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An older console that’s still supported by Microsoft, the Xbox 360 remains a substantial machine. It launched legendary titles like Gears of War and ushered in an era of social gaming with the Xbox Live service. The HotUKDeals community hunt down offers from numerous stores and these are published on our dedicated Xbox 360 page. Read more
Samsung 360 camera (2017) £99.99 @ BT Shop
Found 17 h, 25 m agoFound 17 h, 25 m ago currently £99 in bt shop this is the updated 2017 model better design better funct… Read more

Good to know, maybe there was a dodgy batch. I read about a guy on reddit that had resorted to fitting cooling pipes! I've been using the LG 360 cam for a while (but no 4k) so might give the Samsung another look.


Never had mine overheat. I've filmed 20 min stage shows from a tripod under hot lights, worked fine all the time.


You don't need to use the Android app. You can set it up from the buttons on the side and use the supplied software. All the app does is show you the viewfinder but - here's why that's unimportant - it's 360 so it doesn't matter where it's pointing! I paid £220 for this so this price is a steal.


That is part of a 360 photo I took and it is pretty poor. The problem is you hear 4K and think it’s going to be great but that’s a lot of area for the pixels to cover. However, it does give a unique perspective and combined with a VR viewer it is a novel way to view you pictures and videos.


Yeah link dead even when you manually search you find the product but when you click on it it's also dead. :(

Blue Dragon Xbox 360 / One £3.74 @
Found 14th JunFound 14th Jun
Hironobu Sakaguchi, the Father of the Final Fantasy series, and Artoon present the world of Blue Dragon on Xbox 360. Featuring the character design of Akira Toriyama, the Fathe… Read more

We need more traditional rpgs!


Loved this game. I've still got the exclusive Japan-only faceplate with the dragon on it. I remember spending ages fighting poo snakes to level up. Got all chars to level 99 and almost one-shotted the final boss lol.


Not for every game taste for sure. >.<


One of the better games for my taste actually. I do recommend. Watch some youtube VOD's first tho, not for every taste.


You can get it from cex for £3

KingSpec SATA3 SSD 360GB £45.91  Aliexpress  Store: KingSpec Official Store
Found 8th JunFound 8th Jun
First post... Looks a good price for a 360GB SSD @ £45.91 delivered [Not sure if there are customs charges ??] They also have a 180GB for £26.95 Read/Write Speed:500~570 MB/S;450~… Read more

I know these are mostly positive but it just makes you wonder, if these are cheaper to make, why don't reputable brands like samsung and crucial do this to save money in order to provide higher capacities?


INIC6081 CONROLLER possibly from a company called initio . All other googles kept referrring to budget low-cost dram-less drives ,,, make of that what you will .... MLC flash ...


Here is 512gb £66.20


Had a couple of these drives and no problems with them.


Read the entire comment... I said Intel were the only ones with odd sizes up above and 530 series are old. It’s probably that but I still can’t find a teardown or proper review which is off-putting. Yes I know about RAISE but I’d never heard it called RAID 5. I don’t think we’ve seen a Sandforce drive for 3 something years now, even if Seagate did buy them but time hasn’t been kind to them either, I had so many failures or faults with those controllers.

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Xbox Live Gold 12 Month Subscription £22.79 @ Electronic First
Refreshed 15th JunRefreshed 15th Jun
Xbox Live Gold 12 Month Subscription (Brazil Region) *Works Worldwide Using Instructions Below Xbox Live is a supplemental service to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One gaming consoles tha… Read more

Yes they all do.


Possibly, all I did was set my location to Brazil using Tunnel bear, opened chrome then pasted the link for redeeming the code. No need for incognito etc


Works for me just extended my gold to october 2019 sweet heat added


Cheers, did it there using Tunnel Bear on my phone and no issues. Redeemed a UK code straight afterwards also to see if any conflicts with differenct region codes and no issues there either. Good til 2020 now :)


Topping up

(X360/XB1) Borderlands (GOTY content included for XB1 users) £1.00 instore @ CeX (Add £1.50 if delivered)
Found 7th JunFound 7th Jun
Saw it in CeX earlier when instore and thought it was a great price as the base game includes the GOTY content for Xbox One users as per Wiki page: ”All versions of the game, incl… Read more
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Awesome stuff, would be getting that for my ps4 pro 100%!


