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Pepsi max raspberry 500ml 39p instore @ Home Bargains Prenton / Wirral
Posted 12th JulPosted 12th JulLocalLocal
Spotted in my local homebargains prenton / wirral. Not showing on the homebargains website so assuming store specific, but if anyone spots in their local homebargains please feel f… Read more
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Imagine moaning at someone enjoying a bottle of pop on a deal forum. Sort yourself out lad


That's the idea. Get you hooked. Full of crap. Don't believe me, look around you, the masses drink this stuff usually to wash down their 'fast crap' food, and almost everyone is obese. In the 60s we drank Coke, we drank Corona - I loved Limeade - delivered to your door weekly by the crateload - but there was no crap in it. Today they blame 'sugar' but replace it with stuff far worse.Look around at people back then, nobody was fat, let alone obese. It was common back then to have bowl of sugar lumps on the table. My aunt could eat a bowlful at a sitting - she lived to 98! No additives and sweeteners back then. No fear of sugar.


Agrees raspberry is the best!


Somebody needs to PM andrewworrall1. He needs to get on this yesterday.


Still tastes nice lol

Coca Cola Glasses 3/2 packs £2.99 @ Lidl Birmingham
Posted 9th JulPosted 9th JulLocalLocal
Official Coca Cola glasses in 3 different designs, personally liked the can design. 2/3 packs. Seen in Lidl in Bordesley Birmingham. 3x 350ml 3x 370ml 2x420ml

I just took a look at the html of the image and it is a link to the Lidl website, which just adds to the confusion, because you shouldn't be able to do what you are doing.


I cannot work out why it works for you and not me. I tried with an old version of Android and with the very latest one on a seperate phone, both had the same issue.


If I click the deals main picture , it expands, if there are more pictures the the post they expand too.


Just checking we are talking about the same thing. If I click the additional images they expand on PC and Android, but clicking the original small image posted just takes me to whatever site the deal is linked to. Is it the same for you?


I have an android phone and some as @deanwall, touch on picture and it expands.

Pepsi Max Cherry Cans 24 X 330Ml in store Portsmouth Tesco Express (possibly nationwide) - £6.50
93° Expired
Posted 8th JulPosted 8th JulLocalLocal
Pepsi Max Cherry Cans 24 X 330Ml

I know its been £7 for 24 as had a home del 2 days ago , and always stock up on PMC cans or bottles


Price has been changed to 8.80 now! ;( Must have been a store error. I will expire this.


Wishing for raspberry in the bigger packs :)


I know crazy! It’s not online other.


What's odd, is that this is the price in my Tesco Express but not the larger Tesco's in town!

Fentimans 6x750ml large bottles of curiosity cola £12 @ Amazon (+£4.49 Non-prime)
Posted 3rd JulPosted 3rd Jul
I've recently fallen in love with these colas and been looking to find them a bit cheaper than RRP. Normally it's just heron foods that reduces them but here I've found Amazon sell… Read more

Never any deals for Dandelion & Burdock


These are ok, they catch my throat a first couple of days but i got used to it... BTW you have to consume within 3 days after opening at least thats what it says on the bottle, it can go flat after the first day ive noticed.


Just trawled through emails and I got mine October 2016, still paying 3.99 per month (shock) edit: scratch that says 2017 i'm blind, about to expire then (unicorn) gutted


These are nice but have 21grams of sugar....(annoyed)


Mine expired last month. Had it for after 3 year. Renewed now but was asked for proof of ID.

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Pepsi Max 24 cans £7 Prime / £11.49 Non-Prime (later dispatch than usual July - August) @ Amazon
68° Expired
Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
Pepsi Max 24 cans £7 Prime / £11.49 Non-Prime (later dispatch than usual July - August) at Amazon Says mine will arrive 8th August 2020, so consider this as a pre-order. My Birthd… Read more
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Just got an email saying I will receive this sooner than expected, on the 6th of July 2020 (originally 8th August 2020)


Back in stock! Unexpired


good deal. if you have one local, Farmfoods are doing 3 trays for £20.


