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A Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) SIM is perfect for people who aren’t in the market for a new phone and want to be free from monthly phone payments. It is a flexible way to make calls, send texts and update social media, and the SIM is ready to go as soon as it is topped up and inserted into the phone. Whether for occasion use or as a bundle, shoppers can check out the PAYG listings on hotukdeals for the best deals and offers.

O2 Pay as you Go (PAYG) with £10 free addon (£10 Activation to use offer)
Found 11 h, 32 m agoFound 11 h, 32 m ago
I was looking around for a spare SIM and after ordering I received an email giving away a free £10 addon on offer, to be added after your 1st activation. Its a similar deal to the … Read more

"Like any PAYG SIM , you have to top up (even the "Three" 200mb Data SIM eventually )" I kinda beg to differ on that one: "Three Data Reward SIM now *FREE* with 200MB FREE every month (with no topup required, ever!), at Three Enough said ... Lol.


so its more of a deal than a freebie .. good one tho! :)


I'll use mine in that time anyway. Just the cheapest option I can find for a second SIM. Main one is with Three but there are odd times where I don't get any signal I can use it. Will only likely be data at 1p for say Google maps or WhatsApp. Just covering my back really.


You have to order the SIM before O2 send you the offer. It's not mentioned on the web page.....If you don't get the offer, don't bother activating :)


Mine expired after 3 months, I also thought it was 6 months

£30 for 70gb data PAYG SIM Only
04/04/2019Expires on 04/04/2019Found 14 h, 0 m agoFound 14 h, 0 m ago
I think this is a good deal?!? Was looking for a PAYG deal with good data for using in the car when we go on holiday - this looks pretty good! I didn’t want a contract as will be … Read more
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Probably worth noting that the data lasts 30 days. Otherwise three offer less data for more money but it lasts up to 24 months I beleive.


Smarty does unlimited for £25 on pay and go if three work well in you're area.


Many thanks for your reply


You add to basket, select a random tariff, then pay. They'll send you a free SIM to top up but you don't have to.


How can you get it without top up ? Thanks


Lucky you! They must be releasing units one at a time, now OOS again.


Just managed to order one there

A Moto G7 Power on PAYG at CPW, 5000mAh battery, unlocked, £159.99 + £10 topup @ Carphone Warehouse
Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
The cheapest Moto G7 Power available now, in black and violet colours TCB/QUIDCO £5 cashback 13/03/19 UPD: The price went up today for tenner, was 149.99+ topup before
chrisgeller Here's the different G7 Power versions. My CPW version was a XT1955-4, so no NFC. Has anyone got an XT1955-7?


Comparing this to an iPhone? They'd be able to but a 480p screen on their phones and still sucker people into buying them (lol)


Of course it's one reason. I'd rather have good battery life than be tethered to a battery pack or wall. Or even just having the worry of running out of battery and optimizing your usage. Plus it means less battery charge cycles so theoretically a longer lifespan.


Went to CPW for pickup. Its the 1955-4 version, i. E no NFC. So I just returned it on the spot. They still stung me for £10 for the SIM card though. So don't buy from CPW if you need NFC.


Ordered and delivery this morning. <3

A Vodafone Smart X9 3GB RAM/32GB storage on PAYG £98.99 @ Argos, NO TOPUP NEEDED IF BOUGHT ONLINE
Found 7th MarFound 7th Mar
The lowest price ever seen for Smart X9, buy online via Fasttrack to avoid topup. Great looking phone made for Vodafone by ZTE. Android OS v8.1 (Oreo) Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 3 GB… Read more

Has anyone installed the new software update. Wondered if it 9.0. It is showing as being around 1.3gb.


If they want you to continue using their network, they will :)


My current phone is about 7 years old and is PAYG running on Virgin network. I don't think they will swap my sim for a nona sim.


Possible, but you risk damaging the SIM, and old Sims are slightly thicker, so you risk getting it stuck in the slot. It's always better to get a proper SIM.


Isn't it possible to cut / trim the old sim to make it into a NONA SIM?

A Sony Xperia L1 white colour, like new on O2 PAYG, no topup required £39
Found 5th MarFound 5th Mar
Back in stock in white only, might be unlocked, perfect condition. NO TOPUP NEEDED WHEN BOUGHT ONLINE-AS USUAL

I went with it initially but cancelled and went with the 5£ one, lets see if it works - cause the phone came with 2 attempts remaining!


