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Credit cards offer a flexible way to borrow money – using the right card in the right way, can mean they are cheap too. If customers need a new credit card, have existing debts they want to reduce the interest rate on, or are keen to earn cashback or rewards, HotUKDeals collects all the best credit card deals. Read more
American Express 10% statement credit when you spend £30 or more in Morrisons
07/07/2019Expires on 07/07/2019LocalLocalPosted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
Just noticed this on the Amex app today. 10% back when you spend £30 or more in Morrisons (in store or online), valid until 3rd July 2019

Yeah got this on my gold card. Last time they went on Halifax at 10%, maximum cashback was £15. No mention of this on Amex though so probably unlimited?


Not sure if Morrisons sell their own gift cards, if they do you could buy them and pay for the fuel. Last time they had this offer I bought over £3,000 worth of Amazon gift cards


A bit of pot luck, i only got 5%. Won't bother to push myself to spend £30 in one go


Amex Cashback plat cards


Thank you for the post. Only shows 5% on my card, but better than nothing (y)

Discount for carers free cashback card (Free for first year then £2.99 pa)
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
A card for registered carers or people who work in the care industry. 15% cashback on over 50 shops and restaurants etc. A prepay card (visa, can be used as a normal visa card anyw… Read more
Avatardeleted1080215Get dealGet deal

I agree and the op is misleading. It's not possible to obtain 15% cashback at any retailer and certainly not "on over 50 shops and restaurants etc" (skeptical)


If I'd known this I would have voted cold. Not a single 15% deal listed and most are so much less.


Well said!


Thanks. Those are better cashback rates than I get on my current debit card, so might be worth the faff of prepayments. Don’t know why they wouldn’t just disclose the rates... because only one of them is 12%? Kinda backfires, though, when people already have cashback cards and are just assuming lower rates than they actually offer (skeptical)


what are the cashback rates like compared to Quidco and Topcashback?

Natwest Credit card: 0% for 23 months on balance transfers with No transfer fee (existing Natwest customers)
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Both Natwest and RBS Credit card Natwest Credit card: 0% for 23 months on balance transfers and no transfer fee 0% for 23 months on balance transfers made in the first 3 months … Read more

Took a little while but finally approved and transferred balance (highfive) (highfive) (highfive) come along just at the right time for me (y) (y) (y)


Just applied for Halifax .. 3% fee


Applied yesterday didn't get an instant decision , just that they will get back to me in 5 days when they have reached a decision (confused) (confused) very nervous :S :S


Will stick with my hsbc 32 month deal for now


I had a 5k OD with Nat West for many years, up until I closed my account with them last year. Good offer on the card.

Get a free £25 to spend at M&S(M&S credit card deal) - M&S CREDIT CARD REWARD PLUS + balance transfer and purchase come as standard
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Get £25 in M&S vchs, plus earn points for spending (Credit MSE) Use link Accepted new M&S Bank cardholders c… Read more

every 6 months its in settings, by the looks of it it happens quite quickly


I was so confused by the name change so thanks. I didn't even know we could do that! @The3dge Have some self respect! ;) (lol)


Why didn’t you credit MSE like I said just after you posted it, having a go at someone hours later after changing your username which someone also took the mick out of is poor showing. Most people don’t post MSE deals as the majority on here see them already.


No worries mate.. Have a good day ahead


I definitely wasn’t quick to comment, you posted it 9 hours ago (lol) and there was no judgement. Apologies if you took it that way.

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Card Minder RFID/NFC Blocking Card. Contactless Cards Protection £2.96 Sold by EPOSGEAR (UK Based - VAT Registered) and Fulfilled by Amazon
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
I did not know that I supposed to have one in my wallet to protect my contactless cards from RFID thievery :) Card Minder RFID/NFC Blocking Card - Contactless Card Protection - … Read more
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If take my chances - like that guy who made a flying suit to jump off the Eiffel Tower.


Don't bother for beoing's max 737 as they rarely attain enough height to use a parachute.


I'd be safe in the knowledge that there is so little chance of this actually happening anyway that I might as well order a parachute ready for the next time I take a plane flight.


Or you could make sure your cards have some protection..what takes less time. Far from convinced getting a refund from your bank will be easy.


I'd have to be an odd person to be simultaneously both paranoid about bank-related theft and also remiss in bothering to check my bank statements.

