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3 Litre Bottle of Grey Goose (£37.14 per a L) Temp out of Stock £111.43 @ Amazon
Found 12th Dec 2017Found 12th Dec 2017
Temporarily out of Stock. Charged upon Dispatch Price is Equivalent to £37.14L The same price per a Litre as the current Amazon and Morrison's deal on 70cl.
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You decided to supersize to the 4.5L bottle?$$&_$ja=tsid:35948%7Ccid:198861574%7Cagid:10883835454%7Ctid:pla-369472068398%7Ccrid:40389528094%7Cnw:g%7Crnd:7510871590845571449%7Cdvc:m%7Cadp:1o3%7Cmt:%7Cloc:9046394&gclid=CjwKCAiAmb7RBRATEiwA7kS8VHPnrYrlOgi_AujTHWPviWH4BpH-biOWU8CAd95t6JR5DanJFvLoxRoCIZgQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds


I've got a bridge to sell if anyone is interested? Honest! 8)


Orderd even tho everyone voted cold lol

Grey Goose French Vodka, 70 cl £24.99 @ Amazon
Found 4th Dec 2017Found 4th Dec 2017
Cheapest I've ever seen!

I don't have a problem and you didn't make me angry. Heh. As I said it's great fun! :) :)


Clearly don't know you're Vodka, stick to Smirnoff.


Hmmmm.....sorry I made you so angry. It's only a deals forum. We're not curing the sick. Chill. Besides, I'm not so superior a 'type' as to suggest the comments box should be for positive responses only and naysayers should simply trot on. The comments section is open to all and as long as the comment is within the rules, you don't get any say on who posts what, when and where. Nor do I. That's how it should be. I have no problem at all with any negative comments. You appear to have a huge problem with them. That's not good.


(highfive) added. Ty


Totally agree, I am French and I had never seen in France, but this brand is widely sell abroad (Baltic countries, UK,...). We do hundred of different alcohol in France and really good ones, but we are not recognized for doing great vodka especially Cheap'stoff vodka :) EDIT: I just read the french Wikipedia page, this Vodka is really a joke. It have been created by an american in France in 1997, who wanted to use the french prestige of luxe to sell it abroad... (funny, the english page is a bit less clear)

Ignis French Grain Vodka, 70cl (Grey Goose Knockoff?), £13.99 In Store @ Lidl
LocalLocalFound 27th Oct 2017Found 27th Oct 2017
*Thanks to kelzo23 and retro_pie, this is now £13.99 - must be competing with the Aldi Saint Gérmont Vodka?* Was £15.99. Discussion of the Aldi Vodka here https://www.hotukdeal… Read more
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Here's a cheeky snap in the Duke Street (Glasgow) store from yesterday, which proves stores seem to be stocking this as an all-year-round line. £15.99, though, not sure if English stores are cheaper. By the way, sis didn't like the Korol Vodka (to the right of the Ignis bottles) at all!! (which was £9.99 before the Scottish price hike). Will have to ask her.


Had a quick nip in to Jamaica Street (teeny Glasgow city centre store) to buy random things - maybe this isn't just available during the festive season any more, as it's been out of stock a while and this store has more in now. Not sure if the price has went up nationally or it's just the Scots being spanked with the recently-introduced higher booze prices - in my store it was £15.99, not the cheaper £13.99.


(This quote of mine is from the Korol 0.5L Vodka thread, from Lidl, but relevant as I'm mentioning this vodka and its Aldi alternative :) ) Was discussing this (Korol Vodka) with my sister (she loves her vodkas, particularly the Grey Goose/Belvedere/Ciroc a-likes). Ciroc is still her number one, but she wasn't that keen on this one, will have to ask her why. She also mentioned the Aldi Saint Gérmont Premium French Vodka (£13.99 - a "Grey Goose"-alike which is competing with Lidl's Ignis French Grain Vodka). Apparently the Aldi vodka gave her a thumping hangover, something you don't really expect with the smooth, many-times-distilled clear spirits - which she always drinks with clear mixers to try to avoid the rough morning after. She also said it tasted harsh, not smooth as expected, and she reckons Lidl's version is miles better. She may have had a bad batch or something? She insists that Lidl's Ignis French Grain is still only a Xmas/winter special (same as last year) so it won't be found in stores all year round - not sure if that will change.


