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A Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) SIM is perfect for people who aren’t in the market for a new phone and want to be free from monthly phone payments. It is a flexible way to make calls, send texts and update social media, and the SIM is ready to go as soon as it is topped up and inserted into the phone. Whether for occasion use or as a bundle, shoppers can check out the PAYG listings on hotukdeals for the best deals and offers.

£10 5x data (Note 5x data for 3 months) 15GB Unlimited Minutes & Text 3GB (data rollover). Plus £10 Free Credit - O2 PAYG
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
O2 PAYG sim only deal. Current bundles: £10 5x data 15GB Unlimited Minutes & Text 3GB (data rollover). Plus £10 Free Credit. £15 5x data 30GB Unlimited Minutes & Text 6… Read more
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It said online chat was not available so I rang them this morning and got through to a South African call centre who sorted the issue in 2 minutes. I've only took this out so I can port my number away from Vodafone, when the 5 X data ends I'll take out a new contract with Vodafone and port back.


Go on the help page then contact us. Wait for the chat to pop up


I have had exactly this issue, I rang customer services and got a recorded message saying they were not taking calls and directed me to the website.


Just note that you will most likely need to speak with customer services for the £10 free credit. You text FREE10 to 21500 for the promo but it says ineligible for the offer. But they do apply £5 automatically after registering. So will need to make a CS call. The 5x data applies a few days after topping up the £10 so be patient


Fingers crossed that you find something before the end of the current contract.

Lexibook Kids Mobile Phone Disney Frozen Dual Sim Pay As You Go 2G Unlocked delivered for £12.98 by phoneshopnearme/ebay
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Lexibook Kids Mobile Phone Disney Frozen Dual Sim Pay As You Go 2G Unlocked delivered for £12.98 by phoneshopnearme/ebay… Read more

Not a bad price for a kids phone.At least you know it won't cost the earth to replace if kids let it go let it g


If you see an adult with one of these phones they are up to no good


Description isn't great Compatible with ALL networks (except three) and then doesn't state every MVNO that uses them (id mobile, smarty etc)Should just stick to saying 2G only.


Oh yes.


Oh no.

Sony Xperia L1 16GB Black Smartphone - £49.99 + £10 Top-Up @ EE On Pay As You Go
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Thanks to @tyr for the original find, this is a great price for a phone you could give as a first phone to a child, or as a second phone etc in my opinion Comes locked to EE, bu… Read more

For some reason the L1 has a much brighter screen than the L2. I have an L1. Overall it's a good phone for the money. The screen is really nice but it is a bit sluggish. I intend to get an L4 when there is a deal


Giffgaff had Xperia 10 for £99 and 10 Plus for £169 a few weeks ago. Compared to everybody else's prices these were crazy cheap. May be worthwhile keeping an eye out there if not in a rush. With L4 now out I'd expect L2 & L3 to become available at discounted prices.


Thanks. I may stick to looking round the Xperia range. They've never let me down in the past. Currently having to use my wife's old Samsung S7 cos I dropped my XZ and cracked the screen, I looked at getting it repaired but might as well just buy another for the price it would cost.


Yes. One of my first ones was the (then) mighty Atrix, bought for £200 imported from China. I find Motos now to be average compared to what other manufacturers are offering at the time. Don't think the Macro is anything special compared to many same priced or cheaper handsets and can't see it being a great seller. Since Lenovo took over it's like they're a step behind in terms of VFM. Like the latest release would have been comparable to what the competition put out a few months ago. Saying this, phones are at the point where you're getting pretty much the same overall from most manufacturers for around the same price if you shop around.


You tried Motorola at all? I too like Xperias and are generally my phone of choice. However I've see a few good offers on Motorola at the moment and am tempted by either G7, G8 or even One Macro. Don't want to get tied into another contract so have a bit of a budget.

Motorola One Macro 64GB BLACK Smartphone - £99.99 + £10 minimum Top-Up @ EE PAYG
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
EXPLORE the stylish Motorola One Macro, which features a fantastic 6.2-inch HD+ display as well as triple-camera system with AI and laser autofocus. £9 cashback from Quidco … Read more

(y) Thanks for the update. Good for people who still have a working phone but if you need a replacement in a hurry then maybe something to bear in mind.


Hi just incase you are still thinking about this, I got my UNLOCK code today so overall about 2 weeks wait. Not bad considering the cheap price of handset. Overall would recommend


Me too. I mean for the prices they offer the phones I'd probably don't again with knowledge that ot will be a faff to unlock but still the website makes it sound so easy....


Good to know. The wording on the EE website made me think it'd be an instant unlock.


