Costco card to those who don’t qualify!

Posted 1st May 2023
A few weeks ago I saw a tiktok with a man saying that if you have an RAC/AA breakdown cover for as little as like £9, you can come into Costco Birmingham and access their store with an individual membership which you apply at the Birmingham store. Rumours are that it also works at the Sheffield, Cardiff and Coventry stores. However, my card that I bought will only work at Birmingham Costco!!! All you do is come into Costco and head to the membership section and once it’s your turn to get served, you tell them that you want an individual membership and that you have a membership with either AA or RAC. For me it was RAC, I showed them the main page of the RAC app with had my name and my membership number. The lady didn’t even bother that much about the card and gave me the form to fill out instantly. Payed £33.60(withVAT) and received my card instantly. This hack also works if you are a member of the National Trust or if you are an AMEX credit card holder. I have heard that apparently the other stores works also which means everything will apply to the selected store only! Other stores across the UK aren’t valid for some reason. The regular individual card gives you access to all UK stores but this is a great alternative to those who have a local Costco near them and aren’t able to apply for their membership. I hope this helps
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  1. HappyShopper's avatar
    I'm sure it has been mentioned on here previously.

    Costco make more from membership fees than trading so makes sense why they would do this.
  2. deleted2808586's avatar
    Can you use your card online?
    Klaidas_KurauskasRcp's avatar
    Yes I believe so as long as it is registered online after you apply for the card in store
  3. Tom.Wilson's avatar
    Your card should work at all stores. (edited)
    Klaidas_KurauskasRcp's avatar
    I wish it would, but the lady at the counter said that it only works at the Birmingham store from where I purchased since it was with an RAC qualification. I also thought it would work at all stores just like an individual membership does before I applied.
  4. Nikita_Percival's avatar
    This was suggested also on a tv programme about Costco. Some do some don’t. Always worth a try
  5. Jim1_Smith's avatar
    Good spot! Shame I don't have a store that's close or I'd probably give it a go - I see plenty of online deals I'd buy from them
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    Anyone can join online for £15 a year
    That can’t be used in store
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    I’d like to try this as I gave rac breakdown but my nearest store is 26 miles away and it might not work so will be a wasted journey grrrrrr I’m desperate for a Costco membership
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    I've had a Costco membership for about 11 years, this will be the last year I will have one. The prices are now far more expensive than Aldi! Eggs box of 60 up from £3.50 to £8.00. Blueberries up from £6.99 to £12.00. Even the toilet roll shot up in price to nearly double. I get we are in a cost of living crisis but I don't pay membership to shop at Aldi and they haven't increased prices nearly as bad.
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