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Credit cards offer a flexible way to borrow money – using the right card in the right way, can mean they are cheap too. If customers need a new credit card, have existing debts they want to reduce the interest rate on, or are keen to earn cashback or rewards, HotUKDeals collects all the best credit card deals. Read more
Best credit card deals for September 2018 (see post for details)
Refreshed 12th JunRefreshed 12th Jun
*Credit card deals: Updated September 2018* This thread aims to give you the latest credit cards deals for new customers across both borrowing and spending. Whether you need to t… Read more
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Not many options for 0% spending are there?


John Lewis Mastercard pays out 3 times a year We had about 250 quid in these saved up from around a year's worth of use till very recently but the JL Mastercard works on a more generous reward in store basis than this Amazon one does All other purchases: 0.5p per £1 spent JL/Waitrose purchases: 1p per £1 spent (2p per £1 spent on promotional weekends)


Cool, thanks for the info (y) As you say, I can see it being a decent card as a primary. But I'm looking for a secondary to my Amex Gold so this wouldn't see enough of a spend to be viable for me I don't think. In fact, I'm starting to think that there might not really be a good rewards card out there that can be used as a good secondary. However having said that, the nice thing about the Amazon card is that it pays out as soon as you have £10 worth of points. Unlike other rewards cards which only pay out after a year. Not to mention they're currently offering a £20/25 sign up gift card.


Well, yes, 0.5% of £2000 is indeed £10. But if you spend £1K or even £2K a month it adds up.


Thanks for your reply. Just been reading this on MSE and worst case scenario (non Amazon spending only - 0.5% cashback) you'd need to spend £2000 before you see a £10 gift card... 0.5 points per £1 spent = 1 point per £2 spent = 1000 points per £2000 spent 1000 points = £10 gift card Unless I'm missing something?

£50 gift card, free with £1000 spend on Amex - New Users Only
Found 19th SepFound 19th Sep
10000 bonus reward points (redeemed for a gift card worth £50) when you spend £1000 in your first three months. Pay balance in full by direct debit to avoid paying any interest and… Read more

Saw that but thought 2k in 3 months may have been difficult on my normal shopping


This is exactly what I’ve done although whether there’s a tougher credit check I don’t know but I suspect so as the gold card appears to default to relatively high credit limits (don’t seem to do a charge card anymore). I got a referral off a mate. I think anyone with a card can offer them as my app seems to let me now.


I never convert MR's to Avios as I have a BAPP that I need to downgrade! I have around the 1 million mark and can get 1p value out of EU flights but long haul I can't but we do prefer going out of LHR/LGW which is costly.


This looks okay, but would a new starter not be better off getting the Preferred Rewards Gold card instead? It is free for the first year and has a 20,000 points bonus on a £2K spend in 3 months. Plus if someone can refer you for it (cheeky) the sign up bonus is higher at 22,000 points.


I tend not to convert from amex MR to avios unless I need them for a specific redemption as transfer is usually very fast, within 24hrs. If I had a large balance of avios, I'd perhaps use them on flights as 1p per point is more realistic than it is with hotel redemptions. Depends on how many avios you have, but I'd advise against wasting them on hotels.

£25 cashback on for 32 months Balance Transfer Credit Card (1.4% fees) NO ANNUAL FEE @ HSBC
09/11/2018Expires on 09/11/2018Found 19th SepFound 19th Sep
The Offer Payment 4.If you meet the requirements for this offer as described below, we will make a payment of £25 to your Credit Card Account by 28 February 2019. 5. We will… Read more

That’s this hsbc card here spend £300 and get £25 cashback


No. That's the minimum amount you have to transfer. So you would have already spent the 300quid on the card your transferring from


So you have to spend 300 quid on it to get 25 quid?


Can you check if eligible before applying?


No they go via Bank of Ireland.

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£25 cashback for the HSBC dual credit card. 0% apr for 26 months on purchases
09/11/2018Expires on 09/11/2018LocalLocalFound 13th SepFound 13th Sep
Whether you’re transferring a balance or making a big purchase, an interest-free period can give you the flexibility you need. Plus, our Dual Credit Card offers cashback as well as… Read more

...and get £25 back too!


