a few weeks ago from the link below. 99p for one, then discounts for every extra (2 for £1.69, 3 for £2.29, etc). Exactly the same item as the one you've listed.


Yes I got one around 3 months back also bought fish tank artificial plant set for 49p

Playmobil 9061 Family Fun Aquarium Shop £12.99 Prime / £17.48 Non Prime @ Amazon
Posted 1st Jun 2018Posted 1st Jun 2018
Playmobil 9061 Family Fun Aquarium Shop £12.99 Prime / £17.48 Non Prime @ Amazon
£12.99£17.9928%Amazon Deals
68 pieces ages 3 and up, reviews seem to be fantastic only nebegative review was the box arrived damaged and not to mention a substantial price drop. Hope to help someone else also… Read more

Far too expensive before, but a lovely little set, so hot hot hot now (y)

20% off Blue Planet Aquarium
Posted 20th Mar 2018Posted 20th Mar 2018
20% off Blue Planet Aquarium
FLASH SALE ends Thursday 20% off admission. This offer is only available for visits between 23rd March and 15th April 2018.

I love aquariums but having lived in plymouth the fantastic National Marine Aquarium is bigger, cheaper and the standard tickets allow you free access for a year. In comparison this isn’t nearly as good. Only shame is that plymouth is 5 hours away..


Still very expensive at them prices for such a small place.


Nice discount - great place for the kids (my two love the aquariums!). Heat added :)

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