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Credit cards offer a flexible way to borrow money – using the right card in the right way, can mean they are cheap too. If customers need a new credit card, have existing debts they want to reduce the interest rate on, or are keen to earn cashback or rewards, HotUKDeals collects all the best credit card deals. Read more
Best credit card deals (see post for details)
Refreshed 13th Oct 2018Refreshed 13th Oct 2018
*Credit card deals* This thread aims to give you the latest credit cards deals for new customers across both borrowing and spending. Whether you need to transfer an existing bala… Read more
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Thanks for taking the time to reply. Got one in 2018 and use clear score. Score has improved. I only use it when I go food shopping. Set up a direct debit to pay it off monthly.


I used to be terrible with my finances and ended up with some debt from an MA Loan. As I got myself into a better potion, a credit card really helped me build my history and I even managed to get a mortgage with a ccj on my file. Just do your normal spending on the card and pay it off on payday. Doing just that alone will make a big difference. Also try to get a relatively high credit limit and make sure you always register to vote as that also helps. I use 'Clearscore' to check my credit rating which is free. They get the data from Equifax which I believe is one of the main credit reference agencies. You also get 'rewards' on certain cards so you're being paid to use the credit in a way.


which accounts with Santander?


You'll need to see what it says on the credit card agreement to be sure what the introductory offer actually is. I recently applied for a MBNA card which offered 0% for purchases but this offer was only valid for purchases made up to a certain date. After that date, normal interest applied.


Hi all a wee question about the MBNA 28 month 0 percent on purchases and balance transfers? Am I right in saying I will get 0 percent on any purchases I make on the credit card for the next 28 months or does it have a time limit for Eg I need to make a purchase by a certain date?

Aldi Super 6 available from 24/01 (Swede 39p Radish 39p Spring onions 39p Salad tomatoes 6 in a pack 45p Beetroot 45p Celery 45p)
24/01/2019Starts at 24/01/201930/01/2019Expires on 30/01/2019Found 10 h, 9 m agoFound 10 h, 9 m ago
Swede 39p Radish 39p Spring onions 39p Salad tomatoes 6 in a pack 45p Beetroot 45p Celery 45p
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Yes also in Accrington.


This deal was on in Aldi Stourbridge on Saturday. Voted hot!

Penguin 5 mint choc cake bars 2 for £1 from Halifax heron foods ,
LocalLocalFound 13 h, 32 m agoFound 13 h, 32 m ago
Mcvities Penguin cake bars suitable for vegetarian s
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Not a bad price at 50p a pack if Tesco have non left.. I got mine in Tesco 25p a pack


They did have the other flavor to which someone posted 5 merry berry. Choc cake bars to

Barclaycard Platinum credit card No balance transfer fee and 20 month interest free balance transfer & £20 cashback @ Barclaycard
Found 19th JanFound 19th Jan
0% interest for 20 months on balance transfers made within 60 days of opening your account. Your 0% offer will start from the date you make your balance transfer. (0% fee appli… Read more

Barclaycard are usually pretty generous.


Just did pretty much the same, decent limit given as well.


Thanks. Signed up via quidco. Easy £40 made. Flipped some 0% debt from another card provider. I could have paid it off but I keep the money offset against my mortgage instead. These are great deals if you are financially responsible and know what you are doing. Always make the monthly payments and switch before the 0% deal ends


You just made me want to watch 'The Big Short' again :)


For someone who's never had a Credit Card before are there any guides for dummies on how it all works? Why are you charged to transfer your balance on a Credit Card but not on a Debit Card?

M&S Bank – 28 months 0% apr, 0.99% fee BT card. Plus £25 cashback if you transfer £100+
31/01/2019Expires on 31/01/2019LocalLocalFound 18th JanFound 18th Jan
This M&S Bank* credit card offers a decent 0% period with a 0.99% fee, and if you're accepted you'll definitely get the full 28 interest-free months. You also get 6 months on… Read more

Oh so you mean credit limit gets changed. That's different to rate. Low rate is good.


I didn't know that. Thank you. I shall do that on my next bill. So pay half 14 days before due and then the rest on the exact day it's due by? Are we talking the minimum amount here?


If you pay half the amount 14 days before bill is due then pay rest when due it puts your credit score up.


At least they got an app... virgin don’t yet!


