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HSBC Free £75 offer for switching. Alternative to Advance Account Offer.
Found 10th SepFound 10th Sep
An alternative to the HSBC Advance account offer if you cant match the £1750/mth pay in. Open and switch to HSBC's Bank Account and you'll get £75. You'll need to pay in £500/mth … Read more

Could you transfer in £500 in at beginning of month and then transfer out that amount the next day and repeat this process for 4 weeks? would that count as you transferring in the allocated amount or are you not allowed to withdraw the £1750 till the end of the year?


Need to be careful about ending up with a fraud marker on your record. No switching bonus is worth that. Banks can and do share and verify information on applications. I think HSBC are being quite short sighted and behind the times in their policies, particularly with the older generation. No longer do people have gold plated final salary pensions. They can draw whatever income they want from their pension pots, so effectively their income is whatever they want it to be. If someone is prudent and draws only a small income, leaving the rest to grow for the future they are effectively excluded from offers like this (annoyed)


Stretch the truth? (cheeky) Once you've got the £150 bonus you can always switch somewhere else again....


Only clicked on this to see the comments about the OPs picture. Looks like he's giving her one. Just me with the dirty mind then (embarrassed)


Same kind of thing here. Myself and my partner have done all the switching offers but i was able to do HSBC whereas she wasn't, only reason i could think for this was that her income didn't meet the threshold for this account. Could be wrong but no other bank has ever rejected her applications

HSBC Free £200 offer, £150 to switch HSBC's Advance Account and then £50 after a year.
Refreshed 12th SepRefreshed 12th Sep
If you want to be paid to switch, this account is the strongest on the market. Open and switch to HSBC's Advance Account* and you'll get £150 plus a further £50 after a year. You'l… Read more
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** CAUTION ** I setup an 'advance' account but it is showing on their system as a 'bank account' they seem to be wiggling out of paying the £200 welcome bonus. I recommend you check you have opened the account you think you have and will be paid the welcome bonus.


Anyone know how long this offer is avaliable for?


You could click the link to find out, you know?! Website only reqd.


Guys, sorry, just need little info. Do you have to call or go to branch to make a complete switch or can you do it just on the website.. Thanks in advance


I got accepted with a score of around 260.

Santander Everyday Credit Card  27 months 0% apr and NO balance transfer fee! This is still over two years. Get the headline rate only.
Found 5th SepFound 5th Sep
Pay less interest 0% On balance transfers for 27 months from account opening with no balance transfer fee 0% On purchases for 3 months from account opening No monthly fee Up to… Read more

I just got refused with a experian score of 999 and I have no balance on Any other credit card I have.


Is it bad for my credit rating if i tranfer a balance from another interest free credit card which has 10 months to run?


Thank you very much OP. Perfect as I have a couple of 0% cards that are coming to the end of their interest free period.


Sainsburys purchase card here 29 months interest free. Not everyne wants a balance transfer card


Just a mortgage and one single HSBC credit card

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Barclays platinum travel credit card. Near perfect exchange and Can withdraw cash abroad upto £500 a day (subject to your cash limit) and get till the statement date to pay it off. Also 12 months 0% apr interest free on purchases.
Found 31st AugFound 31st Aug
Barclaycard Platinum travel credit card 0% interest on purchases for 12 months from the date you open your account No non-sterling transaction fees on your foreign spend and … Read more

Good to know that. I assumed Visa and Mastercard were pretty much equally accepted everywhere


Worth having both this a Mastercard (I have what was originally an Abbey National, now Banco Santander Zero card) as not all cash machines the world over take both. Asia especially tends to favour Visa.


i have the Barclays card and love it, a normal simple card where i can take money out the ATM and not worry about it till after the holidays, like just using it at home, get good rates And never spend more than lot's, so that little difference i don't mind. when the year ends in four year's time i probably switch to clarity, but there's both good cards ,


No they are not. Check this out. Sure these peopke love revolut


Revolut - this is the answer to everything

FairFX pre paid card. Free £35 with no purchase necessary. Voucher is discounted of price straight away. If you have money then an extra tenner over the groupon deal! Must top up £500 then withdraw back out via cash machine! Fee 50p
Found 31st AugFound 31st Aug
The Fair FX sterling* prepaid card, as its name suggests, allows you to load it in pounds. It converts it to other currencies when you spend overseas, and charges a relatively lo… Read more

Yes, had £500.50 on the card, took £500 out and card is empty :)


Was the fee 50p?


