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Refurbisged Apple iPhone 8 £386.99 @ Ebay /  clickamobile4
Found 5 h, 58 m agoFound 5 h, 58 m ago
iPhone 8 Good 64 GB Unlocked

Using the 6 now with no issues whatsoever. It’s still a very capable phone.


A 6 isn’t even usable. Very slow for today. iPhone 8 is very Similar to 7 it’s like an s release


Or a 6 for half that, almost the same phone...


Just buy an iPhone 7 for almost half the price. Almost the same phone.

Apple iPhone 8 Plus - O2 - Gold - 64GB - Good £387 @ Music Magpie + Ebay
Found 7 h, 34 m agoFound 7 h, 34 m ago
Code expires tonight, but I thought this was a pretty good deal for the plus size model in 64gb guise. In gold, not everyone's cup of tea, but some like gold. If you haven't alr… Read more

I had the 20% off on quidco, made two purchases wirh quidco and one wirhout, if it tracks I should get 100 back (as quidco is capped at 50 per basket, at least thats what it said on quidco). None of it tracked yet, but if they do, I am getting a mate 10 pro from MM for 210, ipad pro 12.9 32gb grade a for 290. And I am getting a nokia 7plus for 170. Good day to ebay! :)


I'm having issues with the eBay music mcpie too . It doesn't change prices when you select a different network etc.


No, music magpie never do.


Such companies don’t always include the charger, box or headphones. Worth checking.


I've had some described as good at very good standard, some described as good, as acceptable. But I always say, if you buy it, and you don't like it, it's very easy returns with music magpie/ebay. If you can be bothered with the hassle of course.

iPhone XR 64gb £190 upfront; £34 p/m 24 months on o2 (15gb internet, unlimited texts and mins) @ Mobiles.co.uk
Found 15 h, 9 m agoFound 15 h, 9 m ago
£1006 over the full 24 month period seems a very good deal based on the RRP being £749 for the new iPhone XR. Effectively makes the contract part of the deal £257 over the 2 year… Read more

To those claiming that this site is full of cheap android fans, please explain this an iPhone deal gone HOT? what the?: so clearly thats a load of rubbish, the XR phone is overpriced (its using the same screen tech as the iPhone 4/4S) so until the price comes down drastically, it will always be voted cold.


Anyone seen good deals for some free Xr?


Same resolution and pixel density does not equal same LCD, I think thats the point people are making. The XR screen is still more advanced than the iPhone 4. If you're buying the XR it's because your contract is up, you want to stick with Apple, but you don't want the price of an XS.


From what I've seen of an S8 it still looked very good downscaled, in fact I couldn't really tell it had been downscaled to be honest. I'm sure people in the market for an XR will be happy with the screen based on experience of previous Apple LCDs. Seeing most of the vitriolic comments about the display some people could well end up dropping another couple of hundred on an XS when an XR is more than adequate. After all, manufacturers have a range aimed for users with different needs.


The 2015 S6 and onwards WQHD (2560×1440) screens usually have an option to reduce the resolution to FHD 1080p, if you want to preserve battery life. I guess Apple have been thoughtful and preserved the XR battery life out the gate with an 828p LCD screen. Unfortunately, Apple don't have an option to increase the resolution to 1080p or beyond..

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iPhone XR  Sky Mobile Includes 1GB data £34 a month for 24 Months total £816 on swap 24 plus a 20GB welcome bonus to get you going
Found 16 h, 36 m agoFound 16 h, 36 m ago
iPhone XR 64GB Choice of colours No upfront costs includes 1GB Month Unlimited Mins and Text plus 20GB bonus into piggy back account. £34 a month for 24 Months total £816 on swap … Read more
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If you want an iPhone get an iPhone. I wouldn't recommend getting it on this contract


I suppose it good for the likes of the wonga society we live in. Chinese phone do come at a risk as they virtually have no warranty, risk you take for the reward. However apple aren't the be all and end all.


It’s a good deal for somebody who wants this phone. Why do children on this site waffle on about these cheap crap (no warranty ) Chinese phones?