Thanks, expired until / unless back in stock


All gone

750ml Bottle Fentimans Curiosity Cola - 79p instore @ Heron Foods Smallthorne
Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd JulLocalLocal
750ml Glass Bottle Fentimans Curiosity Cola. 79p. Found in Heron Foods Smallthorne. Usually national. Sainsbury's price £2.95. Morrisons Price £3.
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The 4 x 275ml packs of Fetimans Cola are hard to find now. I like the smaller bottles, it's better for keeping the fizz. This stuff is absolutely wonderful with Woods 100 Rum, which is on offer at Morrisons for just £20.


The large Curiosity Cola (& other varieties) cost £2.95 in Sainsbury's (shock) - I saw them this morning. I got the 4 pack Colas @ £1 yesterday. Heron does have some great bargains! (y)


Soda stream cola.


You can often get some good deals. They had a good deal in Heron Foods back in April or May on Apple Britvic 55 4 bottles for £1.


Elderflower in bolton store on tuesday

4 x 275ml Fentimans Curiosity Cola £1 @ Heron Foods Abbey Hulton.
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st JulLocalLocal
4 x 275ml Fentimans Curiosity Cola (1.1L) £1. Found in Heron Foods Abbey Hulton. Tesco price £3.53p. Should be national. Botanically brewed Full-flavour Traditional curiosity … Read more
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Hi, Moreton (Wirral) store had the sets of Curiosity Colas, Ginger Beers and Old English Root Beers all @ £1. Large 750ml bottles of Cola @ 79p, and 500ml Ginger Ales @ 69 p each or 2 for £1. Also individual 275ml bottles of Cola and sparkling Elderflower 39p each or 4 for £1 and various Fentimans tonics. Great bargains!!


Don't think stores are getting anymore stock other than what they already have. Manager in my local scanned them with order pad and it came up out of stock at warehouse.


Stock in Smallthorne this morning.


None in Stone in case it helps anyone, just the tonic waters.


This is good stuff my wife's a hospital staff nurse and Waitrose have given a load of near sell by date to her ward

Chicago Town Takeaway Large Stuffed Pepperoni / Cheese / Sticky Sweet Cola BBQ Pizza - £2.50 @ Sainsbury's
28/07/2020Expires on 28/07/2020Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Decent price for these large Pizzas from next Wednesday at Sainsbury's. Chicago Town Takeaway Large Stuffed Pepperoni Pizza 645g Chicago Town Takeaway Large Stuffed Cheese Pi… Read more
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I’m a fan of the Sainsbury’s counter pizzas, although no go at the moment with corona


Yeah definitely. The cola bbq ones are the closest thing to a bbq dominos pizza for me and it's like 1/5 of the price....and that's with their 40% offers on!!! These are class, pepperoni is decent to!




The Tiger Crust ones are delicious. I take it these ones will be tasty as well.


Couldn't say, some do and some don't mate, as strange as it sounds. Although it's usually cardboard rather than paper :)

Pepsi Max 2 Litre Bottle - £1.60 Prime / £6.09 Non-Prime @ Amazon
-160° Expired
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Pepsi Max 2 Litre Bottle - £1.60 Prime / £6.09 Non-Prime at Amazon
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Thanks have expired




On offer at £1.50 in Tesco just now. Iceland £1.50. Food Warehouse does a case deal on 8 at much less than that too. But of course not delivered to the front door


2 bottles for £2.50 in Farmfoods, but honestly if this was still in stock on Amazon I’d buy because I’m lazy (lol)


2L bottles used to be £1 each a few years ago, ridiculous price hike and this is zero cal so should be sugar tax free. Funny how the full sugar versions are the same price so looks like profiteering. Anyone have any ideas on this?