I'll let my sister know - she'll be thrilled, though I think she's used her £5 off £30* voucher on them already (not sure) :) :D *Woops, it's actually a £5 off £30 voucher, not £40, d'oh!


Must be competing with the Aldi one!

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Grey Goose Vodka 1 LItre only £35.90 @ The Whisky World
Found 20th Jun 2017Found 20th Jun 2017
In Tesco the 70cl costs £39, found this 1 litre for £35.90

Reyka is the best by a long way imo


My sister, to my surprise, likes Ciroc out of all the more premium vodkas. Don't see as much love out there on the forums for this one. Still yet to try the Kirkland Signature Vodka (the French version, not American) which gets a lot of love and many comparisons to Grey Goose Though I can see the top comment on that (older) chowhound link says "Neither Grey Goose or Kirkland are the best vodkas for the price. Sobieski Polish vodka is the cheapest and the best,. It ranks right up there with Grey Goose and other expensive brands. In fall 2007, Sobieski Vodka was ranked the #1 premium vodka in a blind-tasting of 108 vodkas, the largest review of vodkas in U.S. history from the Beverage Testing Institute and earned a Gold Medal and Best Buy Award. It was also ranked #1 in a blind tasting conducted among 25 major vodka brands by one of France's top wine and spirits publication, La Revue du Vin de France." Never heard of Sobieski, will have to look out for that one.


For me, Belvedere is the best vodka out there at around £30 for 70cl. Bison Grass is the best value for money, and Green Mark is pretty decent too. Grey Goose should be around the £15 mark for what it is, it's just down to clever marketing that they can get away with charging £30+ for it. On par with Russian Standard & Smirnoff in terms of taste, unfortunately.


Green Mark at sainsbury is ok too was £15 a litre the other day . Grey Goose is way overpriced , and in numerous taste tests doesn't do that well . I got a bottle of Russian Standard Platinum a few years back in a tesco clearance for £11 and did a side by side taste test with grey goose and RS Platinum was by FAR the better . Let's face it how many people sit and drink neat vodka ? Once you chuck tonic /coke etc into it whats the point of paying ridiculous prices for something you have no chance of telling the difference from stuff half the price.


Way overpriced! Absolute is much better & nearly half the price! & I tried Russian Standard last week & I actually think it's the best Vodka out there atm & that's on offer at Morrisons for £15L so I'd rather buy 2 of those ;)

Grey Goose Vodka 70cl £25 in store only ASDA Swindon Orbital
LocalLocalFound 21st Apr 2017Found 21st Apr 2017
Awesome deal normally around £39 down to £25. This is for the 70cl bottle that is pure with no flavours added. Best that way! Instore only and I have no idea if the same deal are… Read more
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Defo wild goose chase but will check in the morning at my local


Can confirm available in Swindon asda walmart.


Grey goose is nice but Beluga is better. At this price worth trying GG if you haven't before.


had them in asda gorseinon Swansea this morning


Good for bulldozing

Grey goose 70cl L'Orange & La Poire flavours £25 @ asda instore
LocalLocalFound 5th Apr 2017Found 5th Apr 2017
This the cheapest I have seen instore for the flavoured ones as it's usually around £35+ , also elsewhere £34.54 @ amazon and £38 @ acado. I think I saw a 3rd flavour but not sure … Read more
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Grey Goose L'Orange with cranberry juice over ice with a wedge of lime. Discovered in New York about 18 years ago and addicted ever since. No matter how hard you try you can't help but take a sip every ten seconds!! Good find if your local store stocks it, unfortunately mine doesn't!