Received my card yesterday, went to the bank today and Barclays machine would not recognise it (not sure if this is my local bank or just a general problem with Barclays), went across the road to HSBC and withdrew the £500 without any issue :) Thank you OP. Just thought i'd post incase others tried to withdraw at Barclays and had the same issue :)


hmmmm...... Yeah I think it's getting me confused. It's £25. 35-25 indeed! to be straight. My apology! Thanks. :) for clearing out. Also,I had already spent £34.35 from the previous one for online shopping and was looking for any free


Its like saying 5+5 is 5. A £5 expenditure and £5 load is £10

Free four year 16-25 railcard by opening student bank account even if it’s not the bank of choice - @ Santander
Found 29th AugFound 29th Aug
I haven’t actually done it but according to if you open a Santander student account you get a free 4 year railcard. You can of course stay with the bank but if i… Read more
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You don’t get free travel only 1/3 off as discount


As an international student who has just landed in the Uk and would be doing a 1 year course, what’s the best bank account right now in terms of no fees, and benefits etc


I already posted this (y) (y)




No you have to upload a ucas letter

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Coventry Building Society - Junior Cash ISA 3.60% tax-free p.a./AER
Found 29th AugFound 29th Aug
Coventry Building Society are offering Junior Cash ISA for 3.60% as of September 1st 2018. Its worth switching, every little counts. This may come across as cold deal but I think i… Read more

Yes, they will provide you with a form to fill in and they will do the rest


I have a JISA open with another provider. Is it easy to switch?


Better with a stocks and share ISA this rate is just above inflation so in 5 years in real terms you have made next to nothing


Good point and very true. Also worth remembering that with a cash isa you are currently guaranteed to get less at the end of the current year when you account for inflation. (Not disagreeing with you though) I think it’s interesting when even with a guaranteed investment period of 18 years, some of my friends with newborns haven’t considered stocks and shares. There are definite risks, but to not consider them when the investment period is so long is not a good idea. Another point to consider is that you can’t access a junior isa unless your child dies or has a terminal illness. The child can access the funds when they turn 18 (legally they can, you can’t). Therefore, if you aren’t currently filling your own isa allowance, plus spouses isa allowance if applicable.... you may be better off using these allowances first. You can still save for your child’s future. But if you need the money you can access it.


Please remember the value of investments can go down as well as up, so you might get back less than you invest with stocks and shares.

Free Revolut card for existing users
Found 13th AugFound 13th Aug
I’ve been using the virtual card only and got a notification today that I can order a free physical card. I went through the order process and lo and behold, it worked and I wasn’t… Read more

Cheers OP, signed up as a new user and got the free card just in time for holiday next week. Was contemplating paying for their premium delivery, but went for free standard in the end and got the card within a couple of days. Card looks well cheap though, didn;t realise mastercard had changed its logo.


Its excellent till you have a problems then its garbage. Been told three times that they unlocked my card after they locked it. I am now in week 3 of card lock hell. Told 96 hours to fix it 5 days ago.


I was unable to validate my account as I have no government issued photo ID. I'd gone with premium to get a contactless card free, when I contacted CS to explain and cancel premium and get my money back they said they would have to keep £10 for delivery of the card. After about an hour on chat I said keep the £6.99, cancel the account but I want the rest of the money back. They agreed.


Awwww, I'm sorry mate, that did make me giggle though (:I Yeah, I did it and it worked. I had a notification in the app though, saying I could get a free card with free delivery. When I first tried, it said there was a £5 fee for "additional" cards, so I deleted the virtual card and tried again and I got one totally free. Maybe try logging in and out of the app? I'm sure they'll send you the offer soon enough if there's no cards on your account. Coz that's their whole business. They want you to have a card


I'm sorry but i couldn't help laughing. So there is no way to get the physical card for free? How are people getting it? I suppose revelout has to make money so doing no fx fees and doing interbank rates is not exactly a long term business plan. So excessive postage, a premium account and charging for cash withdrawals abroad is a help. I can see a .5% to 1% forex fee coming soon. So long as its cheaper than te banks. Can you get two or three cards on one account for your family?