Thanks mate. I'll keep on at them. Understand it's not really their fault. Although That said they should make it clear on their site that some phones are difficult to unlock currently. Cheers

Motorola G8 Plus 64GB COSMIC BLUE Smartphone - £149.99 + £10 minimum Top-Up @ EE PAYG
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Don't forget Quidco for £9 cashback bringing this down to £150.99 Free to unlock via… Read more

No hurry. Indeed good saving as JL got it for £240.


Hope it's quick. It is a bit of a hassle but worth it for the decent saving.


Thank you. I called them and now will wait.


I called them as am pay monthly customer only and I think that caused issue trying to do it online as my online account was tied to my monthly handset.


Did you see this on a different EE thread? EE website says you can unlock instantly online but other people had problems and had to call them.

Sony Xperia L4 3GB 64GB Smartphone | Black - £145 + £10 Minimum Top-Up @ Vodafone PAYG
208° Expired
Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
Decent reduction from the sim free price, must be purchased with a sim Triple camera, triple the fun Get creative with a versatile 26mm wide-angle-lens to cover most shots, an ul… Read more

What you expect snapdragon 855, its a new one phone, for some this will be ok also has 21.9 screen ratio very unique, if you ever used a 21.9 screen you won't go back to 18.9 I've had the Xperia 1 since June 2019 and i absolutely love the screen and ratio.


For the money, that's decent. Particularly interested in the screen and triple camera which look good.


Weak chipset


Bang average specs, mediatek Helio P22 cpu, 720 x 1680 screen, 3gig ram but does have NFC


Decent phone overall but this is a weak chipset for anyone wondering...

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Motorola G7 Plus 64GB DEEP INDIGO Smartphone - £139.99 + £10 Minimum Top-Up @ EE PAYG
329° Expired
Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
Decent price for the G7 plus, give the sim away or whatever, phone for £139.99 plus topcashback Motorola G7 Plus ENJOY the Motorola G7 Plus with a 6.2 inch Max Vision Full HD+ d… Read more

This or the Moto G8 PLUS advertised here earlier for £159.99 fro EE including top up


No, from the reviews/specs I've seen they have removed it. That's the annoying thing with Lenovo, they often compromise on things you might not notice at first (e.g. NFC, compass, OIS, gorilla glass) to keep price low.


I thought the G8 Plus had OIS?


I got my mum the G7 power, she loves that too. I think the G8 Power is on offer on Lenovo's site now.


(lol) (lol) (lol)

As new unlocked Huawei Nova 5T 128gb at o2 PAYG, no topup required, for £149
349° Expired
Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
A nice price, usually it comes unlocked in immaculate condition in a plain box (14 days customer returns), available in two colours

Kind of you to offer. You didn't like it?


You can buy my one off me if you want to. It's the crush blue one, I was going to return it anyway..


And then it came back in stock, let me checkout, but failed just as it was approving payment ;( ;( ;(


FFS I've checked this damn thing EVERY DAY and missed it because of a damn phone call. FML


Woo just managed to order the crush blue Missed out last time

Samsung Galaxy A20e £99.99 + £20 PAYG top up @ EE
225° Expired
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
The Samsung Galaxy A20e features a rear dual camera with a 13 MP low light lens and Ultra-Wide camera – allowing you to capture the perfect shot throughout the day. It also has an … Read more
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Expired now


Ordered Friday, got it next working day (Monday)


Anyone buy this and actually have it dispatched yet?


Maybe no charge if you get a top-up? Not an EE customer, just getting to unlock for my mum :D


Well, I have been charged,but called them later to order two more (£99.99 each), so still worth it as charged delivery once and will have 3 phones

iPhone SE (2020) 64GB £429 on PAYG / 128GB £479 PAYG @ Three
2945° Expired
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
Free BeatsX wireless earphones worth £89.95. From Three (all their phones are unlocked). iPhone SE 64GB £419 Required PAYG topup + £10 Potential Quidco - £15 Total after cashback … Read more
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3GB and iOS doesn’t eat ram the same way android does


I read some where this only has 2gb ram is that true seems extremely weak


I’ve just sold mine on eBay £45 so with the £15 cash back of and when it pays out means I’ve got a 128gb SE for £419! happy days man :)


Got my replacements BeatsX today. White box but leaflet inside says someting along the lines of we tested the ones you sent in, found they were completely broken so we have sent you these new replacements instead. Definitely say new rather than refurbished. Came with another set of tips and the wingtips too, which is handy as the set from Three didn't have the wingtips.


