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Posted 1 August 2023

Qualiko Mini Chicken Breast Fillets 2.5kg

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  1. texsup's avatar
    Are these fresh or frozen?
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  2. dlp1968's avatar
    Difficult to separate if you only want say 500 grams...anyone got any tips on doing this?
    Raggo_84's avatar
    I usually buy a kilo of boneless chicken and bag up separate portions in ziploc bags and freeze for whenever I need. Then defrost it in cold water either in or out of the bag. Takes no time at all
  3. Harris_Durrani's avatar
    I have seen these in farmfood and understand its mini but the chicken are small size pieces. Skeptical that it even 2.5k. The pieces look flat.
    heavywater's avatar
    They are usually flatter compared to the larger chicken breasts. Mini fillets are the secondary muscle under the main pectoralis breast muscle, the supracoracoideus muscle. They're used as part of the flight mechanism, which is why they're generally very tender as chickens are too obese to fly very far. I have petitioned for supermarkets to rename 'mini fillets' to 'succulent supracoracoideuses' but I don't think my emails are getting delivered properly because nobody has responded so far.

    Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
  4. brooklynsindahouse's avatar
    Plus if you sign up for the newsletter you get like $2 of 25
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  5. Willy_Wonka's avatar
    Obviously photo shopped.

    No mucus showing in the package.
  6. knocka's avatar
    Thanks op , these are good when I do my curry
    bellboys's avatar
    Very welcome
  7. shama.khan's avatar
    Thanks op
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  10. macD78's avatar
    Go to


    enter your email, or use one of many temporary email providers,

    (https//te…m/ works for me - plenty more online)

    get £ off vouchers...

    Edit - deleted tcb thing - must have made that up ? (edited)
  11. AMandeDuncan's avatar
    Mostly goo.
  12. kcajjones's avatar
    100% chicken breast? With added water? Free range? UK meat?
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