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Nilfisk Premium 180 Pressure Washer, 610 lpm, 180 bar £349 @ Cleanstore
Posted 13th AugPosted 13th Aug
Nilfisk Premium 180 Pressure Washer £349 ( £413 on Amazon) High flow rate of 610 is great when cleaning the car and flexi hose makes life easier 2900 Watt Induction Motor 180 … Read more
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Just be careful if using on the car, i went from an 1800w unit to 2500w, and it took a load of lacquer of my car!!!!


This is right, I never mentioned this is not a good deal, I just suggested there is a big jump from a under £100 pressure washer to this. So far this has the best specs I ever came across, but the price is in line with the specs.


Thanks! I may have a look, lately I did my shopping at Lidl and I found it once. Took my time to decide if I want it, the following week was OOS. I have not seen this again since 2-3 months ago, but I didn't go to Lidl over the past 2 week. I may pay them a visit, I need one with a patio cleaner, not sure if Aldi or Lidl do one with a patio cleaner or a different patio cleaner will work with them.


If u dont have good water pressure the extra bars dont mean alot.


Lidi and aldi sell them all the time at this time of year and with a 3year guarantee on most and no question asked for a refund you couldnt go wrong.

Nilfisk D140.4-9 Maintenance X-tra Pressure Washer with Patio Cleaner, Drain Cleaner and Rotary Brush £199.99 Delivery included at Costco
20/08/2020Expires on 20/08/2020Posted 7th AugPosted 7th Aug
Closest price I could find were around £255.00 The Nilfisk Dynamic 140 Maintenance X-Tra Pressure Washer is a powerful pressure washer that includes a telescopic handle for easy s… Read more

2 bucket method on a dirty car? Pressure washer with a snow foam lance attached... Car sprayed with the lance to let sit for a good 5 mins... Pressure wash off THEN a 2 bucket method 100%


To be honest, I'm not in favour of pressure washer use on cars. Car exteriors are made to be splash-proof. The electrical systems and lighting housings that are accessed from the underside of the car are not designed for high-pressure water being fired at them. In the wrong hands and on the wrong settings, you can absolutely wreck a car with a pressure washer. 2 bucket method, rinse off with a hose, with plenty of microfibre towels does me. I use mine for the block paving and decking only.




The auto head is good but the most useful accessory you can buy for any cleaning is the variable angle connector, makes easy work of wheel arches and roofs etc, and you can get just the right angle when patio cleaning for maximising power and where all the crap goes along with most comfortable position to hold the lance, saves all that bending and stretching.


You don't need lots of power to wash a car, the diddy Nilfisks are fine for that. Patios etc are where more powerful washers come in and it's flow rate not actual pressure that makes the difference. The turbo head on a more powerful washer like this is more effective and quicker than using a patio head, likewise the rotary brush is a bit superfluous.

Nilfisk Compact C125.7-8 Maintenance Pressure Washer Set (includes Patio Cleaner / Drain Cleaner / Soft Brush) - £99.99 delivered @ Costco
Posted 29th JulPosted 29th Jul
Thought this Nilfisk pressure washer set looks good for the price. (y) Was £129.99, now £99.99 until 11/08 with free shipping and 2 years warranty. Same set on Amazon is £147.4… Read more
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Bought bosch aquatak 125 for similar price.


Out of stock now.


Out of stock!!! Just as i went to buy one!!!!!


Costco are just as good as Amazon with issues


For car no, for brick work yeah

Nilfisk Compact 125 Pressure Washer - 1500W at Argos for £100 + free Click and Collect
239° Expired
Posted 3rd JulPosted 3rd Jul
Pressure washer features: 1500 watt air-cooled universal motor. Flow rate 460 litres/hour. Rated bar - 95. Max bar - 125. Suitable for light to medium duty tasks. 8m hose. 5m main… Read more

Don't get caught up in the bar rating, you want flow rate as well and some of these smaller units are seriously lacking in that My old Nilfisk was a monster at 120 bar as it rolled out 520 l/h Most of the new Nilfisk units are way below that and given that after 10 years hard use, mine finally died, I am struggling to replace it :/


The insides are upgraded as well I believe, and it has an induction motor, vs a cheaper, less reliable universal motor.


Just bought this. It's got a more powerful 1500w motor vs the 1400w on the lower models. It should last a fair few years for washing the car (which is my main use case). I had an old c105 with a plastic pump and that lasted me for more than 5 years! This one has an aluminium pump which supposedly is more robust.