Mastercard have scrapped dynamic currency converson charges for prepaid cards
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th MayLocalLocal
Mastercard has announced that from Friday 12th April 2019, anyone planning to spend abroad with a pre-paid Mastercard will no longer be subject to expensive currency exchange rate … Read more

If someone wants to Join Monzo use my link and we both will receive £5


You pay dearly only if you are careless. In fact, without a fee-free card the EXTRA amount you pay is smaller than with a fee-free card.


Yes, but unless you have a fee-free card you will still pay dearly for it.


No deal here. Happy to keep letting the monza etc take that revenue.


Absolutely different incomparable things. There are two types of charges on foreign currency transactions 1. Your card is charged in local currency. Mastercard/Visa rate is used for conversion, extra charge added by your bank 2. Merchants offer you to pay in £ instead of local currency and use their own, bad for you, rate for conversion (DCC) Mastercard/Visa rate is good, close to the interbank one. Halifax doesn't add (1) for Clarity transactions. You can and always was able to refuse to pay in £, thus avoiding (2). Just check what amount and in what currency your are asked to authorise.

Combine all your cards into one using Curve and get £10 FREE (1% Cashback / Payment Protection / Free Spend Abroad) when you join using code
Refreshed 10th MayRefreshed 10th May31/07/2019Expires on 31/07/2019
Thought this was a fab offer and something i'm really interesting in doing with my accounts. The premise of Curve is to give you one card for you to use and replaces ALL your se… Read more

It’ll be added to your curve account after 72 hours from first purchase using the card


I just ordered a card and used the code mentioned in the post CRVE7. I didn't get any message, notification or acknowledgement in any way of the code being valid. Will I only see the £10 once the card has arrived and I make a transaction or? I feel like if the code was not valid the app should have at least mentioned it so I could have used another one?


Curve, straight????? ok but I haven't got a coat, I'll just go.


Would you mind elaborating?


Straight up.

Free £30 Amzon Voucher with Amazon Credit Card if you sign up to a Amazon Platinum Mastercard
Posted 25th AprPosted 25th Apr
Anyone voting cold please advise me which credit card offers a better upfront offer?? Seems to have been £10 forever and not worth it but £30 is £30 ??? Personally don’t care … Read more

£30 is customer oriented, marketing plot. You just have to log in every week to check out the latest deal for you


£30 for me ;)


I got this just before xmas with £30 credit


Yes, it's NewDay. I also just went for the card to get the credit (cash the first time, Amazon gift card the second time) Money fer nothing methinks, since I was in the process of buying anyway. (y)


£20.00 for me

Spend £60 at ASOS and get £10 back with Amex
TODAYTODAY16/06/2019Expires on 16/06/2019Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
In the offers section on my Amex card. Spend £60 or more, and receive £10 statement credit. Valid until 16/6/19. Valid once per card.

ASOS is okay, I pay for the yearly next day delivery, refunds are a bit slow though. They also have sales on all the time. I avoid their own brand clothing because they're of poor quality. I ordered a shirt with a button hole stitched up, jokers. Sizes are always too big too. (for me anyway)


Been using ASOS for around 3 years - never had any issues with them.


I know this is nothing to do with the deal but whatever your opinion of ASOS, it was so sad to hear about what happened to the majority shareholder's children in the Sri Lanka terrorist attack.


Although if you know where to look you can get stuff much cheaper £100 replay and diesel jeans in sale are £40-£50 cheaper on Zalando / brands alley


Oh wow, did that one isolated bad thing happen to a stranger on the internet? I had no idea. Guess I should ignore the ten years of good service I've personally had and stop using them then.

American Express offer: £100 cash back on £400 spend at Microsoft
Refreshed 15th AprRefreshed 15th Apr
In offers section on my card. Spend £400 or more at Microsoft (online only), and get £100 statement credit. A decent discount for someone for a Surface Pro perhaps? Available to … Read more

very helpful thanks


That's good to know, thank you!


I activated the offer on my app, went to Microsoft from topcashback, made my purchase and got an email from Amex saying I'd used the offer even before the order confirmation from Microsoft ... so you don't have to access Microsoft from a special link


If you're buying something that's £399 you can add Pac-Man 256 or other arcade games that cost just over £1. Puts the total to £400 so you get the cashback on AMEX. :) My Xbox One died yesterday, so perfect timing, thanks OP!


You're welcome, glad it was of use to you :)

£5 off £20 at Lidl with American Express (Amex)
Refreshed 14th AprRefreshed 14th Apr
On my gold card this morning. £5 off £20 spend with amex. Decent offer with low spend to get it.
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Just use at the till point, it works. My local store staff were unaware as well but worked at the till.