Rumour is as there is going to be a delay with Borderlands 3, that Borderlands 1 is being remastered as well


Bargain, best of the lot this is, better atmosphere and environment than the others. Was disappointed that it never got remastered. Buy this if you haven't played it, holds up really well today. Oh and, zombie island dlc is beast!


I have never played :( despite owning for both PS3 and 360/One. You are a deal master, please find me a good deal for extra time! (popcorn) Playing Borderlands 2 at the mo on PS4 with my mate! Proper decent co op game. Loving it and hoping a Borderlands 3 is announced at E3! (strong)


You can spend more on a soft drink or a sandwich! Haha. Thanks bud

(X360/XB1) Alice: Madness Returns £3.74 @ Xbox Store (ALSO see OP for FREE DLC American McGee’s Alice)
Found 7th JunFound 7th Jun
As part of the recent sale. Is covered by Buzz’s post, but thought it deserved it’s own post, sorry if this offends anyone. £12 at CeX and £18+ on eBay for a physical copy. ALSO… Read more
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Great find, thanks OP


Yeah, nice one. Voted Buzz's deal hot earlier (obviously) but completely failed to take note of this and have wanted the game for a while, so am 'totes' happy for you to point it out! Cheers!


A lovely game (y)


Such a bargain!


FREE DLC also added in to OP.

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The Biggest Xbox Sale Of The Year (Xbox One & Xbox 360 BC Titles - 7th - 18th June)
TODAYTODAYFound 7th JunFound 7th Jun
[BC] Indicates Backwards Compatible ABZÛ - £8.00 Agents of Mayhem - £6.25 Agents of Mayhem – Total Mayhem Bundle - £8.75 ARK: Aberration - £9.59 ARK: Scorched Ea… Read more
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I was hoping there'd be a shift in the actual consoles price by now :(


Seems MS don't care that people do this so I managed to get the person on xbox support to purchase everything I wanted, he even waited whilst i checked for other prices


Tomb Raider Definitive for £4.80 seems good, right?


yep stuck waiting to verify email for the 100th time, waiting for the code to come via text


Strange, never had an issue. Have you tried it on a pc? Pretty simple too.

Red Dead Redemption GOTY Edition / Bully Scholarship Edition Xbox 360 / One £11.99 @ Argos
Found 5th JunFound 5th Jun
Good price if you're wanting to play before RDR2 :{ Bully Link
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I also liked that, I wish they had done it with the Bully & GTA 4 Re-releases aswell


Do both games run at 4k?... both RDR I mean.


Thanks OP I managed to snag a copy after I missed the last batch of stock argos had near me. P. S not sure if everyone is aware however I was pleasently surprised to find out the game has been repackaged as what looks like an xbox one game. Although this has no effect on the game itself i thought it were a nice touch.


Commodore 64 > Speccy


Amazing deal, thank you for sharing. Just bought a Xbox 360 with some games for £30 and wanted this game, I was going to buy the normal version for £8 at cex, for £4 more I have the GOTY and brand new.

Kameo Elements Of Power Xbox One  / Xbox 360 Game Digital Download - £1.49 @ 365 Games
Found 4th JunFound 4th Jun
Via download, also a whopping 8p in player points if that's your thing :) Kameo is a magical, epic adventure full of magnificent exploration and intense combat. The future of the… Read more
SuperEd Get dealGet deal

I hated this for some reason


True that. I myself am not sure how pronounced the perofrmance gains are over the PS4 Pro boost mode (which I'm mainly comparing it to) although I'm sure its by default a lot better. Still I'm more interested in proper full on patches that really give the base games a significant overhaul


Doesn't the xbox one x upscale graphics on all older games without a patch. Obviously you won't see a mega difference like when you see the comparison videos from original xbox to xboxonex, Battlefront 1 + 2 looking awesome


Shame they cancelled plans for part 2


Loved this game on the 360, I think it is still fun although slightly awkward controls in parts. Great as a co-op. Played it though with my son when he was first getting in to gaming. He's now much better than me and lives the life of a recluse playing Fortnight 24-7 instead of revising for GCSEs. Yay gaming.

SEGA mega drive ultimate collection ps3 Xbox 360 - £2 @ GAME
Found 2nd JunFound 2nd Jun
Searching game website and found these

Just the Sega Classics released by M2 for the 3DS offers the most accurate and feature rich emulation to date. The 3D effect is also surprisingly brilliant coupled with the 16bit pixel art.


