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Destiny 2 could well be the greatest multiplayer game ever released. Pitting a race of humans against an evil marauding army of aliens, the game is both a thrilling first-person shooter and a classic RPG, drawing players into its detailed storyline. Anyone who wants to experience it for themselves can find fantastic prices for all of the game's bundles at the Destiny 2 HotUKDeals listings.

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Destiny 2 (PS4) £2.99 Delivered (Like New) @ Boomerang via eBay
Found 19th NovFound 19th Nov
All discs are taken from our extensive rental back catalogue and are methodically cleaned and packaged ready for sale. We offer very competitive pricing meaning all our listings a… Read more

As my friend says thats alot (embarrassed)


3 people that you've helped, pal (y)


Was only 3 mate


Well that didn't last long


Morning, bob (highfive) cracking price :D have some heat 8)

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Destiny 2: Forsaken Legendary Collection + Collector's Kit and Bonus Content (PS4) £21.99 Amazon
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
**Dropped even more to £21.99 now** Part of Amazon's Black Friday deals. Also able to purchase this without the collector's kit and bonus content from Amazon for £19.99 here . Xb… Read more
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You get the first game on disc and then there's a single code that bundles together the expansions and DLC.


I already have the game and the intiial season pass, can anyone confirm what the redemption keys are for this? BAse game on CD, expansiosn pass and then a key for forsaken? Or a single key? Ideally lookign to buy this and just give a friend the game and first 2 expansiosn


It got reduced to £21.99 now, OP should edit if possible. Can believe how quickly this game has reduced in price. I assume sales have been bad,serve them right though. Fool me once..


Thanks, good info, appreciate it.


Yeah,that's correct. I was only talking about the disc version of the base game. But dlc codes can be used independently, as you said. I didn't know about converting digital to disc version, though. I've never done it that way around, only disc to digital!

Destiny 2 Legendary Collection (Xbox One / PS4) £19.99 @ Smyths Toys
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
Features Destiny 2: Forsaken - Legendary Collection includes: Destiny 2 Expansion I: Curse of Osiris Expansion II: Warmind Destiny 2: Forsaken Product Description Destiny 2… Read more

Yeah it would


Is the forsaken on the disk or a digital download code? If it’s digital I can gameshare with my son.


Anyone on Xbox want to join a small "clan" feel free to PM me. I've become much more active since Forsaken dropped. Also up for the refer a friend stuff too. There is so much game here for £20. And despite the relatively quick price drop, the game is still extremely active. I never have trouble getting games. Well worth picking up!!


Decent price but after D1 and ploughing lots of hours into that, I'm done with the series for now. As usual it's the case of so many good games, very little time to enjoy them all and it will only end up on my ever growing pile of shame! :(


if anyone want to use refer a friend please dm

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Destiny 2: Forsaken Legendary Collection with Only at GAME Playing Cards (PS4/XO) £22.99 Delivered @ GAME
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
Destiny 2: Forsaken - Legendary Collection includes Destiny 2, both Expansions and Forsaken, the largest expansion to the Destiny experience yet. This also includes a character boo… Read more

Could you use this just to get the Forsaken DLC if you already own the base and first two DLC packs?


if anyone want to use refer a friend please dm

Destiny 2: Forsaken Legendary Collection (PC - £39.99 -
Found 10th NovFound 10th Nov
Cheapest I've found the legendary collection for so far. Seems to be a physical copy though rather than just getting a code emailed to you. TopCashback of 3% on new customers and… Read more

The base game is currently free on then you can get Forsaken + the previous expansions for £26.24,.alternatively if you want everything plus the annual pass then it's £44.99 (also on


Where can I get the upgrade for cheaper? I got the base game for free, the upgrade through is showing at £45 EDIT: I'm dumb


This is not that great a deal, you can get the base game + upgrade for less and it offers the same content. Legendary does NOT include the Annual Pass. It's the game + Forsaken (which also includes expansions). Not to mention Destiny 2 is free for all battle net owners right now ;)

Destiny 2: Forsaken PC - £26.24 25% off between 9-11 November at
Found 10th NovFound 10th Nov
Forsaken + Annual Pass is also 25% off making it £44.99

What time does the sale end? looking to pick forsaken up tommorow before the sale ends


Yeah I'm very impressed with the base game and am tempted to get Forsaken too. I feel like I've read a lot more about destiny than I have actually played it! Which is a shame because there seems to be a lot of negativity around the game, some of it understandable with the way bungie has treated its fans. I think I'm lucky to have jumped on board now though since a lot of the issues have been ironed out. Still a bit concerned with their future plans though given that Activision seem to want to "monitise" the game even more.


I haven't played since The Taken King DLC in the first Destiny. I was a huge fan but couldn't afford to keep up with all the releases and PS+. Jumping back in for free and the gunplay is just as amazing as I remember. The odds of me picking up The Forsaken bundle are very high, so the giveaway definitely works.


I've been playing it all week since it went free and have to say it's bloody excellent. The shooting feels fantastic. If anyone wants to team up for some strikes like me know! I'm cad3nce on battlenet 😁


The base game is free. They try and hook you in then get you to pay for all the DLC which is :The Forsaken offered here.