My local said they don't take Amex and a couple of other staff there said the same ! I am going to make a formal complaint.


Make sure to load it onto your secondary card first. Although its a joint account my Mrs has a separate login and password..


Didn't realise that could be done but that's good!


Already used it once on my primary card but it's also the Mrs's secondary card.

Santander 27 months 0% BT card. The next longest no fee card is 22 months
Posted 28th MarPosted 28th Mar
0% On balance transfers for 27 months from account opening with NO balance transfer fee 0% On purchases for 3 months from account opening No monthly fee. There doesn’t seem to … Read more

My Santander offer is about to expire, I wonder how long you have to wait to apply again to get this offer


HOW LONG does it take to find out the credit/application is successful?


yes, your statement is correct. you wouldn't get 27 months on the July transfer in your example. some companies have a 90 day limit to complete your balance transfer from account opening date and hence wouldn't even let you transfer in July as per your example. I believe this is what the original commenter was referring to.


"No need to transfer in a set period so you could transfer another card at a later date. Also you get the headline rate or rejected. Longest card at the moment." Where does it say this? Because it says 27 months from account opening. So assuming you're application is approved in January, and decide to balance transfer in July, you only have 20 months to pay off the amount, correct?


Say you have 2-3 different items to pay off..say 2 cars different lenders. Can you merge the credits on 1 card?

Free £10 Amzon Voucher with Amazon Credit Card if you sign up to a Amazon Platinum Mastercard
Posted 27th MarPosted 27th Mar
Instant voucher if accepted!
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the classic amazon mastercard is better anyways is £20 on that cba to refind the link to it, you can find it around the site


Yes I saw that. Makes the card even worse value.


Thanks for this even fewer reasons to keep the card.


Abysmal customer service. Despite having plenty of credit, my card often gets declined. Also took them nine weeks to send the card out in the first place. Avoid!


From 29th April the reward points are being reduced.

Barclaycard withdraw cash and get till the statement date to pay it off Also .25% cashback and £15 back if you spend £1500 in 3 months
Posted 25th MarPosted 25th Mar
This has got to be better then Clarity Card as the cashback will make up for the visa rate. Also you get until the statement date to pay off foreign cash withdrawals. If you withd… Read more

Excepted at enough places that the few it’s not accepted by makes zero difference really. When I used to pay for my own fuel I was getting plenty of cashback as you’d be hard pushed to find a petrol station that won’t accept them. Most supermarkets do too; can’t recall one that doesn’t.


Wow 0.25% cashback eh? Almost worth ditching the Amex with 0.5% cashback that increases to 1% the more you spend (and 5% cashback for first 3 months use)....oh wait 😜 Barclays are so late to the party that the music has stopped, the police have turned up and everyone’s finally passed out (lol)


For a limited period after you get a card , but not accepted everywhere as they charge such a high rate to retailers :( .


amex is best cashback


I get 0.5% cashback on my Barclaycard Cashback card for UK use and withdraw cash abroad with my Clarity card (pay off same day via on line banking to avoid interest ) for the better Mastercard rate . Can't really see the point of this one (confused) .

Clydesdale Bank Gold Mastercard 0% interest free on purchases for 26 months
Posted 20th MarPosted 20th Mar
Sometimes it helps to split the cost of items that we purchase over a longer period. A credit card with Clydesdale Bank helps you do that. With our Gold Mastercard® you can purcha… Read more
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Just applied for this .. Not actually the best deal but close to the top. Leaflet Sent with my closing statement , suppose they need to get that £250 bonus back somehow. 18.9% vs 30% plus 26 months interest free, win-win for me. If the card looks that stylish I will be flashing it everywhere


Virgin actually gives Lounge access. Not convenient for everyone, but still something to bear in mind


Same thing happened to me. Took 6 months and numerous calls before it was removed from my credit file.


In case anyone didn't know, Clydesdale Yorkshire Bank acquired Virgin Money last year, which means it is unlikely they'd allow Virgin Money customers doing a balance transfer to this Clydesdale MasterCard.


Oh right maybe it was 12 quid rather than 16 (confused) As for your credit file, I didn't notice any kind of red alert late payment blemishes as such, just my score went from 561 down to 419 in one month. I have climbed back up to 497 since then mind. Had another close look on there since replying and I can't see anything about me having received any sort of black mark but that huge drop in 1 month on my score looks bad.