'broke england' or 'iphone users are working for their money' or 'specs specs specs all they talk is about specs' - so you didn't write this stuff did you now ?? But look at you now saying you are an adult when you keep contradicting yourself. Enjoy XD


I never said specifically Apple phones are better than any other! I did say that some phones have good specs but are of poor quality overall! I have an iPhone and an Android phone and I know how to be an adult! I don’t need sides or be part or a gand or a movement! If I like it I get it! It’s I have used it and it rubbish I will say so! Don’t get knickers in a twist over a deal! If you don’t think it’s a deal so what? I couldn’t care less! If 1 person likes the deal and gets it, it’s a winner! If no one likes it, I don’t not get paid! Make no difference. How many people like you say kings like it’s Apple so cold! Sheep! Blah blah blah you need to be negative and try and push your preferences and I think that’s sad and will say so! Enjoy ;)

IPhone XS 64 GB VARIOUS COLOURS £949.99 @ currys_pcworld  eBay
Found 17 h, 20 m agoFound 17 h, 20 m ago
50 quid off the brand new IPhone through currys ebay, still overpriced in my opinion but thought some people might bite the bullet (y) 🏽

Well I am and I’m sure I’m not alone


The guy in the video is obviously an Apple fanboy. An 12 minute video about the XR screen that talks about all Apples "right" choices in general before getting to the screen, he talks about Apple working another engineering miracle on the bezel less XR LCD screen... do people not see the notch!? I know apple hides it in their adverts but come on! iPhone 4 (released 2010) 640 x 960 pixels, 3:2 ratio (~330 ppi density) iPhone 6 (released 2014) 750 x 1334 pixels, 16:9 ratio (~326 ppi density) iPhone XR (October 2018) 828 x 1792 pixels, 19.5:9 ratio (~326 ppi density) Full HD and above from Samsung. Samsung Galaxy S4 (Released 2013) 1080 x 1920 pixels, 16:9 ratio (~441 ppi density) Samsung Galaxy S6 (released 2015) 1440 x 2560 pixels, 16:9 ratio (~577 ppi density)


Anyone seen any good iPhone Xr deals? Trying to get something below rrp! Every penny helps


Fair enough - just pointing out that there's been a fair amount of incorrect info around the XR, which is a solid phone and very good value when you consider you're only really missing the oled and dual rear camera from the XS. Due to the reduced price of the iPhone 8 following the XS/XR announcements I'm sure we'll see some cracking refurb prices for the 8 in particular. (y)


What's so funny? everyone is copying notch these days.

Apple iPhone X - 64GB - EE - GOOD REFURB £549.95 @ Lime tropic ebay
Found 19 h, 27 m agoFound 19 h, 27 m ago
Good price from a well known online retailer. Use the code. From 10.00

Took a bit of searching but got one for £530 delivered using the PUMPKINS code. Apple warranty until Feb and they're giving me the receipt so I can put it on my Nationwide insurance :) . Really pleased with this 10% code, normally I'm just confused about what to buy and end up getting nothing.


thank you :) bought it - seems I got the last one in "good" condition


These aren't refurbished at all, they are just second hand phones. A factory reset doesn't = refurbished.


Extra fiver for unlocked seems slightly better


Grade good, read the title. :)

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Found 22 h, 36 m agoFound 22 h, 36 m ago
Get an extra £5 if you sell your iPhone on musicmagpie
Read More

That was lucky, it was going extremely cold. Epic fail


No problem deals expired no more voting


Awh bless


So you're saying an extra FREE £5 is not good? Anything extra is better than nothing. Their probably voting cold cause their seeing your initial first comment that's totally irrelevant and then following the crowd.


Voting on the deal, like everyone else it's VERY cold

Apple Up to £550 off your new iPhone when you trade in
Found 18th OctFound 18th Oct
Up to off your new iPhone when you trade in your eligible smartphone with the Apple GiveBack Program
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Everyone will most definitely use this service if Apple were to sell 'second hand' phones at these very low trade in prices.


They do, they refurb them as replacements and sell in bulk excess to retailers. It’s good use to do than landfill but the prices they offer are shocking


I went for the 8 refurbished from Argos eBay paid £380 about 5 months ago as dropped 7 smashed to pieces Prefer my home button




These trade ins are always terrible, only exception being the Samsung when they give an extra £100 on top of the rubbish value.

iPhone 7 32GB Unlocked Preowned Good Condition £219  giffgaff
Found 18th OctFound 18th Oct
Various colours in stock at time of posting. £30 more for 128GB. Our pre-owned phones are in great condition. And come unlocked, fully tested, and data cleansed giving you peace o… Read more
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Tried the driver thing Got some but others were missing and I had to send it to ASUs Which means no laptop for 2-3 weeks so had to buy another one to continue work. It’s just bad. Never mind Thanks again for your help


Return it to the retailer. They should fix it but you can get full ASUS driver support from their website.


