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Destiny 2 could well be the greatest multiplayer game ever released. Pitting a race of humans against an evil marauding army of aliens, the game is both a thrilling first-person shooter and a classic RPG, drawing players into its detailed storyline. Anyone who wants to experience it for themselves can find fantastic prices for all of the game's bundles at the Destiny 2 HotUKDeals listings.

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Destiny 2 (PS4) £7.85 Delivered @ Simply Games
Found 25th MayFound 25th May
From Bungie, the makers of the acclaimed hit game Destiny, comes the much-anticipated sequel, Destiny 2. Humanity’s last safe city has fallen to an overwhelming invasion force, led… Read more

Any deals on Scribblenauts on the Xbox?


Overall a weaker game than what Destiny one became. I had to actually reinstall D1 after playing D2. Might be worth returning to in a year or two when the game is complete and doesn’t lock items earnt in destiny 1 behind dlc. The nerve of some.


I know, just giving a heads up for PC users


This or Overwatch?


Not for PS4 or this price!

PlayStation 4 Pro with God of War or Detroit Become Human + Destiny 2 + Now TV Pass £359.99 @ Game
Found 25th MayFound 25th May
PS4 Pro + Detroit become human + Destiny + Now Tv pass This can go cold but still a better deal out of current miserable PS4 pro deals. Hope it helps someone who looking to buy … Read more

Xbox One X launch? Stock is probably low because of people buying God of War bundles. I know two people bought their first PS4 when it was released.


Sony says PlayStation 4 is in 'final phase' of its life cycle "We will use the next three years to prepare the next step, to crouch down so that we can jump higher in the future." so hardly ‘very soon’. I’ve still got my day1 500gb PS4 working perfectly so can’t justify the upgrade.


Finally! Been waiting for a good Pro deal.


Just snapped one up yesterday.. Brilliant deal I must say


Simple. Demand has outstripped supply.

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Destiny 2 Expansion Pass - PC - GMG £26.99
Found 24th MayFound 24th May
No doubt this will go cold, but after purchasing in the Humble Monthly this seems like the cheapest place to upgrade to the full game to those in a similar situation, making it the… Read more

This is what put me off Destiny 2 in the first place but i gave the trial a go for D2, loved it and decided to go for the Monthly. Now I'm debating whether to get the expansion pass and risk being locked out of modes again in a few months. I spent over £70 on D1 and didnt even get all DLC (annoyed)


Same price at HumbleBundle using the 10% store discount monthly bundle subscribers get. so if you got the bundle from Humble would make sense to get it there. Expansions are well worth having. As a long time Destiny player (since closed Alpha of Destiny1), I can agree that this was nowhere near as good a game as Destiny1 in the final days. It is a good game however it just lacked in content, especially if like me PVP is not really your thing. The Warmind expansion however has brought me back to this game, although a short story there is a good chunk of endgame content and things to grind for in season 3.


This is how they screw the loyal customers over, multiple expansion passes. Then they charge half the price for the full package to new players


needs a battle royale mode.


The game is dead

Monster Hunter World (PS4) £21.99 / Destiny 2 (Xbox One) £5.99 / Dynasty Warriors 9 (PS4) £21.99 / ​Railway Empire (Xbox One)​ £21.99 Delivered (Ex-Rental) @ Boomerang via eBay
Found 24th MayFound 24th May
Monster Hunter World (PS4) £21.99 Star Wars Battlefront 2 (PS4) £15.99 Dynasty Warriors 9 (PS4) £21.99 Railway Empire (Xbox One) £21.99 Destiny 2 (Xbox One)… Read more

Thanks all for the Monster Hunter info :D Ordered a copy last night, hopefully it arrives in time for the weekend :o




After watching many streamers playing it I too the plunge an purchased it. An I’m glad I did! There’s so much todo and it’s a beautiful looking game, I’m only still fresh meat in the game and I’ve had some higher level gamers jump in an help me, I never asked or sent a SOS....if you get the game you will know what that means. You don’t always have complete quests sometimes it’s just nice to have a wonder an get lost for a bit. Really friendly community as well. I got State of decay 2 this week an I haven’t tried it yet as MH is keeping me busy!


Great price, great graphics but boring to play. Prefer Horizon Zero Dawn. Most of the game is in subtitles without the voices sucks. People who like adventure combined with Dungeons & Dragons will love this.


