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Pokémon Go is the must-have mobile game of 2016. Launched in July, it has millions of players spread across every continent of the world, and it’s great fun to try. There are plenty of add-ons for the game, and all of the best Pokémon Go offers can be found at the HotUKDeals Pokémon Go listings. Read more
Pre order let’s go Pokémon switch bundle £89.99 @ Amazon
Found 21 h, 44 m agoFound 21 h, 44 m ago
Let’s go bundled with the poke ball Saves £5 compared to purchasing separately With amazons preorder guarantee Not got the £2 off for prime for some reason??
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Knew I should of gone with the eevee pic (cheeky) (cheeky) (cheeky)


Did you pay up front for your fiesta? That’s where you went wrong this is no money up front with the ability to cancel At any point if you find a better deal or demand doesn’t put way supply (angel) (angel) (angel)


I just bought a Ford fiesta at twice it's retail price. Crazy to some but if they have none next year when I actually want it, it will be a bargain.


It also acts as Pokémon GO plus, which are around 20-25


Yup the games are £40 on Base and the Pokeball is £45 on Amazon / Game. Probably is a deal based on the RRP, however not with the pre-order price's out at the moment.

Pokemon Go Plus - £24.99 @ Amazon
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
Cheapest this has been accordingly to CamelCamelCamel. Admittedly this phase has passed for most but surely of interest to someone! The Pokémon GO Plus is a small device that le… Read more

It's no longer that price, think it's just a reference point on how much it has been to get an actual "deal", buying at anything higher is just going shopping.


10€ in France, wtf is this price @_@


Can u post the link please


Also this price in Argos if anyones after one sooner (highfive)


My son's are the same. I have to catch the damned things on my commute just so they get to watch them evolve. They're obsessed.

[Nintendo 3DS] Pokemon Gold (Code in a box) - £8.99 (Prime) +£1.99 (Non Prime) - Amazon
Found 22nd Dec 2017Found 22nd Dec 2017
It looks like Amazon have a new batch of these in, or they've had them for ages and I'm just completely making it up :/ Clearly a price match on the Nintendo Store, also £8.99 (… Read more
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Fine as a present, though personally out of the three, I'd get crystal next month.


Gold and Silver were released in 1999, of course they are going to look dated! (:I Doesn’t change the nostalgia hit, or that they are easy and fun introductions to Pokemon games...


Having just watched this video it looks absolute turd!


The Pokemon games are actually very in-depth, strategical games. If you delve in deep. They can also be enjoyed without paying much/any attention to the complex mechanics


Caught a silver hot choc on this thread (skeptical)

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Pokemon Go Gotcha £19.99 reduced from £31.96 @ amazon.  Delivery saturday.
Found 21st Dec 2017Found 21st Dec 2017
Basically catches Pokémon without having to press the button like you do with Pokémon Plus which costs £35! Great Christmas present for anyone that plays pokemon go. Catch Pokemo… Read more

They definitely released it a year too early. It wasn't much of a game when it started out and although I think it may have got better there aren't enough people out there who care. As far as I can tell there are still significant aspects that are broken. The assessment of Pokemon system is something that was cobbled together in a hurry and hasn't been changed. I'm pretty sure after having caught hundreds or thousands of some Pokemon and fought a lot of battles that I shouldn't have to ask some guy on the phone how good my Pokemon are. Even that process requires an unnecessary amount of taps and is so endlessly repetitive I'm surprised no-one has tried suing Niantic in America for causing their repetitive strain injury. I don't really play myself, I just auto catch Pokemon when I'm out and about and maybe one day I'll hit level 40 and possibly have caught them all; but that's only because I'm being a bit of a completionist.




I read it on a review of the new updates, could have been 50,000 to be honest, I don't remember - certainly everyone I know that played it has uninstalled it


Think you have just plucked numbers out of the air.....


Good to see people still play Pokémon Go - down from 5 million to 500,000 in the UK I think though!

Go-tcha - Auto Pokemon Catcher for Pokemon GO £17.33 Prime @ Amazon
Found 30th Nov 2017Found 30th Nov 2017
Normally £30 - £33 - this is currently nearly half price, part of Amazon's Cyber Monday deal week. This wrist strap works with Pokemon GO and will auto catch Pokemon - pretty popu… Read more
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Price changed to £19.99 now. It was £28 earlier in the day, before going down to £19.99.