Ok so I have two more to add, seems all these big corporates are taking the piss: Microsoft released windows 1809 corrupt, my new one month old laptop automatically updated to it and it’s corrupted my windows explorer. I complained and showed them over remote access. They took control of my laptop wiped it out and installed older version of windows remotely (they have now suspended 1809 release admitting its corrupt) problem is when they reinstalled windows they wiped out all the standard ASUS drivers and image and recovery partition etc, several things won’t work including the laptop trackpad. As a result I have a one month old laptop that’s been screwed up by then. Microsoft is all based in india.


I had an Dell Alienware M11x and the hinge broke three times, the third just outside of warranty and I was stuck with a £1000 laptop with the lid hanging off. It was an acknowledged fault but they didn’t do anything. Carphone Warehouse sold me a lemon iPhone X which had numerous issues. I knew I had to let them fix it at least once before rejecting it and after having it for 3 weeks, they did a software update (because a new one had been released while they were faffing around) which didn’t fix anything. I wanted a refund so I could buy it direct from Apple and not deal with those utter cretins any more.


What happened with dell and car phone if u don’t mind me asking

iPhone XS Max 64GB Vodafone no upfront phone cost @ £60 pcm over 24 months at smartphonecompany
Found 17th OctFound 17th Oct
£60.00 Inc. VAT per month / 24 months 4GB Data Unlimited UK Minutes Unlimited UK Texts I searched the best I can... unless you are willing to pay an extortionate amount on u… Read more

I was offered iPhone Xs 64gb with 100gb data with no up front for £64 a month on Three retention deal. Didn’t take it but might help others benchmark retention deals.


Like I’d say it depends where you live and travel to frequently and what the measuring stick is, Rootmetrics suggest otherwise EE has the best UK coverage Edit O2 offers nearly 99% combined 3G and 4G outdoor population coverage across the UK. By some margin, EE offers the UK’s widest and fastest 4G coverage. At the time of writing, its standard 4G network covered 99% of the UK population.


It's a fact through they won the award this year


I wouldn’t say that O2 is the best network, depends on what the measuring stick is I suppose, no good if you can’t get the coverage and i used to be with them, they all have pros and cons, depends where you live and travel to frequently. EE has the best coverage, and there are plenty of cheaper piggy back providers using EE, a phone is no good if you can’t get the signal


Considering Sim is worth £9 a month, you are getting a £1200 loan, interest included.

256GB Apple iPhone 8 Plus - Refurbished Excellent £519 w/Code @ envirofoneshop Ebay
Found 17th OctFound 17th Oct
Use the code for this price. Seems like a good one for the 256gb in excellent condition.

Just received my phone today and it looks like new. Also with the remaining Apple warranty too is a nice little bonus I hadn't thought about. Never considered buying a refurb before but will in the future. Well impressed!


Typical, I bought earlier today direct from envirophone website paid £539.99, but was in gold (256gb, excellent condition) which my daughter wanted and only space grey available on this deal by the time I saw it. Topcashback tracked at just over £7 so only £13 more and still in stock if anyone is still looking.




Oh Apple... if only they have kept the headphone jack....


My mate at work has one of these. Great piece of hardware, if you like that sort of thing, but it looks sooo dated now

Sephia SX16 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Foldable, On Ear, Stereo, Bass Driven - £9.30 (Prime) £13.79 (Non Prime) @ Sold by Sephia and FBA
Found 16th OctFound 16th Oct
LIGHTNING DEAL: Excellent reviews on Amazon by more than 900 buyers

Mine broke after three weeks. The head band cracked. Bit of a waste


I haven’t experienced any sound delay I use it for watching Netflix lot and sometimes sky tv 📺 and freeview i used to use with a cheap eBay Bluetooth transmitter but last 3 months on Samsung smart tv which has built in Bluetooth transmi


Thanks, I see they don't have aptX low latency, so is there noticeable sound delay (lip-sync issues) when watching TV? Lastly, what Bluetooth transmitter did you use please? Apologise for the many questions!


