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Disaronno Velvet £5.37 / JD Fire £9.39 / Lemon Sherbert Gin £10.74 @ Asda Paignton
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Posted 8th MayPosted 8th MayLocalLocal
Asda Paignton this morning. Disaronno Velvet £5.37 (normally £15) Jack Daniels Fire £9.74 (normally £25) Asda Lemon Sherbert Gin £10.74 (normally £18) Bacardi Raspberry £9.39 (nor… Read more

Not in my store...


Thanks! I think the shelves will have probably been ransacked by now. My Facebook feed has been full of people sharing their bargains. Was hoping to grab some of the JD Fire but didn't appear to be reduced on that one.


Cheers mate, I went to Oldbury but there wasn't much left to be honest, unless they stock up again it isn't worth it. I'll let you know if I find any anywhere else !


Great bridge and tipton. Was debating going to the oldbury one but couldn't be bothered in the end. Lol. Got some nice gins from there


Which Asdas were this and did they have much left ? Managed to get some from Brierly Hill but was debating trying another Asda. Cheers. :)

Disaronno Amaretto, 70cl for £12 (Prime) / (+£4.49 Non Prime) @ Amazon
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Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Nice offer. :) Also same price now at Sainsburys -- A mark of “Made in Italy” excellence for over 500 years, Disaronno continues to capture the imagination of discerning … Read more

Aldi used to do 2 versions. A low % one and one that was the same 28%. The 28% one was truly wonderful, I still have one bottle but haven't seen it in an age online at Aldi.


Heat added and bought, thanks


its no way on the same level, and yes i do buy it but only to mix with brandy or JD and splash of coke for a sort of "Godfather" cocktail but could not drink this neat, but the good stuff that another on the rocks with a little squeeze of lime (y)


If you don't have Prime, and you're looking for something to take your basket over £20 to get free delivery, you could do a lot worse than a bottle of Amarula for £10.50 - link


And condoms

Disaronno Velvet Liqueur 50cl for £12 (+ Delivery Charges / Minimum Basket Applies) at Sainsbury's
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Posted 10th FebPosted 10th Feb
Disaronno Velvet Liqueur 50cl for £12 (+ Delivery Charges / Minimum Basket Applies) at Sainsbury's£12Sainsbury's Deals
Also at Asda.

My mate drank an entire bottle of this in an evening, he said it is rather nice 😁

Disaronno Amaretto only £10 (50cl) or £15 (70cl) @ Tesco (Clubcard Price)
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Posted 16th Dec 2020Posted 16th Dec 2020
Great price. Love this stuff. Merry Christmas everyone!

These clubcard prices do my head in. The amount of times I've forgotten to scan my clubcard, only to be charged full price (mad)


What are Clubcard Prices? Clubcard Prices reward our Clubcard members with exclusive deals in-store (excluding Express stores) and online. To get Clubcard Prices, simply scan your Clubcard app or tap your Clubcard/key fob at the checkout. If you're shopping online, you'll have a Clubcard number on your account already, so you'll get Clubcard Prices automatically. Delivery charges may apply. I queued up in our local express the other day to ask about the bailieys deal to be told no ;(


oh is it? I wasn't aware of this, thanks for the heads up!


The bigger bottles look better but obviously for £/ml it doesn't, you're right.


Does not make sense at £15 for the 70cl.

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Disaronno Amaretto Liqueur 50cl - £10 @ Sainsbury's
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Posted 14th Dec 2020Posted 14th Dec 2020
Disaronno Amaretto Liqueur 50cl - £10 @ Sainsbury's£10Sainsbury's Deals
Don't normally do reposts but hopefully this deal will provide useful to some given how close Christmas now is. The product is also £10 at Asda and Tesco (with a clubcard) if you s… Read more

Heat for a top drink


Got it for £10 in Asda


Where you see them litre bottle for £20 quid bought one today from adsa for £25 might take it back get money back, thanks


Heat given, though it should really be served with ice


Ooh, yum. I drink my spirits neat and I can now confirm that this is indeed very enjoyable, despite being a marzipan hater. I was saving this for the weekend but couldnt resist. (y) Cheers!

Disaronno Velvet Liqueur 500ml £12 @ Asda
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Posted 12th Dec 2020Posted 12th Dec 2020
Disaronno Velvet Liqueur 500ml £12 @ Asda£12Asda Deals
Disaronno Velvet Liqueur 500ml. Disaronno Velvet is a distinctly smooth light creamy liqueur that seduces your senses with toasted almonds, apricot, vanilla and a hint of toffee. B… Read more

It won't drop again, no. That was an introductory offer. Velvet is a superb drink, it's aimed at the Bailey's / Disaronno lover, it's not as creamy as Bailey's so doesn't longer as heavily, super easy to drink and lovely ice cold on the rocks, or as a mixer. Little known fact, Disaronno is actually made of Apricot kernels and not Almonds.... Although it tastes like Almond :-)


Oh disaranno sours (y)


Was £10 not long ago, will it drop again I wonder....


I found it refreshing, almond baileys basically. Easy to drink.


I really like the original, hoping you'd say you didn't😁. I've heard this is like baileys but instead of coffee it has a toffee taste.