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Updated 17th Nov 2021Last updated 17th Nov 2021 by Neostar
Singles Day 2021
Coming up on 11 November, it is Singles Day again, the Chinese MEGA shopping day (or week) that gets bigger and bigger with each year it is held. You are probably now familiar with it fro…
Avatar Pete
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Updated 12th Aug 2021Last updated 12th Aug 2021 by Chris.sss
Are Xiaomi Airdots really that bad?
Literally cant find one review that says they are decent. Yes they are cheap but I have faith in the brand so I’m a little shocked I cant find one review that says they are good.
Avatar lilmovie
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Updated 24th Jul 2020Last updated 24th Jul 2020 by Predikuesi
Anyone found an English user guide for Xiaomi Airdots Pro 2 SE?
I keep turning off my music or turning on Google Assistant because I touch the wrong places on the ear pieces.
Avatar Qesharak
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Updated 3rd Feb 2020Last updated 3rd Feb 2020 by Sandy1012
Are cheap Mi AirDots deals from China on here FAKEs?
I got a pair from a deal here around black Friday, yes, because of it's cheap, and didn't read too much about it. Then more folks talking about it with some good reviews, which I can't find…
Avatar Winter.Cloud
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Flamedeer Christmas 2022
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Updated 18th Oct 2019Last updated 18th Oct 2019 by M0nk3h
Xiaomi Redmi Airdots or QCY Series?
These two seem to be the best earphones at the moment in terms of Airpod-like features. I had the infamous QCY T1 earbuds. I'd buy these in a flash but it seems there's a few new models out…
Avatar WhaleTrain
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Updated 9th Oct 2019Last updated 9th Oct 2019 by Gumbon
cheapest xiaomi airdots... fakes 9£ on ebay or real?
trying to pickup the cheapest airdots xiaomi and assuming these are fakes, they have it worded odd so guessing there not real Real? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TWS-Airdots-Bluetooth-5-0-Head…
Avatar Gumbon