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Co-operative Bank current account - Everyday Rewards
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Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
This is my second post please check my first post for the other current account if you in Ireland, these are replacement to Santander Current Accounts… Read more
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Council tax, gas, electricity, water, broadband and TV paid by landlord! Gym complete waste of money, never had a loan or credit card in my life. I only have my contract phone on DD and a very rare PayPal purchase here and there. I guess it's just not for me


At a minimum: Council tax, gas/electric, water should be paid by DD (3 or 4 depending how you do your gas & electric) Also include if you have them: mobile phone, landline/broadband, TV package, gym membership, loans, credit card repayments, any Paypal purchase paid by bank account would count as well.


4 direct debits though, that's quite a few?!


looks better then Halifax there reward account has changed again recently its not worth having anymore..

Lloyds Bank Support for customers impacted by coronavirus (COVID-19) - £300 interest-free overdraft for overdraft customers and more
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Posted 30th MarPosted 30th Mar
Lloyds Bank Support for customers impacted by coronavirus (COVID-19) - £300 interest-free overdraft for overdraft customers and more
If your income has been affected by the disruption from the coronavirus, we have options to help you. These include: £300 interest-free overdraft from 6th April until 6th July … Read more
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This is now £500 overdraft and up to £2000 cheque deposit


I understand your point and I do think its suits a large percentage of people who use online banking. Lloyd's will allow you to increase your overdraft from your phone app when you're in a bookies and losing your rent, then when you come to pay it back and to clear the overdraft, you're forced to make an appointment and to watch a video about sensible lending. It's purely a tick box exercise and not aimed at its customers. Some people really struggle with money and some struggle with understanding long term implications of actions and 'live for the now'. I totally agree that there needs to be a level of accountability but to allow individuals to increase an overdraft into the thousands without the money moving through the bank account then its irresponsible of the bank. Secondly, they should be looking to offer a solution to an amount which generates interest and fees whereby a person cant reduce the balance.


Well I could easily afford to pay back an OD of £2700 with one months pay so it’s defo not affordability


Thanks for advice, have to do something, coz don’t want pay them that much money for nothing, stay safe (y)



£175 for switching a current account to Ulster Bank
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Posted 25th FebPosted 25th Feb
Credit to @S1027 for flagging this offer up on the RBS offer page. Switch a current account to Ulster Bank by 20th April 2020 and you become eligible for £175. This offer is essen… Read more
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Ah yeah, I used to be with Halifax. I’m in the same boat, stuck with banks that don’t really offer much and no incentive to go elsewhere. I miss looking for the incentives etc (lol)


Stuck with Halifax which have ditched a lot of their goodies...I can but hope...


They all went with the coronavirus. Sadly I don’t think we will see any more anytime soon. I was going to say maybe never again but I have a little tiny hope of seeing them again one day.


What on earth happened to all the bank switching incentives!!!!


Looking to start a garden project, nothing major; building some planters. Got nieces birthday, so will pop over to toy story to get a present. The rest towards the wifes birthday present in Aug, probably need to top up!

£90 signup bonus when you open a Tide business current account @ Tide
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Posted 21st FebPosted 21st Feb
Update 1
Offer ends today - 23:59pm 28/02
When you open a new Tide business account you can get a £90 bonus by entering the code PROMO90 when you signup, payable within 6-8 weeks of account opening. Business eligibility … Read more

Money appeared in my account without chasing up I'm happy to say! Still not overly impressed how I had to chase, and the major pain I had in setting up the account, but thought I would update for anyone else still waiting.


Glad you got it sorted. I'll be chasing it once the 8 weeks is up (I'm pretty confident I'll have to chase it up sadly). Wonder how many other people haven't received it and not realised/pursued...


Yeah they seem to be doing it a lot. I complained and funnily enough money was in my account within 24hrs. Chase them with a bit of anger this time XD


Also waiting for mine, having already chased (apparently the code didn't activate during the sign up) - although I was told it would be 6-8 weeks (this was early May), so still within the timeframe for payment. It was also a nightmare signing up, so my experience so far has been pretty poor....


