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Receive a free 4 Year 16-25 Railcard when opening Santander 123 Student Current Bank Account @ Santander
Posted 13th JunPosted 13th Jun
With the A-level exam season drawing to a close, for those who have applied, it is time to start thinking about going to university :) It is well worth setting up a bank account e… Read more
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I thought I was ahead of the game and applied for this account for my son when he turned 18 in May (he has an unconditional offer). They wrote back saying the application was too early for September starters and he had to reapply after 1st July.


Great, lets discriminate people because of their age. If you are older than 25, you are out of luck bro.


This promotion is actually for University students. If you are a genius and get into university before 18, then you're at a loss mate :D


But totally understand as well, sometimes it's right to just leave it and move on and don't give that bank your custom again.


I would strongly recommend using Resolver if you want to give it a shot. It makes it a click of a button to escalate the complaint to the Ombudsman when the time comes.

Starling Bank Euro Account now available to ALL Starling current account customers - hold, send and receive Euros for free
Posted 11th JunPosted 11th Jun
The Starling Euro bank account has been in beta since February this year, but is being rolled out this week and will be available to all Starling current account customers. You can… Read more
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Noob question, I get paid for consultation by a French company. I note they take my gbp invoice, then pay me, but by the time I see it in my UK HSBC account I have lost 1.8%. Am I better using the EUR account on my revolut card? Will I still lose some as it is in theory an international transfer? Is it likely I am currently being charged by my bank to convert to gbp or are all charges being done by the FR companies bank account at time of transfer?


That's N26 if it was a debit card or it's AMEX if it's a credit card.


I have just set one up right now, super easy. It’s to pay rental income from my overseas property holding into. Just need some clarification do you get a new separate EuRo card for the euro side of starling? I do love the look of their cards, I thought they were the coolest thing ever, until I saw someone with a clear see through card.


Paying a fair amount of money at the end of the month for my wedding abroad. I used transferwise for the deposit etc which worked well but would this work out cheaper? Cheers


this a good bank to hide money ?

Free £15 After Your First Transaction With New Monese Digital Bank Account (TCB Also Available)
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
Exactly what it says on the tin. Sign up with the code "PERK2019" and get a free £15 credited to your account after your first transaction. TCB of £16.16 available as well. The… Read more

Made my first transaction to Amazon this morning, it’s been over an hour and still haven’t received my £15 bonus. The transaction is showing as pending for several days, should I contact Monese


✅Sign up is pretty straight forward ✅Card was free ✅It tracked with TCB Just waiting for my card so I can claim the free £15 and send it back to my current account Easy... Money (y)


Thank you for the help. :) I’ll get that.


Yes, that is the one I'm talking about.. it shouldn't cost you a penny apart from to load up the transaction


If I get the free one, will I be eligible to get that £15 for the 1st transaction?

£125 free for switching to a better bank plus £100 if you decide to leave @ first direct
Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
Mse have managed to blag an extra £25 if you switch banks to first direct great for people on low incomes like me 😃 account free for first 6 month after that you must pay… Read more
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Card came this morning along with full paperwork - nothing to fill in and send back - just have to phone them to set up security. Very impressed so far. Dave


Had a letter saying my Post Office Bank Account was being closed down. I have no dd's etc in on it and only a small amount of money - so this came at perfect time. I filled in application on Weds - got a text Yesterday to say the account is open and details are on the way ! Very quick - they didn't ask me to send any id etc...……… Dave


I applied on the last day, and it said approved but I heard nothing until this morning when my welcome pack and debit card arrived. Since then I've set up all my security with them by phone, and got online and the app up and running. Nice and easy.


Should be entitled to the £125 still if you went through MSE and did the online sign up process before Monday I believe, the actual switch etc. and other terms to get the bonus you have a couple of months to carry out from what I was reading, will be keeping a close eye on it anyway


I received the same. I still think we’re entitled to the £100 if you transfer another account into it. So still £100, I guess.

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Starling Bank Current Account - Fee free spending abroad inc £300 cash withdrawals a day + up to £10 cashback at Costa (new customers)
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
Starling Bank is an app based bank account with debit card and is well known on here. If you are looking for a fee free card to spend abroad or physically whilst on holiday, it's… Read more
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Ok my mate just tried a cash machine withdrawal was free and when I tried it said €5.00 very odd.


No, not a joint account totally separate. Don’t understand how one of us gets charged the other it’s free. Unless I’m the one under the old terms and conditions, it’s very strange.


You have a joint account with your mate?


