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Huami Amazfit GTR 47 Amazfit Smart Watch £78.43 Delivered @ AliExpress Deals / SHENZEN OKQI TECHNOLOGY
22/08/2020Expires on 22/08/2020Shipping from ChinaShipping from ChinaPosted 13 h, 0 m agoPosted 13 h, 0 m ago
Great price for the GTR when using the attached code. Use code BIGSALEGTR at checkout. Amazfit GTR smart watch features classic look of the traditional watch, it is perfect … Read more

Only got the basic sleep tracking running, but it does seem to work ok for me :/


Anyone else have this watch? I have this and it's pretty good but I have never got the sleep tracking to work... anyone else?

Amazfit Verge Lite English Version GPS Sportswatch £47.14 Delivered via EU using code @ AliExpress Deals / Amazfit Huami Store
20/08/2020Expires on 20/08/2020Shipping from SpainShipping from SpainPosted 28th JulPosted 28th Jul
Great price and even cheaper than a couple of weeks back when @sisqoboy posted it. Be sure to select the Grey and Spain as shipping source to get the price. Apply HAPPY9 at bas… Read more

Does this sync with strava?


Great watch! I have had many SmartWatch but they all end up with battery issues ( moto, Huawei, Skagen etc). This is probably the best trade off. After a month I still have 81% power!!!!


Probably a silly question but will this work with iOS? Also, any recommendations for a smart watch with google maps but that I can use with an iPhone (if that makes sense!)


Anyone could recommend a decent smart watch with music playback from the watch, without a high price tag (mainly for running)? Much appreciated in advance! (y)


Nice one @Mark ! ;) great to see this one being under £50 from EU. Heat!

Xiaomi Amazfit Pace Smartwatch £54.79 Delivered via Spain using code / coupon @ AliExpress Deals / Amazfit Huami Store
241° Expired
Posted 27th JulPosted 27th JulShipping from SpainShipping from Spain
Great price and shipping fast via Spain so no custom fees to be expected. Delivery usually takes 5 working days. Use the coupons on the page together with HAPPYFOR at checkout to … Read more

Amazing watch, i use it for cycling, hiking, running and walking outdoors requiring gps. Tracking seems to be fine, i cross-reference it with Garmin Edge while cycling and they seem to be 98-99% similar. Saved some tunes into the watch and listen to them while running paired with bluetooth wireless headset, cant really complain, it's a great watch for the price!


You can read them.


For the notifications, can you actually read messages/emails from SMS, WhatsApp, Gmail etc. or does it just tell you a message is there?


I've gone for the black, ships from Spain by 3rd Aug. Paid £50.34 (y)


Is the speaker and mic decent when taking calls?

Xiaomi Amazfit Pace Smartwatch Red 1.34" Sports Modes Sleep Tracking - £64.99 Delivered @ Box
Posted 23rd JulPosted 23rd Jul
Good uk price for the best colour red in my opinion :) 1.34" always-on LCD touchscreen GPS enabled 5 day battery life Onboard music storage Multiple sports modes Trainin… Read more

Using stock Amazfit app, have owned this for about a month now. Late to the party here so I will be repeating myself next time it's posted, but I get through 20% of the battery just running one hour with headphones. It's USP for me, music, comes at the expense of that claimed 22 hours of GPS running. By my rough calculation music takes 300% the battery that GPS does. Still well worth the money to not have to carry another device. Those 4 runs I get off one charge mean it lasts the week, albeit at the back of a cupboard, powered off.


AmazMod is completely different & allows you to add apps. For example I can reply to notifications & have barometer & calculator apps on my Pace


"Notify & fitness for amazefit" is a much more advanced application if your interested in taking it further.


The Amazmod App transforms this watch. I love mine


Still looking out for a decent amazfit gts deal

Xiaomi Amazfit Stratos 2 Solo Smartwatch £73.62 Delivered using code @ AliExpress Deals / SHENZEN OKQI TECHNOLOGY
244° Expired
Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd JulShipping from ChinaShipping from China
Great price when using the included code. Sadly, this cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupons, so you wont be able to apply both on this occasion to save a little bit … Read more

Better than honor magic watch 2?


I got mine for 115 which I thought was a great deal, I would definitely recommend for this price


No worries, no longer available anyway!


Is this chinese or english version or is it just a case of switching the language when you get it?


