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Square Enix Collectors Edition Sale - Star Ocean, Hitman, Tomb Raider, Just Cause, FF ETC
Found 19th Dec 2017Found 19th Dec 2017
Square are having a pretty decent sale on some of their Collectors Editions, some of which are OOS elsewhere or can only be had through their store. Just Cause 3 is particularly ch… Read more
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It got delivered to wife's shop (easier..sometimes) Awesome set Jackanape cheers for the find (y) game looks cracking on my X


I'm sorry for causing you marital woes. I took mine into the house and hid it before the wife got back from work, ha ha.


Tomb Raider turned up today. It is freaking massive. No sneaking this one past the wife...


Say no to Assassins Creed deal and feel all smug about my willpower....and order Tomb Raider (poo)


Ordered Tomb Raider. Love the statue, shame about the delivery charge. Heat added.

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness - PS4 - £8.99 @
Found 16th Dec 2017Found 16th Dec 2017
Cheapest price new by a few quid by the looks of things. Not played this one yet but might give it ago for less than £9.

Nice price, but awful game, very disappointed. Worst in the series in my opinion, clunky controls, dreadful cut scenes. Did not like this game but heat for price :)


unfortunately guys this game lacks many features and Last hope is 10 times better. I've completed this game with ease, the main problem is literally is that it only really has 1 side quest from the main game. It's just so dam very basic and not worth your time and effort. However last hope is just brilliant apart from those stupid bunny races!



link please


Honestly use the £8.99 towards the newly re-released last hope game instead, far better game.

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Star Ocean - The Last Hope (4K Full HD Remaster) - Day One Edition (Steam) £12.95 @ Greenman Gaming
Found 4th Dec 2017Found 4th Dec 2017
VIP price so you need to be logged in. Currently 10% off the launch price which is £14.39 @ Steam with the 10% discounted. Greenman Gaming have it cheaper than Steam. The price w… Read more

haha indeed but I've come to accept this in SO lol, Till the End of time had some annoying ones too but they are amazing games. I already have it on PS3 but really want this version now. Was very tempted but need to at least get rid of my PS3 copy before I consider this lol. I've also heard the DRM is bad and to be avoided on PC version. Not sure why they went this route with it.


wonder if it is full 4k on the ps4 then as much as i like the game it has to have one of the most annoying characters in JRPG history and thats saying something!


This is the international version btw that was released on the ps3 I can confirm. So has all the extra content. I been playing through and love it. Can tell because of extra chests on lemuria only on ps3 version. Oh and you have the extra options too.


Really wanted a physical version of this on PS4, sort of let down by S-E. Still, I'll get it in 3 months when it's knocked down to £9.99 on PSN like Star Ocean 3 did.


that was the just the 360 version the ps4 was on one disc

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness (PS4) £8.99 at GAME
Found 7th Oct 2017Found 7th Oct 2017
cheapest currently

It's been a long time since I played it but I'd say it's fine. Because characters talk over combat and important times and because you control the camera in cut scenes it loses weight in the story telling part. A party of 7 is large too probably to large. For cheap go for it though at least you can have it for a collection etc.


For £9 give it a go? Be warned that at the rate the price fell it might not be very good.


Same question ive been asking as well


Even as a standard RPG is it any good? Or not worth the hassle ?


For a star ocean game and from my perspective it's terrible. I never even gave anything post game a chance. Just feels like a step backwards all over.

Star Ocean integrity and faithlessness - Limited edition PS4 13.85 @ Shopto
Found 12th Mar 2017Found 12th Mar 2017
I know the game has had a bit of bad press but I've always like the series and thought I'd bite with this Limited edition pretty cheap. The Limited Edition will include the game a… Read more
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Ohh it's been completed, phew!! :D


Back in stock. Reported for unexpiry :)


Yesterday was the weekend - give them a chance! ;)


Ordered yesterday but it still says pending.


Yes I think there is an element of fond memories, although I think that the story and character development have been lacking of late. As the technology gets better they seem to put more emphasis (and a lot more money) on showing it off. The reason people play these types of games in the first place is for a great story and interesting characters with depth I believe and they need to start getting these basic things right before anything else. I would happily forego any graphical enhancements and ridiculous battle animations for a truly great story again.

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Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness Limited Edition (PS4) £15.99 Prime Only @ Amazon (& GAME)
Found 9th Jan 2017Found 9th Jan 2017
BONUS ITEMS - The Limited Edition will include the game and Steelbook plus five in-game DLC and two battle BGM from VALKYRIE PROFILE Series Engage in massive battles with up to 7 … Read more

Back in stock at GAME for those who missed it:


Still not cheap enough for me.


They sold out, so it's now available from a third-party seller who charges a higher price.


Did the price go up now?


Good price! Heat. Thank you.

Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness (ps4) £19.99 with ps plus
Found 21st Sep 2016Found 21st Sep 2016
Good price for the digital edition of the game and even cheaper with CDKEYS 5% discount.
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I enjoyed it. Took about 200 hours to platinum (have to play through 3 times) sold my copy to Cex on Saturday as no replay value after 3x completed :p


Just finished this two nights ago, pretty poor JRPG, awful characters and terrible plot. Cutscenes were so uninteresting that afterwards I didn't know where to go because i had at some point lost interest in the abysmal dialogue.


Fine price but not that good. I had high hopes myself but for an rpg it's just missing something. I've finished it but couldn't Be bothered to start again or even do post completion stuff. And I'm a fairly Hard-core rpg lover.


​yea and at moment you can get both sword arts for same price


​my bad it's £19 px so you would lose £1 if you don't like

STAR OCEAN: Integrity and Faithlessness Limited Edition (PS4) £34.99 Delivered (Preorder) @ Grainger Games
Found 19th May 2016Found 19th May 2016
Really looking forward to this myself. Bear in mind the limited edition includes steel book and digital content. The standard edition can be ordered from TGC for £32.85 but for the… Read more

It seems this one was kinda rushed and had a limited budget sadly


Read the Kotaku import preview. The game got slated. I am a big tri ace fan but this does not look good.


​Wait i'm being thick, that's for the standard edition, my bad :(


£32.85 over at Simplygames, not sure when they take payment though


To be fair shopto is selling the standard copy for £40 which I pointed out in my description can be bought for £32.85 from TGC but GG is selling the limited edition which comes with steel book and is still £5 cheaper than shopto. Unsure what part of it is unclear for you? ;)

Star Ocean 5 (PS4) £33.99 @ Amazon
Found 22nd Mar 2016Found 22nd Mar 2016
STAR OCEAN, the epic, sci-fi RPG saga that takes players to the stars and beyond, makes its triumphant return with its forthcoming fifth installment in the series. The title is dev… Read more

Yeah then they raised the price again, now its back to 33.99 No info about it yet but I'm guessing it would later, if this did have Collectors Edition I'm gonna buy that one :)


Anybody know if there is a collector/limited edition for UK/EU? Japan's collectors edition looks hot


I've had it preordered at this price from Amazon for months. Great price for a new release!


Didn't mean to spoil the deal mate. Amazon is just price matching Argos.


Do they do free delivery too? Also do they take payment now or at dispatch? I'd rather order from Amazon tbh

Star Ocean integrity and faithlessness PS4. £33.99 @ Expired price increased now
Found 20th Sep 2015Found 20th Sep 2015
Amazon have priced matched Argos.(worlds of final fantasy on vita also been priced match £28.99) ideal for those who don't want to pay up front for a game that we will probably n… Read more
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Just noticed myself. Will expire deal


39.99 here now



i just hope that all the other game are released when this comes out would love for them to bring the psp games to the vita and release till the end of the world on ps2 classic or even do a kingdom hearts and remaster them all for the ps4 Well SO2 is getting remade for the vita and ps4. Strange that they are not doing the first. Mind if its sales are good they might


Not much integrity to be found here... [img][/img] (not that I'm complaining)

Star Ocean: The Last Hope (XBOX 360) for £4.99 @ Play.Com
Found 1st Feb 2012Found 1st Feb 2012
Star Ocean: The Last Hope is the fourth entry in the futuristic space opera RPG series, the long-awaited continuation of the celebrated science fiction and fantasy RPG series. This… Read more
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**** missed it


How do people find these deals as i can't see anything on the play site that allows you to easily browse all games by price. The only way to search by price that i can see is to search by genre within a platform which is a hassle because it's not like i only have one console or only like RPGs.


seems to be out of stock

Star Ocean: The Last Hope (360) - £4.99 @
Found 24th Dec 2010Found 24th Dec 2010
Next cheapest I can see is £7.99 pre-owned at Game/Gamestation --------------- A prequel that combines sci-fi and fantasy elements, spanning multiple planets and the vastness of … Read more
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It's an awful game in my humbles and I love JRPG's


It's £4.99 :lol so you can excuse these niggles


Gotta b worth a punt for a fiver :D


I've heard the voice acting (and it) is terrible. English dub, no option to switch it off. Below are just a few snippets to give you an idea of what to expect: - Still for £5, it's a bargain for jrpg lovers; another 360 rpg called Tales of Vesperia cost me 10 times as much as it was out of print and had to buy it used from ebay.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope PS3 £14.93 @ The Hut
Found 22nd Aug 2010Found 22nd Aug 2010
Product Review Release Date: 12 February 2010 Star Ocean: The Last Hope - International is the enhanced PlayStation 3 version of 'Star Ocean: The Last Hope', which previously rele… Read more
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the price been like that for weeks now or maybe months.