So they promised the money would be in my account by the end of the month, this message was sent on 5th May, the money still isn't in my account. I messaged them on 21st May asking whether the money would be in the account soon and they haven't responded. I followed this up with a message on 26th May and still no update. I sent a message yesterday and they haven't replied to that either. Brilliant company, highly recommended (skeptical) I wouldn't mind I'm actually using the account for business transactions with a small amount of money in. They are useless.

Get £175 by switching your current account to NatWest Select Account
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Posted 12th FebPosted 12th Feb
Switch your bank account to NatWest. £175 when you Switch, No monthly fee. Our most popular account for day-to-day banking, with no monthly fee. Manage your account using our Mobi… Read more

And I assume you'll now be switching away? :) (I've done the full circle with these switching bonuses. The only bank I actually want to stick with is the one that didn't pay a bonus at all - Starling!)


I have now been paid after going through the formal complaints process


New customers must: (a) apply for, and complete the account opening process for a NatWest Select, Reward, Reward Silver, Reward Platinum, Premier Select, Premier Reward or Premier Reward Black account (‘eligible current account’) via, or through a branch, between 12th February 2020 and 2nd April 2020. As part of that application, you must transfer a non-NatWest current account to your new eligible current account (which includes closing your non-NatWest current account and moving all your payment instructions to your eligible current account) using the Current Account Switch Service online or through a branch; and (b) after your eligible current account is opened, you must also before 10th May 2020: (i) deposit £1,500 into your eligible current account; and (ii) log into our online or mobile banking service. Please note: • You won’t be eligible for this offer if you’ve already taken advantage of a cash offer from NatWest, The Royal Bank of Scotland plc (‘RBS’) and/or Ulster Bank Limited (‘Ulster’) between October 2017 and 11th February 2020 for: (i) opening a new current account and switching to RBS/NatWest/Ulster or (ii) upgrading your existing NatWest current account. • Joint account holders will only be eligible for one payment. • You can only benefit from this offer once meaning that even if you apply, complete the account opening process, and meet the conditions of this offer for more than one eligible current account, you’ll only receive one payment.


Not been paid because "only a partial switch was done" apparently. Anyone got the t and cs?


Went through the formal complaint process and finally received my payment today!

Monese £5 free - Selected Customers
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Posted 22nd JanPosted 22nd Jan
Monese £5 free - Selected Customers
I got an email from Monese with a £5 free code it should work for some ppl Use your Monese card before the end of the month and we'll give you £5 free! How does it work? 1. A… Read more

Your a star. Thank you ;)


Click on your profile then promotions and add code


Where do I add the code on this pls. I have received one but am a bit stumped or stupid as to where I can enter the code. If anyone can help pls that would be smashing. Thanks in advance :)


As I said it should work for some ppl. A free fiver is alright this time of year


None on both accounts :(

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Free £180 Marks and Spencer gift card when you switch and stay @ M&S Bank
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Posted 1st JanPosted 1st Jan
Features and benefits SWITCH AND STAY - M&S GIFT CARD Once you’ve switched using the Current Account Switch Service, including four active Direct Debits, we’ll send you a £100 … Read more
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M&S support racism, apartheid and ethnic cleansing - COLD.


Just done on the 6th. Currently no offers from m&s bank


Are the gift cards personalised to the account holder or is there anything stopping me selling a £100 gift card for £90?


Paypal Gas/electric Mobile 50p a month charity donation (x as many as you need)


yes though most charities impose a minimum DD that exceeds a quid. personally, i'd go for a charity that you feel is worthwhile donating to instead of any old charity that'll take a quid. i do £2 to WaterAid.

First Direct £100 Switching Bonus
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Posted 30th Dec 2019Posted 30th Dec 2019
First Direct £100 Switching Bonus
£100 to switching incentive, could be £200 if you leave after 6 months! Just seen HSBC deal and came across this! Feel money positive with our 1st Account Our current account he… Read more
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The closing bonus isn't discretionary. I appreciate some people stating they weren't given £100 when they left but, that being the case, I believe FD, having agreed to take you on as a client, are in breach of contract of the terms (criteria) listed in the paragraph below :- "...To qualify, you must have paid at least £1,000 a month into your account for six months and not have banked with us before, as well as switched to us initially using the Current Account Switch Service. You need to contact us to let us know you're unhappy within 12 months of opening your account, and you'll get the money within 28 days of the criteria being met...". The criteria are:- 1. Pay in £1,000 or more into the account for 6 months. 2. You haven't banked with FD before. 3. Switched to FD using the switch service. 4. Tell FD your unhappy and leaving. If you meet these four criteria and FD don't give you the £100 within 28 days you can complain to FD and thereafter the financial ombudsman.


it did with mine I had £1100 in my previous account havent put anymore money in since switch and got the bonus


Does the money that gets transferred over with the switch count towards the £1000?