£3 on EBay to unlock


no usb c cable sent with the 2nd device (they must be running short).. be advised that they are not obligated to provide one.. also this device came locked - I think unlocking is pricey for this handset..


Can confirm now back in stock as have just purchased. Great price! Thanks


BACK IN STOCK (shock) when in the badket

NEW 3 PAYG add-on rewards - 10 points per £1
Found 5th MarFound 5th Mar
Add-ons now giving 10 points per pound for free stuff of subscriptions and vouchers ontop of Wuntu offers exclusively to 3 payg customers Enroll in the Wuntu app, find out how … Read more

Well I guess it’s down to companies what they wanna pay and for how long, obviously Three has approx over 10m + customers and o2 more so companies are gonna spend where they see more gain


True, however as an example, O2 has been doing their Nero thing for god knows how long now. I'm not saying give away free stuff every week, but saying "13% off airport parking" and other bits like that isn't a deal or something only for Wuntu like it used to be. My partner has joined O2, gets her free Nero every week without fail. I don't think O2 care about the cost as it keeps customers happy. Maybe just some consistency with Wuntu would help?


Wuntu is o2 Priority Ireland - it bought o2 Ireland, it’s now Three Plus and Wuntu(Three) in UK Here I’d rather buy a chocolate tea pot than a £50 bill for unlimited data - if the rest ever get there ;) Imagine people moaning you can’t get free unhealthy food lol they should pay a extra NHS tax, cut down on the pork pies get some exercise I expect Vodafone as everything shall have it going for 2 years then it will get run down/pulled that’s what they do with new promo service products


They are currently offering a free film rental and last week was greggs. They cant offer free stuff every week forever it makes no sense. Its introductory offers to get people interested, o2 did it, then three and now vodafone. vodafone offers will soon dry up.


Well payg are getting something more for the more they pay over sim only etc so it’s a winner really, as a example the £35 unlimited everything gets a free subscription and 350 points, kids and poor credit people will benefit, that’s better than nothing back ;) Wuntu, o2 Priority and Vodafone VeryMe are advertising apps that make the network money, also cheaper access for consumers - its a winner for us, revenue from apps advertising keep prices down our end, promos up and the odd freebie, nothing to grumble about at all :) Unless you wanna EE at top dollar and get no freebies...

Huawei P20 Pro Smartphone 128gb Blue & Black £479.99 With Minimum Top Up PAYG @ Three
Found 4th MarFound 4th Mar
P20 also available for £349.99 with top up. Two good prices, especially the pro version. Why Huawei P20 Pro? Redefining mobile photography, big time. The Huawei P20 Pro brings w… Read more

Yeah night mode is amazing.


Night mode tho


It is fully unlocked and dual sim!


Sooner than I thought - march 26th


Wasn’t aware of the p30 coming out was looking into buying a p20 atm , but I’ll wait now thank you!

VODAFONE: Sony Xperia 10 PAYG Handset with FREE £100 Disney Store Gift Card: £289 Delivered or FREE C&C
Found 3rd MarFound 3rd Mar
Seems a decent price for this newly released handset - no idea if this handset is any good for the money - I'm sure the congregation will advise. Sony product page: https://www.s… Read more
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And will it come with no vodafone stickers/apps?


can you sell the giftcard?


Class phones, always. I have had their first waterproof Xperia way back in 2013, and its still going well. All companies followed up with the ip68. I also got the xz premium couple of years back, and it's great, especially with the 3d print and slow motion camera (nerd)


It's just to remain in the HotUKDeals app my friend (cheeky) :/ :p


Again you’re not really reading what I actually state: not always does not mean I am saying they are not now! I was trying to explain why they may not be perceived to be so good or remain as popular, as public perception lingers longer than actual facts. You really do have a problem with grown up discussion!

