Unfortunately, this deal has expired 26 March 2023.
Posted 25 January 2023

EE 120GB Pay As You Go Data Only Sim Card, Valid for 12 months - £45 with unique email code, free click & collect @ Argos

£45£5010% off
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Please generate you unique £5 code and this will be available for £45 as this does fall under eligible category.


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Connect your device to the UK's best 4G network with our data SIM. Instant connectivity that lasts for 12 months, perfect for tablets, laptops and mobile broadband devices. When your 120GB pre-loaded data expires, all you need to do is top up. It's quick and easy to buy a new data add-on online.

Our UK and Ireland call centres makes it easier to get stuff sorted.

  • Manufacturer's 1 year guarantee.
  • 120 GB.
  • Data SIM.
Argos More details at

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  1. HertsFan23's avatar
    Good deal in my eyes. Useful for remote MiFis where you’re not sure how much data you’ll use per month. I used one at my allotment to power a security camera system and it seemed perfect for that
  2. adavy's avatar
    Is there a way to use it as an eSim and is it 5G?
    KingAwKings's avatar
  3. telf's avatar
    49406861-JP6Ce.jpgThis is a better deal surely preloaded with 600 GB each month until next June a 1 off payment ideal for mifi 4gee box,s
  4. hamish8888's avatar
    I got this . Toured Europe for 10 weeks and it worked all the way through. It did stop after 6 months and you have to phone up to unlock the SIM again.
  5. Sir_'s avatar
    Is it possible to convert it to an Esim to use as a second sim for data? Thanks
  6. innocent's avatar
    Good thinking using unique email code with this preloaded data sim. Decent deal for 120gb to be used as and when you feel like it/needed over 12 months 🔥
  7. timbobber's avatar
    Thanks, ordered today. I need exactly this for my new android car head unit for Waze, Spotify etc rather than faff about with phone hotspot etc.

    Seems the only negative reviews were around not knowing how to keep the SIM active at 180 days
  8. Thumbnail's avatar
    Is is 120gb every month
    Animal5865's avatar
    Nope a year
  9. deleted708738's avatar
    It used to be good value. But now I’m not sure. But it’s reduced by this code and a useful product so a hesitant plus. (edited)
  10. wolfs1's avatar
    Think that's good price. Paid £47.99 for same via Amazon at end Nov. Current £50. Have in 4G security camera. No issues.
  11. akaboomboom's avatar
    Will this have roaming?
    StewartHardie's avatar
    I have had a look according to EE website Pay as You Go still includes roaming
  12. KingAwKings's avatar
    Use these in my mobile Netgear for caravan.
  13. Zaheen_X's avatar
    £45 for the full year?
  14. arbitrabbit's avatar
    This costs a bit more but you get 40gb per month for around 14 months, if Three works in your area.
    innocent's avatar
    Yes but the Amazon merchant is not approved by HUKD, just saying. Very good if the sim in the link you provided works full 14 months.
  15. Al18's avatar
    Can I use this in my dual sim phone as sim 2 just for data?
    innocent's avatar
    No reason why not. Presumably you have got voice (minutes and texts) on your other sim.
  16. TheJuryMustDie's avatar
    Does this work abroad without paying roaming charges? Many thanks.
  17. crabstix69's avatar
    I've seen it selling for 50 quid on amazon here But had bad reviews. Some people said it stopped working after 6 months or gave them only 90GB of data. I guess there's no way of knowing if this one will be any different until you give it a go. Would Argos give a refund if it stopped working after 6 months? (edited)
    Feargal's avatar
    Most likely stopped working as its a lump amount of data designed to be used through a fixed term not a fresh monthly amount like some other providers mentioned.
  18. gunner786's avatar
    What do they mean by if you dont use it for 180 days? Do you need to make a call or something, or is using the data ok?

    Amazon reviews are full of the stops working after 180 days story (edited)
  19. drypuri's avatar
    but is this 5g, I read that EE 5g does not work on pay as you go
's avatar