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8× 2ltr Pepsi Max/ Diet Pepsi £9 instore @ The Food Warehouse
LocalLocalFound 22 h, 42 m agoFound 22 h, 42 m ago
8 x 2ltr Pepsi Max and Diet Pepsi. £9. Thought this was quite cheap, Hope it helps someone.

I think they had the Pepsi Max Cherry as well


Sometimes they have Pepsi Cherry Max for same price. Only place cheaper than this now is Costco.


extra 10% off for NHS staff also


(cheeky) (party)

Pepsi max ginger cans - 10p instore @ Poundstretcher
LocalLocalFound 6th DecFound 6th Dec
In my local Macclesfield branch of poundstretcher they had the Pepsi max ginger 330ml cans for 10p, expiry date of November 18, so just out of date. Half a shelf left as I took 30,… Read more

Avoid their drinks which are close to expiry dates causes sore throat.


I’m surprised that the PC brigade haven’t been up in arms by saying this is offensive to carrot tops !


wish they would bring back the Pepsi Max Cino - loved that one.


Do you pay them 10p or do they pay you? (y)


Good for sore throats. Instead of cough meds... Kindest regards

Poundstretchers 12 glass bottles of diet pepsi £1, store specific instore only
Found 6th DecFound 6th Dec
Found the last crate at hallgreen poundstretchers branch. Dated November 2018 but tatses just fine.

I'd be careful with Diet Pepsi, I've previously bought some which was only a couple of months out of date and it had definitely gone off. Bought out of date Coke Zero and it was fine though.


Good find but I wouldn’t go on a wild goose chase to find it but have some heat

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6 x 330ml Cans Of Diet Pepsi For 50p In Poundstretcher
LocalLocalFound 5th DecFound 5th Dec
6 pack of Diet Pepsi for 50p in Poundstretcher, Cannock store. These have November 2018 date on though. Also had single Pepsi Max Ginger cans for 10p each. Lots of stock available… Read more
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I got donughuts for 18p otherday. But as it was short coded and not a national deal I thought there wasn't much point in posting on here


The only person who benefits from bbe dates are the manufacturers and shops.... Old ladies throwing out bags of flour or jars of mustard etc for no good reason. I tell them to take a look, have a sniff, if it looks ok it is. Common sense. My only exception would be if it’s something fortified with vitamins and minerals; like Kellogg’s cornflakes or protein powders - those vitamins and minerals degrade so while it would still be safe and taste ok you might not be getting all your vitamins etc If you are scared of buying things past their best then fair enough, more for the rest of us ;)


Ahh I don't like diet pepsi or Coke, but at this price I'd buy lots! If some people don't want to buy something past its best before date, all the more for me. If it was in any way dangerous they wouldn't allow it to be sold at all. Yum yum yum, buy buy buy (unless you're sensitive to cheap prices)


Ok, so not wanting this to become too boring, but do you understand the difference between a 'best before date' and a 'use by date'? You are quoting legalities in other countries, however I'm not sure you understand.


No you’re on the wrong mate ! I wouldn’t drink that one day past that date. In most Countries in the world it’s illegal to have such a product in the shop. Only here you’ll find this as a deal.

Coca Cola Zero Sugar 30x330ml, Diet Coke (30x330ml)  and Coca Cola  (24x330ml) £8.50 @ Asda or 2 for £17.00 at Morrisons (mysupermarket)
Found 5th DecFound 5th Dec
Stock up before Christmas before they put the price up again. Coca Cola Zero Sugar 30x330ml and Diet Coke (30x330ml) £8.50 @ Asda or 2 for £17.00 at @ Morrisons. Currently £8.0… Read more

I hate this deceptive marketing, they're not fooling anyone :D


I have seen it 3 different Iceland in London so presuming it's national.


Anyone know is this is national?




I brought a box of Coke zero for £7 today in Morrison's - so two boxes would be £14. Not sure £18.50 is a deal for me

72 x 330ml cans of Pepsi Max, Diet Pepsi or Fanta £18 or 25p a can @ Farm foods with possible extra £2.50 off
Found 5th DecFound 5th Dec
Offer just came through in the post from Farm foods with offer of x3 24 packs of diet Pepsi, Pepsi Max or Fanta for £18.00 which works out at 25p per 330ml can. Plus possible addi… Read more
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this is their standard price...rather than a "hot deal"


If you Google Farmfoods Vouchers you can get £2.50 off £25 or £5 off £50, brings it to about 5.40 a case, which for an a year round deal is generally unbeatable.


£5 for 24 pepsi max in Tesco from today


£6 / 24 cans is only average price, and then you have to store them all... (fierce) Sorry, not really a 'hot' deal.


