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M & S Bank - Current Account Switch Reward = £125 gift card +  £5 for 12 months for staying
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
£185 M&S gift card . Once you’ve switched using the Current Account Switch Service, including two active Direct Debits, we'll send you a £125 M&S gift card . But that's no… Read more

Doesn’t say you need to switch any direct debits? Just mentions that you need two once the account is running to get the additional £5 gift per month


Manually each month


Can you set that to be automatic, or does it need to be manually done each month?


just make 2 paypal accounts and link the bank account to each .... voila, send 2 x £1 to your other paypal account , then send 2 x £1 back from the other each month ;)


No direct debits. Can you have standing orders instead

The Coventry Building Society Junior Cash ISA 3.5% Variable
Found 10th AprFound 10th Apr
The Coventry Building Society Junior Cash ISA pays a clean 3.5% AER on new money and transfers. Kids can save £4,260 per tax year in a junior ISA

I would agree that saving for them is a good idea but I wouldn't be putting it in their own account. If you have it when they are old enough to need a car or deposit on a flat then great but I wouldn't close the door on needing it for them in the meantime. I would want the option if I had saved that much of considering private school or if I needed it unexpectedly if they had medical care needs. Or if you change jobs and need the money to relocate closer to work so your kids do get time with you in the evening. I just don't see the advantage of not being able to access it. If the money is there when they turn 18 you can put it in a joint account and require both your signatures to draw down.


Don't forget that when your kids are 18 they'll need to insure a car, potentially put down a deposit for a rented flat, even buy suitable work clothes and it's so much better if you do have to pay for it!


money saving expert (MSE) Martin Lewis always has good deals for ISA on his site.There are so many around with different criteria, Always do your own homework when it comes to investing - especially larger amounts (y)


Thanks for that. Very thought provoking comment. I'll mull that over.


Fab idea to start when they're tiny. However I'm yet to be convinced of the logic of saving for 18 years to just hand them all the cash without any controls or safeguards. Just think carefully about whether you are happy about this or if you'd feel more comfortable saving in your name and retaining control. I'd also like to add that I've known two families who lost their homes through redundancy whilst sitting on thousands of pounds in savings in their kids names, filled when times were better, that they couldn't access. In both cases having the ability to release the funds would have made all the difference!

£50 gift card for investing £10 in a Scottish Friendly My Fund Select (ISA)
Found 9th AprFound 9th Apr
When you take out a "MY FUND SELECT (ISA)" - & ONLY THAT ISA - Scottish Friendly will send you a £50 "My Rewards" gift card within 28 days of receiving your first payment - use… Read more
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You are silly


Thanks for pointing that out, I do feel silly - but I think you mean MSE missed it out? Lifted from their website as confirmed by the link right next to my quote. Makes no difference anyway, just another option towards the overall £20K limit - and £10 is but a drop in the ocean toward that. I say again, "as with all financial stuff read it yourself," that means look it up!


OP missed out LISA as part of the 20k ISA allowance


my understanding is withdrawal will make this cashback not worthwhile. therefore, like what OP said, just leave the 10 quids in the account for a long time before you decide to cash out. extracts from the T+C The minimum withdrawal is £50 and the value of your policy after a withdrawal must be at least £50. If the value remaining after a withdrawal is less than £50 then you will be considered to have closed your My Select policy and the remaining value, less any deductions, will be paid out to you. If you close your policy and withdraw the full value within the first five years, there will be a £50 deduction from your cash-in value.


LOL you should be a comedian with wit like that.

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Happy New (ISA) Year - Invest £100, get FREE £100 top up at Orbis
30/04/2018Expires on 30/04/2018Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
Invest £100 into a new Stocks and Shares ISA before 30 April, and they give you £100 top up for free. &/or Invest £100 into a new JUNIOR Stocks and Shares ISA before 15th May… Read more

Not true - Cretin


Great deal! No brainer if you invest £100 and they match with £100. I highly doubt the entire fund will go kaput.


Global balanced or Global equity??


They will be calculated daily and applied periodically or when you surrender your policy Anyone know if there's an exit charge?


Anyone know how often are fees charged - once a month, once a year? I'm tempted to sign up and invest a £100 just to see what happens!

