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Vodka is a clean tasting neutral spirit that hails from a part of Northern Europe and Russia known as the Vodka Belt. It is often drunk with fresh fruit juice or a fizzy drink, but some versions come infused with flavours like vanilla or raspberry. For the best offers currently available, consumers can visit the HotUKDeals vodka page. Read more
Smirnoff Cider Raspberry & Pomegranate 10x 330ml £4.50 @ Sainsbury's
LocalLocalFound 4 h, 10 m agoFound 4 h, 10 m ago
Smirnoff Cider Raspberry & Pomegranate 10 pack found in Sainsbury's Banbury. Says on shelf it's £6.25 but scans as £4.50. Absolute bargain. Plenty left on shelf at time of post… Read more

Haha so true...


I'll get me coat then....! You were robbed on the Smirnoff vodka though ........ ;)


Of course you do, alcohol is always worth it at that price


Even £6.25 is a good price! Do I really want to go back out in the rain.....!!

Russian Standard 1 litre Vodka bottle - £15 @ Sainsbury's
Found 9 h, 49 m agoFound 9 h, 49 m ago
Headingley Otley Road Branch
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This is go on a bender as it's the end of September (highfive)


What?! This is too hot to be true#gosoberoctober😩😩


Depends if you had prime or not


That was pretty cheap - are you sure there wasn't delivery on top?


Below average price so heat given... Has been cheaper, though we don't have a time machine

Grey Goose Vodka 70cl £23.65 instore at Tesco Express
LocalLocalFound 20th SepFound 20th Sep
Seems the tesco express stores have got grey goose for £23.65 had a friend buy some in Southall and I just got a mate to pick me up a couple in Leeds..

Agree and always does well in blind tests whereas grey goose doesn't. Stoli is a quality vodka for a reasonable price. Green mark is also underrated and is often on offer in Sainsbury's.


Yes, that's a great vodka - definitely in my top 3 with Snow Leopard and Chase And often on deal at £25 on Amazon




Very nice vodka.


Firstly, I didn’t say it was rubbish. Secondly, I’ve mentioned alternatives. Maybe more reading and less keyboard smashing and you’d have seen that.

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Exclusive Whitley Neill Rhubarb Vodka, Blood Orange Vodka, Rhubarb & ginger gin £22 @ Sainsburys
09/10/2018Expires on 09/10/2018Found 19th SepFound 19th Sep
Been waiting for this to come down for ages. Whitley Neill Rhubarb vodka (exclusive to Sainsburys) reduced from £26 to £22. It's a 700ml bottle and 43% abv. They do have 50ml mini… Read more

Alternatively there's JJ Whiltey Rhubarb Vodka, 70 cl for £16 @ Amazon and Tesco. Only slightly lower ABV and has 4.5 stars from 211 reviews.


Rhubarb gin is lovely with ginger ale.


Just bought the Parma violet


Had rhubarb vodka with apple juice the weekend! It's a corker!!


i mix with lemonade tastes amazing

Green Mark Original Vodka, 70 cl @ Amazon Pantry £8.21 + £2.99 del. or 4 items
Found 18th SepFound 18th Sep
stupid cheap... nothing more to say pick 4 items from link to offset delivery
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I tried a few combinations. Hit the free delivery link then went to the Green Mark listing, added them, still added delivery. Too late now. Also it says: pick 4 items from link to offset delivery


that is because it was not on there louise.the op was saying add the vodka then use the free delivery section to beat the delivery.that is what i done.i got one bottle of vodka and four 1pound items from the free delivery section <3


Kept adding delivery to mine, couldn't see it on the Free Delivery page at all. Gave up, then it showed as "Unavailable". Bah.


not me just got one.but yes happens to my posts all the time.and as you said cannot blame them (highfive)


OOS ;(

The collection Charcoal 7 times distilled vodka £24 @ Marks and spencer instore
LocalLocalFound 16th SepFound 16th Sep
The collection Charcoal 7 times distilled vodka
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Iordanov Pink Vodka, 70 cl £25.99 Sold by Fine Wine Sellers and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 16th SepFound 16th Sep
Produced in one of Germany's oldest distilleries based in the historic town of Koblenz The vodka is produced from 100% fine wheat and is distilled 5 times Smooth and velvety, wit… Read more
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Wrong price!!!


Wish Pinky Vodka would return..loved that stuff


Well done you!! 800 Deals in less than 2 months, Wow!!


Link is showing £35.46??

