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O2 Sim, 12 Mth Contract, EU Roaming - 30GB (60GB with Volt) for £8 per Month - MSE / o2

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New Customer:

Data: Double Data If you qualify for VOLT benefit
Minutes: Unlimited
Texts: Unlimited
Contract Length: 12 months
Features: Free Disney+, O2 Priority benefits
Roaming: Free EU Roaming included Roaming in Europe

- 30GB (60 GB with Volt) for £8 per month
15GB (30 GB with Volt) for £7 per month

Following deals are only available via HUKD ( Credit to OPs)

- 10GB (20 GB with Volt) for £5 per month
- 60GB (120 GB with Volt) for £10 per month

*If you qualify for VOLT benefit, you will get Free upgrade of existing Virgin Media broadband Speed to next available Tier and Double data for your SIM

Existing Customer

Additional Plan

If you are an existing O2 pay monthly customer, you can add an additional plan with 20% multisave discount Multisave | Plans & Tariffs | O2 Text LOYALTY to 21500 from your new number, within 28 days.

- 30GB (60 GB with Volt) for £6.40 per month with Multisave Discount
- 15GB (30 GB with Volt) for £5.60 per month with Multisave Discount
- 60GB (120 GB with Volt) for £8 per month with Multisave Discount
- 10GB (20 GB with Volt) for £4 per month with Multisave Discount

Switch existing Tariff

  • Click on the deal link ,
  • Go through the checkout and choose I'm an existing customer,
  • SIgn in to your O2 account
  • Choose upgrade my existing O2 number


O2 Sim only Plans via MSE

30GB (60 GB with Volt) for £8 per month


15GB (30 GB with Volt) for £7 per month

O2 More details at

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  1. hatot's avatar
    I have this and easily the Best deal/5G connection anywhere
    Immoraliste's avatar
    I've had real problems with data since moving onto a O2 contract (selected option that my phone is not 5G enabled) from Virgin Mobile. No data at all in many areas of central London (Regent St etc.), no data at all anywhere at Gatwick airport, no data at all at Victoria station, no data at all around Edinburgh Royal Mile, no data at all at very many popular locations when trying to start Google Maps for navigation. In all these situations, everyone else I was with had reliable access to data.
    Going to contact them about it next week when I have time, but it's really been abysmal and put me in repeated unwanted situations. I'm wondering whether it's something to do with the Virgin Mobile merger / old VM SIM, as I find it hard to believe any network could be totally unusable so often.
  2. shutsy2003's avatar
    The wife’s on this. Awful signal strength in WA6 postcode area. 
  3. PiratePete's avatar
    I have 2 sims one a smarty and the other an O2. Where I live the O2 sim is OK with good reception and download speeds, but like every provider signals vary depending where you are on both my networks. The best thing to do is ask family and friends what their signal is like and get a PAYG sim to trial it first.
    P1121's avatar
    Exactly this.

    Never understand the assertion many make on these Sim threads that any given network is rubbish and so by implication no-one should use them.
    How the main networks compare in my wee part of the UK has no real bearing on how it will be for those in completely different parts of the country.
    For my home and work etc O2 and Vodafone are far better than EE and 3. But that could be completely opposite for those in different areas. How someone in Bradford or Orkney finds a given network doesn't automatically apply the same to someone in Newcastle or Cornwall for example.

    Moneysavingexpert website has a useful coverage checker that gives results for any given postcode for all the four main networks.

  4. adil171's avatar
    Please be aware of 02 signal

    Absolutely shocking

    I was given many promises by Virgin before they switched but it really is a nightmare since the switch on 30th June.

    I will be requesting my PAC code tomorrow hopefully and then join either ID or VODA.