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PAYG Bundle - 6GB Data, 600 Mins and Unlimited Texts £10 @ Asda Mobile
23/05/2019Expires on 23/05/2019Found 2nd MarFound 2nd Mar
One of the best PAYG bundle deal I have seen so far from a reliable SIM MNO, uses the 4GEE network and is a 30 day bundle, I have it for my grandma who uses it as a UK sim and it… Read more
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Thanks - though if you cancel the auto topup the data allowance reverst to 3GB, Is that correct? I think my problem is that I don't really understand what Asda mean by a recurring top-up and recurring bundle?


No not a monthly top up, it does require an auto Topup system, but you turn that off before your next month


This deal requires a monthly top-up? So what's the difference to a monthly contract? Am I missing something or is this not a true PAYG (only top up when you need) deal?


Several virtual operators will not allow Wifi calling on their networks and of the big networks that do some are not allowing it on older phones, iphone 4 or 5 upwards and Samsung 8 upwards only. My fully working Samsung S3 , with its removable battery and memory, how sensible an idea was that, doesn't stand a chance.


It's great value just shame no WiFi calling on smarty

Extra 50GB data on Pay as you go @ Vodafone : £10 Big Value Bundle Was 2GB now 52GB 4G Data 250 Minutes Unltd Texts Vodafone - new customers
04/04/2019Expires on 04/04/2019Found 1st MarFound 1st Mar
Unfortunately the original link stopped working so just updated it to their new working link. A big Thank You to ‘ - who pointed this out in the comments section... £10 Big Value… Read more
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purchase online between 00:01am on 01 March 2019 and 23.59pm on 4th April 2019 Grate find i'm looking to go North Cyprus April 3rd/4 and they said it covers there. So Will top up a day before I go saves me getting A TelSim out there


My sim received yesterday... Which was a normal sim with £10 on it. I phoned cs and they told me the amount we top up will be there, if the bundle is activated during promotional period we will get 50GB etc.


Thank You (y)


Does anyone know if this can be ordered now and activated later, and if so whether there is a cut off date for activation ?


New customer/New sim required. Nonsense. Is there a sim mountain? Why can't I just top up and get 50GB automatically?

Nokia 3.1 black at PAYG Tesco mobile £79 +£10 free topup + free delivery @ Tesco
Found 25th FebFound 25th Feb
pricedrop at Tesco Mobile, Android One phone from Nokia, black one still in stock...

I'd pick Sony out of those 2. Sony : more RAM 3GB vs 2GB , more storage 32GB vs 16GB, fingerprint scanner, USB type-C Nokia: slighly faster processor, guaranteed OS updates till mid-2020


How does this compare with the Sony Experia L2 Giffgaff deal at the same price...?


I bought one black friday as well. Excellent phone for the price and like others have said was unlocked although it did include a Tesco SIM and have Tesco security tape on box. No Tesco branding on phone at all.


WOW all these comments and none about the phone. Is it a good deal or not. Just made a call from my one and it worked. Heat from me. I paid £75.00 on black friday event, but its been £70.00 since. Not the best price but not bad for a sim free / unlocked phone is it.


That means they're doing badly. As virgin were with one2one>>T-Mobile>>EE Virgin Mobile now shall become an independent network.

Three PAYG 90 days unlimited everything £90 @ Three
Found 25th FebFound 25th Feb
No need to worry about your monthly recharge, save £15 verses the monthly topup when you top up for 90 days. £1 a day, VoLTE*, WiFi Calling* & Go Roam World included :) Perf… Read more



Isn’t getting on Vodafone PAY1 scheme a lot better? you pay 20p per min for first five min/sms/MB but once your usage reaches £1, it’s free for rest of day. that way you are capped at £1 for the days you use and zero for those you don’t. Very good for the burner phone. at most it would still come to £90 over 90 days if you talk all day




Who cares?


90 days for 90 quid. Christ. That's not cheap. If you were to do this for the year it 360 quid. It's cheaper to get the 20 quid a month deal for unlimited everything as that's then 240 quid over the year. And as a three customer, you won't need unlimited data as half the time you won't be able to access the network

Mobiwire Nokosi with WhatsApp for £9.99 + £10 topup - £19.99 at EE PAYG
Found 21st FebFound 21st Feb
The Mobiwire Nokosi allows you to always be connected and up-to-date with friends and family – it comes pre-loaded with WhatsApp and Facebook. £9 cashback from TCB currently

Just bought one as tcb gone back to £9 so £10.99 in total. Let you all know how it goes


Well.. yes.. that and my nan (ninja) (nerd) :{


Drug dealer niche?;)


I dunno it’s not a issue on the networks with unlimited data


Bad design.... to leave WiFi off.... But they are designed for the Network's benefit (Use NETWORK DATA) not for the customer (Use Cheaper WiFi)!