Cheers guys :) I was going to leave it until £10-15 but I'm feeling pressured now! (:I

[PS4] Destiny 2 - £8.95 - eBay/TheGameCollection
Found 24th MayFound 24th May
Currently the cheapest you're going to find this new, and possibly pre-owned as CEX have risen to £10 and Music Magpie is £8.99 pre-owned / £13.49 new. Not to everybody's … Read more
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Isn't this just like throwing money away seeing as they lock you out when you dont have dlc


I didn't mind the game although can understand people finding it boring. Shame that the expansion pass for Xbox is £29.99. That's about three times more than I paid for the game.


Boring game, regret for purchasing it


They should really reduce all the DLC to get players back on. I thought it was a good game but haven't touched it since I finished it with one character


Thanks Buzz, heat added. If anyone is after it for PC Humble Bundle have for about £9 as part of their monthly bundle sub (cancel anytime). Plays amazing too.

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PS4 Console 500GB Destiny 2 Bundle £209.99 Argos
Found 16th MayFound 16th May
PS4 Console 500GB Destiny 2 Bundle
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Thanks for that, I missed that news. Oh well, at least they will concentrate on the games I guess!


These deals are getting worse


For anybody speculating in here, Sony have confirmed they're not showing any new hardware in E3 this year so the PS5 is ruled out for now.


Doesn't look like there's any in the UK at Argos and yesterday it looked like only available at fort William.


Doesn't look like there are any in the East Midlands.

Destiny 2 (PS4) now £9.85 delivered @ Base
Found 15th MayFound 15th May
Price drop Destiny 2 is an action shooter that takes you on an epic journey across the solar system. In the cinematic campaign, you'll enter a world filled with compelling charact… Read more
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Maybe if it was the complete edition for this price


So much lying. It's not even a patch on Destiny 1.


Not even if it were free. The game is a joke.


So much salt. It’s an awesome game.


Yhh such a shame considering that the destiny lore has so much potential and draw. I can't imagine what a good studio+publisher could've done with this idea (whilst keeping that silky Bungie gunplay ofc)

Destiny 2 £15 in-store Morrisons Belle Vale
LocalLocalFound 10th MayFound 10th May
Not sure if this is nationwide or in-store only. £15 for a new copy of destiny 2.

I honestly don't like destiny. I just seen it thought it was a good price with it being a relatively recent game. But I tried to deactivate the deal anyway and somehow it's reactivated.


I would buy at that price if it came with the expansions.... I play on PC, but holding out for the fall expansion... Long time fan


They could throw the two expansions in for that price and it still wouldn't be worth it. Destiny 2 is a colossal disappointment and I'm saying that as a long-time fan of D1.

GAME Elite members: Destiny 2 + Expansion Pass (PS4) - £19.99
Found 9th MayFound 9th May
I know Destiny 2 can be had for about a tenner now, but for those that have Elite and want the expansion pass too, this seems like a decent deal. I'd get it myself but it's PS4 on… Read more

Lol, it’s completely wrong. Mario Odyssey £19 cash from CEX, £22.50 from GAME, just sold on eBay for £30 minus fees = Just over £6 profit. No matter how you look at it and with no excess cost. I wasn’t putting down GAME as mentioned, it is just a fact and on this example GAME is better than CEX. Just makes sense, GAME aren’t losing money on the elite program Lol They give store credit of any worth and charge way more than the price you can re-buy the item. It is only worth it if you have no time to list on eBay or the games traded in are trashed and therefore a good eBay price can’t be met and if you start trading in consoles etc the loss becomes massive compared to selling on eBay. I understand the entire convenience aspect of it though.


Please refer to bobbafettish comment and then you will understand


I know it's cool to hate on game but that's genuinely utter nonsense. even with the £35 excess, especially if trading in lots, like that chap said he had. let's start with ebay. they sell much cheaper then the p/o retail price. fees & shipping. 90% if you're just after cash you're better off selling straight to cex rather than through ebay (know from tons of experiance) i'll give you 3 examples (all ps4), a new release , an older one that's kept its value and a worthless one. god of war averages £38 cash, being generous saying it's £1 listing, £1.50 for postage and an extra £1 or so to insure it (standard only covers £25, and you can't trust people or post office) so that's £3.50 off the amount (or £6.30 off with standard ebay fees) cex give £35 cash or £38 trade. game give £32, elit is 50 % extra so you'd get £48 trade game trade is £48 cex trade is £38 (cash is £35) ebay is £34.50 (or about 31.70 no £1 listing) bioshock ebay sells around £12 inc postage. £1 listing. cause the game is two cases. it's gonna cost £2.80 to ship. so after fees that's around £8.20. cex is £10 cash £14 trade. game's trade is £10 elite get 50% extra trade. so you'd get £15 trade on the app. ebay £8 profit game £15 cex trade £14 fallout 4 about £5 on ebay - nearly £2 on postage & fees, leaving about £3, £2 trade at cex and game is £2 trade (again plus 50% extra on top) is £3 ebay £3 game £3 cex £2 that's ignoring the hassle of items not turning up, or buyers complaining it's not working when it does. unless it's a super rare game or collectors edition, ebay is usually the worst option. cex is normally the best & easiest for cash. but if he's getting £190 for trading in around 20 games, most of the prices would be a significant increase over ebay and cex. obviously if you're only trading in 5 middle road games it's useless. But if you traded in 5 new relases, you'd get far more extra money in trade, even after the £36 is subtracted. & he'd have gottennearly £4 in points for trading them in. if you're in a position like that guy or me to use this offer. you'll always get more out of it by trading in with game. especially if he goes back in a few months and trades more in. I made the £36 odd back in a month. made ludicrous amounts of money off it. hilariously there was an error and they stopped giving me bonus points, i complained and got a free year. so if I bought nothing else in the remaining time, they'd give me a £36 gift card haha


