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VeryMe Vodafone - Vue 2 for £7 ENDING

Posted 28th Jun 2023
Hi, I've just received the following message from Vodafone:

Hello. Just to let you know, our Vue Cinema offer from VeryMe Rewards is ending Friday 30 June 2023. Don't worry though, from Tuesday 4 July you can get up to 30% off cinema tickets at Odeon and more - with our new VeryMe Movies Reward. Find out more about this reward by visiting the My Vodafone app from Tuesday: vodafone.co.uk/myv…rds Terms apply. To end SMS, send STOP SMS to 9774.

The end of a frequent cinema-going era for me! This was the last remaining good deal from Vodafone so I'll be transferring my number out..
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  1. P-7's avatar
    Looks like O2 have taken over this deal, with a £2 surcharge - 2 for £9 now.
    Frugalstudent's avatar
    Frugalstudent Author
    My partner has O2 and showed me this morning - not a bad price still, I suppose with inflation a £3.5 movie ticket was just too good of a deal!

    The replacement offer from Vodafone is piss poor so I'll switch at some point, not sure where..
  2. jjmmww1's avatar
    Looks like its moved to 02 now but its 2 for £9
    Eddavis75's avatar
    Dont forget the 20% off treats far better than the new contract Vodafone have with Kidspass. Clearly contracts have ended between Vodafone and Vue
  3. Gollywood's avatar
    Vodafone not only hiking prices now ditching the Veryme offers.

    And yes, customers will leave because we factor in these Veryme offers into the monthly cost
  4. bobdylan's avatar
    Mmm, yeah good deal Vodafone, ditch the 2 for £7 Vue deal and give 30% off a £16 Odeon ticket instead. err no thanks
    MonkeyMan90's avatar
    50471802-Af4mv.jpgI think you've added a tenner to the price by accident
  5. weirdo's avatar
    I've been with Vodafone for a few years and took out a new contract a couple of weeks ago for my son mainly because of the Vue cinema tickets.

    Surely they could have given a lot more notice than 2 days to allow us to buy extra tickets since they're valid for a month. Though guess this was a deliberate tactic.

    Can't find any further information on the new 'up to 30% off' deal, but Odeon will still be expensive for us even with the full 30% off as the cheapest adult ticket is £16 and £11 for children. (edited)
    Frugalstudent's avatar
    Frugalstudent Author
    Completely agreed! Had I known, I would've stocked up the past few weeks since there are a lot of movies coming out in July.. I was just about to take out another Vodafone contract but I guess I'm glad I waited at this point.. Sorry to hear you got a contract, hopefully they'll add some more rewards to make it worth it.
  6. Dude1971's avatar
    Terrible decision - literally the only reason I stayed with Vodafone - out of contract in August - bye!

    Curious if Voxi do the same - will check later (edited)
    Frugalstudent's avatar
    Frugalstudent Author
    Same! First they got rid of the Tesco deals and switched to Morrisons (and far fewer people live near Morrisons). Then their Friday deals got worse.

    Literally the ONLY thing keeping me on Vodafone were the Vue movie tickets, so after this decision I'm out for good.
  7. weirdo's avatar
    Not only is it £2 extra with o2 but you also have to use the codes by Sunday. Whereas the Vodafone codes were valid for 30 days.
  8. Throttle's avatar
    First I’ve heard about this i was a regular user of the Vue deal, the Odeon 30% that seems to have replaced it is rubbish in comparison
  9. aks4ever's avatar
    Well terrible decision they made I will be leaving soon only reason why i was with them
    Dude1971's avatar
    Same here - can't find anyone offering even close to a similar deal though, won't be going to the cinema anytime soon!
  10. _stan's avatar
    @EN1GMA - get them whilst you still can!
    EN1GMA's avatar
    I've DMd you I think already
  11. EN1GMA's avatar
    Anyone got the link to redeem the codes for the current offer before it ends please?
  12. PaulHumford's avatar
    Looks like the Vodafone offer is there in the app now but it's a Kids Pass thing, i.e. buy a code at some discounted rate, not actually 30% off Odeon. It also mentions a booking fee.

    If needing to go to Odeon, it's probably cheaper to just go book direct on a Monday for saver tickets, or Tuesday/Wednesday with Meerkat.
    Frugalstudent's avatar
    Frugalstudent Author
    "Up to 30%" wow what a crap offer lol
  13. Eddavis75's avatar
    The offer has now moved to 02 priority £9 for two plus 20% of treats
  14. Player-1's avatar
    O2 is do Vue tickets 2 for £9
  15. thenexus6's avatar
    Hopefully Vue deal stays with Three mobile
  16. theRainMan's avatar
    So this will mean Voxi will follow suit if they haven't already.
  17. jederer's avatar
    I moved to O2 and it is significantly cheaper BUT their data network is pretty poor / oversubscribed
  18. tickedon's avatar
    I have both O2 and Vodafone

    Vodafone 2 for £7 was £2 per ticket for VIP seat upgrade in my local. O2 2 for £9 is then only £1 per ticket for VIP seat upgrade. So still works out at 2 for £11 VIP seats for me.

    Not familiar with pricing elsewhere so your mileage may vary!
  19. rachel842's avatar
    Looks like the Asda movie deal (two pizzas, pop and Vue/SkyStore voucher) is ending on 27th July too!
  20. Dude1971's avatar
    Virgin have switched to O2 so they sent me the £9 deal yesterday - great timing!
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