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Smirnoff Ice 70cl, 2 for £5 at Tesco
01/01/2019Expires on 01/01/2019Found 9th DecFound 9th Dec
ABV4% vol. Smirnoff Ice - A Vodka mixed drink with the classic taste of lemon.
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Have these tooth decaying drinks dropped in abv? I’m sure they were around 5% ?


Me too lol


Love Smirnoff ice


So did I.. just been drinking the vodka. Was hoping for a cheap thrill


At first glance I thought it was Smirnoff vodka ... back to sleep lol

Smirnoff advent calendar £1 in store @ Iceland
26/12/2018Expires on 26/12/2018LocalLocalFound 8th DecFound 8th Dec
Has 24 chocolates and 5cl vodka in store for £1.
Smirnoff Red, Gordons Gin, Captain Morgan Spiced, 70cl £11.99 @ Premier Stores
01/01/2019Expires on 01/01/2019LocalLocalFound 30th NovFound 30th Nov
Smirnoff Red, Gordons Gin, Captain Morgan Spiced, 70cl £11.99 ( Scotland £13.99) @ Premier Stores Cheaper than the major supermarlkets for this size bottle and on offer right theou… Read more

sadly not all Premier stores are in the Amex deal


Combine with American Express shop small (Premier stores are included), £5 re-credited to your account on a £10 spend from 1st Dec. So £7 a bottle

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Gordon's gin & smirnoff vodka 1lt - £16 @ Tesco
Found 26th NovFound 26th Nov
Gordon's gin & smirnoff vodka 1lt
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Well i dont drink (y)


I was meaning when minimum pricing comes in for the rest of the uk.2019! ..enjoy it while its cheaper lol (y)


Its been £16 for last month at my tesco express ;)


Not for long😄😄


Will drink one then decide to vote hot or not here

Sainsburys Smirnoff Cider - 10 x 330ml Cans - £4.50 instore (Andover)
LocalLocalFound 7th NovFound 7th Nov
Raspberry and Pomegranate Cider, 10 x330ml cans at Sainsburys Andover for £4.50, had the red sale sign on. Usually £9

Voted hot


great price thanks. :)

Various Spirits 1 Litre for £16 - Gordons Gin, Morgans Rum, Smirnoff Vodka, Bells Whisky - £16 (Prime / £20.49 non Prime) @ Amazon
Found 2nd NovFound 2nd Nov
Matching in store prices it seems, £16 for 1 litre bottle. Previously voted hot at this price so good to see Prime matching in store prices again. Other 1L spirits also available … Read more

May be missing something but prices quited are for Amazon Pantry so only available if you have Prime?




Yup, that's why the deal description says matching in-store offers :) This is more an FYI for people who dont have the bigger supermarkets near them, or use amazon more often. Good spot - hadn't seen that one! They also have Morgans white rum at 16/L


Sainsbury's got Gordon's for £15 at minute and a few others


Pretty sure Morrison’s are doing this deal. They were the other day anyway

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Smirnoff Gold 70cl £13.49 at KeyStore from 22/10/18 to 11/11/18
LocalLocalFound 20th OctFound 20th Oct
Smirnoff Gold 70cl will be on offer to £13.49 for a 70cl bottle from 22nd Oct to 11th Nov
Smirnoff vodka 70cl £10.99 at Spar (26th Oct to 1st Nov)
LocalLocalFound 19th OctFound 19th Oct
Smirnoff Vodka £10.99 at Spar
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Thanks! Smirnoff and Gordon’s £10.99 in my local spar. Stocked up for Christmas ;)


I thought this but think it's expired as this is last year's deals. No vodka on this year's as far as I can see.


I’m confused how this works, if someone can explain this to me. You can post a Wuntu or Iceland or M&S deal a week in advance but not this Spar deal? Why was this expired?


still wouldn't buy nasty stuff :)


I could’ve sworn I thought we was in 2018 :/

Smirnoff Cider With Raspberry & Pomegranate 500ml £2.17 -  3 for £5 @ Morrisons
Found 17th OctFound 17th Oct
Lots of other Ciders at this price but this one is so refreshing Discover a new take on cider from Smirnoff. Smirnoff Cider, a delicious combination of cider, Raspberry & Pomeg… Read more

I'm struggling to understand why you're being so pedantic. The chap was simply pointing out theres an alternative offer at ASDA as well. No need for the comments really.