Or just gone to cex who would have paid more as well.


Or you could sell them on eBay without a £35 excess and a higher resell value on every game. *facepalm*

Destiny 2 Xbox one pre owned - £7.11 with 20% off voucher @ Music Magpie
Found 9th MayFound 9th May
Destiny 2 Xbox One (xbox one x enhancwd 4k HDR) Pre owned 20% automatically reduced at checkout Cracking price regardless of opinions on the game. Ordered myself

Bought about a dozen games and blue rays etc from mm. .. never had a bad disk or packaging except one cd that had a cracked jewel case but couldn't complain for 50p (y)


I'd buy this first and try it, the two expansions aren't amazing, expansion 1 pretty dull, expansion 2 better but still average. You are lucky though that all PvP maps have been made available to everyone, that's all the expansion PvP maps... even if you don't have the expansion passes, Bungie's way of saying sorry to the players for messing up the endgame so badly.


PS4 version was £7 new in Smyths Toy Superstore (Kidderminster) today


Hit and miss. Had wrong games, US versions as well as correct, clean discs. Very slow at responding to issues and then they just give a blanket ‘send it back’ email and they’ll refund - not replace - when it’s probably cheaper for them to get me to throw it away.


Ive had 4 bargains and all discs and boxes been in good condition

XBOX One S 1TB Sea Of Thieves w/ Far Cry 5, GOW 4, Fallout 4, Destiny 2 & NowTV Pass £229.99 @ Game instore
LocalLocalFound 4th MayFound 4th May
Instore at Game if you can’t get it online Receipt attached as well - display only showed the PUBG version Decent bundle for those wanting it ASAP and an alternate to the Tesco d… Read more
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slightly different but a belting deal as well - that link includes Prey where as the bundle i collected had Destiny 2 :)


If a mod could add this


Link here:


Thats a good deal

PlayStation 4 500GB + God of War + Fallout 4 + Destiny 2 + Now TV Pass £249.99 @ Game
Found 4th MayFound 4th May
Good bundle this, includes much needed God of War and few extra games with now tv pass.

Sell it you mong


What about the people who don't want to play kicky kicky with a round ball.... (annoyed)


Not bad price with the new GOW. I was lucky to get the old Argos deal of a PS4 slim, additional pad and Horizon for £200 about Feb 2017. I'm a bit surprised they're not all around this price now.


Any news on whether there will be upcoming bundles post E3? How far in advance do you guys receive notice?


Back in stock, no playlink game included but still a good deal. :)

Found 4th MayFound 4th May
Game are selling the Xbox One X with a spare controller, PUBG code, NOW TV pass and Destiny 2 for 469.99 I realise offers a great deal too, I was just wondering if an… Read more
Dave195985 much better deal


Worst deal ever. Voting cold.


Cold, I don’t know why people shop at game, its the most expensive place for consoles etc, a lot better deals out there imo


Cold sorry. Very likely to see a major price cut over summer.



Cex destiny 2 £8 (ps4) in store, also a few more price reductions/price matches listed
Found 3rd MayFound 3rd May
destiny 2 PS4 £8 (Cex add £1.50 to each item for home delivery) xbox titles are more :'( Other ps4 titles Codww2 PS4 £20 watchdogs 2 ps4 £12 Destiny 1 ps4 £2 Unch… Read more
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I saw them just yesterday lol. too bad not my type of game. i did consider if its the PC version


So is this any good for single player - not a fan of multiplayer


There is enough gameplay to justify £8 but its still the same lazy Bungie from Destiny 1 year 1 and as somebody else mentiones the season pass is essential if you want to play with everyone else


£5 new if your lucky enough to find them! Xbox and PS4


I think Destiny 2 is £5 at smyth used, if i remember correctly

Destiny 2 Xbox one & Mafia 3 Ps4 in store £5 Farpoint VR £10 @ Smyth's Toys
Found 30th AprFound 30th Apr
Called in for F.D's GTA post and picked up these. Few on shelf. Few others too. Swansea store. Worth a look?