Any more information? Haven't had a 3DS and thinking of getting one now.


Pretty easy platinum too.


The emulation is worse than the ps3 x box 360 version, and dont get me started on how bad streets of rage 3 is, they butchered the sounds


Ps3 and xbox 360 games for £2? More than likely at 1 point they did cost this,

GIROPTIC IO - HD 360° Camera for iPhone and iPad £82.78 @ Amazon
Found 1st JunFound 1st Jun
Nice price drop for IOS users as the Android version is still £219.99 GIROPTIC IO - HD 360° Camera for iPhone and iPad | Lightweight | Capture 360° Photos & Videos from Your … Read more

The comments here don't justify the cold voting. RUDE.


Doubt it’s even been that price before


Always read comments on Amazon: "It was great at first but Giroptic have just closed down, stopping all future support and updates so I can not recommend."

Midnight Club Los Angeles (Xbox 360) £4 @ CEX (BC June 7th)
Found 31st MayFound 31st May
A distinguished trio of Rockstar Xbox 360 titles are coming to the Xbox One Backward Compatibility catalog next week on Thursday, June 7th: the west coast GTA classic Grand Theft A… Read more
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Table Tennis up to £2 and Midnight Club to £8... GTA 360 version up a couple of quid to £18 and the OG version remains untouched at the mo!!


Might be announced at E3


Are servers closed on this game? Memory recalls the PlayStation ones are but unaware about Xbox..


Ah yes I do, forgot I was on that literally to get a small discounts on sims 4 dlc (lol) Thanks for the reply.


Both the original version and Midnight Club: Los Angeles Complete Edition - which adds the iconic South Central area along with new vehicles, aftermarket parts, music and races - will be compatible on Xbox One. Not sure if that clarified that the extras will be included but they went into a lot of detail about the extras to not include them.

(Xbox 360/Xbox One - Pre-Owned) Saints Row £2.00 instore @ CeX (+£1.50 if delivered)
Found 30th MayFound 30th May
Recently added to the catalogue of backwards compatible titles. Cheapest I can see is £2 @ CeX and even with delivery its cheap at £3.50.
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Will defo look into it!! Yeh you defo need a 4k TV then, I'll get one when I get the Pro!!! I've aimed to play as much as I can, new update with new monster now too!! The more you play if you like it the more addictive it is, so beware (lol)


Recommend Saints Row The Third if you have not got it.. probably pennies now as well. I need to get a decent 4K TV, got a Pro and an X lol. I will invest. You have smashed it, as not been long! I have done very little, I have not got any weapons yet lol! Looks great so far. Will have to jump on some time and kill a few monsters lol!


I might have it then :/ I'll have a look, some games I wanna finish on PS3 anyways! I dont play Xbox so not worried about enhances, dont even have 4k yet 😔 Yeh man, alot of hours aint it (lol) What weapon you choose?? I had dual blades first which was good, fast and good DPS, then insect glaive which is really defensive, never got hit, spent alot of time in the air but low damage, now use Charge Blade, very powerful, kills are fast, defensive BUT combos take sometime to get used to and attacks are slow so have a be timed very well!!


Saints Row The Third is on PS3 and 360 and Bckawards compatible with Xbox One. Get the Full Package I believe DLC is on the disc. Haha 150 hrs already?! I have started it this morning! Only player a few minutes of the start. Looks great


I checked by googling backwards compatible and news and to fully confirm I always check the Wiki page which lists every backwards compatible title and you can put it in date order

Fable III (X360/XO) £1.59 Delivered (Pre Owned) @ Music Magpie
Found 27th MayFound 27th May
20% off at checkout

One left


It wasn't a disappointment, it's a very good game but in comparison to the other two it's very short. I think I finished this twice trying to get one of the last achievements. I didn't get it by the way ;(


Such a disappointment compared to fable 1 and 2. Fable 1 was incredible.


Can’t go wrong at that price! Heat!


Post something please :D

Microsoft Xbox 360 Premium White good @ Music magpie
Found 27th MayFound 27th May
Microsoft Xbox 360 in good condition for under 40 notes. If it turns out faulty you have a 12 month warranty. They normally just replace or refund on something this cheap. http… Read more

Rrod always buy slim above


Its a 10yr old console mate im not get into some petty fanboy war, esp when im a pc gamer.


