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Posted 2 February 2024

Garmin Edge Explore Touchscreen GPS Touring Bike Computer w/ Connected Features, White, Refurbished (Excellent)

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RRP £219

Garmin Edge Explore Touchscreen Touring Bike Computer with Connected Features, White (Renewed) - The product is refurbished, is fully functional and in excellent condition. Backed by the 1-year Amazon Renewed Guarantee.

Discover new routes and stay connected wherever you ride with Edge Explore. This easy-to-use GPS cycling computer features a preloaded Garmin Cycle Map that shows you the routes cyclists like to ride. A variety of connected features lets you stay in touch with other riders as well as the folks back home. With Edge Explore, you have the perfect partner for touring and adventure.

About this item
  • Easy-to-use GPS bike computer with high-resolution, 3” glove- and rain-friendly touchscreen that’s visible even in direct sunlight
  • Includes preloaded Garmin Cycle Map with turn-by-turn navigation and Trendline popularity routing to find the on- and off-road routes most-travelled by cyclists
  • Built-in GPS tracks how far, how fast, how high and where you ride
  • Compatible with Garmin Varia cycling awareness devices, including smart bike lights and rearview radar, to detect cars and alert drivers
  • Stay connected with the LiveTrack and GroupTrack features, smart notifications, rider-to-rider messaging and built-in incident detection

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  1. Menai1's avatar
    £133 brand new with 2 yr warranty if that helps.
    oh_my's avatar
    Mission creep but I would go Edge 530 for £175 on Amazon over this for £133.
  2. sashforth's avatar
    This is a pretty ancient model from July 2018 so there is a very good chance that these devices are five years old and had a fair bit of usage. No way I would pay £100 for a refurb when a new one is £133.

    Not sure that I would even risk a "new" one as they have probably been sitting in a storeroom for a long time making their batteries a little suspect too. (edited)
    johnnystorm's avatar
    Normally I'd agree but these are literally "as new" in a genuine Garmin box, factory cellophane wrappers and all the papers and accessories.

    I was initially disappointed with the 6 hours run time but on the Garmin forum there the official advice is to recalibrate the battery if you aren't getting the full advertised runtime. By running the battery totally flat and then charging it for at least six hours uninterrupted you'll get the battery to learn its true capacity. In any case they can be charged on the move from a battery pack if you're on a real epic.

    These might not be the latest and greatest models but the maps can be updated to the latest versions and the Garmin IQ appstore let's you add additional functions.
  3. dave_stuf67's avatar
    Cold from me. The batteries on these are not good and don’t last a day in the saddle. I imagine refurbished doesn’t mean a new battery so better off paying £30 more and getting a new one.
    Ghostrecon's avatar
  4. johnnystorm's avatar
    Heat from me, these are just like new and come with all the bits you'd get with a "new" one.

    These have full UK/Euro maps installed and other areas are free to download. You can transfer gpx routes to follow from your phone and if they are linked on your ride your phone will play the directions.
  5. lmulli's avatar
    Hope this is better than my Garmin Edge 830 which is dire when it comes to navigation! If I had a penny for every time it's told to "make a u-turn", I'd be able to purchase a newer model :-)
    sashforth's avatar
    The Edge 830 is a much newer and higher model than this one so I wouldn't hold out much hope.
  6. Be79n's avatar
    Had one of these and upgraded with in a week due to poor battery. Lucky to get 4/5 hours which for my cycling is useless. Went for a 1030.
    sashforth's avatar
    The 1030 is certainly a very good device but so much more expensive than this that I didn't bother mentioning it. (edited)
  7. Suratullah_Khan's avatar
    I would rather buy a cheap smartphone and use it instead of this
    ClotBot's avatar
    Why would you want a big phone on your handle bars?
  8. WeeCupOfTea's avatar
    What’s the advantage over just using my smartphone?
    I got an £11 phone holder from Amazon which is surprisingly good quality.
    NeverBagHolding's avatar
    You can save your phone battery and don’t have to take it off the holder to use etc on long cycles.

    You only really see the advantage if you go on really long cycles like 6+ hours. That’s why I decided to get one. Was out around 25 miles away from home when my battery was 5% but luckily was a straight familiar route back.

    Edit: just saw someone’s comment on bad batteries on these, would not get this then as it defeats the purpose of having a long battery lasting navigation unit. I have the wahoo roam and even after an 8 hour cycle it still has a good 30% on it when I get back. (edited)
  9. AverageBloke's avatar
    Waiting for Explore 2 discount.
  10. wantsomepls's avatar
    I have one of these and it's absolutely fine, also does speed and cadence sensors, connects easily to Strava ,Komoot,Ride withGPS (which is all I want/need). Regarding the battery I'd say the 5-6 hours quoted is accurate if you have the screen on all the time on fairly high brightness but it can be extended by turning down screen brightness and using Battery Saver Mode which stays on dark screen until and instruction is coming up and then displays map. That will cover many cyclists' needs and if it does what you need it's a decent price.
  11. Imran_Bham's avatar
    I'm after 840 or 1040 solar usb c edition ... any deals around?
's avatar