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Fire TV Cube | Hands free with Alexa, 4K Ultra HD Streaming Media Player £79.99 @ Amazon
Posted 14th JulPosted 14th Jul
Hope it helps. Fire TV Cube is the fastest, most powerful Fire TV ever, delivering a fast, fluid experience for your favourite films and TV programmes. Control your compatible … Read more

We have 3 TVs in the house, my wife struggles with tech, this means she only has to learn one system. All of the apps on both of my Android TVs are glitchy as hell and never seem to get fixed. Samsung TV apps on the other TV are v flaky in my opinion. All of the apps on these things just work.


Well done you. What an excellent point, great comment...


I linked my uk Google account to my movies anywhere, they all pull through perfectly. Not tried US purchases of Google movies direct though, so if that’s the case I’ll avoid big is your library? I’ve got about 350 at the moment, but if it’s going to be a problem to watch via you tube - might start to move to iTunes as I have that linked to a US itunes account that works like a dream as well


I've had a problem with YouTube and playing moves as my library is too large for it to load. Also the YouTube app doesn't show American/Canadian bought films. I realise I'm probably in the minority where this is an issue though.

BS_Man Bravia doesn't have AppleTV and even though there is stock Netflix app, but still prefer using Cube's, as for some reason it has much faster speeds on WiFi than TV on Powerline, guessing it is down to superior WiFi chip, hance better quality, especially when using Netflix's foreign servers (y)

Echo dot 4th gen £24.99/Echo dot 4th gen clock £34.99/Echo dot 3rd gen £19.99/Fire HD 8 Tablet 32GB £39.99 + more (Prime via Alexa) @ Amazon
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Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
Update 1
Can order now with an Alexa device to get these prices (need to be a Prime member.)
Need to order via an Alexa device to get these prices now e.g. Echo dot clock £34.99, Echo dot 4th gen £24.99, Echo show 5 £39.99 (full list below). No need to wait until Prime Day… Read more

So pleased to know your enjoying it! (y) I've had mine a few days now and after owning the old 3rd gen Echo Dot's for a few years it still suprises me when the 4th gen Echo comes on as to just how much better the sound quality is on it and the way the bass has far more impact! The temperature\fan option was a nice surprise too, always nice to feel a cool waft of air in the middle of the night, especially one that's not coming from your partner! (lol)


Went for the full size Echo in the end - had it less than a day, but so far it does seem to be an improvement over the old dot. Your later post also inspired me to buy it bundled with a smart plug to put on my bedroom fan, so thanks for that idea too (y)


That is really helpful, thank you for taking the time to respond


Could be a great shout that, I don't really listen to bass heavy music and it's a small house, one up and one down.... Oooo interesting thought that


I have my larger echo in the home office replacing my 3rd Gen Echo Dot. I already have dozens of mains plugs in use so didn't want to have to use an additional 2 mains plugs to power 2 individual Echos. The other feature I like on the larger Echo is that it has a line in and out, rather than just a line out on the Echo Dot but what's really useful is the larger Echo has a built in temperature sensor so can tell you just how hot the room is that it's installed in! The great thing about that is that you can pair the larger Echo up with an Amazon Smart Plug with a fan connected to it to automatically cool the room when it reaches a specific temperature! Maybe a niche feature but one I've found incredibly useful and the superiour sound and bass from the larger Echo has been very much welcomed as I listen to a lot of electronic music.The smaller Echo Dot 4th Gen has better high-end treble than my old 3rd Gen Echo Dot so can sound a bit 'tinny' but sadly the bass sounds a lot weaker so I'm guessing it must be down to the new shaped design of the 4th Gen Dot. I can actually 'feel' the bass on the larger Echo which is two foot away from me so that's a vast improvement, so all in all I'm more than happy with my new larger Echo! (y)

Fire Stick 4K Ultra HD £26.99 / Fire TV Cube 4K £59.99 / Fire HD 8 Tablet £39.99/ Fire HD 10 Tablet £79.99 - From Midnight June 21 @ Amazon
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Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
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Now live
Fab low price for the devices as part of the prime day deals starting midnight 21st June. Source Description The most powerful streaming media stick with a new Wi-Fi ant… Read more

Weirdly I am finding that my Roku stick worked better with Alexa than the fire tv does in terms of controlling tv volume and pausing etc. However I like the Amazon Photos integration and the Eurosport app.