Does the extra 10 bar make a significant difference? I have a filthy porch that’s been neglected for years. Would like to give it a powerful blast. Don’t wanna be spending hours with a weaker pressure washer


Yes, the C135. It’s shot up in price recently so I’ll wait it out. Not in any rush.

Nilfisk E145 pressure washer - £199.99 delivered at Cleanstore
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
Forget your Karcher or Aldi special, spend a bit more and have this..... 2100 Watt Induction Motor 145 Bar / 500 Litres Per Hour, Reliable Aluminium Cylinder Head 9 Mtr Soft Textil… Read more
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Different hose. This is not as good as the superflex which is on the E160 and above at 10m long.


Hi. Does anyone know if the 9 metre hose this comes with is the same as the 10m super flex one the e150 comes with (other than length). This one says soft textile hose the e150 says super flex hose? Cheers


Yeah it does a cracking job. I use a watering can to get a slight covering and then agitate a bit with a hard brush. Gets it looking as new.


I've heard that if you get the 15% stuff and dilute it 50/50 with water and then use a garden sprayer to put it down, it should get rid of the black spots. I'll buy some and give it a try.


Looks great! Loved ping patios that have a dramatic change. Get some sodium hypochlorite to cover the slabs with and it will remove all the black spots and stains!

Nilfisk C 110 bar 110.7-5 PC X-TRA Compact Pressure Washer - £76.98 @ Amazon
301° Expired
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
Nilfisk C 110 bar 110.7-5 PC X-TRA Compact Pressure Washer for Basic Tasks – Outdoor Cleaner with Patio Cleaning Accessory Kit – 440 L/H Water Flow.



Which one you used karcher it what


Just the washer and patio attachment. TBH the patio was just dirty as opposed to having any deep cleaning required. But Ive had my Nilfisk for probably 10 years (same patio cleaner) and still going strong. What I have found on my patio (pics were at my mum's) that's generally in shade so lots of black spots, moss etc is a 50/50 mix of water and thin bleach - the stuff that's 40p for 2 litres. Apply with a stiff brush, leave for a few days then pressure washer comes up a treat.


Did you use cleaning solution or just blasted away? Tia


Price up to 99.99 now:( gutted missed out on this. Next time

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Nilfisk D140.4-9 Maintenance X-Tra Pressure Washer with Patio Cleaner, Drain Cleaner and Rotary Brush £199.99 Costco
43° Expired
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
Features Includes: Nilfisk D140.4-9 Pressure Washer, Click & Clean Tornado Full Control Fan Jet Nozzle, Click & Clean Powerspeed R… Read more



My one arrived the other day and tested it yesterday. Simply put it is awesome. Far better than the old Karcher K2.09 I have and the recent washer I bought and returned from Lidl.

Bingohomer this one comes with the induction motor, you can also get it with similar add-ons for £50 more at £249.99 -, which after reading up on the subject for me is worth the extra spend to have an induction motor variant.


That is right, at this weight it will universal, not as long lasting and inferior to induction. Bit of a sneaky one at this power really. (cheeky) It is a shame Nilfisk are going down this route, quoting big specs with cheap motors like a lot of the others, Aldi, Lidl and other spurious brands.


Nilfisk states an aluminium pump, that does not infer induction motor. This model has a universal motor, on Nilfisk website models with an induction motor state it in the description and also induction motor models are heavier. This model is 13.8kg, most Induction motor models are over 18kg.

Nilfisk Buddy II 12L Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner 230V + JG Speedfit Collet Cover for £40.02 (with code) @ Toolstation (free click+collect)
398° Expired
Posted 21st JunPosted 21st Jun
Good saving on this Nilfisk wet & dry vac. Amazon are selling the same one for £75 Free click and collect available Links... Nilfisk Buddy II 12L Wet & Dry Vacuum Clean… Read more

London50 code only works if you are based in London?


Think this may have expired, anyone able to confirm?


I have the titan and its a Brilliant bit of kit.... also blows hot air too which is handy drying the car..... mines taken a beating but is great going.... !!


Not very impressed, not sure if I am doing something wrong but when used on carpets I’m having to push really really hard into the floor for it to move across the surface, otherwise it just gets stuck. Also the head feels incredibly cheap and flimsy. Currently disappointed but maybe after some use it will improve


Yes, I did collect. Everything went OK for me. Sorry for late reply, but if you do not quote the comment I do not get any notification.