That is odd. I never though to try my Starling card in Portugal, as I assumed if it charged my partners it would charge mine. Wish I'd tried it now! How can it vary from customer to customer though? Ian


This cash machine is free to use for me on my Starling card but my mates card says there is a fee. Very strange, we both have the same card and the standard current account. It’s not a joint account btw. We tried the cards several times, his came up as a £3 processing fee, mine just went through as normal. Checked my account and wasn’t charged.

Combine all your cards into one using Curve and get £10 FREE (1% Cashback / Payment Protection / Free Spend Abroad) when you join using code
Refreshed 21st JunRefreshed 21st Jun31/07/2019Expires on 31/07/2019
Update 1
Curve launches Curve Cash - 1% instant cashback!

This new program works in addition to reward programs on your underlying cards. This means you can ‘double dip’ on spend you push through your Curve Card.

The new scheme offers cashback at many top retailers. You get different benefits depending on which card you hold:

Curve Blue (the free version): 1% instant cashback on up to three pre-selected retailers for 90 days.

Curve Black: 1% instant cashback on up to three pre-selected retailers indefinitely

Curve Metal: 1% instant cashback on up to six pre-selected retailers indefinitely

You can select the retailers you earn cashback at. The choice includes top brands such as Amazon, Apple, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Tesco, M&S, Pret, TFL, Uber, Gett, Spotify and Netflix.
Thought this was a fab offer and something i'm really interesting in doing with my accounts. The premise of Curve is to give you one card for you to use and replaces ALL your se… Read more

You say try going to a lot of African countries, I am quite happy not going to Africa but I have been to a lot of other countries.


Your lucky . Try going to a lot of African countries


I travel a lot and I have never ever had Mastercard go down


It was good. Untill they put up the price. Your rewards will barely cover the fees so becomes pointless and I spend at 2k amonth. There payment protection isn't great. A year later and I'm still waiting for a refund. The best thing and only good thing I like is I can share my credit card with the wife as I use the curve and she uses the CC. Using abroad and slot of times MasterCard goes down so your left in limbo. Stick to the free version.


@Curve_Official any chance of a comprehensive, yet simple list of all the updates / features / changes, that have been in alpha /beta / test, since last year or before... that are meant to be coming from the new global update of the issuing supplier of Curve cards... eg: What is the stance on the Amx setup that was to be replaced again, so Amx works? Black Card (alpha & beta) users and what they are using and what they are going to have to use, is still very confusing? Will the new, new cashback, still work, with the underlying card, already has the same cashback/points on it? Few others, but as you are official here, the replies will be a lot, less fluffy, than on your chat / SM replies (y)

It’s Back! First Direct free £125 for switching to its bank account!
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
If customer service is crucial, First Directs 1st account is the one for you. It consistently ranks at or near the top of our biannual bank service polls, with 90% of its customers… Read more

Yes, if you will compare with Starling you can say its classic not prehistoric! can compare with Barclays app, which for me is laggy and don't know from where to choose when I need to sort out something via their "powerful app"! For me customer services via telephone from FD is one of the best from UK, followed by Nationwide


Pretty easy to hit that criteria essentially free


Literally just finished switching to FD from Monzo today (Starling is my main account). Customer support confirmed that I have met all the criteria as the switch included £2k. I've also now set up the FD Regular Saver. The FD app is prehistoric looking compared to Starling. So I will certainly continue using Starling as my main account. But that 5% saver is v.good, and FD customer service has been very good so far.


Think this is expired and link only shows £100


1 or 2 direct debits I think, but they weren't necessary

TSB expand fraud refunds policy to cover authorised payments from 14/04
Posted 15th AprPosted 15th Apr
TSB have announced that from 14/04 (yesterday) that they will now refund customers impacted by fraud even if they have unwittingly authorised the transaction themselves. As the c… Read more

I just move £1000 out to a different bank, then move it back in the next day. Never had any problems qualifying.


There are no better options out there in terms of interest on a bank account. 3% on £1500 is still the best bank account rate out there (Tesco dropping to 1%), and £500 paid in a month is perhaps the easiest qualification that any bank account could request.


I have already left for ever! Only switched to them for the deal, which they managed to mess up completely! 3% on a max ballance of £1,500 is only about £45 a year... and you have to pay in £500 a month to qualify. There are some much better options out there, with much less pain!


I know push payments is quite an elaborate scam... But some of the stuff you hear in the papers. Come on people, so obviously a scam some of it. Ringing from the met police I need to transfer your money into a secure account etc - It's a sad thing that this is a selling point for a bank now.


could of done with this few years back

Get £175 when you switch and stay with NatWest [Pay in at least £1,500]
Refreshed 14th MayRefreshed 14th May
Everyday bank account - Select A simple bank account for your day-to-day banking £175 when you switch and stay Easy to use mobile banking app Contactless Visa Debit Card Also … Read more
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Has this expired?


