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Posted 9 May 2024

Microsoft Office 365 Personal: 12 Months (+ 3 Free) & McAfee Anti Virus

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Looking for a renewal, as my subscription ends soon. Best price available from a reputable source I can see at present.

Family option available too at £52.99

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Microsoft 365 Personal includes 1 TB of cloud storage, advanced security features, and innovative apps all in one plan. McAfee Total Protection includes award-winning antivirus which blocks viruses, malware, ransomware, spyware and unwanted programs from your devices.

  • Microsoft 365: For one person. Use on up to 5 devices simultaneously. Works on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets
  • Microsoft 365: 1 TB (1,000 GB) of secure cloud storage
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote with offline access, premium features, and customizable templates. Outlook ad-free secure email
  • Microsoft 365: Microsoft Editor advanced spelling, grammar, and writing assistance. Clipchamp video editor with premium filters and effects. Expanded content library of high-quality photos, icons, fonts, videos, and audio
  • Microsoft 365: Microsoft Defender advanced security for your personal data and devices. OneDrive ransomware protection for your files and photos. Contact support via chat or email to get help when you need it
  • McAfee Total Protection: Includes award-winning antivirus which blocks viruses, malware, ransomware, spyware and unwanted programs from your devices


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  1. leeeastham's avatar
    Stupidly read this without my glasses on and thought it was family due to the price. Only realised once I got the email and can see it in a bigger font.
    Digital so non-refundable, expensive day as I was supposed to be stacking in my family account.
    BloodDiamond's avatar
    They stack, and covert to last added subscription - thus Personal becomes Family.
    e.g. Add 2 personal and (then lastly) 1 family, and you get 3 family on account.
    This used to mean 3 years of family, or 12+3 x 3yrs.

    I understand, MS, now reduces the Personal Sub Time Remaining period by 15%, perhaps as an upgrade tax (from personal to family). One can find both, old and newer explanations, from MS, on web search.

    So, you should ADD your/any Personal Sub/s first. Only then buy/add a family sub, and thus add that (last). All data is supposed to be preserved for 30 days or so, while subs change over.

    Please let us know if the 12+3 personal, is carried over to Family Sub time in its Full Entirety, or Reduced by 15%. (edited)
  2. P-A1XAKS's avatar
    I'd be interested if it included copilot, loop, Microsoft lists and SharePoint but looks to be just the basics which for the average user, could just use Google sheets etc for free? (Cloud storage aside)
    Jealy's avatar
    The online versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc are free too.
  3. The_Name_With_No_Man's avatar
    How did microsoft ever convince people to RENT software rather than buy it? Never mind, you can still get free equivalents like LibreOffice.
    superleeds27's avatar
    Does that come with 1tb of cloud storage too?
  4. R2ART's avatar
    I'm surprised McAfee still exists. The antivirus used to be worse than an actual virus... have they improved at all in the last decade?

    On a more serious note, Windows Defender is all a regular user needs.
    westspeed's avatar
    You can still get a few quid selling it on ebay
  5. thehappyhammer's avatar
    Well you are paying for a service that includes 1TB online storage so its a lot more than an office suite. Having said that you can often get the family version around this price or less which is 6 accounts - so 6 x 1TB storage.
  6. mcav's avatar
    Never mind.

    This isn't great as you can regularly get the family version for around this price (edited)
    MrAlbert's avatar
    It's a good price for the personal though, and if there is only one of you and 1Tb is enough, why pay the extra £7? (edited)
  7. slipd's avatar
    I'm never really sure but how do you go about getting the extra 3 months out of these deals?
    itsallsotiresome's avatar
    When you get to the end of the 12 months just keep using it for another 3 months. 
  8. BloodDiamond's avatar
    Comments Deleted: Sorry, the comment you are looking for was deleted.

    More and more fed up with this message appearing, under numerous scenarios. At basic level, it wastes a lot of people’s time.

    But, This is the worst kind of censorship, the worst way to undermine democracy, the worse way to devalue free speech.

    If someone is alleged to have said/written something inappropriate, then moderators need to demonstrate their reasons, and the community be able to see the alleged transgression, so we can understand if poster or moderators are the problem, where any mistake was made.

    Likewise, if someone writes a post, and later regrets it, the community should still be able to see the mistake. Unless misrepresentation, deceit, coverup is the guiding principle.

    The mental health thread of recent times, was a prime example of a major ‘safeguarding’ and ‘duty of care’ failure by the moderators, site and community. Shame, and yet the high moral ground is taken, with facts undermined and truth tellers vilified.
    adam.mt's avatar
    Best to discuss with the moderator team, or at least post in discussions, as posting here won't make any difference. (edited)
  9. stu1892's avatar
    I've incorrectly bought the Personal version by accident again.
    Ebay, do you reckon?
    adam.mt's avatar
    Up to you. Check with Microsoft, but I believe you can still apply to an existing Family plan, but it'll be pro-rata reduced.
's avatar