Extra £20 Quidco cashback when you open a new ISA
Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
This is quite a good deal as the cashback available for opening different ISAs is high enough. I stupidly opened a stock and shares ISA with Moneyfarm 3 days ago and the cashback f… Read more

Did they give a reason why? Wouldn't be miselling as they state that you shouldn't base your transaction on cashback as it is not guaranteed.


Watch it as I have just found out that Quidco have declined my £20 bonus, is that not a case of misselling


Granted cash ISA interest rates are often lower than taxable rates and the PSA should help address any tax due. They are valuable for stocks and shares ISA for CGT, APS and in time possibly IHT for growth between date of death and transfer.


The ones I had a look at- yes.


Are these cashback ISAs stocks & shares type?

Barclays Blue Rewards - Current account reward - up to £4 a month
Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
This is brilliant if you already have an account with them or a financial product (home insurance, personal loan, mortgage). They pay you £7 per month, for this you will need to h… Read more
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Good only if you are an existing customer of Barclays. Otherwise, I would wait for a switching incentive.


Blue rewards are brilliant if you use Barclays products, I've had quite a large sum back so far :)


Been using blue rewards for about a year. It’s a no brainier if you’re an existing Barclays customer, but not something to necessarily make you change bank for if not


It provides additional cash back if you hold its mortgage and/or home insurance


Thanks for clarifying

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Cash ISA - Deadline 5th April 2018! See Below for Best Rates
Found 3rd AprFound 3rd Apr
Deadline to apply for ISA for the 2017/18 tax year is on 5th April 2018 ! With ISAs you can earn tax-free interest on up to £20,000 per year.The £20,000 can be used for either cas… Read more

You may wish to re-read my post...


That's right. Variable rates are usually linked to libor. That's very unlikely to go down so should be ok hopefully. The rate can go slightly up or down but there will always be an interest payable, so no inherent risk to capital and never in negative territory in absolute terms.


It's also not open to new investors yet so can't really be classed at a deal irrespective of the risks.


The Nationwide Loyalty Single Access Cash ISA and Single Access Cash ISA are not fixed rates. They are variable.


Just put it all into Bitcoin or the Grand Nationals second favourite on the nose. It’s not like an extra 2% tax free is going to stave off financial ruin while inflation out paces savings.

Nutmeg Stock and Shares ISA £200 cashback
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
I have spent the last 2 months learning how to start and manage my own portfolio because it's cheaper than buying a managed portfolio in an ISA. However, MSE has gone and screwed… Read more
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I went for a similar deal with nutmeg last year. Got my £200 but the account only made £14 on top of this bonus to date on £1700 invested. Next to highest risk setting. I've picked funds from the likes of Marlborough using Hargreaves lansdown fund supermarket and made over 20 percent in some cases..


Sorry I could have been clearer. Yes you can withdraw funds within 2 years but would forgo the cashback. But I would imagine than 95% of people reading this deal are most interested in the £200 and I was just concerned they may not have read the small print


I thought it was just that if you withdraw before the 2 years you don’t get your Cashback, that would be a deal breaker for me so I’d like to know where you’ve read that?


NB - The fees it charges are 0.75% per year in platform fees if you've under £100k invested, and approximately 0.19% on fund manager charges.


If you put in 9k in 1 year then withdraw at the end of year 2 then its basically free unless returns are massive.

Earn 5.4% on TSB Classic Plus Account
Found 14th MarFound 14th Mar
Don't know how this will go down lol.. Part 1: TSB pay 3% on their Classic Plus Account (current account) on balances up to £1,500, which translates to £3.70 for a 30 day month.… Read more

I think I did exactly as you have described but the money has been taken from my Paypal account. Paypal confirmed to me by email the amount sent and it also said paid with TSB. Does the DD take a few days to go through when my TSB account will be debited and my Paypal account will be credited?


Yes, I have done the same, got the £5 last month, thanks to Amazon.


If you have a phone contract as well as energy bills, water bills, council tax, broadband etc you should consider using the Natwest rewards account as it gives 2% cashback on these bills (More than offsets £2pm charge)


You would be surprised how quickly the 20 transactions mount up if you just use the card normally, I've never failed to hit the bonus on either the transactions or direct debit (I do my phone contract and the lottery through DD), and they've always paid the interest. Having said that I think the offer for me runs out in June/July at which point they can keep offering me it (unlikely!) or I'll be making myself £100-£200 finding a new bank account! It is simple stuff as long as you don't skip the terms and conditions of offers!


