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Grey Goose French Vodka, 70 cl  for £25 (with code) @ Amazon
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
Currently at £30 but if you apply the code BIGTHANKS, you can get this quality vodka for £25, which is a fantastic price. Got myself one.

Guess who didn't scroll up (embarrassed)


Ignis French Grain (Lidl, well-reviewed and has won a few awards, £14.99/70cl) is worth a go if you don't want to splash out on Grey Goose. My sister's the vodka fan in our family and she buys it instead of GG sometimes.


Good price at 30 quid even better with the discount code hot deal Just in case any of you aren't aware- I wasn't until about month ago- LIDL do a premium French vodka for about 17 quid- it's a complete rip off of GG even down to the bottle. However it has been consistently rated higher than GG in independent taste tests. I've tried it and it tastes really good to me but then again I'm a career tramp who lives in skip


Nice one. Used my £6 credit also so £19 for me.


Just tried again, worked this time, a bottle of Red Berry Ciroc on its way.

Grey Goose at Amazon for £25
Refreshed 19th Dec 2018Refreshed 19th Dec 2018
Grey Goose going cheap, cheap Back down to £25

Maybe helpfull for someone as I have just seen various flavour grey goose for £23 after vat/tax for the 70cl at bookers


Still available at £25, but now on back-order - delivery by Wed 9-Jan-2019 (Prime) if ordered today.


I'm not sure if this is obvious to others but when clicking the link it goes to Safari which is only ok if you use that. If not, when you search on Amazon or via Chrome it comes up as near £40 so you have to look under alternative sellers (even though the Prime version is the one you need).


I've never tried Mamont I'm afraid (though will add to the list as it sounds lovely) I've really enjoyed Snow Leopard - has been my favourite so far compared with - Valt, Ciroc, Grey Goose, Zubrowka + others. I also enjoy Chase vodka if that helps? Pretty smooth, subtle flavour compared to some of the others, but one I really enjoy. Was the first vodka to open my eyes beyond the Russian Standard/Absolut brigade. Also, % of profits go to a good cause. Can currently buy a bottle of the new batch at same price as this deal. Worth a punt. Maybe read the reviews on Amazon, lots of tasting notes there. :)


Snow leopard. Any good? Against say, Mamont which is an old go-to of mine. Or another you could compare to please?

Grey goose vodka gift set - £33.50 @ Amazon
Found 19th Dec 2018Found 19th Dec 2018
Great deal on 70cl bottle with glass and stirrer. Free delivery by Monday too

£24 including vat at Costco Glasgow store need a member ship though to get in


I have :D


It thought this too. Odd.


Never drank vodka from a wine glass tho? Bit odd, or is that what the French do??


I just bought it and got free delivery on 24th. it comes gift boxed with a metal stirrer and engraved glass. Surely that looks more like you made an effort than a bottle in a bottle bag

70cl Grey Goose Vodka £25 was £39 @ Tesco
Found 17th Dec 2018Found 17th Dec 2018
Price match recent Amazon deal 70cl bottle of Grey Goose on offer until 1/1/19. Was £39 and is now reduced to £25.

grey goose La Poire now on offer also at Amazon


No, I was looking at prices in the main store. It is £25 now, wasn't when I posted the comment.


Picked this up for £12.50! 10% staff discount 5x £1 off £5 spend Christmas voucher £5 off grey goose voucher 🔥🔥🔥


Website says £25 and it’s £25 in my local superstore Maybe your looking at prices in Tesco express


It's also still £30.00 in Tesco - wasn't £25.00 yesterday either...

Grey Goose French Vodka, 70 cl - RRP £39 Now £25 on Amazon
Found 17th Dec 2018Found 17th Dec 2018
You don't see this top quality French Vodka on offer very often so a good price. Tesco £30 Asda £35

I'll give that one a try. This is one I've had on and off the last few years and is reasonably priced


Thank you!


Turn that frown upside down! Tesco still have it at the same price - here. (y) Enjoy.




Nice, I'll keep an eye out! This is my current bottle, though have only tried once. - Definitely not as smooth as Snow Leopard, but I don't want to judge it too harshly yet.