26 months 0% - this is the type of card id use to buy a new mobile phone outright, pay off promptly but know I have over 2 years to do so, and run a no contract sim only deal.


Very good rates to be fair hot from me

Sainsburys Credit Card - Just upped to 29 months 0% APR on purchases. Good for a big purchase
Found 6th SepFound 6th Sep
Sainsburys has upped its card again to 29 months. Nearly two and a half years. Good for big purchases. This Sainsbury's Bank card offers a long 0% period, and if accepted you'll d… Read more

I'm pretty sure after 12-months you're effectively a new customer but some companies may differ...


No dedicated app as far as I know. Definitely not on Android anyway. Have to use the website to manage the account and it's ok at best, but could be alot better. I would stick to nice easy apps if that's what you like. I won't hang around when my introductory offer ends.


I got this ages ago to buy a new car, divided total by number of months interest free, last payments in October :)


They are terrible, messed my direct debit up in past and additionally: - Still no contactless cards, it's 2018 come on what you playing at! - Only until recently started online statements, I'm not sure what this looks like yet waiting for one but been in paper for the duration - Online website is basic, barely do much and this was revamped like a year or two ago, the one before was done on Front page 95 - Customer service not the best, refused to change details on my account even with proof Yes they got long 0% but it's not worth the time or hassle for that period of time.


Im in the same situation atm two months in a row

Santander Everyday Credit Card  27 months 0% apr and NO balance transfer fee! This is still over two years. Get the headline rate only.
Found 5th SepFound 5th Sep
Pay less interest 0% On balance transfers for 27 months from account opening with no balance transfer fee 0% On purchases for 3 months from account opening No monthly fee Up to… Read more

I just got refused with a experian score of 999 and I have no balance on Any other credit card I have.


Is it bad for my credit rating if i tranfer a balance from another interest free credit card which has 10 months to run?


Thank you very much OP. Perfect as I have a couple of 0% cards that are coming to the end of their interest free period.


Sainsburys purchase card here 29 months interest free. Not everyne wants a balance transfer card


Just a mortgage and one single HSBC credit card

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Halifax 36 months 0% balance transfer credit card
Found 5th SepFound 5th Sep
Hey guys. I spotted this great balance transfer deal from Halifax. The Halifax 36 month balance transfer Mastercard credit card offers: 0% on balance transfers for 36 months … Read more
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hats the cheapest way to get 10k over 24 months ? I guess I would have a excellent credit record


any tcb


A great way to skip balance transfer fees is to get a Revolut, top up the Revolut from your new credit card and then transfer that to your old credit card. 🙏🏻


I suppose, I'm still new to it :) One card (31 months) is offsetting a 3 year ShareSave scheme. The low Santander limit spooked me a bit, as for obvious reasons, I'll need to hawk the balance off that card around the 30 month mark, for ~6 months. Couple of cards are just for day to day spending and get cleared off in full every month. The other two (Santander and previous x month offer supplier) are carrying the 0% balance from a previous share save that's sat in premium bonds. I may keep the other supplier's card open to give me wriggle room on the current sharesave but as above, it is a bit concerning if the option to BT somewhere else down the line isn't 100% guaranteed.


Pretty much. You'll no doubt be paying more on interest on your existing card than you are the balance. With balance transfer cards you are simply paying off the balance with no added interest for the length of the promotional period. There's obviously a small fee to transfer but it is as straightforward as you think (y)

MBNA Platinum 36 months 0% balance transfers credit card
Found 5th SepFound 5th Sep
Hey guys. I spotted this great balance transfer deal: The MBNA Platinum 36 month balance transfer Visa credit card offers: 0% on balance transfers for 36 months Balance transf… Read more
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Just looking on MBNA, I went for the 31 month with 1.1% fee I looked at the Santander and Sainsburys 0% fee but according to MSE i was only 40% likely to get those cards, but 100% likely to get the MBNA one.