Seems people use a bottle cutter, warm the cut then cool it. But if your using the glass make sure you sand the edge or you'll have no lips left


Also they sell on eBay ready cutt for over £15 or so


oh ok, Amazon & eBay sell bottle cutters for about 30 quid, was wondering if they work


It would look something like this

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Grey Goose La Poire £25.49 on amazon lightning deal
Found 11th Dec 2016Found 11th Dec 2016
Grey Goose La Poire 70cl vodka on Amazon Lightning deal for next 2 hours. £25.49 RRP £36.99 Any help with flame deer I need appreciated. Send me a trade request.
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The BEST vodka there is.


Nice. Alternatively buy some Russian Standard and a bag of Pear Drops. Combine and stick in the freezer :D


haha FRENCH vodka, what next Dutch whiskey.



Ordered thanks OP been looking at getting the pear version but not available in local Morrisons for £22 as posted in another post on here thanks again

Grey Goose vodka 70cl at Costco - £21.94
LocalLocalFound 10th Dec 2016Found 10th Dec 2016
Grey Goose 70cl is £21.94 at Costco Gateshead.
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when is this offer on in morrisons?


Out of interest when is this supposed to expire and the sign in the picture is small so not clear to see the expiry date?


Just got two today was still showing full price on the display, when I asked for the price on the system the discount was there and came up on the till.


Maximum two per member!


Gotta love Kirkland.

Grey Goose Citron Vodka, 70 cl £25.49 at Amazon
Found 9th Dec 2016Found 9th Dec 2016
More Goose for the Morrisons avoiders. No need to step out of the house. Delivered straight to your home. ;) 3hrs left on amazon.

Because it takes 50 freshly squeezed geese to make one bottle.


Why is Vodka so expensive?


Lightning deal now sold out


£33 on amazon


Cheaper in Morrisons if you can find it. They were just stocking the shelves when I went in. All flavours £22.

Grey Goose Plus Other Selected Spirits Instore - prices from £22 @ Morrisons
LocalLocalFound 7th Dec 2016Found 7th Dec 2016
Morrisons have another promotion on Spirits starting from the 8th December until the 11th December. Grey Goose (All Flavours) 70cl - £22 down from £38. Tanqueray Gin 1L - £16 dow… Read more



Does this definitely finish today?


if alan sugar's apprentices can invent gin, hukdealers should crowdfund for a flamedeer ale or spirit ...this time next year we'll be millionaires....ho ho ho


Amazon lightning deal for next 3 hours


there is huge difference is taste (not being so harsh and bitter),after taste,being easily drinkable and the having less after effects (headaches, etc) among actually is does matter.

Grey Goose Vodka 70cl - Original, La Poire, Citron and L'Orange varieties - £26.49 each @ Amazon
Found 30th Nov 2016Found 30th Nov 2016
Best price I've ever seen Grey Goose, currently around £38 in the supermarkets.
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Showing £27.99 - £33.10


Has anyone had any luck getting Amazon to retrospectively price match the current Morrisons offer? Doesn't feel quite so cheap anymore.


Its always £24 in Costco's, all the time.


oh, well your Polish friend must know better than everyone else I suppose? grey goose is fantastic, O like it slightly more than Belvedere, ciroc on the other hand is garbage.


Expired, original up to £27.99 today which is still a decent price.

Grey goose 70cl £18.32 @ Tesco express
LocalLocalFound 13th Oct 2016Found 13th Oct 2016
This could be a wild goose chase for some but I'd thought I'd share what I have just seen , only £18.32 for a 70cl original flavour grey goose that's nearly half the price !! There… Read more
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To anyone that didn't believe me [/URL][/img]


it's Tesco Direct stores only not in supermarkets


LOL clearly you're drunk while posting. That's like saying Go for Bells over Glenfiddich. The smothness of this and the likes of Belvedere over Russian Standard /Smirnoff etc is night and day! Drink it straight and see!