Xiaomi Mi 8 + Mi Band 3, PAYG £389.99 (plus top-up) Three
Found 16th FebFound 16th Feb
Xiaomi Mi 8 for £389.99 (plus top-up if needed) and free Xiaomi Mi Band 3. Seems like a good deal to me!
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I would hold back onto buying these now with the announcement of Mi 9/S10. Phone prices have crashed a lot especially with the used S8 and note 9 prices falling to £220-£280. £399 is a lot to invest in this right now, especially in such a volatile market with Xiaomi devices.

A Moto G6 Play on O2 PAYG -3GB RAM/32GB storage, Unlocked - NO TOPUP REQUIRED - £109 @ O2
Found 14th FebFound 14th Feb
just refreshing my deal posted 4 weeks ago...

Hi folks,do you think this phone will be reduced further mid-year as I want to get my son one when he finishes school?


Yep that's what i ment..... just wrote it the long way round (y)


Hi thanks for replying, much appreciated, I went to my local o2 store in the end and they allowed me to by it for £109 without topup as long as I had a phone with an o2 simcard in already which for me was lucky as my daughter was with me as her phone is o2, so they verified it and then sold me the moto g6 play for 109, so very happy indeed.


Ordered. Thank you for posting.


Tesco sim will work with any o2 phone even it would be locked 8)

A nokia 8110 4G on EE PAYG @ EE £29.99 + £10 topup
Found 10th FebFound 10th Feb
Price drop on a remake of popular Nokia phone from Matrix movie, free unlocking from EE within a week available as well.

I still have my orange branded nk502 which was the proper matrix phone, they modified it for the film and added a spring release


8110 didn’t have a button on the back, you’re thinking of the 7110 with button and spring loaded cover.


Bananaphone (popcorn)


Why did they want it to look like a bannana????


waiting for my £9 cashback from EE for ages, it was not even tracked.

(Back In Stock) Huawei Y6 2018 Blue Like New - NFC - In Perfect Condition PAYG @ o2 - £49
Refreshed 11th FebRefreshed 11th Feb
£70 cash at cex for grade A, or £100 voucher thanks @cartwheelbob Back in stock for home deliver (In Stock Order by midnight for free next working day delivery) For £49 it's a… Read more
Get dealGet deal

True. Never seen a website like it.


Well the website certainly Not like they are a small company :/ just spend a few quid fixing it or more likely make a new one from scratch as it is just broken


02 are useless. Iv had issues aswell.


Hey (highfive)


Hi Jamie (y) 🤖

Vodafone PAYG 8GB+1000min for 10/mo (or 2GB+250min for 5/mo), expires 4th Feb
Found 3rd FebFound 3rd Feb
These packs last six months, include next-month rollover and unlimited texts, and crucially the allowances can be used in Turkey (which is not included by other major operators in … Read more

Thanks, but if they are so crap they can't do their own offers, then why bother with them?


same here, got one today (8GB data) 15min before the store closed.


I bought it this afternoon in Edgware Road. I think your store was pulling a fast one...


You need to find this


Went to buy the £60 one which it says is only available in-store & today is show as the last day of the offer (Vodafone Braehead) "Sorry, we were told to take that offer down a coupe of days ago, & we can no longer get the package to appear to sell to you" "

Alcatel 20.03 on Vodafone PAYG @ Argos
Found 26th JanFound 26th Jan
Clearance at Argos, no topup needed if you pay online and collect from store (Fast Track). Camera • 2.4" screen • Bluetooth • Micro SD up to 32GB Unlocking codes on ebay.



Did anyone try a different sim without unlocking?


They will ask you to buy topup if you have chosen "Reserve item to collect". If you pay online and choose "Collection from store"- go to FastTrack counter and they won't ask anything. This is very old trick how to avoid buying topup with PAYG phones at Argos. 8)


Is it? Or will they expect you to fork out for the £10 top up when you collect it?


You are absolutely wrong!

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