Done... Heat added Got my bonus today Edit: I did vote and temp went to 1002 but decreased now


Ooh, only few more votes to get it to 1000!!

£10 off your next order on Domino’s when you link a debit or credit card, or bank account to your PayPal account
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Posted 5th Dec 2019Posted 5th Dec 2019
£10 off your next order on Domino’s when you link a debit or credit card, or bank account to your PayPal account
Sign up for a PayPal account and get £10 off your next order on Domino’s.*
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It is if anyone gets it.


Surely the free 15 pounds is a better sign up offer than this


Hey, That's what the terms and conditions say: The £10 voucher placed in your PayPal account (the “Voucher” or “Offer”) is available to customers who have successfully signed up for a new UK PayPal account between 12.01am GMT, 22 November 2019 and 11.59 GMT, 10 December 2019. I certainly don't qualify as a new customer :)


Strange cause I can see this deal when logged to my pp account. Someone please clarify :)

Triple Access Saver/ISA 1.21% Nationwide Building Society
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Posted 17th Oct 2019Posted 17th Oct 2019
Triple Access Saver/ISA 1.21% Nationwide Building Society
I know there's certain online providers that will give you a higher rate of interest but just had a email that they have just released this savings account. " Savers who are happy… Read more

Ah I don't think they do that anymore - and haven't been with them for 15 years.


All banks taking the "P" out of savers. When you get less interest than inflation rates the banks are stuffing the profits in their own pockets. Stick it in a mattress until the banks put their heads on the right way.


Nationwide. 15 year loyalty isa


Who's that with?


Cold,Nationwide not paying much interest just lately.The Coventry savings account only allows Up to 3 penalty free withdrawals a year.

Switch to a HSBC Advance/Premier Account and get £175 [£1750 pay in per month / £10,500 over six]
870° Expired
Posted 17th Sep 2019Posted 17th Sep 2019
Switch to a HSBC Advance/Premier Account and get £175 [£1750 pay in per month / £10,500 over six]
£175 when you switch to an Advance/Premier HSBC Bank Account £75 when you switch to an standard HSBC Bank Account At least two Direct Debits or Standing Orders required and you sh… Read more

Just got the first £175. Hoping for the second but also looking for recommendations for the next switch? Who are we off to next?


So I've had this account for nearly a month now and I absolutely hate how slow the app is at showing transactions. I've been paid the £175 for switching, Is there a minimum time I need to stay with HSBC or can I switch to another bank straight away?


Yeah I got the same. Was fully expecting it to be removed but very happy to receive that message. Makes up for the hassle getting set up in the first place.


Yes - I also got two lots of £175 (was wondering how common it was). Switched and got the initial £175 and decided almost immediately to switch again to Lloyds for £120 before that offer expired. Just before that switch went though I got a second £175, which I’ve kept along with the £120 from Lloyds. So in about 20 days I’ve had £470 just for swapping banks! (lol) (lol)


I got 2 payments of £75 and got the same email. Happy days. Going for Nationwide soon. Already done TSB, Halifax & Co-op. Love free easy money. 😁

Our online FlexDirect account pays 5% AER interest fixed for the first 12 months up to £2,500 balance at Nationwide Building Society
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Posted 8th Sep 2019Posted 8th Sep 2019
Our online FlexDirect account pays 5% AER interest fixed for the first 12 months up to £2,500 balance at Nationwide Building Society
Make sure you choose FLEX DIRECT.
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The Cold votes will be because this is a one-time use only offer, if you've had this previously you can't re-apply down the line.


I'm all seriousness, what would some people recommend to do with between 15k and 25k in terms of where to get the best returns at no risk?


Probably because not news, and already tied in with past posts for switching bonus.


Maybe because it has been around for years ?