Check you have the right one everyone. Got replacement today. The first one they sent is on the left


Glad you got it sorted. Mine was the card cover, but inside was an envelope of bubble wrap, with a card for instructions, when you got in to it there was another card with a quick start guide.


Got in touch with amazon and they are sending me a replacement. According to many on google it is a fake. Just my luck. If anybody has received one with a white band contact amazon for a replacement. There are other videos on youtube that shows you the suttle differences between the fake and the original so check it out if you want to be extra sure


Whats the inside packaging like? This was just wrapped in bubble wrap. I was pleased with the white band at first until i realised it could be a counterfeit go-tcha. Did some research and nobody seems to know if it is or not but it is definitely a slightly different model

Halloween Android £2 play credit from purchase in Pokemon GO / Clash of clans / Candy Crush / Viber and more
Found 22nd Oct 2017Found 22nd Oct 2017
With redesign cannot see how to post freebie. At google android play store, click and accept voucher for £2 in app/in game credit. Any in-app purchase (apps below) within 15 days… Read more
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Nothing for me either! and I buy stuff from play...


Met a whole bunch of people yesterday and except those on iphones, android users clearly got the £2 voucher / free android credit. The pictures are above.


Weird! I've got wallet/android pay setup and spent plenty on the store but still no banner for me!


Got together with a group of people yesterday, it seems if you have a google wallet set up (put your card details in in the past) and have used it, you will see the banner for free credit. If you have not used your cards on google ever / sham account etc, you will see nothing. Essentially if you have never purchased an app or made an actual in-app purchase with real cash, you will not see it. It must be to stop utter freeloaders whom make several accounts.


nothing for me and I use 3 of the apps in the list

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Pokemon Gold/Silver Download code with box £9.99 Argos
Found 3rd Oct 2017Found 3rd Oct 2017
Download code... in a box
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People like it in a box though, and free click and collect.


It was a bit of an impulse thing, £24.99 from Amazon (sold by musicMagpie) I've seen cheaper on ebay from time to time. I prefered the old GBA over the SP version as I've got a case and a few other bits that should still do.


Had a GBA in the past but looking at getting one again. How much did you pay?


Yeah that's what I'm playing it on ^-^


Will this game work for the 2DS?

Pokemon Gold and Silver (3DS/2DS) each @ Tesco Direct for £7.50
Found 1st Oct 2017Found 1st Oct 2017
Seems pretty good. Grabbed the both for £15 and free C&C.

How did everyone get on with their orders, for those who were able to get one placed? Mine's been sitting at "ready to dispatch" for about a week now. I think that I'm going to need to chase this up shortly.


And they're gone again


They're available again. Just ordered one of each


ffs why do tesco never have much stock



Pokemon Gold and Silver 3DS Digital Download (Not Boxed) Pre Order £8.99 @ Nintendo eShop (with Exclusive Free Celebi code and 3DS Theme)
Found 15th Sep 2017Found 15th Sep 2017
Games are available to pre purchase for £8.99 each on the eShop on the 3DS console. Games will officially release on 22/09/2017 By purchasing on the eShop you can also get bonuse… Read more
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Guys how do I receive the 3DS theme? Bought the game before it’s release but had no code for the gold/silver theme


Here's a link for the version exclusive Pokémon! The only other differences are the Ho-oh and Lugia encounters. In each one's 'own' game you'll find them at lvl 40 before the elite four, and you'll find the other one at lvl 70 after the elite four. Choose the game based on which pokemon you want :)


Not trying to say that, what I am saying is that any bonus in general makes something worth it, especially if the item is still at RRP


if you're trying to say that digital items somehow hold more value than a physical item I'd like to see your logic


And you are the rest of the sheep don't understand that bonuses increase value. Therefore, making it worth more.

Pokemon Gold & Silver Boxed - Free Delivery - Game.co.uk
Found 26th Aug 2017Found 26th Aug 2017
Free delivery Gold: http://www.game.co.uk/en/pok-mon-gold-2088145 Silver: http://www.game.co.uk/en/pok-mon-silver-2088147 You're totally welcome.
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I've pre ordered both. They were my favourite games growing up. Want the box's for the nostalgia lol only am extra pound for the 'cardboard box' :)


Is this limited edition?