Starling Bank - Absolutely no foreign transaction fees from Starling and can withdraw upto £300 a day worldwide!
Found 11th AugFound 11th Aug
This has to be one of the best bank accounts for spending abroad and withdrawing cash. Upto £300 a day or equivalent in foreign currency. Monzo, revolut, trasnferwize will only giv… Read more

Well it was faultless, although we did struggle to find any cash machines that didn't charge, of the ones that did charge it was 1.80€ to withdraw cash. Got the going rates that did change daily and the app notified me as soon as I spent any money using the card or withdrew cash. Can't fault it at all and now strongly debating doing a full switch.


Should be doing the post office soon too. You’ll be able to put cheques in there too. Thats where your stuck with monzo! No way to put cash in anywhere and cheques can only be posted


That's handy cos I have a Natwest bank account


Is there anyway that you can deposit cash to these internet banks? Or is it all electronic payments only? Edit Found answer: Cash can be deposited into your personal account at any Natwest branch. Please use these details for the deposit: Account number: 48588725 Sort code: 600001 The reference is your surname and your personal Starling Bank 8-digit account number. If the cash is deposited before 4pm on a weekday, the funds will become available in your Starling account the next business day. It's always a good idea to keep the receipt. Cash deposited at a Natwest branch after 4pm, or on weekends, can take two business days to appear as available in your account. We're working with the Post Office so that you'll be able to deposit cash at any of their branches in the near future.


Has any account holder had any increase of marketing / research contacts since opening a Starling account? It looks as if creating an account provides data to 'partners' - some of which you can deny access to if they are in the Marketplace but others are not in the Marketplace so I'm guessing there is no way of denying access to them? The account looks like what I need but if it's a data harvesting product and service, I think I won't bother. Reading FAQ, I see the following extracts: "The Starling Marketplace puts your Starling account at the centre of a wider financial ecosystem. It works by integrating a range of third party products and services in the app. These include mortgages, insurance and savings products. If you choose to set up an account with any of our partners, you'll be able to see some high-level data from them in the app, such as the balance of your ISA. The Marketplace is at an early stage and we are adding new categories and providers all the time. The aim is to give you choice and control over your finances and to provide you with a simple overview of all your financial products in one place." and "We have partners in a number of categories: Wealthify, Wealthsimple and PensionBee in Savings & Investments, Habito in Mortgages, Kasko in Insurance and Tail and Flux in Loyalty Schemes. We are continually adding new partners and new categories into the Marketplace so keep your eyes peeled for new options!" and "Our API is used by a number of partners, both those in the Marketplace and externally. In all cases, you can view, manage and revoke the access that any third party has to your data from within the Marketplace section of the Starling app at any time. YOLT, MoneyHub and Truelayer are all examples of external partners which are using our API, but which are not in the Marketplace." Also, at Marketplace, I read the likes of: "Once you’re in the Marketplace, you’ll be able to reach potential customers who may choose to create a new account with you or pull data they have with you, into Starling."

Free 4 Year 18-25 Railcard with a Santander 123 Student Current Bank Account
Found 21st JulFound 21st Jul
Get a 4 year 18-25 railcard free with Santander Student Bank Account. This is a decent bank account anyway (3%interest on balances up to £2000 and free overdrafts up to £1500) real… Read more

Thanks - but the santander student account also requires the course to be 2 years minimum - the course is a year :( and its at CAS - London.


I’d go for the Santander Student account. No fees, good interest on any credit balances and free overdraft. Best of all you get the railcard to save third off rail fares. Which uni are you at? Good luck anyway (y)I’d go for the Santander Student account. No fees, good interest on any credit balances and free overdraft. Best of all you get the railcard to save third off rail fares. Which uni are you at? Good luck anyway (y)


As an international student who has just landed in the Uk and would be doing a 1 year course, what’s the best bank account right now in terms of no fees, and benefits etc


I don’t know you would have to look at the small print. Worth keeping anyway if you have a credit balance to earn interest on. Also good free overdraft facility.


After getting the railcard can i close the santander account and switch to another student account to get other benefits?