HAPPY DAYS! nice little surprise today

Huawei P Smart 2019 64GB Smartphone + Free Huawei Bluetooth Speaker - £118.99 + £10 Top Up & Delivered @ Three (Pay As You Go)
818° Expired
Posted 13th AprPosted 13th Apr
Sporting dual 13MP and 2MP AI rear cameras, you’ll be able to capture the perfect moments in your life with crystal clarity. Unlock your phone with the 8MP front facing camera and … Read more

I'd go note 8t personally, sorry just seen this comment


Looks like they have removed the speaker from the offer


@MrSwitch I'm looking to upgrade my wife's phone, she currently has the Honor 9 lite and needs a better camera & battery. Would you go for this, or the Note 8T which Amazon have for £130? Ps I know the Note is only 32gb but not worried as would add an SD card anyway.


Does anyone know If the blue color will be in stock soon? Also does anyone know how bright the screen is, I currently have the old model P Smart and the screen is fairly bright though not amazingly so, I purchased Honor 10 lite, (same phone as this) and was very disappointed with the quality of the screen, had a yellow tint, not bright and has been returned, is the new p smart any better?


Well my phone died so I've now got myself one of these after previously getting my kids one each and my mum one. Can't go wrong at this price. Son loves the speaker so looks like I won't be seeing that! In case anyone was wondering, there's no Three splash screen, or indeed any evidence it was bought through Three, which makes me happy. It would have bugged me for sure.

Free Alcatel 10.66 Mobile phone With £10 Top + £5 Topcashback @ Carphone Warehouse
394° Expired
Posted 30th MarPosted 30th Mar
Free Alcatel 10.66 Mobile phone With £10 Top + £5 Topcashback @ Carphone Warehouse
This has been posted a few times in the past, however I think now is the ample time to get a free phone and £10 worth of credit at this particular moment. Phone is great for the pe… Read more

same but i could find any answers there was old methods but those are dead now itunes no good either have you tried it? :(


with EE text Stop Pack to 150 before turning on any data. Then you'll have £10 standard data. It looks as if you can use the credit for iTunes account but it doesn't seem to work which is a shame. If anyone knows what to spend the data on. Even if you could convert it to amazon it would be good. Think its ether playstation networks or gambling websites no good for me


this looks like it charges via a usb port but im not 100% sure micro usb? i think you can turn the EE data pack into credit not sure that trick work, some say it does. @MrSwitch the nokia 105v4 was free but then went to 2.99 now its 4.99 think it will go back down to free again? i got one when was 2.99 i need another one for elderly person also i think the best sim deal is 1pmobile anyone know this network and recommend it? thank you all




I have a feeling people may want phones without GPS tracking, soon.

Sony Xperia L3 Like New 02 PAYG @ O2- £69
165° Expired
Posted 24th MarPosted 24th Mar
Sony Xperia L3 Like New 02 PAYG @ O2- £69
£69£9930%O2 Shop Deals
Probably low availability but in stock now. These like new phones generally come in great condition. Plus 2% topcashback per colombo
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Back in stock now


Out of stock now ;(


Sorted, cheers


@shadwelllad thank you for post. No E in Xperia the way.


2% topcashback as well. This looks like a lovely mobile phone with good features, battery, ram and would last a fair few years. Voted HOT. Good value.

Sony Xperia L3 Smartphone £99 @ O2 Pay As you go
266° Expired
Posted 24th MarPosted 24th Mar
Sony Xperia L3 Smartphone £99 @ O2 Pay As you go
£99£14934%O2 Shop Deals
No need to top this up, comes new boxed with all accessories, choose a sim at checkout, then don't top it up once received See more of the movies, TV shows, pictures and entert… Read more

Simply that you can buy it without jumping through hoops cancelling something after purchase which is always a bit of a pain. Nothing to do with a "workaround" on the phone itself. :)


what do you mean "without any work around" ? Thanks


No E in Xperia


Seems a nice phone without any work around.


More basic memory and NFC on the G6

EE Payg Flex Plan Triple Data for 6 months e.g 6GB, 1000 mins for £10
218° Expired
Posted 18th MarPosted 18th Mar
EE Payg Flex Plan Triple Data for 6 months e.g 6GB, 1000 mins for £10
6GB, 1000 mins for £10 15GB, 2000 mins for £15 30GB for £25 and 60GB for £30 (3000 mins, won't recommend these two tho) all with unlimited texts and data rollover (y) Not … Read more
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I'm planning to take this on for a little while to test out EE. Had them a couple of years ago and they had been amazing.


I'm currently on O2 PAYG and the signal is terrible. In my area and many others. I currently have a secondary three sim temporarily to get better signal. I am so disappointed in o2.