Get another £2.50 if you spend £25 in store using their vouchers (see online)

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Giant cola gummy sweet £1 @ Poundland
LocalLocalFound 5th DecFound 5th Dec
Gummy sweet ideal for a stocking filler
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not had these in years


Didn't know gummy waxing was a thing (lol)


Oh only saw normal version at my local store I know you can get bigger but they just get chucked got a massive cola bottle for 9.99 last year and after a few bites got sickly, needless say is subsequently got covered in fluff and chucked 🤢


Great for picking up hairs


My local had cherry and orange versions

GIANT gummy cola bottle / strawberry £7.99 @ Home bargains
LocalLocalFound 5th DecFound 5th Dec
Found in home bargains lincoln today £7.99 each also smaller gummy bears £1.99 each
It's back! 2 X 3L diet Pepsi and Pepsi Max @ Iceland - £3.50
31/12/2018Expires on 31/12/2018Found 4th DecFound 4th Dec
It's back! 2 X 3L diet Pepsi and Pepsi Max @ Iceland
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You should always carry a bottle with you, I always stock up because Original Coke is the best and all this diet and zero makes me sick


Yep that is the same in my local Tesco,you'd think i was looking to buy a gram of coke,not a bottle. I feel like some sort of outcast for wanting sugar in my Coke,yet i can walk a a few more feet along and buy a trolley full of chocolate bars,or bags of sugar ! Like i said i have no issue with paying the extra,but I'm an adult and should at least have the bloody choice,and not have a supermarket or pub make the decision for me.


I was in one of the supermarkets recently. All I could find was Coke mango, Coke peach, coke fierry cherry, Coke zero, coke cherry zero, diet coke, coke with no coke...but could I find regular full sugar Coke? Like **** I could!


Are there sugar tax for diet and max??


There are... it's what you would've paid this time last year, plus the sugar tax! (y)

24 cans Pepsi Max scanning at £3.25 Iceland Newmarket
LocalLocalFound 4th DecFound 4th Dec
Popped into Iceland in Newmarket earlier. Display at door for 24 cans Pepsi Max for £6. At till came up at £3.25. Works out at 13p per can. Probably won’t last long as even gir… Read more
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There's no sugar in it, and you're gonna die anyway.


XD Drink water this stuff will rot your teeth and you'll die slowly (lol)


Anyone found this at other stores?




What's the expiry date like?

24 Cans Of Pepsi Max OR Diet Pepsi £5 (plus weekly offers) @ Tesco from 5/12
Refreshed 22 h, 58 m agoRefreshed 22 h, 58 m ago12/12/2018Expires on 12/12/2018
Seems a good deal, 24 cans of pepsi for £5 (diet or pepsi max) Tesco Weekly offers Other weekly tesco offers Tesco large beef roasting joint - Half Price Was £11 per… Read more

Had this joint yesterday Sunday, tasty enough but tough as old boots, followed cooking instructions, wouldn't buy again


Cheers just bought a couple


£5.69...just bought some cases couple of days ago


price is normally charged at the day of delivery so you should pay the lower price. it works the other way round as well if you order a deal but it end before you delivery date you can't have it.


Nice price, 20.8p per!

12 x 275ml Fentimans Curiosity Cola £10.08 + free delivery (non Prime) with code FREEDELIVERY
Found 3rd DecFound 3rd Dec
This is by far one of the best tasting Colas I have tasted, it tastes like cola bottle sweets! Can vary in price individually in shops, this is a steal for 12 bottles.
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I read it on Amazon. I'm almost certain that it doesn't have aspartame in it, that's the point of them listing ingredients, is it not?


Don't believe everything you read on Facebook. Stick to facts


Also goes nicely with Malibu


So they make Coke with ginger for that fizz?


Bang some Havana Club or Sailor Jerry in this for an awesome R&

Barr Cola - 4 x 330ml (In-Store and Online) - £1 @ Morrisons
Found 3rd DecFound 3rd Dec
Works out at 25p per can or 7.6p per 100ml. Seems like a decent deal. Plus, I actually prefer it over other cola brands :-)

Been this price for weeks; also have Creme Soda, Bubblegum and Limeade. Same price in ASDA they have Lemonade instead of Bubblegum, at least in my locals.


Rola Cola?


Blah...hate sweeteners. Only time I ever have them is if they're doing a promo and the evil Coca cola gives those mini cans. Other than that, deffo go for the regular stuff not lite or zero or any such rubbish


I think it's a gene thing, most of my friends simply can't taste the sweeteners, i can taste nothing else :(


Same price in Home Bargains and they have Cherry flavour also

Coca Cola Designated Driver campaign Buy One Get One Free Back from today for it's 11th Year
31/12/2018Expires on 31/12/2018Found 1st DecFound 1st Dec
Coca Cola Designated Driver campaign Buy One Get One Free Back from today for the 11th Year For the 11th year in a row, we are bringing back our Designated Driver campaign. We wan… Read more

two vodka please. just saying


It’s not an English class !