At no point did you say they were £1.50 each in your original post. You decided to go for "they're 4 for £6 in Asda" as though that was the deal.


As the offer on here was 3 for £5 it doesn’t take much common sense to realise 4 for £6 is a better deal but some people such as yourself clearly need it spelt out for them


If they're £1.50 a bottle, why would you write a post saying you can get 4 for £6 then? Wouldn't it have made more sense to just post "These are £1.50 a pop in Asda"? And I'm the slow one?


At the risk of calling you slow it means it’s £1.50 a bottle so if you wanna buy 3 it’s £4.50 which is cheaper than £5

Smirnoff Vodka,  or Grants Whisky 1Lt £15 @ Sainsburys
Refreshed 23rd OctRefreshed 23rd Oct
Smirnoff Vodka, or Grants Whisky 1Lt £15 @ Sainsburys from 10/10/18 until 30/10/18 J

£10/L at Mumbai duty free but this will do until I'm back there.


Picked up two bottles :)


I threw up in my mouth a little when I think of grouse......or bells, from my teenage days. 🤢


No grouse is still on


Thankyou (y)

Smirnoff Cider with Raspberry & Pomegranate - £4.50 down from £12.50 @ Sainsbury’s In Store
LocalLocalFound 25th SepFound 25th Sep
Found this in a few stores so must be national, whilst stocks last.
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Ask them to use their phone app and the reduced price will show, it should then be honoured


£9 Durham Arnison. No surprise


£9 at my local


The ones i got were all dated May 2019.


Tried this before. It's okay but nothing particularly special. Other fruit ciders are more tasty. Original price is a joke £1.25 for a 330ml can? At this price, worth a punt. If date is long enough stick in garage and keep for next year's barbecue season.

Smirnoff Cider Raspberry & Pomegranate 10x 330ml £4.50 @ Sainsbury's
LocalLocalFound 22nd SepFound 22nd Sep
Smirnoff Cider Raspberry & Pomegranate 10 pack found in Sainsbury's Banbury. Says on shelf it's £6.25 but scans as £4.50. Absolute bargain. Plenty left on shelf at time of post… Read more

Oh wow, that's crap, sorry man


Damn. All they had was 500ml single bottles at £1.90. Ended up buying a duvet instead..... :/


Haha so true...


I'll get me coat then....! You were robbed on the Smirnoff vodka though ........ ;)


Of course you do, alcohol is always worth it at that price

Smirnoff Premium Vodka 1L - £16 @ Asda
Found 15th SepFound 15th Sep
Good old tipple of Smirnoff vodka at a good price - no hangover ?

How true


I'm no vodka enthusiast, but I can tell the difference between this and grey goose for example. Those I'd consider more premium. I still love Smirnoff, buy it regularly. I just remember from when it was Smirnoff, Bells and Grant's was all you had to choose from XD


Vodka enthusiasts are a strange one to me. I honestly cant tell the difference between a 'decent' vodka and an apparently 'premium' one, and studies have shown even the supposed experts generally cant, either. I mean, the whole point of vodka is to be as flavorless and neutral as possible for ease of downing. For me, so long as it's not some bottom shelf stuff, which can indeed be harsh and rancid, you're good to go.


only with wudka, but this one is made in Germany...


do you trust the Russians?

Smirnoff cider 10pk £6.25 instore @ Sainsburys Upton / wirral
Found 15th SepFound 15th Sep
Wasnt able to take photo as phone was dead... Spotted on the frozen Isle on some shelving on the frozen Isle opposite black bags, bin bags etc. About 20 cases left. Not showing on … Read more
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Discontinued for a reason, the taste. Though taste is subjective.. I ended up giving the other 9 cans away. Should teach me to stick to buying proper cider and not this alcopop rubish #blackdragoncidernectarofthegods


It’s the same in most Sainsburys as this has become a discontinued line..