2 x 50ml miniature bottles of spirits inc Hendricks, Grey Goose, Jack Daniels, Chambord, Kraken & Ciroc £5 - adult stocking fillers @ Asda
Found 4th Dec 2018Found 4th Dec 2018
2 x 50ml miniature bottles of spirits inc Hendricks, Grey Goose, Jack Daniels, Chambord, Kraken & Ciroc £5 - adult stocking fillers @ Asda
£5£1050%Asda Deals
If like me you and your other half do stockings for each other this might help you out. 2 miniature bottle of spirits £3 each or 2 for £5 - also make great cracker fillers if you … Read more

Not available online in our stores


I know - its like 2 for 1! :D


And, yesterday I noticed in Sainsbury's that the Ciroc vodka is £5 (!) for the same mini 5cl bottle: (shock)


Yeah and no excuses this time about your dog eating it either


Here endeth today's lesson, all homework to be handed in by midnight.

jeroboam bottle of Grey Goose French Vodka, (4.5l) £199 (Was £499) @ Amazon (temp oos in stock 12th Dec)
Found 3rd Dec 2018Found 3rd Dec 2018
jeroboam bottle of Grey Goose French Vodka, (4.5l) £199 (Was £499) @ Amazon (temp oos in stock 12th Dec)
Great premium vodka, perfect for getting you through form Christmas eve to New years day (lol) It will certainly make your in-laws jokes bearable... XD under other buying choic… Read more

Damn missed out


Looks like the deal has gone


Think I drank more than this on Saturday night :o



Was £499 (embarrassed)

Grey goose 70cl £24.99 at Amazon
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
Grey goose 70cl £24.99 at Amazon
Grey goose on amazon - bargain!
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Nice one Op. I ordered a "pear"


Was hoping this was going to be on again thanks!


Nice first post OP. Thank you for posting. :D


Buy two and you'll have a pair (embarrassed)

Grey Goose Orange and Pear - £25 instore @ Asda (Coryton)
LocalLocalFound 6th Oct 2018Found 6th Oct 2018
Grey Goose Orange and Pear - £25 instore @ Asda (Coryton)
Grey Goose 70cl Orange and Pear edition seen at Asda Coryton down from £37.50 to £25. Can't see it available online but may have a few in local stores. Had quite a few there. Doesn… Read more
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And then there's the Welsh vodka which is amazing ;)


Well it took a very long time for the Russians to perfect vodka, if memory serves me right they didn’t get the distillation process right which caused a crap load of deaths. Anyway grey goose is lethal its like drinking water. Good price OP


Saw this there a few weeks ago. Good price if you’re after some.


All deals should have 3 heat settings now just so we know why people are voting, they should be something like this Hot= because it’s the best price Hot = I hate it it’s over priced but yet it’s still the best price it’s been Hot = because my friends neighbours daughters boyfriends uncle said his cousins brothers auntie has one and thinks it’s good Then we should have cold too Cold = it’s cheaper elsewhere Cold = because I don’t like you and I don’t like the product Cold = because I’m an Apple hater Then they could add another search filter in for the genuine bargain hunters Everyone would be happy


I like how a Polish man is a subject matter expert.

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Grey goose £21.06 in store Tesco (Caerphilly)
LocalLocalFound 29th Sep 2018Found 29th Sep 2018
Grey goose £21.06 in store Tesco (Caerphilly)
£21.06£3946%Tesco Deals
Grey goose 70cl down from £39.00 to £21.06 in store (Caerphilly) probably store specific but a very good deal!
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Heat added, seem to keep missing these booze deals , maybe my liver has taken over brain function.


Wild grey goose (lol)



I would probably redact Preparation H, Vagisil and anti lice shampoo too ;)


Dilly dilly

Grey Goose Vodka 70cl £23.65 instore at Tesco Express
LocalLocalFound 20th Sep 2018Found 20th Sep 2018
Grey Goose Vodka 70cl £23.65 instore at Tesco Express
Seems the tesco express stores have got grey goose for £23.65 had a friend buy some in Southall and I just got a mate to pick me up a couple in Leeds..

£37 in London stores still


Agree and always does well in blind tests whereas grey goose doesn't. Stoli is a quality vodka for a reasonable price. Green mark is also underrated and is often on offer in Sainsbury's.


Yes, that's a great vodka - definitely in my top 3 with Snow Leopard and Chase And often on deal at £25 on Amazon




Very nice vodka.