Santander 0% balance transfer with 0% fees. Isn't that a better deal??

£20 Amazon Voucher with Aqua Rewards Cashback Credit Card (via Uswitch) 0.5% Cashback on all purchases
Found 3rd SepFound 3rd Sep
Uswitch are currently offering a £20 Amazon Voucher with the Aqua Rewards Cashback Credit Card. This card has no account fee and offers 0.5% Cashback on all purchases. ***You wi… Read more

No none unless you withdraw cash abroad. Card payments are fine.


I am planning to apply for aqua reward card to pay for netflix, deezer etc. Any overseas payment fees on it?


£45 cashback on Quidco now..


This looks similar to my Santander CC. Except I am paying them £3 a month. Thanks for post. Will check small print to make sure I have not missed anything as I do buy the odd item from euro sites so no extra charges is welcome.


Have New Day pulled the Amazon credit card deal we all got with £20 Amazon credit ? Replaced with this ? Amazon shows me a Think Money credit card for £10 credit now.... strange one that, esp since NewDay Aqua is giving Amazon vouchers (3 months later when their Amazon Mastercard gave you £20 straight away and £500 instant Amazon spend ??) weird.... Heat anyway OP, most people will get a Aqua no problem and £20 Amazon credit (y)

Barclays platinum travel credit card. Near perfect exchange and Can withdraw cash abroad upto £500 a day (subject to your cash limit) and get till the statement date to pay it off. Also 12 months 0% apr interest free on purchases.
Found 31st AugFound 31st Aug
Barclaycard Platinum travel credit card 0% interest on purchases for 12 months from the date you open your account No non-sterling transaction fees on your foreign spend and … Read more

Good to know that. I assumed Visa and Mastercard were pretty much equally accepted everywhere


Worth having both this a Mastercard (I have what was originally an Abbey National, now Banco Santander Zero card) as not all cash machines the world over take both. Asia especially tends to favour Visa.


i have the Barclays card and love it, a normal simple card where i can take money out the ATM and not worry about it till after the holidays, like just using it at home, get good rates And never spend more than lot's, so that little difference i don't mind. when the year ends in four year's time i probably switch to clarity, but there's both good cards ,


No they are not. Check this out. Sure these peopke love revolut


Revolut - this is the answer to everything

Gatorade 500ml made from 100% freshly squeezed alligators 39p @ homebargains
Found 31st AugFound 31st Aug
Alligator juice for 39p, bargain
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I'm vaguely surprised Mr T hasn't suffered an unfortunate accident already.


The films depiction of the American political parties won't be far off if Mr Donald serves another four years after his first term in office, Putin will see that he does, demoralisation of the USA has been a 30 plan in the making for Russia. Google Yuri Brezmenov , he was a Russian KGB defector who told the west about KGB demoralisation plans over 30 years ago about eroding the society of the USA by a campaign of interference , subversion, manipulation. See the list of things they set about doing and compare things with how they are now, this applies to the UK and other western countries as well.


O . M . Effin G. I'd forgotten about that bit. Its too, too close to today's reality. We're doomed.


Brawndo The Thirst Mutilator!


The Garorade reference reminds me: Has anyone seen the movie "Idiocracy" ? A prophetic movie, considering Trump's America.

Halifax Clarity - Free £20 back if you make a purchase by 30th Sept. No usage fees worldwide and can withdraw upto £500 a day
Found 24th AugFound 24th Aug
Ready for the bank holiday? Travel abroad with one simple rate & no usage fees. No fees for using your card anywhere worldwide (interest charges apply) No fees for withdraw… Read more

Cashback offer conditions Cashback offer valid on accounts opened between 30th April 2018 and 31st August 2018.The £20 cashback will only apply on the first transaction made in a foreign currency by 30th September 2018.The £20 cashback will be applied to your credit card retail balance within 90 days of the transaction being made and will appear on your statement as ‘Foreign purchase cashback’.The cashback offer is only valid on one transaction per customer.The cashback will not affect the minimum payment due. Your minimum payment should be paid on time each month.


