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Xbox Series X Controller - Red - £45.99 (using CDKeys) @ Microsoft store
Posted 7th OctPosted 7th Oct
Using the £50 credit you can buy off cdkeys for £45.99 , you can get this controller off the Microsoft store. Lowest I’ve seen the new design controllers.

Sorry talking about the cover


I had one with built in cover and it doesn't fit.


Really? I’ve been using an old rechargeable battery pack from my Xbox one controller and it fits fine (maybe a little squeeze), unless you mean the battery cover is different?


Yeah different


On battery packs, I found my old XB1 controllers battery packs do not fit the new ones. Can anyone confirm that it is a different fit?

Brook X ONE Controller Adapter (XBOX ONE to Switch / PS4 / PC) [Customer Return] - £9.99 Delivered @ adz_distribution / eBay
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Posted 22nd AugPosted 22nd Aug
Customer return - packing has been opened but tested and in full working order and as new. With Brook X One Adapter, you can use your Xbox One controller to play your favouri… Read more

this thing also works fine on the playstation tv


It's one of those things I want I don't need but needs to be part of my collection of gadgets for just in case. :-|


Been a long time since using it on PS4 but dont remember there being any problems what so ever. Cool little device, there is a better version with a longer lasting battery which I'd recommend.


It doesn't but at the same time if you own a ps5 why would you be playing a ps4?


This... But does the dual sense work on PS4? At least the Xbox controllers work across all of the current and last gen consoles. I've got one of these adaptors as well and they're excellent. Battery could be a bit bigger but it just works seamlessly.

Xbox Series X Console + 3 Games + Twin Charging Station £619.99 + £3.50 delivery JD Williams
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Posted 2nd FebPosted 2nd Feb
Xbox Series X Console + 3 Games + Twin Charging Station £619.99 + £3.50 delivery JD Williams£623.49JD Williams Deals
Introducing Xbox Series X, the fastest, most powerful Xbox ever. Play thousands of titles from four generations of consoles - all games look and play best on Xbox Series X. At the … Read more

Got an email this morning informing me that the order was cancelled.


Haha yeah I remember working in GAME and people doing the same with the Wii.


I mean I'm not saying this cause I got one on day one but yeah it sucks they are selling this as a bundle but people have been buying off scalpers so only difference is your getting extras with it and to anyone who thinks this machine is bad are just fool's yes some come faulty from the manufacturer its just the way it is same with anything electrical really ive never had any problems with mine and its great buy what you like/used too or can afford don't listen to haters on the console wars bull crap in all fairness personally I wouldn't buy this one simply cause the games aren't worth that much now but it's down to the person buying.


I was going to do this with the Series X but online purchases had to be posted to be returned so bit harder to push for itemised returns


I remember when Game where gouging for bundles just after the 360 release. Their own Ts & CS said you could return bundled items, so I put that to the test. Bought a bundle in store (circa £600), paid for it and immediately told them I’d like to return the bundled items for a refund. They of course told me that “that couldn’t be done”, so I showed them the printout of their own website. They begrudgingly did the refund, so I ended up just paying standard RRP for the 360, then a load of people in the store realised what I’d done and all did the same thing.

Xbox series x controller £51.85 @ ShopTo
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Posted 2nd JanPosted 2nd Jan
Xbox series x controller £51.85 @ ShopTo£51.85£54.996% off Free P&P FreeShopTo Deals
Blue or black available, not quite £45 as has been seen recently but cheapest I can find at the min

They work on xbox one too!


Lol this is the cheapest currently you can’t go back in time and purchase it on Black Friday. I can’t see it dropping in price drastically any time soon. But who knows. You could wait and see or get one and enjoy it now.


I am wondering the same but this deal is for £52 quid so not far off the £45. And we gonna be waiting a LOOONG time for it to go below £40 to £45.


do you think I should buy it for the rrp of £55 or will it drop back to £45 soon? I want it for pc gaming



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New Xbox 'Series' Controller (All Colours) - £45.99 @ John Lewis
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Posted 20th Nov 2020Posted 20th Nov 2020
New Xbox 'Series' Controller (All Colours) - £45.99 @ John Lewis£45.99John Lewis Deals
John Lewis has the new Xbox controllers on offer, these are fully compatible with all Xbox One, Xbox Series, Windows 10 and Android phones. Also the benefits of this controller is… Read more

You get £10 off a controller if you pre-ordered series x/s. Lots of people seemed to have jumped straight away and paid £45 but I thought may come down and then used the voucher so paid £35


How did you get a 10 off voucher?


Thanks for the detailed info, greatly appreciated. I think I might keep my eyes peeled for an elite 2 controller then. I’ve already got the series x black, blue and white controllers, and want to get four in total to allow for multiplayer. So, it’ll give me a choice of standard / elite controller when playing single player, depending on the game; and also nicely complete the set of 4 x different controllers. Thanks!


The thumb sticks felt very good on the new pad, tighter than the old one - however on the Elite you can swap the sticks easily (convex, concave or flat) and you can readjust the tension yourself easily. The bumpers are similar on both pads and the triggers also are similar. However, on the elite pad they have hairlock triggers so you can set it so the trigger only comes down by a couple of millimetres (very useful in shooters as the gun fires pretty much immediately giving you a fine advantage). I wouldn’t have paid RRP for the Elite but I got it for £125 from Amazon the other month and knew that I’d get £30-40 for this pad to offset the cost.


Ahh, good to hear, thanks. Remapping sounds like a good feature, it's not something I'm finding myself needing now, but always good to have the option for the future. How do the thumbsticks, bumpers and triggers compare please? Thanks

£10 Off Xbox Series X & S Controllers If You Pre-ordered A New Xbox From Argos - £44.99 Standard / Elite Series 2 £149.99 @ Argos
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Posted 10th Nov 2020Posted 10th Nov 2020
£10 Off Xbox Series X & S Controllers If You Pre-ordered A New Xbox From Argos - £44.99 Standard / Elite Series 2 £149.99 @ Argos£44.99£54.9918% offArgos Deals
Excellent news for those that pre-ordered from Argos and are feeling a little left out after seen the Amazon offer (The same as this) If you check your emails you should find a uni… Read more

I didn’t receive an email and asked customer service - they told me they didn’t have this offer (annoyed)


Does anyone have an Argos code that they do not want to use that I could have please?


Sadly I didn’t receive ;( , don’t suppose there’s anyone else with a spare code out there 👀. TIA!


A53N97Z95A8K if anyone needs a code. Expires on 19th but doubt it will last more than a few hours (lol)


If anyone still has a spare code, I'd be very grateful.