I’ve had it two years now they can’t stop my contract until I decide that’s it it started a lot cheaper than 16 to inflation prices going up it’s about 16.30 now


How do you get this?


Their regular PAYG plans are pretty good for the price too. £15/mo for 8GB data (inc rollover + it grows 500mb every 3 months), unlimited mins and texts if you don't want a contact.

Three Network New PAYG Supercharged - Unlimited Calls/Text £10 = 10GB Data / £15 = 20GB Data / £20 = 40GB Data / £30 = Unlimited Data
228° Expired
Posted 16th MarPosted 16th Mar
New Pay As You Go Supercharged with Three Network Unlimited Calls and Texts £10 = 10GB Data £15 = 20GB Data £20 = 40GB Data £30 = Unlimited Data How to get Supercharged Order… Read more
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Has anyone managed to change to this PAYG plan from a normal 1,2,3 payg plan?


No, but it’s coming...


Not 5G though


I think the issue is that my parents hate faffing around. And there's a pretty high chance she'd lose her existing PAYG number if she were to switch to a pay monthly deal. At least I can log online while she's self-isolated and pay for a bundle for her every month. Far better than existing PAYG rates with zero hassle or "faffing around" for her to deal with at what is already a stressful time for her.


Yea, but she already has a PAYG sim. I don't think they'd let her upgrade it to pay monthly. No matter, I was able to top it up for her with a £10 bundle for uld mins, texts, and 4GB data. More than enough for her with zero hassle as well.

Huawei P Smart 2019 64gb unlocked PAYG £119 @ O2 Shop
191° Expired
Posted 16th MarPosted 16th Mar
Huawei P Smart 2019 64gb unlocked PAYG £119 @ O2 Shop
Huawei P Smart 2019 64gb PAYG Available in Aurora blue or black. As per usual these phones come unlocked, you will need to order a sim, although you are not charged at checkout, so… Read more

Wow £149 on refurb now


Battery life is great gaming on this is nice


The familiar human in the hat is now looking feverish, and she hasn't moved for months. Does this make the deal extra hot? (confused)


Think I posted that at some point, but didnt buy it., too indecisive. He who hesitates... :D


Decent phone. I got a refurb from O2 for £99, was in immaculate condition.

Sony Xperia L1 5.5" display with 16:9 ratio, NFC, 2gb/16gb at EE PAYG for £49.99+£10 topup (Claim £9 cashback from Quidco)
347° Expired
Posted 14th MarPosted 14th Mar
Sony Xperia L1 5.5" display with 16:9 ratio, NFC, 2gb/16gb at EE PAYG for £49.99+£10 topup (Claim £9 cashback from Quidco)
£59.99EE Deals
Nice price for those who likes wide 16:9 ratio screens and need NFC Claim £9 from Quidco

Slowest android phone. This is my work phone given by the company that I am working with.


search on ee site


How do you get it unlocked from EE


Yes, but it is free to get it unlocked from ee


is it locked to ee

O2 PAYG call and SMS for £2.5 per month
-158° Expired
Posted 8th MarPosted 8th Mar
O2 PAYG call and SMS for £2.5 per month
This simple trick allow have 4 months of service (voice and SMS only) for £2.5 monthly. How it's works: 1. Order sim from O2 site by orde… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Thank you for explaining.


After 4 month 4 is return to £5 per month, but if you have another card in this offer, you move number inside O2 by contact with customers service


Sorry if I'm about slow. Which SIM card do you order , any but the £5 one ?


So how much is this in month 5 onwards?


Oh of course. you're right my apologies (embarrassed) - for only a £10 outlay, one can stretch it out to 4 months because of the additional free £10. Request a mod to change the title back to £.2.50 / month. I didn't vote before, but will vote hot now (y)

FREE £1 Tesco Gift Card with £20 Top-up + Costa, John Lewis, Amazon and many more @ Vodafone Top Up Rewards
560° Expired
Posted 8th MarPosted 8th Mar
FREE £1 Tesco Gift Card with £20 Top-up + Costa, John Lewis, Amazon and many more @ Vodafone Top Up Rewards
Before top up rewards used to just give extra data/minutes but now it is giving gift cards too! Top-up rewards is Vodafone's reward scheme specifically for PAYG customers, where if… Read more

On the Vodafone PAYG, Lebara is still on Vodafone MVNO. I wouldn't recommend them either for PAYG though given their basic PAYG pricing isn't all that different to Vodafone for domestic use.


Spend it on PSN or Xbox?


Got 2 Voda SIM's with £10 each. Don't know how to spend them :(


I don't use it as my phone network, only for VeryMe.


How much you pay for min and texts with vodafone?,

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