Nilfisk C105 refurbished washer £44.99 at Nilfiskoutlet
290° Expired
Posted 13th JunPosted 13th Jun
Nilfisk C105 refurbished washer £44.99 at Nilfiskoutlet
Refurbished Nilfisk C105 pressure washer, direct from Nilfisk. Extend warranty to 12 months for an extra £5.99 Cost with: 6 Months warranty £44.99 12 Months warranty £50.98
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September this time


3 weeks until prime day. Think I’ll wait for a steal to be presented 8) Deffo want a bundle including the patio cleaner 😁


Not great value considering extra for warranty and postage. I bought C110 with Patio cleaner last Prime day for £44.99. But it was exceptional deal. Sold on ebay as was lying in garage.




I've never had any problems at all with a Nilfisk trigger. ......and never heard that they were poor before. I wouldn't even bother with an aftermarket one until if or when you need one. This is better than any of the alternatives in anything close to this price. Pay the extra for 12 months warranty and you've got a very good washer, trigger and 2 nozzles with 12 months warranty for 50 quid. You won't get better for this money.

Nilfisk C 110 bar 110.7-5 PC X-TRA Compact Pressure Washer £77.34 @ Amazon
748° Expired
Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
Nilfisk C 110 bar 110.7-5 PC X-TRA Compact Pressure Washer £77.34 @ Amazon
£77.34 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Saw the other deal posted a few days ago for the C110 at £70 but I wanted the patio cleaner. The patio attachments sell for around £25 so the complete kit sold by Amazon for £77 do… Read more

Bought this years ago and was very good, lasted well until I moved and gave it away, at the time people were saying but this over karcher (which I now own and is leaking).


I’ve had mine about 6 years pros washes well and lance works well metal pump is more reliable then cheaper models negatives patio cleaner isn’t the best there’s better out there from Lidl but does a basic job hose split within 2 years and now with a longer hose would never have the standard one again the mixture part for the lance is rubbish and makes it too heavy unless you dilute before you put into it it’s rubbish and then it runs out every 5 mins


I've had mine for quite a few years too, still going strong.


I use this with a snow foam lance.. great pressure washer for the money. Did a lot of research on this before buying it.. recommend it a lot


For the he hose & fittings try B&Q, Screwfix, Wickes etc. You'll need two Hozelock type click on connectors - one for power washer and one for the tap. Also possibly a threaded adaptor for the tap. Good luck (y)

Nilfisk C 110.7-5 X-TRA Compact Pressure Washer £70.18 delivered @ Toolstation
384° Expired
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
Nilfisk C 110.7-5 X-TRA Compact Pressure Washer £70.18 delivered @ Toolstation
£70.18 Free P&P FreeToolstation Deals
Nilfisk C 110.7-5 X-TRA Compact Pressure Washer 110 bar Order by 12pm for delivery next business day. Product Details • 110 bar max. • 1400W air cooled motor • 440 litres per ho… Read more
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In the description it says an aluminium pump


Is this a better option than a Karcher K2? Does anyone know if it has a plastic pump like the K2?


Have you tried the manufacturer?


I did realise that. Thanks.


Does anyone know where I can get a replacement hose for this model. I ordered this one from amazon but hose keeps disconnecting when the pressure washer gets turned on

Nilfisk Premium 180 xtra pressure washer £399.99 at Cleanstore
-262° Expired
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
Nilfisk Premium 180 xtra pressure washer £399.99 at Cleanstore
Next cheapest I find is at Costco for £30 more This is for the top of the range consumer model
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I'd have a look and see what professional pressure washer places are near you (or Kranzle dealers) Give them a call as none of the deals I've seen on here are really that good - also if you have a local place you know you have the backup etc. (They can still go wrong but are worth fixing unlike pretty much any sub-£200 washer..)


Can you send the link? Have held off as seen a karcher professional xpert Hd7125 for same price with all accesories. If there is a kranzle with all accesories for same price well that changes things!


Honestly - buy a Kranzle for that price!


Avoid the break down frequently

Nilfisk Alto C135.1-6i X-TRA Pressure Washer 135 bar 240V £169.95 at D & M Tools
31° Expired
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
Nilfisk Alto C135.1-6i X-TRA Pressure Washer 135 bar 240V £169.95 at D & M Tools
£169.95£19915% Free P&P FreeD & M Tools Deals
Free delivery 1-3 days, other options available. Never used the site but can pay via PayPal. The Kew Nilfisk Alto C135.1-6i X-TRA Pressure Washer is a compact machine ideal for… Read more

This is the K4 equivalent?