You can play with the sync issue through options


My cube is connected by wifi with a good signal - the audio sync issues can be fixed by changing the audio settings in the cube from best available to Dolby digital (not plus). Problem with this is you no longer get Dolby Atmos for programs that support it without going in and manually changing audio settings to Best or Dolby digital plus. Cube seems half baked vs the stick so far for me.


I have sync issues with the cube, but have put it down to issues with my wifi, which I never had until recently. Reading these comments it seems more likely the issues are with the devices themselves than my wifi. Will try the Cube on ethernet tonight and see if things improve. Was your Cube connected by wire or wifi?


I have this exact same issue. Other devices in the same area get a good signal my 4K stick no longer does. Anyway I took the plunge with a fire cube over a new 4K stick but it looks like that was a big mistake: With the cube I have: - audio lip sync issues - sometime starts the tv up to a black screen, no video but audio - visible banding in YouTube eg Costa Rica hdr test video All these issues go away with my old 4K stick. Cube is really disappointing and going to send back.

Amazon Fire TV Cube Hands Free with Alexa, 4K Ultra HD Streaming Media Player £79.98 +£3.95 delivery @ QVC
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Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
Hope it helps. Discover the Amazon Fire TV Cube, offering fast, fluid performance and 4K Ultra HD streaming so that you can experience all your favourite channels, streaming servi… Read more

Not a great deal best off with the fire stick


Awful deal sorry op


Love my shield but hate that it doesn’t have All 4 or Apple TV apps.


No. Same inferior player as a Firestick when compared to a Shield. And no DTS-X or Dolby Atmos True HD support.


Last time it was on Prime day, it was £59.99, so well worth the wait QVC have been selling these for £80+ for quite a while.

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Fire TV Cube, Certified Refurbished | Hands free with Alexa, 4K Ultra HD streaming media player - £48.99 (Prime Members) @ Amazon
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Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
I was looking for one of these with a plan to pair with studio when i find a good deal. The last expired link on hotukdeals was for £53.99. I clicked it and its come at £48.99 with… Read more

Sorry, maybe I should be clearer. I don't normally ask Alexa via the TV/firestick. The TV is an assigned player within a group.l in Alexa and normally ask echo shows to play house group speakers (if that makes sense). I guess the ultimate question would be whether Amazon music/shield can be assigned on the Alexa app.


No, because you need an amazon device with alexa to allow voice commands to use apps which wouldn't work with the Shield even with amazon apps.


Just tried to install this and just got a blank black screen, followed his guide twice. Maybe the latest update broke it.


mine come and was brand new so happy days


It does have cec. Its currently got a firestick connected with ARC to an AV receiver. If i ask alexa to platly music around the house, tv automatically turns on and plays through av receiver. Just wondered of that would still be achievable with the prime music app on another device such as the shield.

Fire TV Cube, Certified Refurbished | Hands free with Alexa, 4K Ultra HD streaming media player £53.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 25th MarPosted 25th Mar
Fire TV Cube, Certified Refurbished | Hands free with Alexa, 4K Ultra HD streaming media player £53.99 @ Amazon£53.99 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Refurbished, practically brand new. Cheapest it's ever been.

Faster responsiveness on the new UX, i mainly upgraded to retroarch it because of the extra cores, onboard and convenience for usb port, no messing with extra cables


I have both and I’m not sure the Cube is much faster tbh. It includes the Ethernet connector which is worth having.


Can anyone honestly tell the difference between the cube and fire 4K? I tested my mates Fire Cube and I would say speeds and UX are same


Yes, stick and remote should be fine. I think they dispose off/bin the trade in device tbh. I’ve never had one rejected before.


Awesome, i selected no accessories. Would it literally just need to be stick and remote, no cables etc? Thanks!