Don't go to the charity shop and get them to take 1p twenty times - it will probably cost them more in banking fees and stationery (for the printed 1p receipts). In any event, for security reasons, you will find card transaction will be declined after several; charges made at the same time, so you would need 3 or 4 visits to the charity shop. What I would suggest is when you next go shopping at a supermarket is that you go to the self service checkout and split you shop into individual items and just charge those items separately rather than in one go - I assume you would go there anyway so incremental time effort is minimal. Again though, you might need to do this over 3 or 4 separate shops.

Nationwide Loyalty Single Access ISA 1.4% AER
Found 6th MarFound 6th Mar
Noticed this a couple of days ago and assumed it would have been posted but can't find it in "Search" . Certainly the best instant access (ie non fixed term) rate from the big boy… Read more

You can get capital protected investments in an ISA wrapper that expose you to inflation risk but remove capital risk and opportunity for growth, income or a mix. So not that silly. You may of course ultimately not benefit but that’s where risk appetite comes into play. They are fairly low to medium risk though


If you pick a cautious fund that would not happen classic scaremongering regarding investing!


But your investment could quite easily lose 20-50% or even more?


With inflation at around 3% you are losing money in real terms getting 1.4% in a cash ISA so yours is a silly comment :o


You can have a Cash ISA with one provider and a Stocks and Shares (Investment ISA) with a different provider up to £20K in total each tax year . I split mine so say half in a steady safe Cash ISA and half in a Fund supermarket ISA (Fidelity in my case ) - historically greater growth over a more than 3 year period but also an element of risk .

£10 back a purchase of £30 or more at Iceland @ HSBC Visa offer
Found 23rd FebFound 23rd Feb
Nice little offer popping up on my HSBC Visa Reward thingie where I can get £10 back on a spend of £30 or more at Shows valid till 2 9/03 on my account. For I… Read more
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I ordered some stuff from this deal for delivery on the 20th of this month and the bread was dated the 21st.... not impressed.


Thank you for posting.....


does anyone know if we get the £10 cashback if we top-up the bonus card


Good offer - makes a change as Visa Offers linked to the various banks are normally really poor.


Good, but only (as the OP said) if they can deliver in your area :(

HSBC £200 for switching. Get £150 for switching and £50 after you've been with them for a year. Also 5% regular saver (£250) one of the highest on the market.
Found 18th FebFound 18th Feb
Get £200 when you switch and stay with HSBC New customers who open an HSBC Advance Bank Account will get £150 when using the Current Account Switch Service Get an extra £50 aft… Read more

It arrived eventully.. I have a switch date of April 19th, so in theory I should be able to get the natwest offer first. Who knows if that will happen though.


My credit score has gone down following me opening the HSBC account. This is only the second time i've checked my score as it isn't something I worry about but it amazes me a bit that that happens...


When I applied it went straight through and the debit card, pin and welcome pack were through within 7-10 days I think. Just waiting for the £150 now, then will be looking for the next switch. Checked my credit score on noddle and it hadn't changed when I opened the Tesco account, will check again to see if there's any movement next month having switched to HSBC.


I applied on Saturday and got my account details and debit card in the mail yesterday. Didn't have any communication apart from that!


How long after applying for this does it usually take before they contact you, do they email or send out a welcome pack first? I've not had any updates since applying on Saturday, last page after submitting said they would get back to me soon but didn't say how they would contact me?

HSBC Visa offer- £10 back on your next purchase of £30 or more at Iceland
Found 1st FebFound 1st Feb
Terms and Conditions To redeem this offer, you will need to make a purchase at of at least £30. Offer valid for one purchase completed online. Reserving onl… Read more
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Yes the offers can vary for each customer.


Are these offers specific to certain customers? I can't see this when I log in to see my offers.


Last time it took for days. They are very quick


When would it get paid in? Any ideas?