W"u"dka (Vodka) 1L  Russian Standard - £16 @ Asda (free C&C)
23/09/2018Expires on 23/09/2018Found 15th SepFound 15th Sep
Very good evening All ;-) Good 1l w"u"dka just for £16. ps Please, before you drink w"u"dka from the shots put bottle in the freezer (-20*C) for min.2h Na zdrowie @LL:-D

If you truly believe that the beverage one consumes defines their class, then I'm sorry to say that but you really failed at life, mate.


You talk too much ladies. Pour. Drink. Repeat!


Not in a slang :p


We aren't in Poland. HotUKdeals :) It is actually litr in Polish anyway.


I really don't like to buy anything from Russia these days. My own little boycott 😄😄

New Amsterdam vodka 1 litre - £16 @ Asda (free C&C)
Found 15th SepFound 15th Sep
Forget your Smirnoff, if you haven’t tried this before, try it. Much better then some of the so called premium vodkas. £16 for a litre
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no deal it was 10 for 0,7 at sains often


I would tell. How you can say I wouldn’t be able to tell difference? Statement like that makes me think you actually know nothing about vodka


I've tried most including ones that you cannot buy over here. Like I said vodka is vodka. I'd put £100 on after 5 shots if I switched a premium vodka out for Russian standard you wouldn't be able to tell it had been switched. I recently just bought a £40 bottle from m and s in a black bottle. Small batch 7 times distilled and charcoal filtered. Last month I bought a 1.75 litre of crystal skull for my collection.


Ever try Absolut Elyx? Now there is a nice vod



Smirnoff Premium Vodka 1L - £16 @ Asda
Found 15th SepFound 15th Sep
Good old tipple of Smirnoff vodka at a good price - no hangover ?

How true


I'm no vodka enthusiast, but I can tell the difference between this and grey goose for example. Those I'd consider more premium. I still love Smirnoff, buy it regularly. I just remember from when it was Smirnoff, Bells and Grant's was all you had to choose from XD


Vodka enthusiasts are a strange one to me. I honestly cant tell the difference between a 'decent' vodka and an apparently 'premium' one, and studies have shown even the supposed experts generally cant, either. I mean, the whole point of vodka is to be as flavorless and neutral as possible for ease of downing. For me, so long as it's not some bottom shelf stuff, which can indeed be harsh and rancid, you're good to go.


only with wudka, but this one is made in Germany...


do you trust the Russians?

Smirnoff cider 10pk £6.25 instore @ Sainsburys Upton / wirral
Found 15th SepFound 15th Sep
Wasnt able to take photo as phone was dead... Spotted on the frozen Isle on some shelving on the frozen Isle opposite black bags, bin bags etc. About 20 cases left. Not showing on … Read more
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Discontinued for a reason, the taste. Though taste is subjective.. I ended up giving the other 9 cans away. Should teach me to stick to buying proper cider and not this alcopop rubish #blackdragoncidernectarofthegods


It’s the same in most Sainsburys as this has become a discontinued line..


Had them in Walton yesterday too

Ciroc vodka B&M bargains - £20 instore
30/11/2018Expires on 30/11/2018LocalLocalFound 13th SepFound 13th Sep
Ciroc Pink Grapefruit Vodka 70cl plus Armadillo flavour available £20
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Duh! I just saw red and thought it would be cherry (which I have at home) local stores only have Amaretto anyway


They are only selling the 2 flavours I've posted in there stores I'm afraid..


Great homer Street Liverpool


Got the Amaretto flavour in my local B&M. Might drive down to the next town to see old they have anymore flavours. Thanks again for posting.


This isn't going to last long on the shelves. I've always wanted to try Ciroc but I'm too tight to pay the RRP. I might be popping into BM first thing tomorrow. Have some heat

Ciroc Vodka 70cl Save £11.50 was £38.50 now £27 @ Tesco
Found 13th SepFound 13th Sep
just noticed this was on offer while browsing for my grocery order. Don't think this is on offer too much so at this price, it's a bit of a bargain

No worries I was thinking it was a litre maybe at first lol


the main difference here is it's made from grapes instead of wheat. A real nice vodka is black cow vodka which is made from cow's milk, you get a nice creamy taste from that. I love vodka but I have noticed they have watered them down quite a bit. This ciroc is only 37%.. 1l of Russian standard is £16 in Tesco's and that's 38%


cheers Chris, edited. Appreciate your sharp eyes ! 8)


Save £27?


Or some people may actually prefer the taste of it compared to these other cheaper vodka brands.

