Samsung refusing to honour Galaxy Z Flip3 warranty - claiming customer damage

Posted 24th Sep 2022
Hi all,

My wife has had a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 phone for about 11mths, and recently it has just started shutting itself down whenever you power it up (Samsung splash screen appears, and then it just shuts down).

She then sent it off to Samsung to be repaired under warranty, and they (and their repairers) are claiming the internal screen needs replacing and that its been caused by damage to the hinge - so are refusing to honour the warranty, and want £330 to repair it.

They've sent back pictures of the 'damage', and it looks ridiculous to me (scuffing) - and I cannot understand how they can claim this has caused the screen damage. Also - from what I can tell, the screen itself works- otherwise why would we see be able to see a splash screen when trying it turn it on.

What do you all think?3999563_1.jpg
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  1. AndyRoyd's avatar
    Routine Samdung methodology.

    Manufacturer warranty is non-contractual; it is the trader that is responsible for product durability - for up to 6 years, unless you live in Scotland.

    Assuming you purchased the Samdung from a UK trader / credit provider, contact the trader / credit provider to obtain repair.

    If the trader has already been approached but is being evasive, consider starting the CRA claim ball rolling via completing and sending standard template letter at…ced
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    shempz Author
    Yes in this case the retailer was Samsung - who also happen to be the manufacturer. (edited)
  2. ashmac's avatar
    This is the perfect reason to mine to apple .

    Took my i phone apple said it keeps dropping signal , 20 min later replaced the phone for another and my phone was 10 months old
  3. HappyShopper's avatar
    Has the phone been dropped?
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    shempz Author
  4. FrampyStinkwonkel's avatar
    They are good at this. They claimed I replaced the back of an S6 once when I sent it in for usb port issues. (known problem). . Never happened.

    Won't buy Samsung phones again
  5. IAmATeaf's avatar
    That scuffing could have occurred by just standing the phone up on that edge? I’d contest it stating that the fault is not associated with the scuffing.
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    shempz Author
    the scuffing is from being in my wife's handbag with keys....etc.
  6. jaketheplumber's avatar
    Total nonsense to suggest that hardly visible scuffing on the hinge has caused damage to the screen.
    They are trying it on, as others have said the CRA should cover this if it's still within the warranty period.
  7. Gareth_Wood's avatar
    Are you getting anywhere with this?
    Just sent my Flip 3 off because two pixels got stuck on the screen, not dead, but stuck. They've told me they cant repair it under warranty as upon taking the screen protector off there are "dents" on the screen, he even acknowledged that the screen was soft.

    Im fuming and am kicking up a fuss
  8. FrancescaKelly_Marsh's avatar
    49320478-Ftd39.jpgI'm having the same problem. Flip phone starting glitching and top of the screen stopped working. Samsung would not honour the guarantee because they said the case had scratches; the phone has no scratches! And how how would that effect the functioning of the phone!
    They are just trying to get out of fixing this badly made phone. I also have separate insurance and they have said they won't cover the phone repairs because it's under warranty!!
    Added photos showing the phone is in mint condition and not a scratch or sign of the phone being misused in any form. (edited)
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    Statutory quality, functionality & durability obligation is with the trader that sold you the Samdung;
    not the manufacturer;
    not an insurance policy.
    Identify the trader from the purchase invoice and present your CRA claim.
    If the trader subsequently declines to play ball (including if the trader is online Samdung or separate Experience Store Samdung), state you will obtain an independent report from credible source confirming the issue and you will add the cost of the report to your claim, but you will offer the trader one last opportunity to mitigate and discharge its obligations prior to obtaining the report.
    If still no positive response:
    report -> letter before action -> moneyclaimonline.

    No drama.
    This is absolutely standard and dull process for enforcing statutory consumer protection legislation.
  9. Scrouge1953's avatar
    Samsung are bad to deal with they refused to do anything about my mates TV that blew a hole on screen from inside.Said it was damaged from outside .
  10. deborah.minns's avatar
    Just found this that might help
    The Solution
    The piece of legislation that will save you the cost of repair for your buds is:

    EU directive 1999/44/ec -…nts

    To summarise, it states that from the date of delivery, every item must be functioning for the first 24 months if treated correctly:"The seller shall be liable to the consumer for any lack of conformity which exists at the time the goods were delivered."And no terms and conditions is allowed to override this as set out in Article 7. So if your buds have broken and you've owned them for less than 24 months, you are legally entitled to a free-of-charge repair, replacement or refund.

    Who to Contact
    Don't bother with customer services. They will lie to you saying that the law doesn't apply and the Samsung warranty is only 12 months. Unsurprisingly, corporate policy doesn't override the law. You'll have to escalate it to the following email: - the President Office Esculations.

    This department is the only one that can authorise repairs free of charge based on the above law. The regular Customer Resolutions team cannot, and won't, issue a free repair, if it's out of the Samsung warranty period.

    When contacting the above email, quote the EU Directive directly and state it is their legal obligation to "bring the item back into conformity by either repair, replacement or refund". Through this, I was able to secure my legally entitled repair and now my buds are back to working fine.

    Samsung are deliberately and willingly ignoring this law. Please use it; it exists to ensure high quality items and seeing £130 headphones die in under 24 months and the company being unwilling to repair it for free isn't acceptable.

    Hope this saves someone some money!
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    Excellent post.

    Welcome to HUKDs
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