Destiny 2 (PS4) £4.99 Delivered @ Go2Games
Found 6th NovFound 6th Nov
Humanity’s last safe city has fallen to an overwhelming invasion force, led by Ghaul, the imposing commander of the brutal Red Legion. He has stripped the city’s Guardians of their… Read more

Thank you :)


Yes it is.


Definitely worth a fiver if you're only going to play casually. I better not say too much though before someone who dislikes this series DLC structure gets angry.


Sorry for the silly question, but is it online only? thanks :)


I've only played a day's worth so far (currently only level 12) but the gameplay's a lot more fun than I was expecting. I won't bother grinding for the plat, but I suspect this'll provide a lot of entertainment for a fiver.

Destiny 2 Forsaken (Includes all 3 DLC so far) for only £32.95 @ The Game Collection
Found 6th NovFound 6th Nov
Just came across this on eBay whilst looking for a copy of Destiny 2. Use to be the same price for just the base game without any DLC so for it to now be included for this price is… Read more
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As it's fulfilled by Amazon, you'd be covered in case the item description is false.


I just started playing this game yesterday (well, the PS+ version) and I have to say it is fun so far. I've no expectations about the story, but running around and wrecking enemies with the sword alone has me cackling like a madman.


read the amazon description French case


Damn that's a brillant price!

FloptimusPrime cheaper here ;)

Destiny 2 Forsaken PS4 french import playable in english £19.99 (Prime) £22.98 (Non Prime) @ Sold by PROGAMES and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 5th NovFound 5th Nov
Destiny 2 Forsaken PS4 french import playable in english 19.99£

does this come with 1 code? or one each for the base game and each of the 3 expansions? ie if i already have the base game can i use this to upgrade to the 'full' version?


good price


This is whats free and whats in the Paid Pass for the next year


No, the annual pass is extra. This package includes all year 1 content plus the forsaken DLC. The annual pass includes the next three DLC drops, the first being in December.


I think this is everything planned at the moment, it won’t include anything else that maybe released.

[PC] Destiny 2 - Free -
Found 2nd NovFound 2nd Nov
Destiny 2 is free until Nov 18th on the (Blizzard) client :)
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After having had three or four sessions on this game, I find it's all a bit tedious waiting for the game to connect. Is this normal, why did I download 80GB of files to wait for five minutes to play? Or is it just me?



Ok signed up, jumped through hoops, sms activations etc, claimed the game... but how do you actually download it??


So whats the additional content about? so forsaken is all the dlc? Should we just play the base game Destiny 2 before worrying about dlc? Do you think the dlc will reduce further in price?


Can I claim this offer then download it via the installer at a later date???

DESTINY 2 PS4 £5.95 @ TGC
Found 2nd NovFound 2nd Nov

Not the game, the gameplay and it’s predatory mechanic. Destiny was an amazing game but the devs got super greedy with the release of Destiny 2 and wanted to make money out of nothing. I played the first one for a few years as well as the second one for a few months. On this website, we try to help each other save money, hence the reason for my warning.


(lol) Destiny 3 get's teased and then 2 days later the price of Destiny 2 drops at all retailers Either way this game is a cancer to the gaming market. Even buying this base game at £6 (baring in mind it was free only 2 weeks ago) you'll still be MASSIVELY behind everybody else without buying all the DLC. This game is a massive cash grab which wouldn't be so bad at least if the game was actually half decent. Destiny 1 was WAY better, but both suffer from a lack of any real content. There isn't really anything worthwhile to do, it's all just artificial content for completionists, ridiculously long lock-outs to keep you coming back week by week (artificially extending the game times) and grinding and grinding the same events over and over again. R.I.P Bungie.


I played the one that was free, it's a good game so far, I guess the PVP might be tricky when you play against people who have the DLC or put money to get game coin. But if you play Vanguard or normal, I think it's okay. Not sure what this version is, I played forsaken 2, is there any differences?


Good game good price, ignore the haters


Guys, don’t get this unless you are willing to buy all of the DLC. You’ll be out gunned and out classed very quickly. To be honest at this stage you will be too far behind and will struggle to catch up with regards to quests etc...

[PS4/Xbox One] Destiny 2: Forsaken - Legendary Edition - £24.95 - TheGameCollection
Found 30th OctFound 30th Oct
Not really my cup of tea, if I'm honest, but this is quite a significant price drop on this edition from TGC. Available on both PS4 and Xbox One. [ Xbox One ] link The R… Read more
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Price has been dropped because the player base has died! Everyone seems to play it for the first 6 weeks from release of new content to complete the new missions and raid and then everyone disappears (as has happened yet again now Im a regular player and only today used LFG which is regularly down to under 1000 active players.. its now very hard to find other players for raids and events) release of Red 2 has probably had something to do with it! In my opinion its now too late to buy this if you want to do the raid using LFG especially as it takes ages to get to a level suitable of the raid and others only want 590+


There is a find clan option in game. I never got around to using it until I had maxed my lv but it seems to work fine. Best doing it early as it has various perks for leveling and equipment


I am tempted by this but I'm concerned that I won't be able to find people to do the raids with. Got no friends who play destiny 2. Heard there is no matchmaking for raids. Should I swerve it then?