    You have been warned
    Simon_Whitfield's avatar
    Voda way forward 💯
  5. Simon_Whitfield's avatar
    Personally round London I found the 02 signal to be completely shocking and since moving to Vodafone sim only it’s been perfect  
  6. BestGear's avatar
    Just been trying to call O2 and I am now on hold for 90 mins... this is attrocious!
  7. Mabaig765's avatar
    I used to have Virgin mobile, excellent 5g connection full bars, Tilehurst Reading area. Since O2 took over, signals are pretty bad since. Only 4g and 2 bars. Browsing is bad at times. Not recommended. (edited)
    kaviraj's avatar
    Virgin used to use EE if I am not wrong.
  8. general_holding's avatar
    always have bad signal with them in London.
  9. rsty's avatar
    Are all these eligible for the volt travel inclusive zone benefit? I seem to remember only 20GB+ deals eligible (pre-double-up) but can’t find this in writing anywhere? Thanks in advance!
    CDF81's avatar
    They should all be eligible for the travel inclusive Volt benefit. ( although speed you get is still capped ). The non volt travel inclusive used to be available as an extra on 30GB and above tariffs until middle of 2022 when they changed to 100gb+ or “Plus” tariffs. Looking at the current wording, looks like it’s just Plus tariffs that have access now.

    Section 6 onwards lists the volt eligibility criteria and doesn’t reference a minimum amount of data to qualify

    o2.co.uk/ter…ged (edited)
  10. Sapientia's avatar
    I tried to get this SIM only offer online. Filled in my name, address, information about my phone, bank details even credit card info only to be told...

    Unable to continue

    Your order can't be completed.

    As well as our credit scoring system, we use business policies to check all new applications. This time you didn’t meet the minimum level.

    Our business policies are commercially sensitive, so we're unable to tell you the specific reason for rejecting your application".

    This is definitely not down to my credit score so I phoned O2 with the number provided on the page. Sales answered only to tell me he could not help and he put me through to Customer services who then told me they could not help and that I needed to speak to Sales. I told the lady Sales could not help so she put me through to the Credit department. The guy I spoke to here seemed confused and said I needed to speak to Sales. I relayed to him what they had said to which he replied he could not help me. At this point I said I would not waste anymore of his time and that I was a new customer and was going to take my business elsewhere which I did.

    I found the whole experience disappointing, insulting and very unprofessional.
    redduck's avatar
    I had the exact same issue as you. My credit score is 997 out of 999 on Experian but they still wouldn't let me have a third line. The total for three lines would have been £26/month so it wasn't like I was going to be a major debt risk (edited)
  11. jayjay266's avatar
    Is there a realistic network coverage checker that shows the networks side by side? Seems like when I enter my post code into any of the service providers' websites, they unsurprisingly come up as "good/great" but that's definitely not true
  12. AlisonC7's avatar
    not available anymore? I just get empty basket
  13. lord_belial78's avatar
    Terrible reception, they would need to pay me to use their sim;)
  14. net58's avatar
    Link not working
    Scrouge1953's avatar
    Take that as a sign !
  15. ripkord's avatar
    Friendly reminder than in certain areas o2 are massively oversubscribed. I couldn’t even get a webpage to load outdoors never mind stream audio. Cancelled within the 14 days they still charged me for the full year. Awaiting a refund. Absolute clowns.
    Immoraliste's avatar
    Yep - that's my experience, too. No access to data at all in many places. Not trying to stream video or audio, just trying to open a no frills webpage and more often than not you can't do it.
  16. jazzman466's avatar
    I massively regret going with o2, the internet speed is appalling even in areas with a good signal.
  17. hotdealshot010's avatar
    Years of under investment and flooding their network with too many connections to the point that their network has become a joke. Was once one of the best networks around. Not anymore.

