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6 Months Free Trial Discovery + / VeryMe Rewards

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Vodafone pay monthly UK customers only. After 6 months price is £3.99 a month. Automatically added to your monthly Vodafone bill unless cancelled.

Cancel anytime. No refunds or credits for partial billing periods. discovery+ account set up required. 18+.

No brainer 6 months free Discovery +.

After 6 months its £3.99 but you can cancel anytime

Terms and conditions -
8. Discovery+ Entertainment Package8.1 Discovery Terms of Use (found at discoveryplus.co.uk/ter…use) apply in addition to these Vodafone Terms.

8.2 You can get 6 months access to discovery+ Entertainment at no additional cost (starts on activation of discovery+ account) (the 'Offer')

8.3 At the end of 6 month Offer period, you'll be automatically opted into a paid monthly subscription (currently priced at £3.99 per month. Price correct as of January 2023). You can cancel any time before the end of the Offer period (see "Ending Service" above). Subscription auto-renews monthly unless cancelled. Charges are applied to your monthly Vodafone bill.

8.4 To be eligible for the Offer you must be a Vodafone pay monthly customer, UK resident, aged 18+. The Offer is not available to existing discovery+ Entertainment subscribers. If you already have a subscription with discovery+, you will need to cancel such subscription with them directly in accordance with their terms or wait until your subscription has expired to take advantage of this Offer.

8.5 One discovery+ Entertainment subscription per Vodafone account and you can only take up this Offer once.

8.6 Separate discovery+ account required. To activate your discovery+ account, you must agree to the discovery+ Terms of Use and acknowledge the discovery+ Privacy Policy (found at: discoveryplus.co.uk/pri…icy).

8.7 You must remain a Vodafone pay monthly customer for the duration of the six-month Offer period otherwise you will lose access to discovery+ Entertainment. In addition, if you upgrade your contract or change your tariff during your contracted term with us, you will lose access to the Offer.
Vodafone More details at
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  1. BeckvonAar's avatar
    Note that this is for the entertainment package only. Won’t work for any of their sports coverage.
  2. HUKDealSeeker's avatar
    Be very careful with that cancellation at the end of the trial period! When I was with Vodafone and took part in this trial, I could not get this cancelled until I was close to the end of trial and at that point they put me through to Discovery’s cancellation department and they foisted a 30 day notice required and I ended up paying for those additional days so be very careful if you take up the trial with intention of cancelling at the end of trial! This happened to me around July 2021 so things may have improved and you mileage may vary!
  3. mrTea67's avatar
    Im not with Vodafone,but thats a nice little extra reward. I've been looking out for a decent deal on this channel since my sub finished months back but they seem to be non existent. Is £3.99 the normal price ? it seems low to me. Hot deal from me.
    cocoiffy's avatar
    I don't use my sub so you can have it if you want?
  4. COUPONKEV's avatar
    Now included free with BT TV a year or two after they dropped it.
  5. Deedie's avatar
    Been there for a long time.
    Sienio48's avatar
    Yeap, but also nice reminder to actually use it due to netflix ban on sharing accounts
  6. dealtt_18's avatar
    This is the lowest tier package that comes with ads - I had this but barely watched anything, there were ads every 10 minutes or so

    Voted hot as it's free
  7. hartleyhare2020's avatar
    The Gunslingers series was pretty good.
  8. Frugalstudent's avatar
    Ah so they're starting to exclude PAYG customers from VeryMe.. Most of the good deals are gone with Vodafone these days, glad I'm not stuck to a contract!
  9. Manish_N's avatar
    Anyone has a spare code and would like to give away?
  10. Whatsleft's avatar
    Also asking for a code if anyone has one
    shakey1981's avatar
    me 2 altho i dont know it work that
  11. Gazzie's avatar
    Just taken the 6 month free trial. Although if I try to watch Tour De France it says the content is unavailable and I need to contact my provider.

    Is the trial a cut down subscription, or is Discovery+ one of those services you need to buy addition subscriptions?
  12. Oceanspray10's avatar
    Got a code, who’s got something to swap.
  13. Robbo83's avatar
    Worth it for the Speedway (never watched anything else on it)
  14. Joy80's avatar
    Anybody got a spare code please DM me. Thanks
  15. GIBAFULATATA2's avatar
    The most useless free trial where you have to top up for pretty much everything worth watching ...
  16. ninp's avatar
    Been using it for free via Sky for the last three years. It was supposed to be just for one year, but it self renewed. I'm guessing the fact that they've added adverts makes it pay for itself.
  17. Gazzie's avatar
    Just cancelled my 6 month freebie. Crap they display stuff you can’t watch (like sports) and wtf are they doing playing adverts?
's avatar