£160 from CEX or 350 new, 735 is comparable and thats closer in price new

Amazfit GTR 47mm Stainless Steel / Aluminium Smartwatch - £89.53 delivered @ AliExpress / Amazfit store (shipped from Spain)
146° Expired
Posted 13th JulPosted 13th Jul
Seems like a decent price for the Amazfit GTR (non lite), shipped from Spain too so no extra charges You need to add the store coupons and the select coupons on the product page b… Read more

Sucks as I popped on hukd just to see if I could pick up the new Mi Band 5 from anywhere other than mi store (almost £5 postage!!?) And saw this deal. Spent hrrrrrs researching, reading & watching reviews and decided, yeah screw it, let's go smartwatch! Then all this nonsense. What a waste of like 4hrs! Plus the disappointment. Infuriating.


Ouch :( maybe worth trying to contact them to see if you can get the £4 coupon back


Ha... In trying to get coupons & promo codes to work AliExpress has now decided that I have already used the £4 coupon...even though I have not purchased a god damn thing. Gone from possible £89 to £95 to £98 now. Fu ©k that site.


Coupons only get me to £95.34 Superdeal22 doesn't work. Looks like it's expired.


I've got the GTR and it's pretty awesome. It looks great, Battery life is great. Integrates with Strava and Google Fit and my GPS works.

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Amazfit GTR Lite 47mm Smartwatch - £55.51 With Code @ Amazfit Huami Store /Aliexpress
Posted 9th JulPosted 9th JulShipping from ChinaShipping from China
Collect the sellers coupo, plus 4 quid applies automatically, plus use the code HAPPYGTRGTR Brand Name: amazfit Mechanism: No SIM Card Available: No System: None GPS: No Ty… Read more

It's an old review and somewhat out of date. To be fair, I only use it for playing music while I cycle round the park. My stats are synched automatically to Strava when I open the Amazfit app on my phone. It all works very well without a hitch so far. After 80 minutes of cycling and playing music, the battery dropped about 30-35%. I'm inclined to charge daily after my ride. There's a ton of features that I will never use, so I can't comment on how well they work. For the £42 I paid, I'm certainly not complaining. Also, things have moved on since that review. You can change from automatic brightness to 5 fixed levels of brightness, none of which is dazzlingly bright but the main stats screen is easy to see in daylight. Probably not so much if the sun is shining directly onto it.


This is the review I read, Will keep eye for deal to give a try.


It not sure what you meant with plover. Palaver, maybe? You just install the Amazfit app. Within the app is a connector to 3rd party apps, one of which is Strava. You log into Strava via the Amazfit app and it brings it up as if you opened the Strava app itself as the Pace has built in WiFi support. When you finish your ride, your Pace autoconnects to your phone and pushes your ride stats through. It's easy once you spend the few minutes setting it up.


The review I read said it was plover to synch with Strava. Really trying to avoid having to go Garmin route as not hardcore enough to justify the cost but do want to see my efforts over time readonably accurate.


I've been looking at the GTS for some time but have just been put off by the hope of some have decent Google os device coming out. Is it a nice watch to use interface wise?

Amazfit Pace Smart Watch £45.77 with code at AliExpress / amazfit Official Store - Ship from spain
Posted 7th JulPosted 7th JulShipping from SpainShipping from Spain
To get the cheapest price, this principal is the same with anything from abroad, pay in DOLLARS, and use a mastercard with no fees, like Monzo, revolut + more. You get better pric… Read more

I've done three runs and 2 were a GPS shambles so I am a bit disappointed I may have got a duff. Kilometers off, yet the first run was spot on compared to my earlier Pace. Following on from my earlier comments the App says the watch is up to date at v2.8.4 however my old pace was on 2.8.5. I've just updated figured out to update this via the setting on the actual watch so worth considering - hopefully it sorts my GPS issues


Just got mine, Amazfit app does't allow two watches added wich is a shame, not end of world ill setip the pace on my spare phone, I only plan to use for exercise anyway