Pretty rare to see it that low though


It says shipping from 03/04/20?


£99.99 is a really good price.


It's been as low a 99.99 on Amazon, pretty sure that's what I got it for. It was in the middle of winter when it's useless to you of course

Nilfisk C135.1-8i Power X-Tra Pressure Washer £184.99 delivered @ Costco
-232° Expired
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
Nilfisk C135.1-8i Power X-Tra Pressure Washer £184.99 delivered @ Costco
£184.99Costco Deals
The compact Nilfisk 135.1-8i Power X-Tra Pressure Washer features a built-in trolley, making it easy to transport. The 1700W induction motor with a metal pump produces a maximum p… Read more

Have a look and review the market it’s caught up you can get a similar bar, water flow with pump (metal) and compatible motor at significant lower cost price. I would assume the larger volume brands that manufacture in China are being followed in some capacity and maybe nilfisk have the wrong market strategy on pricing over the last couple of years plus that’s it from me buy Nilfisk if that’s your preference I have never said they where poor quality just over priced as is karcher


What's a like for like Chinese manufactured product? Nilfisk pressure washers are some of the best around.


Patio cleaner, drain and tube cleaner are relatively low cost value items in manufacturing so the add ons are just a way of promoting the main item. Nilfisk are 25/30% to expensive based on a like for like Chinese manufactured product


Definitely this model it has induction motor it was in Cleanstore then Argos. Also think CPC had it on the same offer


There is absolutely no way that this model was selling for under £100 unless it was a price error. £149 is the lowest I have ever seen it. You're likely mistaking it for the standard C135 model.

Nilfisk Compact C110 Pressure Washer £71.99 Cleanstore
205° Expired
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Nilfisk Compact C110 Pressure Washer £71.99 Cleanstore
£71.99£77.988% Free P&P FreeCleanstore Deals
1400W Universal Air Cooled Motor 110 Bar / 440 Litres Per Hour 5 Mtr High Pressure Hose Click & Clean Foam Sprayer Tornado & Powerspeed Nozzles Nilfisk Compact C110 Press… Read more

Guys i wanna get this but i dont have an outdoor tap what can i use on my sink. I do have a water butt outside.


I've had the older Nilfisk version of this for 5+ years and its been superb. It's had lots of use in that time and has performed perfectly.


Actually I think I'm going to go with the Nilfisk due to knowing someone who owns one and is happy with it and due to not knowing that other brand I've linked. Heat added, thanks OP.


Wonder if anyone can lend their opinions. First time I'm looking to buy a pressure washer and I'm trying to decide between this and this I'm only intending to use this for washing the car and both look to be compatible with Prokleen. Therefore I'm leaning towards this Nilfisk, what do you guys think?

Nilfisk - C-125.7-6 PC X-TRA - High Pressure Washer £113 at Coolshop
198° Expired
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Nilfisk - C-125.7-6 PC X-TRA - High Pressure Washer £113 at Coolshop
£113 Free P&P FreeCoolshop Deals
First post £113.00 delivered Looks good to me. The handy high pressure washer with plenty of power. The best for basic outdoor cleaning task The best perfoming model of the … Read more

Agree I would expect they have a high percentage of returns Nilfisk


Exactly, karcher are no better. Get a kranzle and thank me later. Proper internals using brass etc and will last a lifetime, every part can be changed too.


It’s because the internals are rubbish and cheaply made with alloy and plastic. Get the kranzle, proper pump and housing that would put most home. heating systems to shame


Heap of junk, get the kranzle posted. More expensive but you’ll thank me later.