Well it can't all be taxation can it? If a bottle of rubbish vodka, which is taxed at exactly the same rate as good vodka, costs say £10 then the £26 markup of Grey Goose can't all be tax. Even if all of the price of the cheap vodka was tax (and the producer and retailer were making no profit at all) and Grey Goose can still sell it in the USA for £15 (for a profit) Then the disparity in price must be something else - marketing hype and the gullibility of the consumer I would suggest.

Grey Goose and Ciroc Vodka reduced to clear £19 @ Tesco
LocalLocalFound 19th Feb 2016Found 19th Feb 2016
Got a 70cl bottle of Grey Goose Vodka (in a nice box) tonight in Tesco marked as "Reduced to Clear" for £19. The past few weeks this has been RTC at £28 from £38 in some of my loc… Read more

I'm guessing this deal isn't happening this year?


It's all about brand hype . Few would argue iPhones offer cutting edge technology , but it's the brand people buy into ,not the technology. Grey goose is worth what you are prepared to pay for it , tbh I would leave it on the shelf even at £19 , coz yes I have tasted most brands neat .. But like everyone else chuck in a mixer , defeating the point of paying premium prices , the taste variations of vodka get swamped with tonic, coke or whatever . Rather have a litre of green mark or 2 , when grey goose is its normal price .


Never said I would spend £38 on this. Just merely saying it does not taste like cheaper brands, which is true.


Full price in gateshead trinity square., bensham and Chester le street


Grey Goose is overpriced. Much better choice is Russian Standard.

Belvedere Vodka 007 Edition Bottle 70cl £23.49 Sold by Amazon
Found 13th Dec 2015Found 13th Dec 2015
£23.90 from marketplace seller £23.49 sold by amazon
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given up on updating the price


It's a bit more than I would normally pay for vodka but worth giving it a shot @ £23.49 cheers 8)


Well, the price must have JUST changed, sure enough - it says £23.49 from Amazon now!


Amazon say: "Hello XXXX. I understand that there is a price difference on our website. Please don't worry I'll look into this and certainly help you with this. I can see that the price has been changed to 23.49 GBP from 25.99 GBP. I'll issue the price difference amount of 2.5 GBP as an one time exception. The refund will be credited in your Gift card balance." £2.50?? Weeelll, I'm not going to correct them! Would prefer it on my card but a refund is a refund.


Remember that via Help>Need More Help>Contact Us you can ask for a refund of the price difference, if the price changes over the proceeding week after your order date (assuming I've remembered the timescale correctly)! Talking to Amazon right now - they don't half keep you hanging around!

Jack Daniels Single Barrel, Southern Comfort and others  £29.98 @ Costco (instore)
Found 26th Nov 2015Found 26th Nov 2015
Jack Daniels Single Barrel 70cl: £29.98. Cheaper than Asda's current sale price of £35. Southern Comfort 1L : £20.38. Good price for a litre! Look in the online booklet for offer… Read more

as they say at Tesco every little helps, been mega hot deals for a £2 saving before :(


And those store specific offers at the end of nowehere, not everyone can buy those, do you vote cold on those also? :p After all theyre not really available to masses of the general public either. Then Join? Christ it like what £25/30 a year? If you took that small membership fee into account you'd realise how much you would save in a year! When the toilet roll offers are on theyre so much cheapoer than the high street for decent stuff, stock up and theres a good chunk fo the membership fee back straight away. Really is one of the best things Ive joined :)


I dont drink alcohol but the southern comfort is only a little dearer in Tescos at £23.