Most of the time I used with my Samsung TV and occasionally used with iPhone and android tablet


Have you ever tried them with your TV please - any good? With a Bluetooth transmitter for the TV.

Apple iPhone XS Max Dual Sim 64GB A2104 SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - £979 @ Wonda Mobile
Shipping from HKShipping from Hong KongFound 16th OctFound 16th Oct
Apple iPhone XS Max comes with a 6.50-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1242 pixels by 2688 pixels at a PPI of 458 pixels per inch. The Apple iPhone XS Max is powered… Read more
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dual physical sim in this one?


SMS....and how would i make outgoing calls on the work number?


You are delusional,me and many people that I personally know have used apple service in the UK for Macbooks,iPhones and iPads that were imported many,many times successfully. Or maybe I was just dreaming? can you also post those apple “legal statements” where they say its policy to refuse repair for priducts not bought in this country? why you insist on false claims is beyond me. maybe you asked one teenage Apple low level employee in a store that had no clue and they gave you wrong information. but don’t come here mislead people by your false claims and insist on them. as I said and as mist people here know,Apple repair service is tied to serial number not location.no receipt is needed to begin with. no ifs,ni buts,that how apple care works.


Phew, thanks for that. Those stupid apple employees obviously know nothing, and the numerous apple legal statements concerning warranty/applecare issued by apple are meaningless. I'll message you for all my future apple warranty/applecare advice. Once again, thanks for putting my mind to rest, you're a star.


you have been told utter rubbish mate. tried and tested many, many times. Apple warranty in international, they will never ask you were you bought it (if they do that specific person is clueless) they just check serial number and it shows if the device is covered by warranty. end of story. move on. next.

IPhone X 256gb Unlocked Space Grey, Refurbished, 12 month warranty @ QuickMobileFix
Found 16th OctFound 16th Oct
To get price use code: PHONES6 I think this a great price considering this is still around £1000 new, benchmarks also show that the iPhone XS is only about 11% faster than this ph… Read more

placed my order 2 days ago still showing as unfulfilled. they highlight the fact its next day delivery but dont mention as much the fact you could be waiting up to 10 WORKING DAYS for the phone (plus delivery). If i dont receive any confirmations within the next couple of days just going to cancel. seems they may be getting their phones from overseas, using our funds for their purchase, then not sending out to us till much later. As they aren't sure of the condition when they purchase they put down as good to excellent. good business model that has worked for plenty of people. But i didnt realise id have to wait over 2 weeks for a phone, should've just bought from overseas myself instead. So-far 1 guy in this thread seems to have rec'd his phone within 4 days of ordering


I was wondering the same. If you're lucky you might receive a used phone in good condition. But I'm thinking that most of these phones are in-house refurbs using cheap replacement parts. Their website says that water resistance isn't guaranteed with any phone from them.


fHas anyone had any thought to the IP Rating (for water submersion etc) of these refurbished phones. Assuming they have had a repair that has opened the chassis (and lets face it that is any repair) then is the IP Rating pretty much not guaranteed or lost?


NIce one, you obviously got in there before they realised the mistake they made.


Ahh, at the time I ordered there was no mention of not using discount codes. They added it later. I got the voucher and redeemed it (with MightyDeals themselves not a third party).

APPLE IPHONE 8 64GB Silver Unlocked Condition: Refurbished Excellent £389.99 @ Envirofone
Found 15th OctFound 15th Oct
Your Apple iPhone 8 will come in a secure and padded box, and will include the following FREE items: USB cable - For connecting to a computer and charging We will ensure your ite… Read more

In “Good” condition. This deal was for excellent condition.


You could save even more money but not buying one ! (y)


£40 to unlock a phone, in this day and age? Hilarious.


IPhone 8 Plus is £409 but locked to vodafone Unlocked for £449


There's also an iPhone X deal posted for £560 if anyone's interested.

APPLE IPHONE 7 PLUS 256GB JET BLACK - Unlocked Refurbished Good & 12 Months Warranty £359.99 @ Envirofone
Found 15th OctFound 15th Oct
WHAT'S IN THE BOX? Your Apple iPhone 7 Plus will come in a secure and padded box, and will include the following FREE items: USB cable - For connecting to a computer and charging… Read more

Yes go into an apple store and they will clean it for you free off charge


Anyone know what the music magpie good condition is really like?