In case it saves anyone some time - and I think this is becuase I was replacing an old Pace. Had bit of hassle updating the PACE: Worked fine out of the box , scanned the QR code and added to the App. However, it detects ROM v2.8.4 asks if you want to update then doesnt / wont let you click update. Went around the houses a bit, connected to Wifi and it started checking for update - still didnt update. Setting on the watch has an update option - but when you click it the text is Chinese so i was wary to do that incase it changed all to Chinese. Finally removed all trace of old PACE, unparied, cleared Data and cache from the Amazfit app and started it again. This time the App kicked the watch update off but went to a chinese text again....fed up of trying I just clicked ok and all is well. The odd thing now is that it says Im up to date with yet my broken PACE has installed - oh well seems to be working ok (y)


I posted it and mine is still due :D haha


just got mine delivered - thanks OP

Huami Amazfit GTS Global Version Smart Watch £90.74 Delivered using code (EU Shipping) @ AliExpress Deals / amazfit Official Store
107° Expired
Posted 6th JulPosted 6th JulShipping from SpainShipping from Spain
Still a really nice looking smartwatch and a great display over the Amazfit bip. Select Spain collect the store coupon and use the code LIVEAMAZFIT Colours: black, grey, blue,… Read more

Check amazon, especially other sellers. We got a pink one from amazon (the seller) for a 108,worth a look


Ok cool. The code is now expired so I'll wait for the next deal to come round.


Gtr is a round version, but not quite as good if I remembering correctly


I think I'm sold! Does anybody know the difference between GTS against the GTR?


It's great, honestly. I am loving the move away from the big brands. Better last approx 9 to 10 days, with always on screen turned off, 24hr HR and sleep monitoring. It is low profile, looks good, light and quite cheap. It works very well for me. Its so good that the wife is getting one too and selling her galaxy watch! Notifications are a bit basic, but honestly, who responds or reads to texts and emails using their watch? Not me! Get ya phone out!

Xiaomi Amazfit Cor Band 2 Fitness Smart Band Activity Tracker - Black - £23.99 Delivered @ MyMemory
175° Expired
Posted 30th JunPosted 30th Jun
Seems like good specs Key Features: Touchscreen Bluetooth Activity tracking (Steps, distance & calories burnt) 24/7 heart rate tracking Water resistance: 50m Pedome… Read more

No idea about these but have thought about trying one...also have a Xiaomi phone. Probably stupid question time but can you use this as a stand alone thing on your wrist without a phone in your pocket ? I assuming you can ...also can all the data info be viewed on it on your wrist ..or downloaded later via an app or something? Bit of an old luddite so a bit more clueless than normal


Basic Comparison


Out of curiosity - is this better than mi band 5 which is similar price?

Amazfit Verge Lite English Version GPS Sportswatch £53.48 delivered from EU(using code)@ AliExpress Deal / Amazfit Huami Store
222° Expired
Posted 30th JunPosted 30th JunShipping from SpainShipping from Spain
Update 2
new code is HAPPY9makes it to £53.48
Collect the store coupons (£4.18 in total) and use the code DIAFELIZ which gives you and additional £20.92 off. Lovely smartwatch with so many benefits: built in GPS AMOLED… Read more

Is the HUAWEI Watch GT worth the extra £27. It looks like better quality.


Can you link these to strava and other apps?


So this comes with GPS and good battery. How about notifications, heart rates, NFC and etc?


these got pai ?


Seller is xiaomiofficestore sent from UK 48 hour tracked by royal mail. Had them a few weeks now

Amazfit Pace Global Version Smartwatch - £42.20 @ AliExpress / Amazfit Official Store (Spain)
308° Expired
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th JunShipping from SpainShipping from Spain
Really good price for the Global Version shipped from Spain, $2 Store coupon, $6 Select Coupons (3x $2) then AESS007 for $7 off. A friend ordered an hour or two ago no problem. Pay… Read more

My friend who ordered this a couple of hours after I posted the deal had theirs delivered today.


Tracking hadn't moved since shipping. It was stuck at "Accepted" by the shipper wherever that was but it arrived today.


I too got the request to extend. Finally shipped on Tuesday and according to the tracking has been 'handed to GLS'. Got a parcel force tracking number too, although that means I'll have to go and pick it up, I'm yet to have parcel force deliver a package to me successfully without me having to collect it!


Mine shipped earlier today. I got the request to extend a couple of days ago.


Had a request to extend processing time by 2 days, 3 days ago. Still not shipped so extended it again. When the alternative is a refund I can get stuffed.