Seiko Samurai Pepsi SRPB99K1 - £237.15 delivered using Blue Light code @ Ernest Jones
356° Expired
Posted 29th JunPosted 29th Jun
Pepsi Seiko Samurai. SRPB99K1 Really good price for this watch. Quidco 2% Proper 200m certified dive watch in the popular pepsi colours. Automatic, hand winding and hacking. Not se… Read more

I belive it was the early PADI Samurai's that came in the waterproof hard case, the later ones came in a hinged like below. Mine came in the latter from EJ.


I don't suppose anyone got this box in the video at 29 seconds?: I've just realised mine is a Save the Ocean box.


Good deal at extra 10% off. Getting into the real bargain category. Seiko samurai is still the best seiko out there. (y) I am sure I read that on here somewhere. (cheeky)


Spoke to EJ on the day my watch arrived after holding for about 40 mins (0800 458 1066 from the order email - which says it's H. Samuel Jewellers on the recorded message - all the same group - Signet). My watch itself is mint as far as I can see, at least externally, but as mentioned before, no warranty card, box and box hinge worn, no plastic protection on the strap and some cotton, but no tags on that cotton. The customer support lady was very good on the phone, though adamant they weren’t returns. She checked for replacement stock online and said they would send the watch to my closest EJ store and offer a discount too. She tried a couple of stores whilst I was on hold, but no stock anywhere, and said she'd get back to me the following day. The following day, she confirmed still no stock, but offered a 10% off, which I've accepted and had an email today to say back in the account 3-5 working days. Given the watch a really good scrub, and really happy with the watch itself, it's an absolute beaut but the slightly underhand EJ tactics have soured it a bit for a fair few. Cheers again, @gmacz


Someone got a good deal. Looked better than most "new" ones from EJ. I prefer the save the ocean blue but this was also a looker.

4 x 1.5L Coca Cola Zero. (6L) £.2.99 @ Heron Foods Bentilee
Posted 29th JunPosted 29th JunLocalLocal
4 x 1.5L Coca Cola Zero Sugar. (6L) £.2.99. Found in Heron Foods Bentilee. Usually national. 4 x 1.5L of Coca Cola Zero, for under 75p a bottle!
Fentimans Curiosity Cola (125ml) - 29p instore @ Heron Foods, Boldon
903° Expired
Posted 27th JunPosted 27th JunLocalLocal
Spotted these in Herons (Boldon Store).. They were 29p each or 5 for £1. Assuming it’s National as they’ve been selling Fentimans stuff off cheap for the past couple weeks. These … Read more
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Haven't touched Coke/Pepsi or caffeinated coffee for about 10 years but can't resist this stuff, love it!




Thanks for sharing 😁


This Cola has peaked my curiosity...and hope it doesn't kill the cat...


Previously I used camelcamelcamel. I now use keepa as it has more functionality.

24 cans Coca Cola Cherry £9 Iceland Swansea
Posted 27th JunPosted 27th JunLocalLocal
Important. This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item. Please shop responsi… Read more

Same price at farmfoods too, regular cherry coke


Great price most places up here, North East sell these for 90p - £1 per can.


This product contains precisely zero fat.


Same price at farmfoods too, (think farmfoods is national) but I thought it was good for full sugar


Currently 6 pack £3.50 @tesco on offer so £14 a case.some people don't look and just vote.prob getting it mixed up with no sugar variants.

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar 30x330ml £9.00 @ Waitrose & Partners
Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar 30x330ml £9.00 @ Waitrose Sparkling Low Calorie Soft Drink with Vegetable Extracts with SweetenersZero sugar. This product is GMO free. This product is glu… Read more

So it is, must have just gone up cus I bought a box on Tuesday for £6.50. Diet Pepsi is £7. Tesco seem to alternate reductions between 24 packs of Diet Coke and Pepsi. Although I swear Pepsi usually drops to £6.


4 x 24 pack for £24 in Farmofoods.