I'm not saying its not a good deal to join etc etc. I'm just saying its impossible for me and the general public who are not and dont know a costco member to buy any of these deals at the price stated. I have posted something similar on a dixons deal before but I just happened to notice this one today. Its like posting a deal on here saying a session at any gym is free, it is free, as long you've paid the £30 monthly fee.


always one, but usually not the first post, have a look at the hot deals, there is a Dixon travel deal that's hot, did you say the same on that. Costco is about what you buy yearly, most people don't think about the fee, some share it with family, because the quality is better than you can get elsewhere. The fee divided over a yearly savings works out at pennies.

Grey goose la poire £19 @ Tesco
LocalLocalFound 14th Oct 2015Found 14th Oct 2015
From 38.00 down to 19.00 in store. 70cl.

Pontefract, the tag did say reduced to clear....but thought I'd post case anyone else dropped on. Only had 4 in our store..I bought 2 for Christmas presents.


Which store is this?


​You are the worst type of person. Makes me sad knowing how sad you are. I'm sad for you. Because you are sad. It's a sad world! Sad sad sad all the way home!


isn't lidls vodka as good as grey goose for £8.95? lol


I've checked the other post and it just mentions Grey Goose, this is GG la Poire. So despite the bleatings, this is not a duplicate post. Hot from me OP.

Tesco alcohol deals mega thread! (Jack Daniels, Pimms, Grey Goose, Baileys + More!) @ Tesco
LocalLocalFound 8th Oct 2015Found 8th Oct 2015
Baileys coffee flavour 1L £10 (was £20) Jack Daniels 1L £25.50 (was £34) Grey Goose 70cl £19 (was £38) Smirnoff Espresso £9.89 (was £17) Green Mark vodka 35cl £4.92 (was £9) Teach… Read more
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The search functions aint that good its easy to miss posts


Think this may be an England only offer (Scotland has the minimum unit price law). In the two branches I visited today, Baileys Coffee was £17 and Expresso Smirnoff was £13.


Added to the cold sorry, just because it's funny to see 'mega thread' in title and it turns out to be a mega fail lol..oops!


What is a megathread then? as I'm not feeling this


If the people sharing the deals spent their time scrolling through the daily posts to see if anyone had already posted, the deal would probably have gone. Fair play to anyone who shares a deal, thank you. I am now 14 bottles of wine, and 10 bottles of whisky better off, and ALL for half price!! Timing is everything.

Grey Goose La Poire 70CL £19 (was £38!) @ Tesco
Found 8th Oct 2015Found 8th Oct 2015
Really good price! Might be a "goose chase" to see if yours has any, but my local (New Milton) has several!

Still £38 Tesco metro Ealing Broadway


Just got one from Tesco Cradley Heath. Still marked up at £38 but scanned at £19 Cheers.


had a few at this price in Longton.


Can confirm available at the Bidston (Wirral) store this afternoon - in a presentation box too! Didn't buy as I'm not a vodka drinker


Missed that. Got 5 very descent malt whiskys and a £75 brandy half price though. popping back in the morning so will hopefully have some.

Grey Goose Vodka 70cl £33.99 @ Amazon
Found 18th Aug 2015Found 18th Aug 2015
Grey Goose Vodka 70cl, selling for £33.99 at the the moment on Amazon.

Good priced for most compared to supermarket, but for me my local corner shop always sells for £32 :-)


Grey Goose is nice but the best is Chopin rye or potato , potato being the nicest


love watching all the alkies have a scrap :D


For me, the value of Grey Goose lies in the hangover, or lack thereof.


I've given this heat as grey goose is one of the few vodkas I enjoy without mixers. Each to their own and all.

Grey Goose Pear Flavour Vodka - £19 instore @ ASDA
Found 4th Sep 2014Found 4th Sep 2014
Grey Goose Pear flavoured vodka. Reduced to clear in Asda Hyde had quite a few to get rid of. £19 but discounted to £17.10 due to colleague discount ;) Shared Via The HUKD App… Read more

This stuff is actually delicious. Made 'pear-tinis" with it during a cocktail phase a few years ago.


Forgot to add it's 70cl 40% Vol

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