Amazfit Pace Smartwatch - £47.29 - AliExpress/amazfit Official Store (Ships from Spain)
278° Expired
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th JunShipping from SpainShipping from Spain
Cracking price with delivery from Spain (avoiding all import taxes) price is applicable at checkout with discount code AESS007 . Activity & Sport Tracking- Track d… Read more

cheers...looking forward to it.....headphones/extra strap a nice bonus..... :D


I have that and its a great watch - only downside you can't get the gpx data out - unless you have a Huawei or Honor phone and even then not straightforward. I can forgive it though - very good choice.


hi i had a reply from aliexpress............shipping will not be til later next week....i have cancelled my order and gone for the honor magic watch 2 with freebies listed on here for £115 instead cheers


Hmmm. i'll try here....this or the Honor Watch Magic?


Had anyone had this shipped yet? That count down timer to cancellation is getting very close!

Amazfit T-Rex Sports Smartwatch - 20 Days Battery AMOLED Screen - £124 / £119 With Revolut Etc. @ Amazon Spain
217° Expired
Posted 11th JunPosted 11th JunShipping from SpainShipping from Spain
My next Smartwatch, cheaper than Amazon UK was. Temporarily out of stock but available to order With the new Amazfit T-Rex you can enjoy a true off-road smartwatch, since thanks … Read more

Ok thanks mate been on there can only find £3 ones lol ...cheers anyway


It was delivered in 3-4 days AliExpress is littered with discount codes and vouchers so it's just pot luck I guess


Cheers long did it take to come from Spain please? is there any coupons you know of?


It was in AliExpress, amazfit official store during the summer sale event they had on


Mate where is this from please

Amazfit T-Rex Smart Watch with Military Certifications, Tough Body, 20-day Battery Life, GPS - £135.99 @ Amazon
101° Expired
Refreshed 10th JunRefreshed 10th Jun
Cheaper from chinese sites and eBay, but might be good for peeps who want it from Amazon? Out of stock at the moment, but can order. Amazon blurb follows Strong Resistance to… Read more
Avatardeleted2512491Get deal*Get deal*

Got mine early Feb , mice watch but just upgraded to the Casio G-Shock move 1000 with solar charging


Want this to add to my collection but price still too high. Under £100 would be more realistic


I sell them bud. Multiple places tbh.


Need a phone? Ask Switchy... Questions about tech? Switchy'll know... No sarcasm here mate. Just wondering which outlet you use to dispose of all of your 'old' stuff.


I wouldn't say that (embarrassed) Or are you practicing sarcasm? (cheeky) (cheeky)

Global Version Amazfit Stratos 3 (Xiaomi) Smart Watch GPS/14Days - £96.49 delivered @ AliExpress Deals / Shenzhen M. Technology Co., Ltd.
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th JunShipping from ChinaShipping from China
Great discount when you use the code WATCH120 Price is under £100 (y) Highlights 5ATM Water Resistant: 50 meters water resistant ,equivalent to water pressure of 50 met… Read more

Thanks for letting me know. Hoping you will get it (embarrassed)


Hey Sisqoboy, just to let you know... Seller cancelled order (after dispatched ?) but thanks for posting. I'm hoping somebody got one before the axe fell... Great post. Many thanks again (y)


I used desktop site for code. Tried code again on app and it wouldn't accept it, I presumed it was because I'd already used code on account. Maybe it's only working on only one/other. Hope you get it to work. From reviews it's a cracking watch...


Thanks for your comment. I reopened the deal however I couldn't apply the code again.. . (confused)


Showing 49 still in stock....

Xiaomi (Huami) Amazfit Pace GPS Smartwatch - £53.99 Delivered @ Amazfit Official Store Aliexpress
248° Expired
Posted 6th JunPosted 6th JunShipping from ChinaShipping from China
Xiaomi (Huami) Amazfit Pace GPS Smartwatch - £53.99 Delivered @ Amazfit Official Store Aliexpress
£53.99 Free P&P FreeAliExpress Deals
Whole lot of watch for the price. GPS Heart Rate Monitor On Board Music with 4GB Storage Sleep Tracking. Bluetooth Syncs to Strava Not a new model but at this price it's hard to … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Damn, should have waited. In for the long haul. ;( (annoyed)


As of this morning stock in all colours available to be posted from within the EU (Spain) which should prevent risk of import charges etc...