No deal


I do not own a time machine


£6.50 in my Tesco a couple of days ago.

Coca Cola Coke Zero 24X330ml or Diet Coke 24 X 330 Ml Pack £6.50 at Tesco
834° Expired
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
Coca Cola Coke Zero 24X330ml or Diet Coke 24 X 330 Ml Pack £6.50 at Tesco Coke Zero - Diet Coke -… Read more
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Still £6 at my local


The offer has ended.


It's not, they're £8 in Sainsbury's


Also £5.99 in Aldi.


£6 at Sainsbury's for weeks now

Pepsi Max Cans 24 Pack (Regular Max & Cherry Max) - £6.50 each @ B&M Retail
Posted 21st JunPosted 21st Jun
Important. This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item. Please shop responsi… Read more
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Loads available in my local in Cleveleys on the Fylde Coast. @goldy12


Also £6.50 at the Halifax store


I've had the odd sealed empty can but never had a can split and I've dropped quite a few (I'm a clumsy person!)


Same price at mccolls if you have one near u


The cans themselves are made with such thin material they’re easily split and they’d lance you open. Be mindful of that when transporting.

HUSKY Coca-Cola HUS-HU252 Mini Fridge - Red - £101.99 with code @ Currys / eBay
339° Expired
Posted 16th JunPosted 16th Jun
Hope it helps someone The compact, table top size is versatile for use throughout the house and is perfect for parties or for general use, freeing up space in the main household… Read more

How damaged is it? Any photos? Not saying I don't believe you but just curious to know how bad it is. Good luck getting it resolved.


Did you manage to get this resolved? Despite getting a 'despatch' e-mail last Wednesday mine hasn't even been collected yet. Went on earlier to check their ebay feedback and there are lots of horror stories so not sure what to expect now.


Well, mines just arrived, 12 days after ordering and it`s badly damaged. stuck in a long phone Queue now to get it resolved. 55 mins and counting ;(


Cheers for the heat (highfive)


This is the fridge I have and it's suitable for storing Pepsi Max. Heat added OP

Genetic Nutrition Creatine Polyhydrate (Hydrochloride) cola or unflavoured 300g £7.20 free delivery over £30 @ cardiffsportsnutrition
38° Expired
Posted 16th JunPosted 16th JunLocalLocal
Creatine HCl has been shown to have superior properties to other forms of Creatine, specifically Creatine Monohydrate, due to its superior solubility and pH alignment with the huma… Read more

No a problem, if there is a difference it's percentile. This is more cost effective and same price as normal monohydrate too


Awesome, this will save a few quid then! Appreciate the post!


I'd put them on the exact same level mate


This looks great, have used Kre-Alkalyn for a long time, would you say this is better? Sometimes good to mix it up too I guess!

Coop super saver 2 pizzas and Budweiser £5 at Co-operative
14/07/2020Expires on 14/07/2020LocalLocalPosted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
Important. This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item. Please shop responsib… Read more
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Got this deal in-store at Wallasey Village today. A bargain! (y)




TBF mate, you're not wrong - I'm in my pyjamas most days at the mo, and that's working 6 days a week lol


A very Girlie comment, and I assume you had a Pyjama party as well?


I ordered the zero % beer and they did not substitute it with anything ( the delivery picker )

Two Pizza Express Pizzas, Side and a 4 Pack of Coca-Cola or Budweiser for £7 @ Asda
677° Expired
Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
Important. This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item. Please shop responsib… Read more
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Everytime i ordered this deal on website they substituted the pizza. Its worthy if you happen to be at an Asda though.


pizza = posh cheese on toast..


I had one yesterday from asda and to be honest it wasn't bad but not great. I actually prefer the aldi pizzas lol


Am I the only one who doesn’t like Pizza Express pizza? Restaurant pizza or the shop bought stuff?... any pizza express pizza just nasty...


this liknk looks promising

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