When you send the machine to a service centre in the UK if it has an EU plug they will not cover the warranty as they will not get paid by the nilfisk the subsidiary based in Penrith Cumbria as they do not import EU models as the warranty is not covered. The machine comes with a two year warranty fact on the motor and pump unit but it is region specific. Best way to test this is to buy one of the EU models and if it breaks take the trouble to drive to a nilfisk service centre in the UK have them refuse to repair and potentially take a trip to France or Belgium to get it repaired. Coolshop is based in Denmark and won’t know the UK protocols on the plug system to cover IP ratings. Also Coolshop are predominately a console games and accessories online store not a cleaning machine sales business so up to you all if you decide to purchase an online product from the EU in this market

Nilfisk C 135 bar High Pressure Washer with Induction Motor 380 L/H water flow Blue + 2 Year Warranty - £134.99 @ Amazon
64° Expired
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Nilfisk C 135 bar High Pressure Washer with Induction Motor 380 L/H water flow Blue + 2 Year Warranty - £134.99 @ Amazon
£134.99Amazon Deals
Amazon Lightining deal Nilfisk C135.1i High Pressure Washer The handy all-round high pressure washer with a powerful & tough 1700W induction motor for long life A full por… Read more

I ordered it from a reputable seller on eBay. The hose is a Nilfisk Superflex and gets very decent reviews. Mine hopefully arrives tomorrow.


Ah okay, I’ve not seen them, got a link please?


Much more flexible than the rubbish plastic one supplied with the C series.


What difference does the rubber hose make?


These pressure washer deals are going quick.

Nilfisk - C 110.7-5 Pressure Washer - £79 @ Coolshop
331° Expired
Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
Nilfisk - C 110.7-5 Pressure Washer - £79 @ Coolshop
Seems a good price right now for this. High pressure cleaner for basic cleaning tasks - C 110.7-5 X-TRA • Pump pressure, max .: 110 bar • Water volume, max .: 440 l / hour • Ne… Read more

Used it over the last couple of days, turbo is the one to use on the patio. No need for anything else. I tried the foam on the car, not sure if it cleaned, used the vario on the car, works well. Powerful enough for anything.


Not had time to open it.. got work, will try, if not the weekend


How are you finding it??


Thanks very much - looks good but no stock anywhere!


The C110 is a very good pressure washer for the money but it's not ideal for patio cleaning as it's not very powerful. It will do it but it will take a lot longer than the more powerful pressure washers. I'd recommend this for £99. It's more powerful and comes with the patio attachment. The Titan is a renamed C125. titan pressure washer:1:41:1

Nilfisk Compact C105 Pressure Washer and Patio Cleaner - £74.99 @ cleanstoreuk / ebay
205° Expired
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
Nilfisk Compact C105 Pressure Washer and Patio Cleaner - £74.99 @ cleanstoreuk / ebay
£74.99 Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
Great Price and nice for a small drive or patio Small & lightweight, ideal for cars & small patios The Compact C105 Home is a small lightweight machine bundle in the Nilf… Read more
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Lol, think everyone assumed it came with a patio brush because this one did but didn't check to see :) A head with a wider spray pattern and an adjustable angle fitting are the most useful things for washing a car but not included with this.


I had similar issues, I couldn’t get the water to pass through the power washer to remove the air before start up. I eventually started the pressure washer and the pump pulled the water through, not ideal but it was fine after that.


The brush provided isn’t for patio. It’s supposed to be for the car. I may use it for wheels but i wouldn’t use it for washing the car.


Another thank you for the tip. Already put to good use on my driveway paving blocks. Very ingrained with dirt but brought up like new thanks to the power of this Lidl machine. Only problem was getting set up, as the transparent inlet nozzle provided wouldn't allow water into the machine from the hose coupling (also provided). Swapped it out for another I already had and all was good. I'd be interested if anyone else had this problem as it took some head scratching to work out what was happening (or more correctly, what wasn't happening).


Patio brushes are very good at keeping mess down as @joedastudd said, but unless your very lucky will often stop spinning after a short while when they get a bit of dirt in the spindle. Personally found a turbo head on more powerful washers like those is far more effective and quicker BUT you will get crap going everywhere.

Nilfisk - C-135.1-8 PC EU - High Pressure Washer £149 at Coolshop
71° Expired
Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd May
Nilfisk - C-135.1-8 PC EU - High Pressure Washer £149 at Coolshop
£149 Free P&P FreeCoolshop Deals
The handy all-round, high-pressure washer. With fulll power flexibility for frequent or larger cleaning tasks. This powerful Nilfisk high pressure washer easily handles larger and… Read more

dont buy c series,wont last ,pump will pack in,pay extra for e series


Just realised this myself, looks like they've bumped the price up. Advert isn't clear whether accessories are included or not, but I've copied the picture they've used..


Price shows as £155 for me, also does this come with the accessories or is this only for the pressure washer itself, I think the image may need changing if only for the pressure washer

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