I think they said it will be compatible with Pokemon Bank so people can transfer pokemon to newer games yes


You can, this is mainly for people who don't want to put their credit card info in the 3DS or to buy it as a gift. It will also appeal to collectors and hardcore fans and likely go up in value as a collectible. It's probably little value to most, however as Gold / Silver are my favorite games in the series i'd like the box to go with my other Pokemon games on the shelf. Why not for a similar price to the download? :)


Is there much point? Can't you just download it from the Nintendo Eshop when it's released?

Discounted Raid passes, Lures etc in Pokémon Go gift boxes £11 @ Google play
LocalLocalFound 22nd Jul 2017Found 22nd Jul 2017
Ultra box is best value all round, but the cheapest box is best value if all you want are raid passes

Pokemon gone


Not surprising the hate judging by past deals - I'd probably go middle 'Great' box for the best value. Not got into the raiding though, seems like a bad mechanic to introduce previously hard to get Pokemon with little effort.


Pokémon Go away

Pokemon Go Plus £26.95 delivered The game collection
Found 14th Jun 2017Found 14th Jun 2017
gotta catch 'em all! In stock and cheapest I can find, happy training.
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Back in stock! Mods please unexpire


​sums up my journey so far too :-)


Just added the go plus as a trusted device, will see how it goes.


Have tried this out for a day. Here's my thoughts: Cons: - seems to disconnect quite a lot (using S7 edge) - catch rate is quite poor when using it to get Pokemon - can't tell what the Pokemon is! May lose one that you would razz/pinap berry with an ultra Ball and a 'great' or 'excellent' throw to give best chance of catching. :( - when game is open and you're at a pokestop with Pokemon visible the go plus isn't vibrating and flashing to show that you're near something. Need to restart app and resync to fix it.. - have to keep dumping Pokemon as you will quickly catch 20,30,40 Pokemon without realising. Pros: - catch loads of Pokemon on journeys and fill up at pokestops that you would've ordinarily have not had the time/energy to get. Pressing a button while you're doing something else is super doable. - radius around you seems to be greatly improved, pokestops that were ordinarily not reachable from locations that I've used previously are now accessible. Loads more Pokemon are clickable on the go plus. - your pokebox and items fill up really quickly and surprises you how much you've done! Really really good! - catch Pokemon that you wouldn't normally, extra exp, extra candies ready for future updates where they will add further evolutions. -uses up standard pokeballs which I used to have to throw away to make space. Saves time dumping stuff. Think that's about it. It would be nice to have a lanyard to wear it with because the watch and other method don't appeal to me. If you could manage the connectivity a little more and set timeout periods it would be better. Android Wear used with this would be the ultimate if it showed you what you are about to try and catch - wishful thinking! If you wouldn't be Pokemon hunting at the time and all the activity is essentially a bonus this is great. If you're out actively hunting using your phone is a lot better!


They do special events. At the moment they are doing a special event where Fire types show up. Have been catching Cyndaquil, Ponyta and Growlithe.

Pokemon go plus £34.99 @ Nintendo store U.K.
Found 2nd Feb 2017Found 2nd Feb 2017
I'm not sure how this works but I know people have been looking for this. You can "pre-order" on the Nintendo website, hope it helps someone
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I took sympathy and gave you heat :) Does seem to have been a bit of a short term craze like the loom bands though.


You better feel bad about this, this is terrible, I'm in pain now, I can't walk properly, I get anxiety whenever I see Pokemon merchandise, I'm claiming, for whiplash aswell when I saw the deal from the side of my view.


hey, its cool. Although you will be in my prayers tonight.


sorry guys.. : (


I pre ordered and guess what 3 months later still nothing. Nintendo are so terrible with stock I'm surprised they still have fans

Pokémon Go Plus stock due in march can Preorder £34.99 @ Nintendo Store
Found 11th Jan 2017Found 11th Jan 2017
Got an email from them saying it's could be preordered for stock due in March...

​Fair enough. From what I saw, i wouldn't pay more than a couple of quid for it anyways.


Nintendo are renowned for making small numbers of stock, they did the same with the Wii when released and now the NES Classi. The amount of units the Nes Classic could have shifted before xmas would have made nintendo a tidy profit but they either have no idea of how to make enough stock to fill demand or what i believe is that they intentionally limit release to build a demand for it.. The same will happen when the switch is released, they will purposely make a demand for it by releasing limited amounts


Or Nintendo wants to give that impression. Mario Run seems to have tanked in sales as it's an "expensive" game so...


An expensive gadget which saves you the hassle of actually having to play a free computer game yourself, hmmmmm? And it's hardly ever in stock so it must be ever so desirable. Hats off to the marketing department at Nintendo if they are really selling lots of these.