Still not sure why this is cold. Maybe an account with bad customer service pays 1% interest and charges 5 pounds a month will get heat.

£15 free - no minimum topup -  added after first transaction with Monese app based Bank Account  @ Monese
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Posted 28th Aug 2019Posted 28th Aug 2019
£15 free - no minimum topup - added after first transaction with Monese app based Bank Account @ Monese
Monese app based bank account is offering a free £15 signup incentive, no required minimum topup, but bonus is after first transaction, this means some money must be transferred to… Read more

(highfive) (highfive) (highfive) (highfive)


Same here, but I used Flappybunnyman's signup referral code. But how does a referral code count as a discount code? I'm one of those 16 (y)


Why is this expired? It still seems to accept the code? But i dont know if i should continue lol


Just confirmed by going to which showed 3rd character = 5th. (y)


It's mostly 3 digits at the end. If you choose to 'share' your referral link from the Monese app, it'll copy+paste correctly into the selected app you opt to share it with.

Free Standard Revolut Card + £10 signup bonus (top up required) + Fee free spending abroad  @ Revolut (New customers)
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Refreshed 20th Sep 2019Refreshed 20th Sep 2019
You can get a free standard Revolut card delivered (usually £4.99) and a £10 bonus which is credited immediately when you first top up £10 via the deal link , no code needed. … Read more
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Yes it works. Takes a few days for the bonus to come through for them but my other half confirmed it this week


How do I unlock my Revolut card


I had 15 (yes, 15) people in the referral cue - which all has disappeared now. Took it to chat and (for me; anyway) the 30 days referral bonus period is over. I won’t get anything for those 15 (that didn’t complete the whole process eg order card; Make a transaction etc.) but I did get paid for referring 11 others.


Cool would be great if you can let me know if that works


I believe so. I referred my hubby and it says he'll get the tenner once he has the card and has spent on it.

10% cashback at Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express through Halifax Rewards
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Posted 27th Jul 2019Posted 27th Jul 2019
10% cashback at Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express through Halifax Rewards
10% back on a spend above £50. One transaction only. Maximum reward £50. Valid until Sep 24. Likely account specific.

Just to point out that this requires you to use a Halifax debit or credit card for the payment.


Not showing on mine but great deal for those who get it.


Selected accounts as not showing on mine




Ta, just wanted to confirm and get a little more detail first (y) Popped it back in deals for ya.

First time home buyers can claim £1000 from the government per tax year using Lifetime ISAs
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Posted 10th Jul 2019Posted 10th Jul 2019
First time home buyers can claim £1000 from the government per tax year using Lifetime ISAs
I noticed from a quick look that there isn't any info on this site regarding Lifetime ISAs (LISAs), and for anyone looking to buy their first home (like me!) it's super useful info… Read more

interest @ 1% on the full amount, i think. but then you can only pay in the limits.


ANd Renters also get this bonus too ? No? what a surprise .. .y1 - £4k becomes £5k, +plus interest y2 - £8k becomes £10k, +plus interest on 4k? or 5k? y3 - £12k becomes £15k, +plus interest on 8k? or 10k?


i don't think so, no. it's £1k for every £4k added each year. if you didn't pay in any more in the following years, there would be no bonus. so; y1 - £4k becomes £5k, y2 - £8k becomes £10k, y3 - £12k becomes £15k, y4 - £16k becomes £20k, etc.


If I have plenty of cash savings and my partner doesn't, is there anything stopping me sending her 4k per year to put straight into this so that we can max out x2 until we buy our first home? Edit: If the bonus is capped to 1k per year there is no real incentive to pay in after the first 4k? Or am I missing something?


used this to buy my house last month, and so did my wife. The £6k was very helpful, but it's only really open to folk with cash. we were lucky enough to be able to save £4k each over 3 financial years, and the final £2k was made avaialbe due to luck with the purchase dates.

£50 cash back for NatWest Reward Customers (If you open an investment account by 5pm 31st July and invest at least £250)
762° Expired
Posted 5th Jul 2019Posted 5th Jul 2019
£50 cash back for NatWest Reward Customers (If you open an investment account by 5pm 31st July and invest at least £250)
Just got this email from NatWest... We have a special offer for Reward current account customers that are new to NatWest Invest. Open an investment account by 5pm 31st July and i… Read more

Been paid my £50 bonus. £50 compensation. Natwest have apologised and informed credit reference agencies that I didn’t open a new current account.