Lonewolf 70cl Vodka - £16.96 in-store at Tesco Extra  Bidston (Wirral)
LocalLocalFound 28th Aug 2018Found 28th Aug 2018
Lonewolf 70cl Vodka - £16.96 in-store at Tesco Extra Bidston (Wirral)
£16.96£3247%Tesco Deals
Spotted in the Bidston store earlier, Grey Goose 35cl @ £11.40, down from £21.50, on a stand in the spirits section near low alcohol drinks. And on the regular shelf, Lonewolf Vod… Read more

Only reduced to £23 in Coulby Newham!! What the


Uh oh! Thought I'd checked. Perhaps as I put two vodkas in the deal title it was allowed. On a positive note, it means Grey Goose 35cl could be a clearance line nationwide!



You're mega cringe.



Grey Goose vodka 35cl Tesco - £11.40 instore @ Tesco (Newport)
LocalLocalFound 25th Aug 2018Found 25th Aug 2018
Grey Goose vodka 35cl Tesco - £11.40 instore @ Tesco (Newport)
£11.40£21.5047%Tesco Deals
Just found in our local Tesco Newport. 35cl bottles reduced from £21.50 to £11.40!! So we bought 2 which is still a huge saving over full size bottle!
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Also £11.40 at the Bidston Extra (Wirral) store. I didn't see your posting when I listed it with Lonewolf Vodka 70cl @ £16.96 yesterday. Someone else confirmed it in Penarth too. Could be a nationwide clearance line


Nogaf about your Tesco though. This was at Newport Tesco.




I lived in Newport for a year. It definitely had its "rough spots" but every city has.


Heat added!

Grey Goose Collection Gift Set Mini Bottles - £12 instore @ Tesco
LocalLocalFound 16th Aug 2018Found 16th Aug 2018
Tesco is selling the Grey Goose gift set which is normally £15 for £12. The set contains a variety of 5 different mini Grey Goose bottles and the normal Grey Goose bottle sells for… Read more

£15 now


Agreed. Each to their own


Ah I like it and think it taste better than some other Vodkas but down to preference I guess.


An OK price imo grey goose is all hype for an average vodka. Sub £10 and I'd think about adding heat


For Grey Goose Vodka, £12 is a really good deal for 5 mini bottles in my opinion.

Grey goose vodka 5 flavours x 50ml £12 at in clearance instore Tesco Greenfield (also 4 premium gin £9.60 & 3 whiskey)
LocalLocalFound 29th Jul 2018Found 29th Jul 2018
Grey goose vodka 5 flavours x 50ml £12 at in clearance instore Tesco Greenfield (also 4 premium gin £9.60 & 3 whiskey)
£12£2040%Tesco Deals
Grey goose is £39 for a 70cl bottle so these miniatures actually work out cheaper 25cl for £12 Also Gin

60p a shot. Hot!


Bought these recently at £15 so a few quid saving is a great deal. Still havent opened them yet :D :D


Greenfield.. had about 10


£15 online OP, which tesco did you see these?


Grey Goose vodka 70cl x 2 (£18.50 each)  @ Amazon (Prime Day Deal)
Found 17th Jul 2018Found 17th Jul 2018
Grey Goose vodka 70cl x 2 (£18.50 each) @ Amazon (Prime Day Deal)
Excellent deal on vodka that is normally £40 per bottle.... 2 for £37 making it £18.50 each. Use STUDENT15 to get this price.

Thanks worked for me, and this is my favourite.


Defo works if you have Student Amazon.


You read my posts in the wrong way... Read them in a more positive way... If someone asks a question on how to get the deal I explain... If someone asks why the deal is cold I explain in my opinion why.... My comment to you was that I am glad that 2 (now 3) people have benefited from my post... All positive and in my opinion not defensive. Here to help (even on cold posts).


You seem defensive. Just post the deal and let the public decide.


Still working (y)

Grey Goose French Vodka, 70 cl - £26.00 - Amazon PRIME EXCLUSIVE
Found 17th Jul 2018Found 17th Jul 2018
Grey Goose French Vodka, 70 cl - £26.00 - Amazon PRIME EXCLUSIVE
Great Price for a fairly premium vodka!

I just can't get on the expensive vodka bandwagon. It all tastes the same to me. Gin/rum I see the appeal of, but vodka just always tastes like vodka to me, regardless of price.


If you're on a budget and want a similarly smooth voddy without harsh burn or hangover (when served with clear mixers), I can recommend the Ignis Vodka at Lidl, in stores all year round now (recommended by my vodka-mad sister). £15.99/70cl in Scotland last time I looked, was originally £13.99 before our price hike, not sure about south of the border pricing! There were a few £5 off £30* vouchers around in Metro newspapers in England last week, Daily Mail last Saturday and the Lidl booklet that comes through junk post/your letterbox in certain areas is out in the wild, too (didn't get mine this time!!). *Two alcoholic items allowed per voucher, if I remember correctly. Edit: Got that voucher through my door a day later, funnily enough! And Scotland is now not allowed to redeem the voucher against alcoholic items. Bah.