Nothing in Sheffield or Nottingham



Someone post a link to the GTA deal please? How much was it? Thanks


Very rare games in my local are sealed (mad)


Paid 6.50 for destiny on a recent deal and thought that was a bargain! It was used btw

PS4 Slim 500GB with God of War + Doom + Destiny 2 + Now TV (2 month entertainment pass) £249.99 @ Game
Refreshed 20th AprRefreshed 20th Apr
Not a bad little bundle with the highly anticipated GOW.

I have god of war on the pro and the graphics are insane. Best game ive ever played. Its that good (y)


Nah that's cool. Reading your post, it's the exception. I was just having a bad day and it felt like everyone was calling me out. All good now


For the record I didn't think you were lying. I was genuinely asking.


Been looking for a decent PS4 deal for months, I got the Fifa 18/Doom/Destiny 2/Now TV bundle for the same price. Thanks OP.


There were a handful of games, I only remembered Darksiders for certain as that's the one my friend had trouble with. Finally found the thread that has more corroborating info and mentions more games. If all the affected games were fixed in the aforementioned patch though, then all is now good.

[PS4] Destiny 2 - £9.99 - TheGameCollection
Found 18th AprFound 18th Apr
Daily deal, ends midnight. From the makers of the acclaimed hit game Destiny, comes the much-anticipated sequel. An action shooter that takes you on an epic journey across … Read more
Editor Get dealGet deal

Why isn't the PC version ever on sale?


It’s the opposite of a grind compared to last time, that’s why it failed along with the lack of content


I very much doubt it will be all the DLC. How could a company make a disappointing first game into something great, repeat the same mistakes, maybe more so, with the second game.


Better to wait till the September expansion and get ge game and all the dlc content.


Its all about the money, money, money Forget about the price tag they suck you in and bleed you dry the price is cheap but there's a reason why

Destiny 2 PS4 £6.89 @ Music magpie
Found 16th AprFound 16th Apr
Still showing instock for anyone that’s wants to pay this price, pre owned copies
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I paid £89.95 for the digital copy plus dlc's so I could play the Beta,what a rip off by bungie & Activision.I wish I knew it was made in 18 months and now it will cost both millions in the future,I'll never buy another game by Activision or bungie ( THE END ) Bring on Red Dead 2 (strong)


Are they going out of business tomorrow? The recent closures of That's Entertainment and heavy discounting would suggest troubling times ahead.


If I had to buy it again I would still pay full price all day long just for the amount of time I've spent running around having a blast with my mates. A steal!


Needs Expiring it's £35.99


Nope its 35.99

Destiny 2 (PS4 / Xbox One) now £11.99 delivered @ Base
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
Destiny 2 is an action shooter that takes you on an epic journey across the solar system. In the cinematic campaign, you'll enter a world filled with compelling characters and figh… Read more
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Yep, Curse of Osiris is a dull expansion, I played all three of my characters through it, just to get them available to run the end game stuff, and TBH it was a chore... and then the end game stuff was also boring. Let's hope they pull off a TTK style expansion.


Literally just came in to ask about this. I'm not interested in buying a shell experience that'll just beg you for more cash so cheers for saving me £11.99 (y)


Played over 700 hours of Destiny on PS4 , I completed the campaign on ps4 , but I got a free code for PC , which is the platform I originally intended to play Destinty 2 on due to 4k 60FPS . I think I shall wait for the big Fall update , as I am guessing it will be like Fallen king and therefore include the DLC 1 + 2 + Fall Update....for a one off price...more than likely around £29.99 same price as the current pass , I did try to hunt around for the DLC on PC at a good price , but I am not willing to pay £30 for a PC expansion pass considering the reviews , if Warminds is a considered as a very good expansion....then yes I will jump in for the season pass.


I really enjoyed the first one, although I didn’t buy it until the taken king was released


I feel that too mate, I loved original Destiny so much, it was incredible, I feel Destiny 2 is a much dumbed down version of that game not for hardcore players, but for the casuals who would all leave the game after a short while anyway. I really want them to turn it around. Until then Warframe has my full attention, it's what Destiny 2 should aspire to, grind, depth, free expansions, incredible quests, and it's simply massive, there's never enough time to do everything, I like that.

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