Not really. If you're using it to buy something which costs £2000 and you're approved for that amount, then receive a letter stating your limit is £600, its not very helpful is it? Especially when you could have gone else where and received the amount that you wanted.

£10 off a £15 spend online at Next when opening and paying with the nextpay credit account
28/02/2019Expires on 28/02/2019Found 18th JanFound 18th Jan
£10 off a £15 spend online at next No voucher code needed. New customers to nextpay. Works on sale items. Must pay with credit, but then this can be paid off. Free store delivery.

Thanks might go for that


10gbp savings for credit check search . people dont think. cold

HSBC Credit Card 0% on balance transfers for 32 Months (1.4% fee)
Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
Thought this was quite a good deal so thought I would post. I have just applied and been accepted for a balance transfer card with HSBC at 0% for 32 months. This is the longest int… Read more
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When I joined them I had a score of 750ish and was given £3500 limit Score is now in the 990ish range so maybe they would give more now.


I agree their security is bonkers At least you can use your fingerprint to access the app on mobile Doing anything via the website requires half a dozen passwords and a whimsical song and dance


I actually find it fine. Compared to others I've used you don't have to remember 3 different passwords or codes etc. Get authorisation codes from the app and it's done.


good deal thanks


you limit is not just based on your credit score they need to see some credit history like loans or previous credit cards then you will get your limit which will go up slowly, ill give you an eg my friend had a credit score of about 950 out of 1000 which is excellent score he earned £100k a year but his never taken out a-loan or credit card before so he had no credit history there for when he did apply he was only able to get a capital one card with a £500 limit to start with.

Santander Everyday Credit Card - 0% on balance transfers for 27 months - 0% on purchases for 3 months - no monthly fee
Found 8th JanFound 8th Jan
Might help someone out. 27 months free on balance transfers with no transfer fee. Transfer balances from other cards with no balance transfer fee With the Everyday Credit Card yo… Read more
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Hmmm. Just had an email saying not successful this time. Credit rating 999 and only £1900 on another card (which I wanted to balance transfer to this one). No other debts apart from mortgage. Very strange. Oh well


Thanks guys


What you need is what is referred to as a Money Transfer Credit Card. MBNA seem to have the best offers at the moment:


has to be a credit card


sorry but can anyone help me on how this works. If I was overdrawn on my debit account ( not credit - they charge a small interest rate on my debit acc ) how does that work can I make that balance 0 again with this card or does it have to be a credit card? thanks

TSB credit card £30 cashback to the card and 20 months interest free on purchases
01/03/2019Expires on 01/03/2019LocalLocalFound 7th JanFound 7th Jan
TSB are releasing a new deal today offering £30 cashback to new credit card and loan customers. Only available in a branch which is annoying but £30 free money on what seems a dece… Read more
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Depends how long ago, they moved systems and likelihood is they have no record of you if more than 12 months ago


If someone has previously had a TSB card, is there a time limit before they are considered a 'new customer'?


I had issues with TSB, minor in the scale of things (website and app banking, cheque book with wrong sort code) but documented them and submitted complaint. They took their time but I've just received profuse apologies and more importantly £600 compensation😋


Hmm, used to have their credit card but I closed it last month. I wonder if it would work...


Sorry to hear that...I do know that some of the staff are just incompetent..I don't know how they get hired by a bank:)))

iZettle 2 Card Reader - £19 plus VAT (£22.80) @ iZettle
Found 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
Spotted that iZettle have a newer credit/debit card reader iZettle Reader 2 and currently on offer at £19 plus VAT (£22.80) and free delivery. Would be suitable for small businesse… Read more
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I'm using iZettle with this card reader and as far as I'm aware they don't do payments with cardholder not present.


I didn't think that they allowed cardholder not present payments. I m sure that it has been mentioned before on here previously? However I am not a user of their service so what do i know?


Exactly that, I'm not sure how it works, but I know a few people who use this feature often. The charges are slightly higher, but still cheaper than the likes of PayPal :) :)


Virtual Payments? AS in cardholder not present transactions?


I use SupUp for transactions of £100's with no problem at all. When you do sign up though you have to specify the size of transactions you're likely to take. I would guess this user specified a small amount then acepted something far larger without checking.