Wow, great price (not that I'd spend that on vodka, whiskey yes!!). Brought 4 ltrs of different vodkas home from Dubrovnik airport for roughly €15 each, I'll see which one gives me the worst headache. Great price for grey goose tho. Heat


Would student15 work on this wat is that code for I don't know

Grey Goose 70cl £27.99 @ Amazon (prime)
Found 19th Mar 2018Found 19th Mar 2018
Grey Goose 70cl £27.99 @ Amazon (prime)
£27.99£39.9930%Amazon Deals
Decent price for a bottle of Grey Goose, the deals on till midnight tonight. Plenty more deals on Amazon warehouse till midnight.
Avatardeleted1034296Get dealGet deal

This is just a cheap vodka with high prices and phenomenal marketing. There is no luxury history. The vodka was branded as luxury even before the vodka was created. Without it featuring in sex and the city and all the other sleazy marketing it would be just like any other grain based vodka.. If you want a luxury vodka get black cow vodka.


The theory with the smooth many-times-distilled vodkas, is a bit like drinking Agave Tequila - with clear mixers, supposedly you avoid the horrible hangover. Nah, I wouldn't slag anyone off online, life's too short :) Hopefully you find a vodka that works for you when Grey Goose/Belvedere/Ciroc aren't on offer. I don't drink that much so I can't really offer a personal opinion on the different vodkas!


Thanks ‘louiselouise’ great comment and much appreciated. Its a shame others feel the need to slag off peoples posts on here even though the deal was the cheapest I could find anywhere. Anyway I will defo try out your sisters recommendations, cheers (y) 🏼


Maybe it's because it's not the cheapest "average" price: I pick up Grey Goose when it's on offer for sis (think the last time I got it for her was when it was £22/70cl in Morrisons in December 2016). Amazon often have 70cl for around £25, same with Asda. Alternatives - this is going by my sister's feedback - Lidl's Ignis French Grain £13.99/70cl got raves from her - though the Lidl option seems to be seasonal. Weirdly the Aldi alternative Saint Gérmont (same price) gave my sister a nasty hangover!! She reckons Green Mark is comparable to Ciroc, which is her absolute favourite of the smooth vodkas. Green Mark 70cl is still on Amazon for £11.50/70cl "Temporarily Out Of Stock" (I got mine a few days ago). Costco brand Kirkland do a great knockoff of Grey Goose which we've yet to try £44.89/1.75L (got to be the Kirkland Signature French Version, not American): There's a few articles comparing the two vodkas on the net, but here's a quick one:


Well said ‘teddybeers’ 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

3 Litre Bottle of Grey Goose (£37.14 per a L) Temp out of Stock £111.43 @ Amazon
Found 12th Dec 2017Found 12th Dec 2017
3 Litre Bottle of Grey Goose (£37.14 per a L) Temp out of Stock £111.43 @ Amazon
£111.43Amazon Deals
Temporarily out of Stock. Charged upon Dispatch Price is Equivalent to £37.14L The same price per a Litre as the current Amazon and Morrison's deal on 70cl.
Get dealGet deal

You decided to supersize to the 4.5L bottle?$$&_$ja=tsid:35948%7Ccid:198861574%7Cagid:10883835454%7Ctid:pla-369472068398%7Ccrid:40389528094%7Cnw:g%7Crnd:7510871590845571449%7Cdvc:m%7Cadp:1o3%7Cmt:%7Cloc:9046394&gclid=CjwKCAiAmb7RBRATEiwA7kS8VHPnrYrlOgi_AujTHWPviWH4BpH-biOWU8CAd95t6JR5DanJFvLoxRoCIZgQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds


I've got a bridge to sell if anyone is interested? Honest! 8)


Orderd even tho everyone voted cold lol

Grey Goose French Vodka, 70 cl £26 @ Amazon
Found 6th Dec 2017Found 6th Dec 2017
Grey Goose French Vodka, 70 cl £26 @ Amazon
They've matched the Morrison's deal. Still not as good as Monday's deal of the day but cheap for Grey Goose!

it's a quacker :)


Still £26 Thanks OP


Go to Morrisons then you bananna


Cold - same price in Morrisons


Aye, it went back down and I swooped in.

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