At the checkout page and not seeing the £10 discount...I went via Visa page realise the £10 comes as cash back into yr account & is not taken off at checkout. Spend over £35 for free delivery too. Thank you for posting offer

Lloyds 0% interest for 29 months on Balance transfers and Purchases
Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
Lloyds Bank Platinum credit card is offering a long 0% deal on balance transfers and purchases for 29 months. Credit Card offer entails: - 0% on purchases for 29 months - 0% on b… Read more
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Virgin Money served me with £4000 with over 2 years of 0% interest on purchases. Tesco was quite generous (shock) £6000 with over 2 years of 0% interest on purchases, just after I had that card from Virgin. But I am responsible lender. Will earn it and give it back before they charge me.


I’m not saying banks are a bunch of nice guys at all. I don’t recall saying anything that would imply that, but in the most part they don’t just ‘steal’ your money or randomly send debt collectors after people that don’t owe them money, that is certainly the ‘exception’. PPI was indeed a scandal, but I’m not sure ‘took thousands off people without telling them’ is entirely accurate. What they did was opt you in without consent, if you’d check your relevant statements and agreements, it would have been mentioned.


I was pretty lucky with my experience, as it was only £800. There are many people who lost far more than that by dishonest bankers. What about PPI? That's an example of dishonest banking right there. They took thousands off people without telling them! If you think banks are just a bunch of nice old guys who lend people money, you're wrong.


I can’t comment as to why they are offering less than other companies, it may be a better offer for people who currently bank with Lloyds and don’t already have a credit card. I’ve been with Lloyds about 16 months and was given a higher credit limit amount then I applied for, swings and roundabouts and obviously each persons circumstances/credit rating is different.


Be VERY careful about doing that, check EXACTLY what the repayments you make will go towards, you can get right royally scr3wed with that type of card...

TSB Classic Plus current account: £10/month cashback for day-to-day banking
Found 9th JanFound 9th Jan
Strictly speaking, this isn’t a new deal but TSB has announced the extension of its monthly cashback offer for Classic Plus account customers. New customers opening a TSB Classi… Read more
Editor Get dealGet deal

and, just for the record, i am not touting to make referrals by anyone contacting me with their email address... so, that's got that straight!


you'll have to check the details but, from various deals, i recall some won't entertain you again if you were with them sometime in the last x years or if you've already claimed in the last x years. obviously, everyone needs a bank account so, i found nationwide a good one... (flexdirect, i think). £10.00 a month but regular savings acc 5% available, plus masses of cover, something like road recorder, phone replaceement, euro travel and possibly a something else too. you also geta split 200.00 with whoever 'invites' you to join... just sayin'. good luck... and if anyone wants any further details... erm... y'know...


This. I feel like I might as well just leave, wait a year or whatever it is and rejoin. This is not how to treat loyal customers. I'd be surprised if I'm still with them at the end of this year.


Already with FD long-term, mortgage etc, cannot move. Will take a look at HSBC, one shouldn't preclude the other, (even though same group)


HSBC and Firstdirect if you haven't already (the bonuses on these alone beat the £10*12 at TSB). Halifax payout £75 before your switch even completes (could have the bonus in your account within a week if you choose the soonest switch date offered)

Free £125 M&S gift card + £5/mth for a year + linked 5% savings. M&S Bank gives new switchers a £125 M&S gift card, and for the first year it'll add another £5/mth. It also offers a 5% fixed regular savings account and to some, a £100 0% overdraft
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
M&S CURRENT ACCOUNT £185 M&S gift card when you switch and stay Footnote 1* , plus… Access to a 5% AER/gross fixed rate for 12 months with the M&S Monthly Saver … Read more

Obviously, giving you a M&S card...isn't real cash, as it forces you to buy from their store...thus it's probably only worth £25 in real cost to them.


Your missing the point too its not about it been been an exclusive switching deal BUT where the source of the information came from that's all ;)


Thanks. I did this a few months ago. Gift card sent within a month, and £5 credited to gift card every month. Savings also set up, and earning 5% (£75 pa). Yes, it takes a bit of effort, and they do a follow up call with questions, but you do get a free £125 M&S card for it. Internet Banking is a hassle with the small disk they give you to enter a code each time, and as I have other banks, that encourages me to not use their bank for daily banking. Will switch out again when year is up, but that's what has to be done to get any 'interest' from banks at the moment. The OP took time to post this, and the description is almost the same as the M&S website, where she may have got it from. It is also advertised elsewhere, so the flack about not mentioning MSE are a bit unfair....they are not exclusive for switching deals.


I switched a few months back. Gift card paid for Xmas good, will do same this year.


