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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 5G 12GB 256GB £811.65 | 512GB £896.65 (With Trade In Any Phone) EPP Store

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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

£811.65 256GB With Code SAVE150 and Trade In Any Broken Phone for £100 off.

£896.65 512GB With Code SAVE150 and Trade In Any Broken Phone for £100 off.


Galaxy AI is here
Search like never before, get real-time interpretation on a call, format your notes into a clear summary and effortlessly edit your photos - all from your smartphone, all with AI.

Armour up with titanium
With a durable shield of titanium built right into the frame and scratch resistance with Corning® Gorilla® Armor, your IP68 water and dust resistant Galaxy S24 Ultra is ready for adventure.

Built-in S Pen writes a new chapter
The legacy of Galaxy Note is alive and well. Write, tap and navigate with precision on the new, flat display.

200MP. Details that rival reality
Capture stunning details with the most megapixels on a Galaxy smartphone and AI processing. The enhanced ProVisual Engine recognises objects – improving colour tone, reducing noise and bringing out detail.

Zoom in on the action, even at night
With 1.6x larger pixels and a wider Tele OIS, make even distant subjects clearly stunning, from dawn to dusk — and everything in between.

Hyper-realistic mobile gameplay
Super fast processing gives you the power you need for all the gameplay you want. And we've nearly doubled the size of Galaxy S24 Ultra's Vapour Chamber to give you the smooth graphics experience as it was intended.

Long-lasting battery to play on and on
With massive capacity and improved energy efficiency, Ultra's battery gives you extra life when it matters most — you know, like the epic boss battle you've been gearing up for.

Brightest adaptive mobile 2600 nit display
Corning® Gorilla® Armor reduces reflections and improves visual clarity, even in direct sunlight. And an improved Vision Booster enhances contrast and colour for a clearly exceptional experience.
Samsung More details at

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  1. HappyShopper's avatar
    Any idea what the trade-in value for an S23U 512Gb is?
    Bigsmoke825's avatar
    Was looking at this myself better sending in a crappy phone get £100 off and sell the S23 Ultra privately or to a trade in site think I seen you'll get about £480 cash for it
  2. Vahelin's avatar
    is that price after or before codes?
    McLaren4's avatar
  3. _Titan_Warrior_X's avatar
    Blue light card??
    MoqUL's avatar
  4. abx's avatar
    Do they literally take ANY phone as long as it works? I've got an ultra dumb old Samsung which powers up and holds a charge fine. Wonder if they'll take it?
    Bigsmoke825's avatar
    They will
  5. sijovazni's avatar
    I traded in Nokia n95 for £100
    sijovazni's avatar
    There is a twist even if it is a broken phone it should work and hold charge
  6. hashim0786's avatar
    I cant access epp says internal server error when I click the link to samsung website
    mattcctt's avatar
    Yeah been happening all day for me using 2 different EPP sites.
  7. Opethian's avatar
    Fantastic device. I use the S-pen daily in various scenarios.
    watcher456's avatar
    Can you give some examples please?
    I am trying to decide on this, the S24 plus or big with the galaxy fold 5
  8. i2pm's avatar
    Waiting this to go down to £700 (after discount/cashback/trade-in) as seen before with the s23 Ultra
    Nemo89's avatar
    Wasn't far off this time last year. Late May/June iirc
  9. bharathomes's avatar
    Looks like samsung dont want our money lol cant even get past delivery options lol
  10. Oye's avatar
    Still a bit too much
  11. GaryHuntingDeals's avatar
    Student only?
    MoqUL's avatar
    Nah, normal folks too via Lebara app or EPP. I posted a similar deal for the whole S24 range here.
  12. hashim0786's avatar
    When I try 2 select delivery nothing happens
    SK1994's avatar
  13. hashim0786's avatar
    Anyone else having issues selecting delivery meaning doesn't do anything like move to next screen?
    Orville's avatar
    Yeah, it's been like that for past 2-hours. I originally got through to the payment section but PayPal option wasn't showing so I quit out. Came back later and cannot get to delivery. Crap website is kind of putting me off the phone.
  14. alphaomega16's avatar
    Do they accept TOTUM for student
    Unkept_Legend's avatar
's avatar