Samsung Galaxy S22 from - modified firmware

Posted 8th Feb 2023
Hi all - i just had an s22 from delivered and on the box there is a sticker seal which says:

"European Model: This product was originally put on the market in a European country that was not the UK. This product was brought into the UK by Brand Smart Ltd which has opened the package and made the following changes : replaced the existing firmwarw with an English firmware variant and Samsung has been notified of these changes."

Listing for the item is here:…spx and i can't actually find a reference to this. So i'm inclined to return it.

Does any one have experience with this sort of thing? What are the warranty implications?

Thank you!
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    Tom_Simpson Author
    No problem getting a full refund from AO thankfully
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    Tom_Simpson Author
    thank you!
  3. bobdylan's avatar
    Why would these large reputable companies sell shady products like this??
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