I looked into this a few months whilst lookingfor a new bank. Short of asking for your inside leg measurement they ask for an awful lot of information which to be honest put me off.

No transfer fees to European bank accounts with Western Union
Found 1st JanFound 1st Jan
Ok, so I'm a little behind the times on this deal, as it happened in April, but it doesn't seem to have been posted and it will make a lot of medium sized transactions cheaper than… Read more

Thought that might be the case. I noticed people have a thing against topcashback on here, I guess because now and again it doesn't come through. Appreciate you taking the time to respond


cashback typically isn't considered a deal and people really hate WU and Moneygram, the name of them screams scam to most people I checked the exchange rates though and they are offering 1.00 GBP = 1.1189 Euro (EUR) which isn't as bad as I thought they'd be - but interbank rates are about a penny better so 500£ would make you back your £5 fee for the revolut card


Any idea why this went so cold? Still can't see anything that's better for a first transaction?


But I notice those nasty Western Union people are still charging over £88.50 to send a "initial verification payment" to His Excellency Winston Nubogo in Lagos, Nigeria. More profiteering on the backs of poor African nations or what? ;)


? ??

Back up to £125 to join First Direct as so many don't seem to like HSBC. Also £300 for regular saver @ 5% and fee free overdraft upto £250
Found 31st Dec 2017Found 31st Dec 2017
1st AccountJoin Britain's most recommended major bank* Britain's most recommended major bank? You're all too kind. We're blushing... But we do try hard to make banking something w… Read more

I've tried the form twice and it comes up error. Has anyone else had these problems?


The NatWest app was my first and ever since, all the other banking apps seemed utter clunky rubbish that make you jump through 10 hoops to even get to see your balance.


Make sure to disable adblock/uBlock to track the extra £25! I just switched but haven't received any confirmation emails so hope it has gone through... Barclays have been ****** me off, plus I wanted Android Pay.


How hard is it nowadays to switch banks? I have been with Clydesdale for decades. Never done me any favours so this looks like a good deal to jump ship.


I just applied for account and for switch, but my switch date is 30/01/2018... I thought switching process takes 7 days, not 4 weeks :( Very unhappy with this

HSBC £200 for switching. It's back! Get £150 for switching and £50 after you've been with them for a year. Also 5% regular saver one of the highest on the market
Found 30th Dec 2017Found 30th Dec 2017
If you want to be paid to switch, this account is the strongest on the market. Open and switch to HSBC's Advance Account* and you'll get £150 plus a further £50 after a year. But t… Read more

If I set up two direct debits now, do I need to wait for the first payment to be collected before I can switch?


Having switched to Advance account this month, using CASS. I saw that you can refer a friend for an extra £50. However after trying on several occasions, with different browsers, clearing cookies/ search history it fails every time. Does anyone know the reason for this? Could it be because I have only recently switched to HSBC. Many thanks.


I was employed for 25 years in same job, I realised I might as well be a robot. Earning a reasonable wage but working every Saturday, and most bank Holidays. I quit recently, to help an ill family member and I've taken a huge paycut. I'm now self employed, trying my own thing. Earning a little here and there and living off savings. It's a far better life than the rat race. But then I'm not the sort who ever posts on Facebook my shiny cars on the drive of my house ect ect


No one cares


I earn c.£130,00 and wouldn't class myself as well off in the slightest. I live in a 2 bed flat in zone 3 in a deprived part of London, with a 35 year mortgage, run a £2k VW golf, and buy cheap food and save money everywhere I can. The guy on £95k is NOT well off in this part of the country. Those that have a combined earning of £200k are comfortable.

Free Coffee (£3.00 gift card) for HSBC Advance Members
Found 18th Dec 2017Found 18th Dec 2017
From HSBC.... "A FREE coffee on us - it’s our way of saying thank you.We have teamed up with Costa Coffee - one of the nation’s favourite coffee shops, and with over 3,000 stores … Read more

We’re sorry we don’t have any codes at the moment, but make sure you come back on 29th December , when we launch our next freebie.


Why not use your free voucher and give the drink to a needy person?


Great isn’t it to make sure the well off and rich get a free costa coffee, screw the poor and homeless who are freezing this winter and a hot drink would come in handy.


Thanks op - got one. And I had never heard of this Advance offers thing before!


No more codes

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