A lot of game for the money! Annoyed I got duped into buying the expansions and forsaken separately with the PS4 plus base game. But can't complain, been getting a couple of hours a day out if it for the last 7 weeks or so


As a day 1 Destiny 1 player and currently Forsaken player, I can vouch that you get a LOT of gameplay for your money. And as someone pointed out before, please join a clan (use Google if your're unsure how to).

DESTINY 2: FORSAKEN - LEGENDARY COLLECTION Xbox 1, ps4 £29.95 @ The Game Collection
Found 26th OctFound 26th Oct
Additional Content Features Hunt Down the 8 Barons and their Crew Two New Destinations: The Tangled Shore and The Dreaming City A Brand-New Raid Introducing Gambit, a 4v4 Co… Read more
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This happens with every game, dlcs get cheaper as time passes but youll be missing out on content even if not the best. Similar to COD, garbage maps but buy for zombies then zombie collection near end of game life for half the price of a normal dlc..


haha how are people still getting mugged off from this game.


Forsaken now comes with the first 2 add-ons thrown in.


Am I right in thinking you can’t buy just the Forsaken addon on it’s own? I own D2 and the first two addons and just want Forsaken now, but it’s forcing me to pay loads for content I already own? Am I wrong? :|


D2 is a lot better these days. As a friendless loner I found the release game lacking in stuff to do and activity to beef up my light level. But with Forsaken you can solo and do challenges daily that give you guaranteed higher level gear. There are modes that match ups so you don’t need a clan to do the more interesting PvP stuff. Gambit is fun. My gripe is basically eververse.

Destiny 2: Forsaken Legendary Collection (PC) - £32.49 via Blizz Store
Found 19th OctFound 19th Oct
All versions currently 20% off via the Blizzard Store. Legendary Collection includes the Destiny 2 base game, the two previous expansions, and Forsaken. Forsake requires the previ… Read more
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Anyone know when the sale ends?


Ah, that makes a lot more sense. Could have saved myself £2.75 if I'd been paying more attention! Oh well, either way still good news all round for people looking for Forsaken.


Not anymore, from Tuesday the 16th of October every version of the forsaken comes with Osiris and Warmind DLC so the version for £29.74 is Forsaken and the two previous DLC's and the version for £32.49 comes with Forsaken, the two previous DLC's and the base game, so the base game basically costs £2.75 more.


Yeah, I personally don't understand their thinking here. The version for £29.74 doesn't even come with the other two expansions, which are necessary to play Forsaken. Regardless of what you already own (base game and expansions), you're still spending like £30.


personally prefer not having to care about pyhsical copy. but what bugs me is that forsaken dlc alone is 29.74 from blizzard and the entire game and all dlc is £32 lol

Destiny 2: Forsaken - Legendary Collection PS4 £29.99 @ Smyths toys
Found 19th OctFound 19th Oct
PS4 and XBONE lowest price I've seen lately.

Mine was a code u entered + then the extra dlc was included when installed the game. If you've had destiny 2 with ps+ and enjoyed you'll be in for a treat, great game.


Are the expansions included on the disc or do you have to enter a code to download them?


I got destiny2 on ps+ and got hooked. I bought this last month for £40 + now need the annual pass which is gonna cost me another £30 for the future dlc, it's that good I can't stop (lol) (lol) (lol) l need help, the only issue now, what is gonna happen when RDR2 comes out next week!


This deal includes the base game, both expansions and Forsaken.


Does anyone know if this game comes with the standard destiny 2 disc and a dlc code for the expansions like the previous ones?

Destiny 2: Forsaken PLUS DLC - Legendary Collection £35.74 (Deals with Gold) @ Xbox Store
Found 18th OctFound 18th Oct
Destiny 2: Forsaken - Legendary Collection includes Destiny 2, both Expansions and Forsaken, the largest expansion to the Destiny experience yet. This also includes an instant leve… Read more
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The game kind of forces you to join a guild to get many of the benefits. It will match you to a certain extent in some strikes but not for raids or night falls (Hardcore strikes). The matching in the pvp is pretty sketchy too and you will inevitably be continually violated by way higher level players with better gear (but hey, thats always the case with pvp I have found)


I had the original as part of a bundle on the XBOX and just never got on with it. Decided to buy Forsaken for the PC last week and I am absolutely hooked - fantastic game! K&M makes far more sense to me in a shooter, but each to their own.


I mean the Iron Banner Axe Emote which can only be bought with silver and not earned.


For those not able to participate in co-op games on the internet, whether it's because of family commitments, unsociable hours or just not wanting to talk to randoms, you might find this article useful - How to play Destiny 2 as a filthy casual


Iron Banner is an PvP event, no cost involved. I think you mean Eververse, which is the Destiny in-game purchase system - Just to be clear for those not familiar with the game, you can spend real money to get shaders and emotes, but you can also earn them for nothing by levelling up. I've been playing since launch, got a ton of stuff via Eververse and haven't spent a penny on it :)

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