Tamister are the colour bezel protectors I purchased originally on AliExpress. If you order just be careful pulling on and off as you can crack in two easily. I ordered and modded a different charger so I didn't have to remove all the time with the out of the box charger. Had to scrape some plastic of the left hand side grip in the middle to fit watch in with surround on to charge. Dock elasticated or pull to fit in


Half a cotton bud within white surround give you some idea


I actually have skinny wrists, size comparison cotton bud if that helps

Amazfit Pace Smartwatch Amazfit Smart Watch £58.47 @ AliExpress amazfit Official Store
267° Expired
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th MayShipping from ChinaShipping from China
Amazfit Pace Smartwatch Amazfit Smart Watch £58.47 @ AliExpress amazfit Official Store
58 quid is a bargain for this imo On board music Notifications GPS Syncs with Strava NFC doesn't work otherwise it would pretty much have all I desire Possible customs, ay by c… Read more

Thanks for the reminder, forgot about ability to shuffle, some of the settings are on next level. Down of menus. I agree think it's a great buy for the cash


Bought this two years ago at the price of £70 at the time it had all the features of the garmins and half the price. since then i have not been disapointed with my purchase. there has been a few quirks. for some reason the step counter got stuck, reboot sorted that out. what it regards as a flight of stairs is higher than the average house. so i never get a reading from that. the screen is the best. lcd under e-ink display. so it sips the battery and is ledgible in all lights. in fact in direct light its more ledgible. if some one else did this i would buy their watch as well. battery life with constant heartbeat is about a week. suposidly water proof. ive washed it but not went swiming or submerged it. the two grips i have with it are dedicated charger anf the watch has categorties for excersize. there is nothing for rowing machine. although this is a old watch i would say its stil relevant. battery life and screen keeps it a contender. The only feature that this wont have is o2 sensor. i would buy again unless a compeditor came along with all the same features and most importantly a e ink display


It asks for my region when I put UK in


It asks for the region when I put up in


I am not sure if your are putting the word "Ireland" somewhere in your address? Perhaps just try the post code and put UK?

Xiaomi Amazfit GTR 47mm Lite Waterproof Smart watch with 24Days battery - £72.17 delivered @ AliExpress Deals / Fagesiwei Store
209° Expired
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th MayShipping from ChinaShipping from China
Xiaomi Amazfit GTR 47mm Lite Waterproof Smart watch with 24Days battery - £72.17 delivered @ AliExpress Deals / Fagesiwei Store
£72.17£83.4013% Free P&P FreeAliExpress Deals
Good price on this Lite version of the Amazfit GTR . Use the code FAGESIWEI528 to get to the £72.17 Break the Limit of Endurance Amazfit GTR smart watch features classic … Read more


All GTR's have plain bezel. Those user pics show an after market bezel like this.... Aimtel Bezel Styling Compatible with Amazfit GTR 47mm Cover,Bezel Ring Adhesive Cover Anti Scratch&Shock Stainless Steel Protection for Amazfit GTR 47mm/Huawei Watch GT 46mm


No GPS on this watch.


I've had the Amazfit Bip for a while, is this a decent upgrade? I much prefer the plain bezel the OP posted.


Amazfit PowerBuds Bluetooth 5.0 in-ear earphones with heart rate monitor and 24 hours playback for £77.81 delivered using code @ Gearbest
96° Expired
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th MayShipping from ChinaShipping from China
Amazfit PowerBuds Bluetooth 5.0 in-ear earphones with heart rate monitor and 24 hours playback for £77.81 delivered using code @ Gearbest
£77.81£82.696% Free P&P FreeGearBest Deals
Only a bit cheaper than AliExpress, but a much faster delivery from China. These Amazfit Powerbuds are from one of the many Xiaomi brands, Amazfit. It normally makes smart watches,… Read more

If your earphones are connected to a phone, that's been available for years of course (telling you or not). If they're not... they're probably not much use, actually!


If you're after a monitor you won't see, there's the woop(?) Band. Or just stick your phone in your pocket.


I'm not sure I want them but it could be an idea not like I need headphones to tell me my heart is beating either.😜


So you want headphones that also store music and GPS?


Won't be long before gps in earphones telling you distance pace etc. I appreciate watches exist for that but some people like running without constantly knowing, how long, how fast, but want to view the data afterwards. I know my most relaxed and enjoyable runs are just that runs and some tunes...

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