I have the £50 bonus and just waiting for the investment money then I can close the account. NatWest have no chance of me being a customer in the future. No compensation mentioned to me.


Are you sorted now? Any compensation? I’ve had my investment and bonus back but no compensation yet.


I was told any payment cannot be done without a current account. Opened the account on Wednesday and gave them the details but still no sign of the payment.


You should get compensation, I was offered £50 too

Receive a free 4 Year 16-25 Railcard when opening Santander 123 Student Current Bank Account @ Santander
1233° Expired
Posted 13th Jun 2019Posted 13th Jun 2019
Receive a free 4 Year 16-25 Railcard when opening Santander 123 Student Current Bank Account @ Santander
With the A-level exam season drawing to a close, for those who have applied, it is time to start thinking about going to university :) It is well worth setting up a bank account e… Read more
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I'll get her to swap it next year ;) thank you x


No problem, things are easily taken the wrong way online! Hope you get it sorted :) The 123 Mini would be the most likely as it's their standard account for anybody up to the age of 18. Unfortunately I don't think that one comes with any such benefits like this student one though!


Sorry not meaning to be rude!, never saw this. I just got a notification for a comment & yours came up. I didn't look at the date. Yer its weird, i will look into it thanks could be the mini. :)


I'm not sure why you're digging up old a month old thread just to be rude, as I was originally just trying to help but OK here goes.. This particular type of Santander bank account can only be opened if "You’re 18 or over" and are about to begin university, or already studying at that level, as per the account terms and conditions. If you are trying to say that your 16 year old daughter has managed to open this specific type of account despite the fact that she isn't eligible, then as her parent you should maybe look into that for her and speak with the bank as this account has criteria such as paying in £500 per semester and offers overdrafts that no minor should have access to, as they aren't legally allowed to due to being under 18. My guess is that she's opened a different type of account and there are maybe some crossed wires somewhere, maybe a Santander 123 Mini?


My daughter opened it at 16 so not sure what your point is?

Starling Bank Euro Account now available to ALL Starling current account customers - hold, send and receive Euros for free
1543° Expired
Posted 11th Jun 2019Posted 11th Jun 2019
Starling Bank Euro Account now available to ALL Starling current account customers - hold, send and receive Euros for free
The Starling Euro bank account has been in beta since February this year, but is being rolled out this week and will be available to all Starling current account customers. You can… Read more
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Starling now accepts LTD companies with multiple directors and partnerships as of today. If you have RBS business ac its worth checking what cashback you'll get paid to switch (I've been offered £3000)


I moved permanently to Spain - do I get to keep the account or I need to close it? Anybody knows ?


Correct from September 1, 2019. Starling wthdrawal is £300 per day Revolut is £200 per calender month. Starling is very good if you just want the best conversion rate in the date you wothdraw money. But not good if you want to use to lock the favaurable exchange rate an keep Euro inthe account due to conversion rate of 0.4%.


Any chance of similar but USD account?


Understood. Thanks for the clarification. So is there a 0.4% fee every withdrawal as the money is being converted from GBP to EUR? The benefits of Starling that I like vs Revolut are the high withdraw amounts per month and interest on savings.

Free £15 After Your First Transaction With New Monese Digital Bank Account (TCB Also Available)
611° Expired
Posted 8th Jun 2019Posted 8th Jun 2019
Exactly what it says on the tin. Sign up with the code "PERK2019" and get a free £15 credited to your account after your first transaction. TCB of £16.16 available as well. The… Read more

Assuming you mean TCB and you are trying to claim, you should be safe just to use the email address or phone number you used to sign up (to identify the transaction). It's what I've always done, anyway.


TPB is asking for an Order Number * in order to get the cash back? anyone knows what that is and where can I find it?


Me. Avoid them. They never reply either


Referred a friend and they didn’t get their £15 even after first transaction and live chat won’t reply to me, has this happened to anyone else?


Is there a way to withdraw the £15 by bank transfer once it's been added? Or is it just cashpoint withdrawal/spend using the card?

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