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BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P 24 Inch 144 Hz 1ms Gaming Monitor (Used - Very Good £123.02 / Like New £129.64) @ Amazon Warehouse
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Posted 20th Nov 2020Posted 20th Nov 2020
BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P 24 Inch 144 Hz 1ms Gaming Monitor (Used - Very Good £123.02 / Like New £129.64) @ Amazon Warehouse£123.02£188.9835% off Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Hope it helps someone! Amazon warehouse's current 30% off deal brings it from £175.75 for very good down to just £123.02 at checkout for this well-reviewed monitor! Amazon returns … Read more

I am just reading about this. So many people dislike TN panels. Are they really that much worse than IPS?


I've had this monitor since 2015, still going strong!


I got one of these ‘manufacturer refurbished’ for under £100 on eBay around 2 years ago. Been a decent monitor!


It's up to you, my personal experience of Amazon Warehouse has been great but I haven't bought a monitor from them so I can't really comment on the likelihood of any potential issues


Thanks I got it.... the description says item may be damaged. Not sure if I should still go for this

22" Full HD Benq Monitor and Power Cable Only - A Grade Refurbished £29.99 Delivered @ ITZoo
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Posted 8th Oct 2020Posted 8th Oct 2020
22" Full HD Benq Monitor and Power Cable Only - A Grade Refurbished £29.99 Delivered @ ITZoo£29.99£74.9960% off Free P&P FreeITZOO Deals
Very cheap for a decent 2nd User Grade A Screen, if you are in the Market for such a thing!!

Mine arrived yesterday, in brilliant condition and with HDMI, speakers (in built) and both a stand and a power cable. I had to change the input to use HDMI (press the menu button and then the enter button on the side (I think) to cycle through the input options). Really pleased with my purchase!

Mine arrived Today. Perfect, has HBI, stand, power cable, absolutely mint condition and very well packed... works fine in all honesty..


Thanks, lesson learnt for next time. I am now better prepared but it might be a long wait for a good refurbished monitor be made available at reasonable price. (y)


Thanks for the post. Mine arrived can confirm it has hdmi


Thanks, mine is definitely faulty.

BenQ ZOWIE XL2740 - eSports - XL Series - LED £44.85 at Currys PC World business
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Posted 7th Jun 2020Posted 7th Jun 2020
BenQ ZOWIE XL2740 - eSports - XL Series - LED £44.85 at Currys PC World business£44.85£52591% offCurrys PC World Deals
A friend of mine just sent this over to me, seems to be a price error, not exactly sure if you would get the product, good luck if you purchase it

Got my refund, no issues at all :)


Perhaps. I'll give Curry's the benefit of the doubt. But, just for balance, lots of people got their refunds much sooner than others. I might be one of the last, and I used major high street bank for payment Just seems strange


Currys email to me was on the 10th and said refund would take 5 working days.. so that would be the latest of 17th June. It’s usually the bank that has the processing timescales of 3-5 days. So currys likely issued the refund promptly after email for example 12th, but the bank then has a processing time so the refund didn’t appear until now. It’s similar to when you buy something in a shop, the payment on your statement will be the day your purchased but the actual charge won’t appear for several days - although some banks have managed to reduce this time now.


Yeah you're right it's not right. My refund posting date is June 12th and i placed the order on the 7th? I'm confused.


No, I don't think that's quite right - they are being disingenuous I've just checked my bank, and the refund has finally arrived - but the date stamp is from seven days ago! Lying, cheating, so-and-so's!!! But glad the money has been refunded!

BenQ ZOWIE RL2755 27 Inch Console e-Sports Gaming Monitor £139.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 22nd Nov 2019Posted 22nd Nov 2019
BenQ ZOWIE RL2755 27 Inch Console e-Sports Gaming Monitor £139.99 @ Amazon£139.99Amazon Deals
Top features : - Game modes let you choose the best settings for your games - Increase visibility with Black eQualizer so you'll never miss an enemy - Flicker-free technology help… Read more

CoD too, but AFAIK even they use high refresh rate monitors when competing.


I think it’s designed for console fifa players. That seems to be the only esports game that doesn’t have a pc tournament.


My sentiments exactly, and especially not from BenQ!


I wouldn’t have thought 60hz and esports belonged in the same sentence lol


60Hz? TN Panel? £140!?

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BenQ ZOWIE RL2755 27" Console e-Sports Monitor £169.98 + £20 CashbackEbuyer
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Posted 15th Oct 2019Posted 15th Oct 2019
BenQ ZOWIE RL2755 27" Console e-Sports Monitor £169.98 + £20 CashbackEbuyer£169.98£192.1712% offEbuyer Deals
BenQ ZOWIE RL2755 27" Console e-Sports Monitor Free Next Day Delivery + £20 Cashback… Read more

Tried it and says invalid code


Yeah it's got the product number but wouldn't of thought it will be used as a promo code I can give it a try


So there no Product Numbers? To try? on E receipt


Only an e receipt cant see no promo on ot though I'm wondering if the cashback is no more


U got a Receipt or email from Ebuyer (y)

BenQ Zowie Xl2735 27 Inch 144 Hz E-sports Gaming Monitor With 1 MS Height Adjust £274 Ebay Currys
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Posted 4th Jul 2019Posted 4th Jul 2019
BenQ Zowie Xl2735 27 Inch 144 Hz E-sports Gaming Monitor With 1 MS Height Adjust £274 Ebay Currys£274£34921% offeBay Deals
Update 1
Now £274 - 4th July 19
Specification Screen technology: LED Screen size: 27" Resolution Quad HD: 2560 x 1440p Refresh rate: 144 Hz Frequency range: Horizontal: 30 - 222 kHz- Vertical: 40 - 144 Hz B… Read more

It only matters if you care about tearing. Which competitive gamers don't.


Gaming but with no tearing is wonderful. Can't believe I tolerated it's awfulness for so long. 100 Hz to 144 Hz is damn nice. If you have no FreeSyn or G-SYNC on a 144 Hz screen, either you drop settings low to guarantee to stay over 144 FPS, or you choose to be at 72 Hz (maybe 36 Hz), or you choose tearing. Both of these suck. The upgrades to almost any rig that you would need, to guarantee staying over 144 FPS at settings that look nice, cost much more than the cost delta of FreeSync on a monitor.


i see...thxs


Having 144hz with no freesync is madness. Unless your game sits at 144fps constantly you will get screen tearing. There's loads of examples online about it, Freesync will stop tearing all the way down to about 40fps.


In what way?