The real problem here is putting something 'artificial' (ie man-made) into your body over something 'natural' ie sugar (I mean real sugar that is, ie unrefined raw cane, not refined white sugar, although that imo is preferable to Rumsfeld's (yes, that Rumsfeld!) Aspartame or for that matter any 'artificial' sweetener. The clue is in the word 'artificial'. Fools can carry on consuming it. We do, as you say, all have different preferences - trouble is many of them are very ill-advised. But like you say it can be a preference or choice. Me, put something artificial inside my body, not a chance if I have the choice. And I do! :D Coke was great in the 60s. If ONLY I could take people back and show them what it tasted like with the ingredients then. Today, well up until last year, I used to have just one Coke a year to remind me how f awful it tastes in comparison to back then.


Ever heard of a full-stop or a comma???


Actually that’s completely untrue it’s at a 4 year increase of people dying on roads either by drink driving or by a drunk driver so I think it’s a great idea of Coca Cola offering as no other companies have offered & anything to save a life you only understand when you’ve known someone who has died by a drink driver this msg prob won’t be shown but at least I’ve tried to promote the Coca Cola offer !

Pepsi Max/Max Cherry 24 x 330ml £6 @ Ocado
Found 30th NovFound 30th Nov
Full Product Name: Low Calorie Cherry Cola Flavoured Soft Drink with Sweeteners
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I just bought a pack of 24 Pepsi Diet for £4.99 at Lidl.


Pepsi max is far nicer than coke


But there's no Micro SD Slot? And it's not got wireless charging. I heard the cameras poor, as well.


Pepsi Diet, 330 ml (Pack of 24) Was £6 yesterday.


Wish I could like a comment more then once

120 cans Pepsi Max £21.98 delivered at Amazon pantry
Found 30th NovFound 30th Nov
Ok, don’t need that many but some people might and it saves lugging them back from the shops ;) they were £8 a case last time I looked but they’re now £6 per case of 24 they are… Read more

My mother is a pepsi snob and she hasn't said anything about her delivery so probably not! :D


Got my today tastes different for some reason. Anyone else agree?


Not so good now the £10 off £30 has changed to £15 off £50 :( best deal at the moment is the lemonade at £5.59 a case of 24, less 20% and free delivery and the £15 off if you buy enough of em, 216 cans for £28.22 in this case :)


Back in stock now.


Well I concede, you've clearly had more involvement with medical professionals than me.

Prime Members - Diet Pepsi 24 pack £6 / Pantry stack £21.98 for 120 cans
Found 29th NovFound 29th Nov
For those who missed the Pepsi Max earlier, Diet Pepsi is now in stock (y) £6 for 24 cans, or add 5 cases (120 cans total) to the basket & it’s stacks the £10 off a £30 spend… Read more
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Ordered. Thank you


Voted hot and bought. I bought Pepsi Max as well . Guess winter cold drinks sorted


Ta, expired it


Oos? No option to add to basket.


If only this was coke cans

18 X 330 ml Coca Cola Zero sugar/Diet Coke for £5 @ Tesco In store
LocalLocalFound 28th NovFound 28th Nov
Zero Sugar and Diet Coke Only, Found In West London in store.

My local Lidl had Diet Coke but not Pepsi Max in that offer.


24 pack in lidl yesterday £4.99 in Chadwell heath also had 18pk same price


Although Iceland has 24 for 5.60 at the moment, which is better.


Decent, 27p a can. Crazy that ppl pay 3-4x that for a single can in a shop like WH Smith...


lol .hehehe..I tried the mango one, I didn't like those at all (poo)

(Prime members only) 24 Cans of Pepsi Max £6 at Amazon Pantry (120 cans for £21.98 with pantry discount)
Found 28th NovFound 28th Nov
24 Cans of pepsi now £6 with amazon pantry for prime members. Can also get 120 cans for £21.98 with the pantry discount (£20 + £1.98 delivery as although they qualify for free del… Read more
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"We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. " Diet pepsi is in stock however


OOS again, hopefully they add more again soon :) Edit: Says there's more on the way :P


Did you contact them or did it apply automatically? Cheers




I think there may be a limit of how many you can buy, I have bought 2x 5 crates and it won't let me order any more.

cola willies £2 @ Hawkins Bazzaar - £2.50 c&c
Found 27th NovFound 27th Nov
Was £4.00 They’re very lick-able, have a smooth, yet rough surface and are a real joy to put in your mouth; it’s safe to say that Cola Bottles have been a staple part of nearly ev… Read more

Secret santa back of the net. Hot


Currently drinking craft beers.


I'm more incline where are the cola pussies.




Nah, you should have gone with the chocolate ones. Now there is a quality product!

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