Very good price. Not sure how good a game it is though

Star Ocean Xbox 360 11.95 @ Zavvi
Found 24th Jan 2010Found 24th Jan 2010
As title description Since its advent nearly 13 years ago, the Star Ocean series has challenged the role-playing game norm with its real-time battles and sci-fi trappings. Despite… Read more
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Cheaper @ Tesco, I'll expire!

Star Ocean: The Last Hope - £22.99 @ Gameplay + Quidco
Found 24th Jun 2009Found 24th Jun 2009
Great price on this decent JRPG. STAR OCEAN: THE LAST HOPE for XBox 360 is the latest entry in the futuristic space opera RPG series, STAR OCEAN. Science fiction and fantasy meld … Read more
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I feel many JRPG producers need to start upping their game. I'm not saying Star Ocean in particular is bad or anything, but generally I find JRPGs need to introduce more comprehensive depth, stronger narrative and character development along with a lot more satisfying gameplay elements. Many of the next gen JRPGS no longer have enough to keep veteran RPG gamers happy IMO. If I'm gonna be spending 50-100 hours of my life on an RPG I wanna get to the end and think that was amazing fun! Not that was a waste of my life, which is a statement I've found myself repeating a lot recently with games :S I've still got Eternal Sonata to play and was gonna get through that first- anyone know how that compares to Star Ocean?


:thumbsup: youve obviously played it then! :-D


Hot deal but with so much to play already im gonig to wait - it will surely drop further by the time i get round to it - hot deal though!


Good price for a good game, this is a very solid JRPG. They are what they are, no need to change a formula that works imo.


i agree with most of the comments here i cant believe this hasnt sold that well so far. Either its totally underated or the JRPG is dying everywhere except....err..Japan! I got this for 17.95 also in the Zavvi deal a few weeks ago and its not come out of my 360 yet. Granted its no pick up and play title you have to have at least an hour to spare each time you play it as its quite slow moving but the battle system is one of the best. Graphics and sound are also top notch (apart from the slightly cheesy voiceovers) I too have now put in around 20 hours or so, and am still on disc 1 of 3, so no complaints whatsoever about value for money

Fuel for XBox 360 & PS3 now £25 Instore at Asda (plus other recent games at £25)
Found 12th Jun 2009Found 12th Jun 2009
Spotted in 2 stores (Stockport and Wythenshawe) while I was hunting down the £45 Sanyo camera. Games found within the relevant chart sections for each console with yellow shelf edg… Read more
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Been in 3 Asdas this weekend and the games that were £25 are back to their normal prices, looks like it was an offer for just 3 weeks.


OK, fine. I'll be sure to return the favour to the anti-voters and not do you a favour by posting a bargain again. Meanwhile you've all put a copy of my post up to 65 degrees. :roll:


Reasons for negative votes? This is the cheapest for Fuel, Damnation or Battlestations Pacific, on or offline.


Damn I paid £30 the other day for Fuel. It's awesome, so well worth the money! But wish I had waited a little longer. Hot!


review here:

Star Ocean: The Last Hope £22.99 @ Gamestation
Found 12th Jun 2009Found 12th Jun 2009
Resident Evil has finished, next deal is live! Summary Developer: Square Enix Publisher: Square Enix The year is S.D. 10. In the aftermath of World War III, humanity voyages int… Read more
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Yer right, figures are now in for Star Oean for it's first week of sales in Others(UK etc) Star ocean 1st week chart position = number 11 sales are 33,777 Valkyria Chronicles Chart 1st week chart position nowhere 1st week sales in others = 6,980


Here is the real figures without posting a pretty picture around the figures - Worldwide Top 10, 06th Jun 2009 1 WII EA Sports Active 212,087 2 360 Red Faction: Guerrilla 197,011 3 WII Wii Sports 195,876 4 WII Wii Fit 194,994 5 [COLOR="Red"]360 UFC 2009 Undisputed [/COLOR] 147,157 (and this is week 3 for this game) 6 DS Pokémon Platinum Version 137,057 7 [COLOR="Red"]PS3 inFamous 129,493[/COLOR] (Week 2 and dropping badly) 8 PS3 UFC 2009 Undisputed 104,126 9 DS Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days 100,857 10 PS3 Red Faction: Guerrilla 99,233


News from last week


Is that the inFamous that currently gets 85% on metacritic? Something no 360 exclusive has managed for quite a while... so no wonder they need to keep implementing 'backyard compatability' on the 360.... not that this game has anything to do with this thread, still as you asked, so heres the latest figures from vgchartz...


Must of been the same reason why it happened to the higher rated Valkyria Chronicles then, it could be they have had plenty of stock or more likely that JRPGs do not fly off the shelfs like WRPGs(I.e Fable 2) it's no big secret.

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