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Samsung Galaxy S24 256GB 5G - £502.65 w/trade in // 128GB Version £451.65 w/trade in Via EPP / Student (+ £117.60 for 47mm watch6 classic)

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Bargain tbf, go via epp / student sites, or via the lebara app

About this item
  • All from your smartphone, all with AI: Effortlessly edit your photos, Get quick language translation on a call, Convert your voice recording into text then summarise it ¹ ² ³ ⁴
  • Two epic options: More to love about Galaxy S24 and S24+, Galaxy S24+ has a larger screen with QHD+, the highest screen resolution on a Galaxy device, New space-grade Armour Aluminium keeps you protected, IP68 dust and water resistance ⁵ ⁶ ⁷
  • A true power house: A camera with 50MP to get closer with every pinch, Go from 1x to 2x or even 3x, Capture enhanced shots with vivid detail at more zoom distances than before thanks to the new AI zoom solution ⁸ ⁹ ¹⁰
  • Smarter all-day battery: Power on and on, The Samsung Galaxy S24+ has an intelligent battery that gives you more watch time and more you time⁸ ¹¹ ¹² ¹³
  • Our brightest adaptive mobile display: Increased device size, Ultra-slim bezels, Galaxy S24+'s 6.7" QHD+ display offers more screen real estate, Plus enjoy optimal colour and contrast with Vision Booster ¹⁴ ¹⁵

Samsung More details at

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  1. Patel123's avatar
    Good deal, is there something similar for the plus
  2. Roystrainset's avatar
    £160 to change from s23 to s24, not worth it imo.
    Jonathan1975's avatar
    And if you have an older or different phone?
  3. Galaxy4741's avatar
    Exynos is crap.
    MrSwitch's avatar
    Great review of the exynos 2400 there, thanks
  4. Shogril's avatar
    Is it worth my upgrading my S21 5g? Any input appreciated.
    adigraham's avatar
    Beat me to it!
  5. Popmonts's avatar
    wow £451 for the s24 and the free screen protectors is a really good deal, I have a cracked s4 mini that was sitting in a drawer for years... so I bit at this. Thank you. 128gb is enough for me.
  6. akul's avatar
    Thank you  . Had bought a s23 refurb for 450 which i returned to get this.
  7. david25uk's avatar
    £500 for the 256Gb version is better compared to the initial launch offer at £580 (15% discount plus the two vouchers)

    However, once you factor in selling the watch, its a little worse. But still the best deal since launch.

    Decisions, decisions with all the Pixel deals at the moment!
    szczepcio's avatar
    Please note Pixel 8 trade-in no longer as good as it was yesterday. Just checked
  8. Maqbul_Patel's avatar
    How do you get the 47mm classic watch6 for £117.60?
    Msx98's avatar
    Yeah I can only get it to 144?
  9. boomerang's avatar
    Thanks,traded in a very old galaxy ace
  10. osstis's avatar
    Can I use student discount and trade in? What's the final price for 128gb in this case?
    molana786's avatar
  11. thomass24's avatar
    Would they accept an iPhone 5 for the £100 off
    MrSwitch's avatar
  12. edengarden's avatar
    52750061-7G0Rv.jpgHow are you folks getting it to that price as even with a 100£ trade in discount and EPP I can only get it to 549£ any tips?
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