​It keeps selling out, so it must be a big deal still.

Pokémon GO Plus @ Nintendo Store - £34.99
Found 12th Dec 2016Found 12th Dec 2016
Don't think I have ever done a RRP "deal" before, but its close to xmas and the cheapest buy it now on ebay is £58.50...so... The Pokémon GO Plus is a small device that lets you e… Read more

I got mine the other day so these were in stock, they messed up my order though and only charged me for the additional bits I ordered so haven't actually paid for the Pokemon Go Plus.....


Just to update on the suspected stock availability issue for this, I ordered on 12/12 when I saw the deal on here & I had a dispatch note today to say it's on the way so there is / was some stock when they showed as available on the website.


Mine has been dispatched today, tracking with Royal Mail, so with the strikes, I suspect I'll receive it 2017!


Did this get posted yesterday or is it still at "Will dispatch on 12/12/2016"? Thank you.



Pokemon Go Plus @ amazon Spain £39.53 delivered before Xmas
Found 7th Dec 2016Found 7th Dec 2016
Ok, I'm ready for the serious negging I'll get for this deal, but hopefully it'll help someone get a pressie in time for Xmas- this'll probably be the last chance to secure one sin… Read more

Thanks - got one yesterday at that price. When I'd clicked it wasn't available and it must have been the next cheapest showing, but it came back on after the OP pointed it back out to me, got an email today saying it had been dispatched (or maybe something entirely different, didn't get around to translating it!!), so fingers crossed for next week, looks promising.


https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B01HQ55NPI/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 39.99 Euros Total with tax: EUR 45.50 (with shipping) Grand total payment: GBP 39.85


Thank you! It must have disappeared and then come back on at that price, it definitely wasn't there when I tried last night! Just ordered for €39.90 plus €5.81 shipping, should work out around £40 as you say. Thanks again for that!


Strange- it still shows as €39.90 when I click on the link. Might be worth another try? Also, as a delivery update, Amazon have said I'll receive it a few days earlier than originally stated!


Thanks! I'm looking for one of these for my son but not prepared to pay more than about £40 - I already tried amazon .it .fr .de .com .ca and .es and not having any luck! I'm getting 50 euros plus 12 euros shipping as the lowest price on this deal now. Any suggestions?!

Pokémon GO Plus £34.99 @ Nintendo (Advent Calendar)
Found 5th Dec 2016Found 5th Dec 2016
As part of the Nintendo Advent Calendar, the offer today is the Pokémon Go Plus accessory which is available. No price reduction, and presumably limited availability the best price… Read more
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Cex must have caught on that stock has started to trickle through. They only offering £50 cash now for it. Was £60 last week. They still selling for £75 tho


Got my order in, but now it's just 'awaiting stock pick'. I remember why I dislike using Zavvigroup websites now...


It varies but usually seems to be late morning, I've not noticed a specific time.


Anybody know what time they open the advent windows in the morning?.


Totally agree and can almost guarantee the temperature would be a different colour if the title had 'NES Mini' in it somewhere.

Pokemon Go plus in stock - £34.99 @ Nintendo Store
Found 25th Nov 2016Found 25th Nov 2016
Avoid paying £60 odd on ebay!
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CEX for me as well i think


Mine has been delivered, straight to CEX tomorrow for £60. Was gonna keep it but the Pokemon fad is over. Thanks Op probably was the only worth while thing i got on Black Friday


Mines been delivered! Strange considering that my tracking information states that it's somewhere up North at the moment.. Also, the box has a returns address to The Hut Group; didn't realise that Nintendo and the Hut Group were affiliated?


Mine was dispatched too this morning


Can't believe that mine has been posted too! Wahey, come on Pokemon Go hunting! :p

Pokemon go plus on Amazon France for £42.90
Found 25th Nov 2016Found 25th Nov 2016
These are so hard to get hold of an are selling for stupid money on eBay. I just got one from Amazon France for £42.90. I know it's still expensive but way cheaper than getting one… Read more
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Glad I could help someone:-) my son wanted 1 an there's no way I'm paying £90 on eBay. I don't mind paying a little bit extra if it makes him happy on xmas day.


Oops thought it was £35 but tax brought total to £40.07! Will have very happy son, thanks :)


Just wait for nintendo to get stock back in. "Only" £34.99 which I still think is a big rip off.


Ive lost mine :(

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