Can you still do this as the 7th June date has passed?


Switches last time and had a multitude of problems including a security breach. Just a reminder why I left NatWest in the first place.


Hello good friends. The qualifying section that states: pay in £1500 by July 12 - does it have to be from a different bank? Anyone know? I have a NatWest account , and also a different NatWest joint account. I’m considering transferring the £1500 in/out of both these banks until I’ve hit the £1500. Will this qualify? Cheers.


Wow! Didn’t matter in the end, I needed to make sure the switch didn’t happen on the first monday or Tuesday of June. Natwest laughed and said don’t worry your switch wouldn’t have happened by then. Kudos to their incompetence.

£9.95 per month for Phone, Travel & Breakdown Cover with a TSB Silver Account
Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd Apr
£9.95 a month will give you phone, travel and breakdown cover. However you do need to have a “classic” account with them and then upgrade. You can create an account with them a… Read more
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Voted cold as the cost of any of the excesses is more than buying a separate policy for any of the perks i.e. AA breakdown has an excess/call out charge of £70


If you upgrade a joint account to silver you get cover for 2 people instead one same price £9.95 making it less than a fiver each for exactly the same services for 2


I did already thanks


Get someone to recommend you for the £200!!!


Yes did this and we both got it. Have to make sure you get a particular reference from the referrer to make this work

Have an RBS Business Bank Account?  Then RBS will offer upto £3,000 to switch AWAY from them.....
Refreshed 22nd MarRefreshed 22nd Mar
I have to admit I thought this was a scam, but it's 100% legit. Only for current RBS Business Bank Customers. As we know the UK Government offered financial support during the Cr… Read more

I got a letter from Natwest but took it as just an marketing exercise and didn't look into it. Stumble don this thread and now I have. I'm being offered £1,000 to switch. Was probably going to close my Natwest account anyway. Sill not to switch now. Problem is I don't expect any turn over for a few months for a multitude of reasons. I'm wondering who to switch too, haven't been able to find the turn over requirements.


Clydesdale have just today paid the £1050 they initially offered. Had an emails to say that the switch was complete and the money would reach my account within 14 days. I checked today (day of email) and it was in there. I know other banks have different policies but Clydesdale pay up pretty much immediately. Hope this helps.


what do you do ?


I get the same error :(


As an RBS shareholder (minor) and taxpayer this is off the wall nuts

Santander Refer-a-Friend, Share  £50+£50 Amazon Vouchers (**Pls do not invite / request referrals)
Posted 7th MarPosted 7th Mar
Free £50 Amazon Voucher for you and your referee for each referral. No direct debit, standing order, or funding needed! Santander joint account holders can refer five people EA… Read more
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There are/were lots of people offering their codes so there's plenty around...lots of codes are being posted today: Yep, about 190 accounts in total. Bearing in mind this promo started about 16 weeks ago, that gave sufficient time to open lots of accounts. Of course, the vast majority of those accounts are now closed with the remaining few closing within the next week. Anyone considering setting up a donor account in order to switch has missed the boat now, because if you applied today then you'll get your debit card on Monday/Tuesday. Starting a switch takes 7 working days, so the promo will have finished by then. For those who have current accounts (that can be used to switch away from) today/tomorrow is really your last chance.


That puts my efforts to shame, I am pleased to have got around £2k in vouchers.


Number is ‭0800 085 2202‬. It was in the terms.


Great (annoyed) Santander made me go into branch to switch into existing accounts, claimed it was not possible to do it on phone. Maybe that changed.... But should still be 2k up by end June 😁


How many people is that?! That’s almost 200 accounts.

Get a £50 High Street Gift card when you start investing in their ISA account @ Scottish Friendly
Posted 6th MarPosted 6th Mar
Get a £50 High Street Gift card when you start investing in their ISA account @ Scottish Friendly
Pls beware that this is not a bank ISA, its a investment ISA, in which you have the option of investing in UK tracker fund (low risk, low return) or unitised profits fund (high ris… Read more

Don't let the auto-hater bxxxxxxxs get you down!


here you go... 2x £25 = £50


Website says £45 gift card, and this - "the more you put in the likelihood the interest rate will increase" - is nonsense.

Posted 27th FebPosted 27th FebLocalLocal
Hope I am doing this correctly as it’s my first post. But I got this on my sparks account today which is account specific. Valid from 28th February to 4th March 2019. Codes can be … Read more
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I had mine last week too, but I want some new jammies so fingers crossed they’re sending it twice!