Absolut Vodka Mango & Other Flavours 70cl £15 Instore Glasgow Cardonald Morrisons
LocalLocalFound 9th SepFound 9th Sep
Bought this earlier today and assumed it would be on here already. Just checked and can't see it, also it's still £20 online. I bought Mango, but there were a few other colours of… Read more
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Yes the mango is heinous, heat for the other flavours though (highfive)


Yeah i don't think youre the only one haha of youre referring to mango that is.


each to their own, but this is the most disgusting vodka ive ever tried, actually left the bottle in my hotel room in Rio De Janeiro (mad)


Not often you see a Scottish booze deal...! Let's hope Nicola Sturgeon isn't a HDUKer!


Thats where youre going wrong.. its clearly 5 bottles..

Smirnoff Premium Green Apple Vodka - Vanilla and Raspberry - 70cl all Reduced to £13 @ Asda
Refreshed 10th SepRefreshed 10th Sep
These are normally £16.50 Apple Vanilla Raspberry
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Wish it included the Cinnamon one !


Smirnoff and premium... :/


The power of marketing... Smirnoff vodka is revolting. Try a nice polish vodka.


The question you should be asking is 'wtf is alkohol?' Kindest regards


What would you call it then.

New Absolut Juice Edition: Apple or Strawberry Vodka £13 each online and instore @ Asda
Refreshed 19th SepRefreshed 19th Sep
Two new limited edition vodkas are now down from £16 to £13 per bottle at Asda. I haven't tried either of them, but Strawberry and Apple flavours are sure to be nice. They are 50… Read more
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At this moment asda give free absolut glass with every bottle. Not worth 5 quids in my opionion but looks amazing so took 2 :D .


Same in Tesco


Oooooooooh!! (y)


That sounds like more effort than just pouring the Vodka in though...


I don’t get all these ‘infused’ alcohols. If I want it to taste fruity... I’ll put fruit in it? (lol)

Graduate Luxury Polish Vodka 70 cl (Case of 3) amazon - £40.35
Found 2nd SepFound 2nd Sep
hard to find a price comparison for this vodka.from what i did find this was the best price.Product DescriptionGraduate Polish Vodka, known in Poland as "Absolvent" is one of the b… Read more
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I agree with your choices but is their anywhere in the UK to buy Stock vodka cheap as it's my new favourite?


It used to be the most popular brand of vodka in Poland about twenty years ago - but still "going strong". It is not a premium quality as Belvedere or Chopin but will do - in my opinion on par with Wyborowa or Luksusowa, just a matter of... taste :) "Absolwent" means "graduate" in polish so... this liquor is for the smart ones ;)


Wow, I bet they don't really know the difference unless you hold up the bottles and show them. Try a blind test.


Funny story actually, my mil and bil both came to visit and bought around 20 bottles of Belvedere to take home and sell, they had no room in their suitcase so ended up wearing around 6 layers of clothing through the airport and on the plane. The mother in law was apparently sick on the plane due to the heat, serves her right the greedy sod (embarrassed)


This is when you go for a trip back and pick up a bottle or two-hundred and flog it over here (angel)

Mamont Vodka, 70 cl - £24.33 @ Amazon
Found 1st SepFound 1st Sep
nice price for Siberian vodka , normal price about £36

Still £24.33 btw, just the listing has changed, you can see Amazon's link here


Got mine today, along with the Jacob's Creek Shiraz Rose (from a month ago), happy days, thanks again :)


As a special touch, cedar nuts are added


I thot this was issey miyake!


JAMESANN anyone tryd it i dont like nuts and it says they've added ceder nuts in it No, it doesn't.

Green Mark Original Vodka, 70 cl amazon pantry - £12.94 Prime / + £4.49 non Prime +2.99 delivery for first pantry box
Found 30th AugFound 30th Aug
small discount on this vodka.hope it helps someone Famous Russian vodka Storage type: Ambient May contain cereals containing gluten 26.6 UK Units per bottle Guaranteed for ge… Read more
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I dont think they sell it any more


This can usually be found in Sainsburys every so often for £15 per litre.


i will sort it sam (y)


yes i see that also (y)


Absolute Cherry vodka 70cl only £10.60 instore @Tesco
LocalLocalFound 29th AugFound 29th Aug
Absolute steal at this price if you’ll pardon the punThis was found in the Rawtenstall (Lancashire) Tesco ,could be national just ask for a price check.On cherry flavour only.

Oh dear. Try again...


Yes it does as up in Glasgow its selling at the reduced price


I'll keep an eye out in my locals. Thanks (y)


definitely will not be national. this would be illegal in scotland


Goooooose chase

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