Had them in Walton yesterday too

1 litre bottles of Gordons, Smirnoff, Bells, Bacardi, Captain Morgan and Whyte and Mackay £16 each @ Tesco
Refreshed 24th AugRefreshed 24th Aug
1 litre bottles of Gordons, Smirnoff, Bells, Bacardi, Captain Morgan and Whyte and Mackay £16 each @ Tesco
1 litre bottles of Gordons gin, Smirnoff red label vodka, Bacardi, Captain Morgan's Original Spiced gold rum, Bells Whisky and Whtye and Mackay Scotch whisky now on offer for £16 u… Read more

We know


I doubt a VPN would work regardless as it would just shows "UK" :)


All down to taste. My Mother in law only drinks Bells but then some people like famous grouse. Famous Grouse is currently £16 a litre in Morrisons which is quite a good price for that. I don’t drink whisky after an incident in my teens which still makes me bad now even just smelling it so can’t say what tastes the best sorry!


I imagine some whisky brands never get included in supermarket deals. From the ones that do.. Which are the best?


I need rehab

Smirnoff Cider with Passion Fruit & Lime 10x 330ml cans £6.60 @ Home Bargains
Found 1st JulFound 1st Jul
Smirnoff Cider with Passion Fruit & Lime 10x 330ml cans £6.60 @ Home Bargains
10x 330ml cans.
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I'm glad I'm not the only one with biscuits on the brain.


Good post checking out the local the marra!


What the hell comment is this?! This site was created to push affiliate links and always has been since. The people being nice to eachother thing is still present in loads of deals and the person you quote is a mod. Besides people being nice to other people is boring and puts me off coming here and your comment made me sick! Oh and before you reply I'm being satirical but the chances of you or anyone else not assuming I'm being a troll are almost zero so have to spoil it with this disclaimer. Oh well.


Very nice drink. Bought and tanned a 10pack before Rolling Stones a few wkends back. Tastes a little bit like Lilt but with a slight alcoholic tinge lol. Doesn’t get u drunk much tho :(.


I need to get new glasses or sit nearer the screen, thought it was a packet of custard creams!

Smirnoff Raspberry & Pomegranate Cider 99p instore at Home bargains
LocalLocalFound 13th JunFound 13th Jun
Smirnoff Raspberry & Pomegranate Cider 99p instore at Home bargains
Smirnoff cider found in the Tonypandy Home Bargains
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It's 500 ml,4%


What size...330, 500, 568 ml?


Anyone tried it? I see pretty much everyone is trying to cash in on the cider trade, Stella Artois, Jack Daniels, etc.


My local had 3 different flavors in on Sunday.


You'll need to be quick if you want one going by the pic.

Smirnoff Vodka - £16 / litter - on line and in Shop - Morrisons
LocalLocalFound 24th MayFound 24th May
Smirnoff Vodka - £16 / litter - on line and in Shop - Morrisons
= £16 for 1 Litter bottle - for hot week-ends..... Smirnoff Vodka Three barrels brandy Morrisons

apologies.... its the Bank holiday syndrom. .... the VODKA effect....... CORRECTIO : litter = litre......


Must be empty if it's litter? Not for me!


How many in the Litter?


Wish I could send a free delivery ..., but last Friday Lotto was not in my favour.....


not in scotland courtesy of the SNP

Vladivar vodka 1 litre £15.50 at Asda
Found 16th MayFound 16th May
Vladivar vodka 1 litre £15.50 at Asda
£15.50Asda Deals
Vladivar vodka 1 litre £15.50 at Asda, (y) let the fun times begin! (popcorn)
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Just a little bit of pedantry creeping in here but surely it's not actually possible to be teetotal all week, surely teetotalism is a lifestyle - you're just knocking it on the head for a couple of days. :) I'm not judging, I made the decision at the start of the year not to drink on schoolnights and I sleep better for it but when I'm not working next day I get absolutely plastered, I'm shotfaced as I type - I won't remember this tomorrow. ;)


Thank you & the same to you :D Go easy on the Vlavididivivivar tho.... I have to be up early tomorrow sadly as working but have been teetotal all week (shock) so shall make amends tomorrow night (popcorn) Hopefully will get a decent nights sleep for once (mad)


Haha na no headache, I'm a pro! (excited) (it was day before yesterday) I had a chilled out night lastnight but now it's Friday and I'm not at work till mid afty tomorrow so can have a good few tonight (popcorn) hope your having a nice day/evening (y)


I did look at it, and I thought "she was a bit squiffy when she posted that". I'm not usually the grammar police (y) Hope you had fun and no headache this morning (angel)


Not this price in Scotland of course...

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