Apply for (or switch) student bank account to HSBC for £80 Amazon gift card and 12 months prime.
31/12/2018Expires on 31/12/2018Found 26th JunFound 26th Jun
By switching current account to HSBC, or applying for a new one, you can get 12 months amazon prime and an £80 Amazon gift card. Other benefits include interest free overdraft up t… Read more
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The form says you need to have been in the UK for three years, is that really the case


If I said as a patient, would you section me now? SJT question (lol)


As a patient, as an FY1 or as a nurse or senior? :p


Dreading black Wednesday too (lol)


1st August ;) Technically already graduated - not on the GMC Register though until 23rd July (induction week) but apparently I can use the title already :o Still a month to go and already getting butterflies about not making any mistakes. Eeeek.

Free business account with starling bank
Found 10th JunFound 10th Jun
In addition to the fee free personal account starling account also offer a business account. Good for any online business that accepts payments online. Does not accept cash or cheq… Read more
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For multiple share holders, seems to be if the director has more than 75% share holder, then eligible. There is no FEE. it is free (NO 1 year restriction).


Gonna use the tsb fiasco to get out of my mortgage early! Can't access the accounts online for weeks just acknowledged my complaint but nothing else. Joke of a bank. Just a few months ago offered to go on a ten year fix. Thought it would have been free money for them but still wanted to charge me exit fees for existing. I know thats the deal but normally if you renew thought they would have done something. Ever since sabtel took over its been a disaster. Why doesn't this country ever learn that mergers only destroy value ultimely. Can't wait to get out


The same could have been said for TSB, with issues accessing current accounts. I'm still waiting for compensation - 6 weeks and counting...


Couldnt the same be said about any business bank account though?


I would NOT run a business account with these guys or Revolt from my experience (accounts frozen/suspended/restricted). You could easily have your account frozen and be without your funds which could really hurt a small business.

Starling Bank Account. No fees worldwide and can withdraw £300 a DAY in foreign currency!
Refreshed 12th JunRefreshed 12th Jun
This has to be one of the best bank accounts for spending abroad and withdrawing cash. Upto £300 a day or equivalent in foreign currency. Monzo, revolut, trasnferwize will only giv… Read more

Yes... recently they’ve introduced Joint Account which is effortless.. can apply through the app in seconds


Do you each get a separate daily allowance on that account i.e. each holder will get £300/day on their personal account + you both get £300/day on the joint?


You can make up to six withdrawals per day, with a maximum total withdrawal per day of £300.


Starling launched the joint current account today; got an email. Joint holders must have their own single account as well.


That is the only negative ;)

It's back - HSBC £200 offer £150 to switch and then £50 after a year. Plus 5% regular saver for £250
Found 22nd MayFound 22nd May
If you want to be paid to switch, this account is the strongest on the market. Open and switch to HSBC's Advance Account and you'll get £150 plus a further £50 after a year. But … Read more

Hehe . Happens to me also at times




They don't want you on there team pal


I meet all the requirements but when I apply it's declined for the advanced account, any ideas??


Thanks for the info. This is a terrible deal then, seems most people have been declined whilst taking a small hit on their credit score from the failed application.

Transferwise: free multi-currency current account plus debit card
Found 25th AprFound 25th Apr
Work abroad or have clients overseas? Got a second home abroad? Living the expat dream? Travel frequently? Tired of paying extortionate fees to transfer cash between currencies? … Read more
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Don't forget £10.10 TCB


Because its writer girl! This site is corrupt and people vote with emotions not what deal it is. But i've noticed that certain people will go hot while anyone els they will vote cold. The voting system is pointless. But its kept to keep slaves coming back and posting while they rake in the profits!


Asked them about some AUDs I wanted to bring to my UK account and they take 0.35% for the conversion and use a mid market exchange rate so it's not as good as it sounds on the surface


To call it a current account is perhaps misleading its a savings account with debit card. You can receive money from everywhere but payments must either be made by bank transfer or on the card. You CANNOT set up direct debits therefore of limited use to anyone with a second home abroad.


It is currently unlimited (at least for existing cardholders) but is now 'out of beta' and from 1st July will be a 2% charge

First Direct unveils current account switching offer with choice of free gift
Found 24th AprFound 24th Apr
New current account customers will be offered a choice from the following selection of welcome gifts: Over 300 online self-development courses from Blue Mountain Training Solut… Read more



Please tell me you didn’t think you got alllll the gifts? (:I


Anyone got their gifts yet? Still undecided whether to do this as I fancy the Bose on ear headphones but not sure if I should wait in case they introduce more gifts or cash again.