Is this for new customers only? Please be clear OP


UK law says that payments need to be allocated to the highest interest rate first. However, Clarity has one rate of interest so it falls to the T&Cs which state that it will go to your cash balance first. That means you can pay off just your cash balance. However, if you prepay then the balance will be allocated on a FIFO basis as the transactions arrive so be careful.


This card is the best. It's not all that hard to get either. I got it on extended maternity leave about 4 and a half years ago now. I was a housewife back then so no actual income of my own. I had a huge limit to start as well 5k so it can't be that hard to get. It is all we use abroad.


Cool! If you got the barclay card you would get till the statement date to pay off atm withdrawals! However if you pay off straightaway via online banking then as you say you don't get charged. The Ethiopian birr is 35.35 and the mastercard rate is 35.32 so only .1% difference on the interbank rate. The visa rate is 35.14 making it .59% difference. As its the weekend revolut would be charging a 1% markup. Interesting that with more obscure currencies the difference between visa and mastercard is huge as its six times more. However as the markups ar so small to begin with in pound terms its nothing but interesting. Be interesting to see what the exchange is but I think its a closed currency so you cannot get it in the UK. Better to compare more open currencies but can't be bothered at the mo.

15 in 1 Multifunctional Stainless Steel Credit Card Tool 75p with code @ Zapals (just pay the postage)
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Another "just pay the postage deal" :-) (must be signed in for discount to work) This multifunctional credit card tool is made of premium stainless steel, solid and durable, and… Read more

Me being a smart ass? Maybe you didn't realise, but the person I was replying to said 'stop posting rubbish', hence my reply. If something doesn't work maybe just ask for help rather than saying 'stop posting rubbish' and you will get a helpful reply. Rather than making yourself look a total pleb when you're probably doing something wrong (otherwise why else would it work for EVERYONE ELSE?)


Good find op. Code does work. Heat.


Ordered for xmas thank you!


You know a website's dodgy when they ask you what 'Contry' you live in! Yeah sure, take all my personal details. No problem!


Thanks, forgot I was already registered with this site.

Laura Ashley sofas are currently 40% + a further 10% off but if you sign up for their credit card you then get a further 20% off
Found 8th JulFound 8th Jul
so the sofas etc are currently 40% and then a further 10% off but if you sign up for their credit card you then get a further 20% off so a total combined of 56.8% off Now I know t… Read more
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Sounds like it's something you are able to negotiate rather than a fixed policy? Good on you for doing it...


so the RRP was 6k+ (which i know is over-inflated) but got for £2600. Was around £3200 . I asked for further discount, and was told signing up for the store card would give an additional 20%


Overpriced furniture even after discount and abysmal customer service. You'll hate the day you placed the order if something goes wrong. It is a 'deal' for the discount but still expensive, avoid.


I can't find it either. I can see 2% off from the credit card in the form of points you'll be able to spend in something else in the future, and maybe 10% for first order if you supply an email address.


With all those massive discounts you can get the sofa for a mere £5000 what a deal.

Santander - Everyday Credit Card 0% for 27 months on balance transfers with no balance transfer fee
Found 6th JulFound 6th Jul
Pay less interest 0% On balance transfers for 27 months from account opening with no balance transfer fee 0% On purchases for 3 months from account opening No monthly fee Up t… Read more

Not aware of a limit as long as each one is £100 or more and you can't use more than 95% of your credit limit.


Don't think it does


Any limit on the number of balance transfers you can do ? eg 12+ per year (one a month)


Sounds like it


Does this one do a money tranfer into your bank account?

Tesco credit card 0% balance transfers for 32 months, 0.99% fee
Found 5th JulFound 5th Jul
Hi all… this deal from Tesco Bank is another good option for people with existing debts who need a lengthy 0% period but don’t want to pay a massive fee to get it. Tesco’s bala… Read more
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Better being drunk when applying than when using it (highfive)


I’m worried about your gambling habit now


IDK if you're some Apple diehard fan all I'm saying is Tesco need to treat both systems equally like other banks having just looked at the star ratings it's clear that they do and even if they're just ported over apps they seem to be doing better than the tesco one is. I like both systems but it's just a bit unfair for the customer that one bank to favour another OS over another.