Just to put it into context, my missus got so pissed off with me one day she ripped the x360 from TV stand, smash it against wall and poured bottle of bleach all over it! I have truly deserved it so I am grateful till this day it was not my skull! (lol) Needless to say, few weeks after I have picked up that thrashed Xbox from my back garden and, believe it or not (as I truly do not care what you think!) it worked 100% no problems bar the dvd drive but it mattered not as had loads of digital games on it!:) Testimony to build quality of what??? And I am not a fan boy of any console/brand! Since That day, I always look with slight disbelief at all those stories about problems with Xbox, RROD and Sony fanboys arguments against Xbox... The truth is though, MS could try harder with proper exclusives!:)


fat versions blue ray laser prone to breaking. YLoD Multiplat's inferior 'sorry to the fanboys', aren't you one of those, yes I think you are.


No silver only for anything except online multiplayer ( changed it late in the 360 lifecycle)

All lego dimension starter packs reduced at Argos PS4& Xbox One £29.99 PS3&Xbox 360 £25.99
Found 24th MayFound 24th May
All lego dimension starter packs reduced Combine with half pack story packs as well as voucher codes+Argos own code for spending £50 or more =Cheap games

Been £29 99 For a long time now price must have just gone up. Strange as we are approaching the bank holiday


May of expired as they are £36.99 now. Argos day probably car changes every Wednesday.


Price jumps up to £36.99 for me. Oh well have some heat anyway, thanks op.

Fight Night Champion - Xbox 360/Xbox One £8 @ CEX
Found 21st MayFound 21st May
As it has recently gone backward compatible this was the cheapest price I could find for this amazing game. Even with delivery (9.50) I couldn't find it cheaper. Everywhere have hi… Read more
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Heat from me. Good price considering the bump everywhere else. Just ordered one from cex so thanks op :)



Heat from me seen it a few days ago as on ebay the prices are daft. Also my disc is like new so ignore the muppets


I would not be to down hearted with the lack of heat on this deal. Sadly a lot of people who use the site dont have quite the same value of understanding when it comes to retro games. If it costs anything more than 1 pound you get comments from people. I think the comments around trying to compare the game with selling your own poo only goes to highlight the mindset you get sometimes. Given the game is being sold on the microsoft site for 20 dollars does suggest this is a cheaper way of buying the game. And while we might wish for a more current update this is the best game we have right now. It is always a very good boxing game. I found the comments on the performance a little odd having owned the PS3 version I dont recall any issues but they may have been patched and fixed at a later point. If you like boxing games unless you move to the UFC ones this is the best we have the moment :)


Surely this will go on EA access as its an EA game, no?

PS3/PS4/XBOX 360/XBOX ONE Games at Poundland from £2 - £5
LocalLocalFound 10th MayFound 10th May
All of them looked brand new so seemed like a good deal
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The shop in Boston as of today still has “Everything £1” across the front of the shop and across the sign


I know.....have the same concern about The Body Shop.......just cannot buy any bodies! ......and don't get me started on Currys.


Used to be everything £1 - now its amazing value everyday or its poundland and more. They have a sign in the window stating some lines and products are sold more than £1 if they just sold things for £1 - they wouldnt be in business. Times have change.


You should’ve seen their faces when Iceland starting selling food


And they still won’t sell me the till...


Now £2.63 (y)


The best call of duty imo. Just a shame that people use the glitches on it too much!


Brilliant single player campaign on this, I remember just how long it took me to shoot the sniper in the building, he moved from window to window and always got me, replayed it last week and still took me about 30 odd trys lol.


Looks like you are. I paid £7 for cod ww2 on Xbox one so I'm grateful


There are loads of people online. I was playing it a couple of weeks ago in 360. It is hacked to hell though so expect to die 50 times per round without getting a shot off and watching the other players boost jump around everywhere 😏

Heinz dried superhero pasta shapes 360g only 59p or 2 for £1 in Fulton
LocalLocalFound 9th MayFound 9th May
Awesome superhero pasta 59p each or 2 for £1 in Fultons Heinz dried pasta shapes - made with 50% Whole Wheat & 50% Durum Wheat - Perfect with a smooth pasta sauce.
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Same here :)


I saw them a while ago, couldn't think what I would do with them so didn't buy


Have they got the smiley face pasta? (embarrassed)


39p in heron

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