I'm still waiting for my gift and i ordered it over 20days ago


Well ordered my fitbit. Now to wait up to 30days for delivery. How long as everyone had to wait for the gift to arrive from ordering?

M & S Bank - Current Account Switch Reward = £125 gift card +  £5 for 12 months for staying
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
£185 M&S gift card . Once you’ve switched using the Current Account Switch Service, including two active Direct Debits, we'll send you a £125 M&S gift card . But that's no… Read more

Try this


Link doesn’t work


I have just followed your instruction and signed up to 2 PayPal accounts however I can't link both PayPal accounts to the same bank a pop up comes up saying that bank has already been used to link to another PayPal account please help


Doesn’t say you need to switch any direct debits? Just mentions that you need two once the account is running to get the additional £5 gift per month


Manually each month

The Coventry Building Society Junior Cash ISA 3.5% Variable
Found 10th AprFound 10th Apr
The Coventry Building Society Junior Cash ISA pays a clean 3.5% AER on new money and transfers. Kids can save £4,260 per tax year in a junior ISA

I would agree that saving for them is a good idea but I wouldn't be putting it in their own account. If you have it when they are old enough to need a car or deposit on a flat then great but I wouldn't close the door on needing it for them in the meantime. I would want the option if I had saved that much of considering private school or if I needed it unexpectedly if they had medical care needs. Or if you change jobs and need the money to relocate closer to work so your kids do get time with you in the evening. I just don't see the advantage of not being able to access it. If the money is there when they turn 18 you can put it in a joint account and require both your signatures to draw down.


Don't forget that when your kids are 18 they'll need to insure a car, potentially put down a deposit for a rented flat, even buy suitable work clothes and it's so much better if you do have to pay for it!


money saving expert (MSE) Martin Lewis always has good deals for ISA on his site.There are so many around with different criteria, Always do your own homework when it comes to investing - especially larger amounts (y)


Thanks for that. Very thought provoking comment. I'll mull that over.


Fab idea to start when they're tiny. However I'm yet to be convinced of the logic of saving for 18 years to just hand them all the cash without any controls or safeguards. Just think carefully about whether you are happy about this or if you'd feel more comfortable saving in your name and retaining control. I'd also like to add that I've known two families who lost their homes through redundancy whilst sitting on thousands of pounds in savings in their kids names, filled when times were better, that they couldn't access. In both cases having the ability to release the funds would have made all the difference!

£50 gift card for investing £10 in a Scottish Friendly My Fund Select (ISA)
Found 9th AprFound 9th Apr
When you take out a "MY FUND SELECT (ISA)" - & ONLY THAT ISA - Scottish Friendly will send you a £50 "My Rewards" gift card within 28 days of receiving your first payment - use… Read more
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Cheers OP. Rewards card arrived today. No sign of Amazon as an option on the website. Is there a trick to converting it to Amazon credit?


arrived today and cancelled. just after my next round of gift cards now (y)


anyone else received theirs yet? i'm still waiting on mine


i received my voucher last weekend and cancelled my monthly investment today. initial 10 pounds now sitting at 10.45 pounds :)))) im going to leave this until i am 60 lol


You can just do that in your Scottish Friendly account; doing so seems to stop those annoying "your direct debit bounced, why not set another one up" letters

Happy New (ISA) Year - Invest £100, get FREE £100 top up at Orbis
Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
Invest £100 into a new Stocks and Shares ISA before 30 April, and they give you £100 top up for free. &/or Invest £100 into a new JUNIOR Stocks and Shares ISA before 15th May… Read more

Right. Perhaps you could behave like an adult and explain the rules for opening multiple ISA"s sensibly, rather than just posting "cretin" as a response.


haha really lad? Realised you're defending a false argument so, going for the sarcasm route...solid!


"Jog it on" - definitely not the words of a cretin* * - sarcasm.


Truth is binary. The terms used are wrong and cretinous so, jog it on.


It is true in some aspects (and definitely so in terms of a Orbis stocks and shares ISA kept for 12 months for the bonus) - so just responding to it with "not true" is rather more cretinous.

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