Nice price can someone who bought this post a picture of the phone condition thanks


This is a common problem with all iphones, get a cocktail stick or pin and scrap the lint out of the charging port :) The cable should then sit nice and tight with no pressure needed. I have seen these getting fixed in the apple store with a sharp tool they use.


I did try but wouldn’t let me proceed. Great deal if you get it!

2M Durable Rope iPhone/micro usb dual charging cable PRIMARK for £3.50
Found 12th OctFound 12th Oct
Picked this up in my local primark the other day and was very impressed with the quality. Leagues above anything else at the same price, found by the tills.

Be very careful when using cheap 3rd party cables. Could potentially destroy the U2 IC power chip over time, causing fast battery drain or worse the phone would stop turning on


No problem (y)


Amended, many thanks.


Had this it's cheap and nasty and doesn't work bought afew and then they don't re refund!


Just FYI but it's a micro USB cable, not "mini"

iPhone Xs - £34 per month - 15 GB data - £399 upfront (Term £1215) @ Mobiles.co.uk
Found 12th OctFound 12th Oct
Seems like a decent deal from mobiles.co.uk

Anything similar for the Xs max


Desperate for a decent 3 deal. I wouldn’t go to any other network as the internet speed just can’t be beaten (in my experience). Wish 3 would let us pay a higher initial cost to bring down the monthly payments


Thanks for the reminder.


Soooo tempted... heat even thought you are a Sp*rs fan


Tempted by this. It’s just such a nicer handset than the android equivalents. Admittedly it’s far too high a premium for the difference but it’s top notch (see what I did there...)

APPLE IPHONE X 64GB Refurbished Good Unlocked £559.99 @ Envirofone
Found 11th OctFound 11th Oct
Good price, cheapest it's been for a company like this iirc. Quidco is available for a fiver.

Now that you've got yourself lips like that bird who got fired off apprentice a week and a half ago, I'm not going near your lips!


Ohhhh it must have been while you were kisssingggg me!


Yes, Gboard made my Sony go from unusable to usable and much more accurate. It's the best keyboard for Android hands down. Samsung aren't as bad as before but it's so annoying to see an octa-core phone lag and frame drop when scrolling for no reason whatsoever. The Sony XZ1 Compact I use doesn't suffer this so I assume it's a Samsung thing.


Have you tried gboard? That's the beauty of android. Don't like it? Change it. Samsung are a lot better these days. I've made my S9 pretty much stock android as most of the OS is now in individual apps (camera, galery, music, keyboard, SMS, contacts, calendar, phone etc etc all can be replaced) I do get where you are coming from. This is why many people hate android and why many people love it...Unfortunately Samsung pretty much runied it over the years.


I did go from Apple iPhone 6 to Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge once and hated it. I think this is more Samsung's fault than anything, the S7 had a real bloatware issue and the final straw was the grey-lines AMOLED fault. If I did it again I'd probably go Sony as that's my self-chosen work phone anyway and I really like it, though the iPhone sensitivity seems to be better for whatever reason, typing on the iPhone is faster and more accurate and I can't tell you why.

Unlocked iPhone X 64gb in space grey good / excellent refurbished & tested with 1 year warranty £565.25 @ Quick Mobile Fix
Found 11th OctFound 11th Oct
Cheapest I can find, use code PHONES5 to get it to £565.25 delivered. Phone is factory unlocked, refurbished and fully tested in good to excellent condition with a one year warra… Read more

I tried to cancel the day after this deal was posted, did not feel happy once I read the reviews and tbh I don't trust myself with an expensive phone (my past 4 phones I have broke and needed fixing, so why get an Iphone x?). But anyhow still no money back, I get e-mails back saying 'the gentleman in cancellations was call you' ie I read that as just 1 guy doing the refunds! And why does he need to contact me rather than just processing the refund.


Thank you


Yes. Appears people have had serious problems with getting their money back from this company as well. Wish you best of luck.


Money is taken immediately. Won't get it back until they've processed the request and they're only open Monday to Friday. I'm raising a PayPal 'not received' case if they don't reply by Tuesday.


Have you or others had money taken out of your account ? If you’ve cancelled - have you received your money back?

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