    What good is a cheap contract if your don't get signal anywhere?
    Immoraliste's avatar
    That's what has surprised me. In the BT Cellnet days into the O2 float, it was positioned as a 'better' network. I hadn't been a customer for 10+ years, had enjoyed generally good service on Virgin Mobile through their T-Mobile/EE and Vodafone stints, and assumed that there's no way terrible networks could still exist. The last month of O2 since switching has been shockingly bad, and that's at popular locations throughout the UK.
  18. Gambini's avatar
    I have this and the signal is terrible pretty much everywhere … I mean, it works, just expect a lot of buffering and generally slow speeds.
  19. wesley_92's avatar
    Terrible reception in Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Wales is even worse. Managed to cancel within the 14 days! Check with friends / family instead of just checking a network coverage website as my area was supposed to be very good.
  20. LT123's avatar
    Moved 4 sims to 02 recently, 3 from Lebara, 1 from EE - gone from having great signal all the time to having zero signal at all in Manchester. Will be looking to get out of the contracts after we get back from holidays abroad
    Scrouge1953's avatar
    Don't do contracts do 30 day Sims please learn.
  21. iGlad's avatar
    The signal quality has gone down where I live but I must admit using it in Germany was brill and also Australia again brilliant service. We just don’t seem
    To be able go anything right with Tech in the UK.
  22. miguel_c's avatar
    O2 is great for roming only, in the UK offers some signal where other don't but the Internet is patetic nowhere near to call it 5G, the signal is there but speeds are way below 4G, calling the customer service to have removed the limitations doesn't help the only thing they tell is to connect to WiFi when possible :))?? In Germany absolute beast 650Mbps on the motorway, here 30-100Mbps on a very good day!
    finknottle's avatar
    What are you doing on the motorway to require 650 Mbps, running some kind of pirate data centre out of your boot?
  23. VikSep's avatar
    o2, the network that sucks in the UK, but works great in the rest of Europe.
    Anon32's avatar
    Well someone has to pay for ‘free’ eu roaming 
  24. daastle's avatar
    I have a virgin contract so this was perfect for me. I ended up leaving o2 against my wishes, their signal is abysmal in most of London , extremely unreliable and the tube WiFi was bad too. Meanwhile my partner on EE has 0 issues
    Scrouge1953's avatar
    Lol virgin then moved to O2
  25. Mooey's avatar
    02 signal has become shocking lately. I'm jumping ship to EE when mine is finished
    Osiferdribble's avatar
    Lol opposite for me...

    EE stand in garden hope for connection

    O2 perfect 4 bars in doors....
  26. Scrouge1953's avatar
    02 are pants
  27. ger_ryan22's avatar
    Looks a fantastic deal in fairness but only if O2 are actually decent in your area. They are rubbish in Manchester so there's no point 😞
  28. andros1963's avatar
    Seems on but personally I’d never sign up to a 12 month deal again 
    t3r4's avatar
    Agreed if you don't know how well O2 works for you. If you know you're happy with O2 and have VOLT I'd probably take a punt at this but not otherwise.
  29. Buckyball's avatar
    Crappy provider
  30. Lakeside's avatar
    Fantastic, cheers Op

    I didn't know you could get these deals as an existing customer. I just changed my wife's contract from 8Gb for £6/month to 20Gb for £5 (both with Volt).

  31. Grazz0r's avatar
    £18.75 quidco!
  32. nhope's avatar
    Buy phone contracts in April otherwise you suffer their inflation rate + 3.9% nonsense every time April comes around. (edited)
    tonyawesome69's avatar
    Ideally yes but not everyone can wait or have contracts that end in April unless you purchase a cheap PAYG sim like Lebara until April.

    You can change tariffs during your pay monthly contract so you can limit the exposure to the inflation rate price. (edited)
  33. gdglewis's avatar
    I’m on o2 crap service, and reliability. Will be finishing 12 month contract early.
  34. LD2DVD's avatar
    I’ve been on O2 for years but the signal is pretty awful even though I’m in a good zone. Great prices but frequently drops calls.
  35. tech_pete's avatar
    I love o2! Signal is poor however u get free greggs coffee, sausage rolls and bacon rolls! Priorities and all that
    FREEZIN_WOLF's avatar
    Apparently you get priority perks through Virgin.

    Not sure if it's Gregg's or just tickets though. I've not looked into it.
  36. N_Bb65's avatar
    960 Credit score and rejected

    Hot deal anyway, off to Smarty for me then!
  37. shindyroo's avatar
    My Virgin mobile 30 day rolling contract which costs me £7.95 for 20gb is being transferred to O2 in August with unlimited data for the same price. If you want a good deal I'd look at taking out a Virgin mobile contract whilst they're still available.
    FuriousD's avatar
    My wife has just moved from Virgin to 02 (by them because of the buyout), she was on £8 a month, they put it up to £13 and its worse data. Tried to change it the other day and 'can't change contract more than once in 30 days', we haven't changed it you did...
    Will probably put her on the £5 a month as detailed above. I am on this £8 one.
  38. Michael_Dexter's avatar
    Anyway to keep existing number for an existing customer?
    Mr.Plow's avatar
    Apparently yes, there's some info in the last part of the deal description.
  39. matteltoy's avatar
    Is roaming still bound by the monthly 12gb fair use policy?
    Mr.Plow's avatar
    No it's up to 25gb free roaming now (EU that is)
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