Barclaycard initial  credit card with upto £40 cashback +£20 from QuidCo
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
You could receive £10 cashback every 3 months from the date you open your account, when you make at least your minimum payments on time and don’t exceed your credit limit. The offe… Read more

Why is this cold? I don't see any downside.


You can make a purchase and pay it off by direct debit so you don't get charged interest. After 1 year you get £40 into your account and possibly £20 via Quidco.


Thanks mate


No, you need to make a purchase in each 3 month period


Do I have to make purchases every month?

Free £1.50 / free revolut card via the hold app
Found 23rd Dec 2018Found 23rd Dec 2018
Hold have an offer showing for 50 points. Earn points for not using a smart device 50 points will take less than 2hours.
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I was going to South Africa in October on honeymoon so would change some money when I thought the rate was good so had some money sitting in there for a few months before the trip, also to avoid extra charge for exchanges at weekends when on holiday Normally keep some money in the in dollars for online purchases so I don't pay the extra charge at weekends for exchange. I'm sure there's probably some people who gamble on the exchanges too using revolut, trying to profit from currency fluctuations and you'd need to keep a lot of money in there to make that work your while!


But why would anyone hold any money with Revolut? When I was on holiday and needed $x, I used apple pay to load my Revolut GBP account, did the instant exchange and pay for the goods. Took all of 30 seconds while queuing up to pay


Im not an expert neither, I read on their blog that they are so proud because they got the banking licence and they have that EDIS thing, I thought thats something... revolut blog


I'm no expert just passing on what I read a few days ago... "Revolut, in its press release, boasts that “the new banking licence will allow its customers to start depositing their salaries, which will be protected up to €100,000 under the European Deposit Insurance Scheme” (EDIS). The release makes no mention of Lithuania. But the thing is, EDIS is just a proposal made by the EU in 2015. As a Europe-wide guarantee of deposits, it doesn’t yet exist. It is understood that some EU countries, led by Germany, have blocked its introduction, understandably concerned that they will be the backstop if other countries’ protection schemes fail."


I just use it for my turkey netflix keep 5 euro a month in it incase

Barclaycard up to 20mths 0%, no fee (19.9% interest after) Decent no-fee 0% period, plus £20 cashback if you transfer £2,000+
04/02/2019Expires on 04/02/2019Found 22nd Dec 2018Found 22nd Dec 2018
This Barclaycard offers 20 months @ 0% period,and some poorer credit scorers will be offered even fewer interest-free months. However, apply by 4 Feb and transfer £2,000+ within … Read more

Don't worry, same here. They have rejected my loan request for 10k, with a great credit rating and salary way above average. I've successfully used the advice on!! :D :D :D


Check out their website, it’s the same platinum card but with various different offers. The one you want by the sounds of it is the 20 months interest free and 0% balance transfers. You also get £20 cashback if you transfer a balance of £2000 within first 30 days of activation.


i hope not! i wanted for transfer. someone has their wires crossed i'l find out in a few days when i get the card :/ i phoned to follow up the application they've given me way too much credit i'll get that reduced. only wanted 2k..


That’s the 27 months 0% on purchases option.


platinum 27 month aplication tells me 3.5% balance transfer fee, am i missing something? " A fee of 3.5% will be applied to your account at first, but you’ll only pay 1.50% as we’ll refund the difference –"hmm deal has changed since posted? better?!

''NO FEE, 0% BALANCE TRANSFER'' on Introductory Balance Transfers for Up to 20 Months @ Halifax
Found 18th Dec 2018Found 18th Dec 2018
NO FEE and 0% Interest for up to 20 months. You could save money if you transfer your balance to us from another credit card or store card in the first 90 days. Your credit … Read more

What kind of credit limits have people received


Halifax Clarity No 1# choice for the discerning HUKD member.


Couldn't help it...!


Join Martin Lewis' Credit Club. It gives you free access to your credit score report, and tells you which cards you're likely to be accepted for based on your credit score.


...and sarcasm of the year awards goes to...(popcorn) .... (lol)

O2 Airtime rewards. O2 customers exclusively earn a £3 bonus on first purchase (do not share referrals)
Found 17th Dec 2018Found 17th Dec 2018
Some bonus codes on Play reviews too. Earn cash visiting and paying via your cards that you load to the app.

I found their press kit here which has their full list:


yes you can! they work with pay monthly and payg :)


Anyone got a list of the retailers?