Yeah I am? If they don't work simply contact the bank and they'll try to help you fix the issue, in my personal experience Tesco has just avoided the fact and just keeps saying reinstall the app. Just looking at the reviews it seems apps work but Tesco just don't like the android ecosystem or have a deal with apple (poo)


Yup, almost all android devices have NFC and that's all you need and it works fine, only devices that don't have NFC where I live are the super low budget ones around $50.

Apply for (or switch) student bank account to HSBC for £80 Amazon gift card and 12 months prime.
31/12/2018Expires on 31/12/2018Found 26th JunFound 26th Jun
By switching current account to HSBC, or applying for a new one, you can get 12 months amazon prime and an £80 Amazon gift card. Other benefits include interest free overdraft up t… Read more
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The form says you need to have been in the UK for three years, is that really the case


If I said as a patient, would you section me now? SJT question (lol)


As a patient, as an FY1 or as a nurse or senior? :p


Dreading black Wednesday too (lol)


1st August ;) Technically already graduated - not on the GMC Register though until 23rd July (induction week) but apparently I can use the title already :o Still a month to go and already getting butterflies about not making any mistakes. Eeeek.

PO - 28 months 0% on purchases but also worldwide with NO fees. So no fees abroad. Most cards with long introductory periods charge a foreign transaction fee
Found 16th JunFound 16th Jun
Yes Clarity doesn't charge for cash machines but there is no introductory period either. So saves having two cards! Cash Machine fee of 2.5% (minimum £3) so not too bad but at… Read more

Only gave me a £4900 credit limit even though I have a credit score of 995/999 with Experian.


Pretty good in my opinion, on par with Tesco, M&S etc, but unlike those they don't seem to increase your limit automatically.


Can’t even check here, form says filled out incorrectly despite everything spot on. Says email address don’t match when they do. Idiots.


How generous are they for credit limits though? No point getting one if get offered a measly credit my opinion.


9.5 out of ten for me. Maybe you closed a bank of ireland product within the last six months or something

Santander All-in-One credit card 30 months 0% on purchases and balance transfers, no BT fee, 0.5% cashback
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
If you’re looking for a decent all-round credit card with cashback, check out the All-in-one card from Santander. It offers: 0% on balance transfers for 30 months 0% on purch… Read more
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Crap deal. Wonder if writergirl got all the other mods to vote hot. Anyone else who posted this it would be stone cold


Another factor to consider is that if you pay the minimum each month then put the equivalent of the balance into a saving account(s) you also are getting interest that offsets the £3 fee. Good deal as long as you are disciplined and prepared to put the effort in.


I have around 3000 pounds how can I transfer to a card like 30 months balance transfer


Yeah saw that part after, agree that other cards would offer better value in terms of rewards


The card costs £3 in fees per month, so over 30 months of the 0% offer, thats 30 x £3 = £90

The Costco TrueEarnings® American Express® Credit Card that gives Costco Cash Back
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
I have had this for three years and I never paid The Costco Membership rather the rewards/Cashback I earn covered it all. The rewards can be claimed as Cash or Buy things at Costco… Read more

Depends on your spend.. my card renews in January or February and I’m at £370 cashback so far this year and got £430 last year. We put all our spending on it that we can, down to 50p for a pint of milk from Waitrose, then pay off in full each month.


Yes that’s true.


It can be converted to hard cash in costco if you like - you don't need to spend it there. You just need to visit customer services to cash it in.


I mean for spending in general, then voucher is used at Costco


Not really, if you're aready a costco member. After 3 months that card doesn't give 2% on travel or 3% on restaurants/pubs. After 3 months, this card is at least as good as the platinum card, and it also has no annual fee

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