7% cashback at Morrisons through NatWest rewards scheme
Posted 14th MarPosted 14th Mar
Enjoy 7% in Rewards when you spend at Morrisons.  You’ll earn 7% of your spend back in Rewards when you spend with the card(s) linked to your MyRewards account online at morrisons.… Read more

10% for bos as well. 3 days left No minimum spend


natwest rewards are specific to your own spending i think as this is not on mine whereas waitrose always seem to be on there. i don't shop at waitrose that often but i rarely shop at morrisons so perhaps that is why.


For those with a Lloyd's account they have various cashback offers like this all the time. I think you need a Club Lloyd's current account though.


10% off Morrison’s on my Santander account but only 3 days left of this offer.


Definitely account specific. Nothing on mine, but I do have a 10% back in rewards at Morrisons on my First Direct rewards scheme.

Free Revolut Card (free delivery) if you have topped up £10 in the past
Posted 16th FebPosted 16th Feb
Ive had revolut for 2 months now, and I didn't order the card because they wanted to charge £5 for delivery. So only used the card to buy online things, they sent me a notification… Read more
Get dealGet deal

If anyone needs a FREE card PM me. Love Revolut for everyday banking let alone perfect for overseas spending.


I joined Revolut couple of months ago but first used it this week and yesterday received a push notification: Give a free card Share your invite link with friends to give them a free Revolut card. Hurry though, this offer will expire in the 7 days! Please PM me if anyone still needs a free delivery.


Do you guys get the wework deskspace with Revoult? I want to apply for a Revolut Card and benefit from this offer. Can someone write back please if s/he signed up to get this offer? (confused) (confused)


Be warn Revolut bank transfer is one of the slowest and pretty nerve-racking. Even doing own bank transfer into Revolut will trigger them to "freeze" or limit ones account. The customer support service is slow and despite uploading the evidence of the fund is from own saving it is still "processing" Had to wait another 48 hours !

cheesemp2 I've only used it a bit but it was very easy to get a free card with £1.50

Countrylife Salted Butter 250g - £1 - Instore @ FarmFoods
Posted 9th FebPosted 9th FebLocalLocal
Country life 250g salted butter Bbd 27 March 2019
Get dealGet deal

Is this available in Coventry branch anybody?


Is this available in Coventry branch anybody ?


In Burslem branch it wasn't with the other butters it was with margarine. So it's worth having a good look on the shelves if you don't see it straight away


By the way, I bought these for 2 for £3 from Iceland last week


Lol let's put it this way, their own brand isn't called brand

Tandem Credit Card - Withdraw Cash and Spend Abroad Fee-Free -  also 0.5% Cashback for Spending  (plus more in post) @ Tandem Bank
Refreshed 28th MarRefreshed 28th Mar
Tandem bank offer several credit cards depending on your needs, which are suitable for spending abroad due to no fees on worldwide purchases. The Tandem cashback credit card is aim… Read more

that's surely personal though right - I got a 4k limit on mine, that's surely more than enough for a months spending isn't it? Especially given bills are generally direct debit these days


Why does young = inexperienced? Seem to doing a decent job compared to the old experienced people running the rest of the banks.


Credit limit too small for all monthly spending, and Amazon have cut halved their cashback rate. Hopefully they do credit limit increases soon.


applied for tandem few months back..inspite of having a clean credit history it got rejected. Then i emailed them asking for the reason and they said they are very busy and response will be delayed... its been more than six months... (annoyed)... maybe its just me...


Ah yes, you're right. Better to trust the old inexperienced persons who currently run our banks. Or perhaps that's unfair. The old people running our banks are actually very experienced... at being robbing b**tards.

£5 Cashback for Using Halifax Contactless 5 Times Between 08/02 and 15/03 (Targeted - email invite)
Posted 8th FebPosted 8th Feb
£5 Cashback for Using Halifax Contactless 5 Times Between 08/02 and 15/03 (Targeted - email invite)
use your Halifax Visa Debit Card to make 5 contactless payments between 8th February and 15th March 2019 and earn £5 cashback.

Got my £5 cashback 29 March :).


funny thing is I asked them for a replacement card to be contactless and they still sent me a normal one. Probably better since I keep losing it :D


I also got this reply via live chat Hi Pateo, you’re speaking with Ewen. You wouldn’t be eligible to participate in this offer unless you were invited by email, I’m sorry.


They might have been sent a tailored email. So it's not a deal available to us all and should be expired


Love the way you know better than the terms cos u spoke to one guy (lol) (lol) (lol) . Glad u recorded it though that’s handy when the terms tell you different. 😘

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