All aok, thanks OPOh yeah, I Signed up the code AIR12 for £2 bonus but doubt i"ll get both, will let u know.


We'll see if it works

Barclays travel credit card no fees abroad and you get till the statement date to pay it off including cash withdrawals. Plus .25% cashback
Found 15th Dec 2018Found 15th Dec 2018
This has got to be better then Clarity Card as the cashback will make up for the visa rate. Also you get until the statement date to pay off foreign cash withdrawals. If you withd… Read more

Barclay card wins for cash withdrawals which is quite important when travelling.


You used to be able to. I have two. I got rejected for version 2 of this card (without the cashback), as it would mean I had three. Just got one in the other half's name and got a spouse card (y) Now they've changed the t&c's so you can only have one Barclaycard at a time.


Not sure about Visa, but noted that Mastercard rate is around 0.45% worse than the interbank mid-rate. I was about to make a payment in USD for a large amount using my Clarity card and noticed using indicative Mastercard rate it turns out to be almost same as Transferwise payment. Finally pulled paying by credit card as the merchant wanted me to split the charges they would bear. This makes me wonder how much worse off we would be if we simply use a normal credit card which has a 2.99% load on the Mastercard rate.


Isn't the visa exchange rate usually worse than 0.25% than the MasterCard rate meaning you will still be worse off even with cashback reward? Go for aqua or tandem instead, 0.5% cashback AND MasterCard exchange rate.


No, didn't try, I already have one and saw this text above: Can you apply for this card if you’re already a customer? We’re sorry, if you already have another credit card provided by us (which may be one of our partner cards), we’re unable to accept applications for a further card.

£5 refund on tub of Quality Street, Roses or Heroes for Christmas (New Customers Only) @ TopCashBack [Money redeeemed after 30 days]
Found 14th Dec 2018Found 14th Dec 2018
shoppers can get FREE tub of Quality Street, Roses or Heroes for Christmas Here’s how to get the deal: 1. Sign up to TopCashback for free via the deal link 2. Spend up to £5 on a… Read more
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That’s a shame. I don’t seem to have any problems getting the money.I’m sure I have £100 or something. The only problem I have is they will not let me take the money out ever time they do it just doesn’t go out the account. So I can just sit and watch my money that i will never see the light of day


Nah "Sorry, this is a restricted offer. Unfortunately you’re not eligible for this deal."


It's not worth much for being long term customers in these .matters...always charged more than new customers.. customer loyalty is gone with the wind..


Cold. Get a refferal and get more between you.


most new member sign ups are for £15's worth of freebies so cold from me


StarHide Men's RFID Blocking Brown/Red Genuine Distressed Hunter Leather Wallet @ £8.05


I have this purse and just ordered 2 more they’re real leather and arrive in boxes I would happily pay the full price th


This was posted 2 weeks ago and got ice flakes with coldness

Longest 28 months with 0% apr on purchases @ the Post Office. This is also fee free abroad too on purchases. Great for holidays
Found 10th Dec 2018Found 10th Dec 2018
For smart spending at home and abroad Check if you're eligible for a Platinum Card without affecting your credit score here Provided by Bank of Ireland UK. Post Office Limited… Read more

3600 straight off the bat




Can someone tell us what kind of credit limits they received please


Yes would like to know, what have people received?


This is my concern as well, people comment about ie versions on here, ignoring the point indeed. I saw this often on this website, if there's a deal or freebie, the most of us doesn't care that much about the privacy. But instead, they love deals about VPN, which is kind of funny, let's face it.

Get a £5 Gift Card for purchases over £25 when using your Amazon Platinum MasterCard and Amazon Pay.
Found 28th Nov 2018Found 28th Nov 2018
Just noticed this before checking out on Amazon. **EDIT*** MUST BE ELIGIBLE THIRD PARTY WEBSITE

Understood, thanks.


Purchase must be made via Amazon pay on a third party website... Not on Amazon... Amazon pay is like PayPal. You can use Amazon pay to pay for items on other websites.


Promo end date is today I believe but what purchases are eligible. I’m getting that message when I go to checkout and I know the spend needs to exceed £25 and I’ve got an Amazon Platinum but is it certain products only or what?



Can anyone confirm if they were actually able to redeem a £5 gift card? Seems like a load of hassle.

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