Just checked my app and it’s on . Check your app and see.


I’m sorry to hear that :(


Thanks for the post. I would love a code,but it says I cannot message people until I' ve been more active on this site : (


Congrats on your 1st post, heat added (y)

*Live later today* Just increased! HSBC Advance Account. Couldn’t change existing deal but now paying £175
Posted 13th FebPosted 13th Feb
Pocket £ 150 £175 when you choose to open an Advance account with HSBC. Open an Account and you could trouser pocket £ 150 £175 in addition to enjoying no monthly account fee and… Read more

Anyone know if there is a minimum period we have to stay with HSBC? Just seen that Natwest are offering £175 for switching


Got my switrhcing incentive today Jzk OP


Can you pay in the minimum £1750 a month from a First Direct account and still qualify for the switch incentive? The terms say it can't be funded from a HSBC account but doesn't mention First Direct.


Money laundering for Mexican drug cartels and Saudi terrorists. Yay!


The letter received doesn't mention that making an appointment is required. So when I went in had to schedule one, was only supposed to last 30mins. Went in for my appointment to check documents. Turns out that my application has been deleted due to a "glitch", due to having a student account 15 years ago, so details clashed. So told had to apply again, which was a pain as went in my lunch break but was there for an hour going through application and setting up mobile app. Didnt look at my address or ID document, I read the posts above and took my wageslips just in case, as I was asked how I would meet the minimum monthly payments. But dont know if was required to take wageslips.

Tandem Credit Card - Withdraw Cash and Spend Abroad Fee-Free -  also 0.5% Cashback for Spending  (plus more in post) @ Tandem Bank
Refreshed 28th MarRefreshed 28th Mar
Tandem bank offer several credit cards depending on your needs, which are suitable for spending abroad due to no fees on worldwide purchases. The Tandem cashback credit card is aim… Read more

that's surely personal though right - I got a 4k limit on mine, that's surely more than enough for a months spending isn't it? Especially given bills are generally direct debit these days


Why does young = inexperienced? Seem to doing a decent job compared to the old experienced people running the rest of the banks.


Credit limit too small for all monthly spending, and Amazon have cut halved their cashback rate. Hopefully they do credit limit increases soon.


applied for tandem few months back..inspite of having a clean credit history it got rejected. Then i emailed them asking for the reason and they said they are very busy and response will be delayed... its been more than six months... (annoyed)... maybe its just me...


Ah yes, you're right. Better to trust the old inexperienced persons who currently run our banks. Or perhaps that's unfair. The old people running our banks are actually very experienced... at being robbing b**tards.

Monese Online Current Account - Free & Easy to Open - No Credit Check
Posted 9th FebPosted 9th Feb
Monese Online Current Account - Free & Easy to Open - No Credit Check
Fast and free account opening Open an account on your mobile, without a local address or credit history. No credit check required. Banking for mobile people - instant and portabl… Read more

Do these make you do a stupid video?


How do you pronounce this account?


You have to supply ID.


Have been using STARLING BANK great service so far


Terrorist bank account comes to mind thought it was against the law to open a current account in UK without I'd?

Free 4 Year 16-25 Railcard with a Santander 123 Student Current Bank Account
Posted 3rd FebPosted 3rd Feb
This has been posted before 6 months ago, credit to @saniman, However I thought i'd post it again as it is such a good deal. A yearly railcard normally costs £30, and with this dea… Read more
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You going to pay for it then on tip on our benefits bill?


Yes... so does mine! I am going back to Uni though - how time flies!


Great- get the youngsters into even more debt....


I'm 17 and stated uni in September. I know that it's for 18+ but is there anyway to get it before then?


My partner is going back to uni to do her masters, shes 23. Would she be eligible for this?

Invite friends for FREE Revolut card (must have a Revolut card yourself) (£10 top-up required)
Posted 20th JanPosted 20th Jan
If you have a Revolut card, head to the `More` tab and tap on `Invite` to invite your friends via the Revolut app and give them a free* Revolut card. Hurry though, this offer will … Read more

sad to see this expired


Sorry, the title suggested invite friends for a free Revolut card. Perhaps you needed an invitation to get it free, I do not know. I certainly did not pay for postage, but normally they charge for postage.


Nope didn't work out.


I'll try that now, thanks


Sorry for you, in this case this is no deal, Revolut always provided the card for free and charged for delivery. They had a deal before when the postage was free, or they were paying you to join. I read that people topped up, applied and were charged for delivery, so they complained and the postage fee was credited to their account. Perhaps worth a try.

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