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Bitdefender Total Security Free @ Shareware on Sale
Posted 23rd JulPosted 23rd Jul
Bitdefender Total Security FREE for limited time Terms and Conditions This is a 5-computer 6-month license. You get free updates for six months You must redeem this offer b… Read more

Pretty much. SW from my personal experience does this when every free promotion comes on. Repackages it but I can't remember if it's anything malicious. Just annoying.


I use Microsoft firewall .. combined with Avira AV free + run once a week 2-3 anti malware software's ... have been doing that for years and never had major issues.. paying about £20 a year for that service ... didn't sound great investment for me .. am not even tempted to download this free deal bcz am happy with my setting.


Oh I think I get it now, so the promo is legit just the middle man might be dodgy. So the middle man here is taking something that is available to everyone and tries to pass it off as it’s own offer and try to promote its own site at the same time?


OP's link goes through Shareware on Sale, that makes it less inefficient (more clicks to download the software) and it subscribes you to an email service that spams the average user. There's no end-product difference, that's the problem. Why download free software from a third party over the original retailer? It could be repackaged (which it has been) with anything, such as malware. I'm not saying SW does that, but the argument still stands.


Just did it through this link. 6 month license, 5 devices. What is the problem?

Bitdefender Total Security Multi Device 2021 1 year / 5 devices for Multi Plattform (PC, Mac, Android und iOS) £18.02 at BitDefender Shop
Posted 18th JulPosted 18th Jul
Bitdefender Total security multi-device 2021 1 year and for 5 devices £18.03. Complete protection for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android Speed Up Your Devices Deal source https… Read more

Still prefer my anti virus of choice which is nod 32.


Would this be useable on an iPad. Or maybe cheaper or free alternative? I was under the impression no antivirus was needed on iPad but I may have tried to load free football streams and asked to download flash player, after struggling to download I may have downloaded a “flash player”! Thanks in advance!




Plenty of free security progs on the net, no need to buy one. The greatest threat for windows is windows update. It breaks itself with the BSOD far more than any outside virus.


Then Defender will serve you just fine.

Bitdefender Total Security 6-Month FREE License for 5-Devices @ SharewareOnSale.
33° Expired
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
This is a decent enough freebie for a limited-time, they are some great deals & Promotions on Bitdefender at the moment, so you can take advantage of various offers if you wish… Read more

That'd be cool... I'd love if like North Macedonia changed there air force uniform to this for the next exercise.


You are absolutely right. No need to expire or delete the deal. Those who don't want to make use of the splendid Bitdefender deal, it is up to them


No but I think the problem a lot of people make is they do not know how to avoid getting numerous daily emails from the site, so they get fed up and call it a scam, in fact I've never had any emails from sharewareonsale beyond the deal I have redeemed, but some people are quick to call websites scams, it's a legit website but due to concerns I have expired the deal and requested admins remove it.


Admins please remove this deal on my behalf due to concerns about the sharewareonsale website thanks, sorry if this caused anyone offence, I noticed it on sharewareonsale and just thought I would share, but it seems people are concerned about the website so please remove admins thanks.


Is it documented anywhere that Sharewareonsale steals your information? I am enquiring because I have read otherwise. I cannot remember where I had read this but it was definitely a legitimate source. Probably Googleing whether Sharewareonsale is a legitimate and trustworthy site would maybe provide the answer and I shall do this shortly

Bitdefender Total Security Family Pack 15 Devices for 2 Years - £29.99 on PC Pro Magazine Store
383° Expired
Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
Was looking up security software as can't be bothered to tinker with Windows Defender. Noticed this deal posted last year but has come back for the next 4 days. Decent deal for a c… Read more

It's all good, it can be easy to recognize some threats especially for techies, but just don't be complacent. It's difficult to say exactly what the trends are but browser attacks have been used by major threat actors, and even in the case of the SolarWinds breach, there wasn't any "hacking", it was very fine software engineering. These are cases of major supply chain attacks and your average user doesn't have to worry. Windows is a great OS for gaming, Windows 11 looks to be brilliant for gaming... But everything else just feels like a touch screen OS ported for mouse and keyboard. If your on Unix then you likely have a better understanding of the comp sci. I like windows don't get me wrong, as a PC gamer Windows is an absolute must for my gaming PC. But when it comes to enterprise and critical systems... Windows has no place. Best advice I would give is just train yourself every month, spend a few hours looking at recent events. If your working in IT and have a security mindset then it's important to always put in your opinion, and to present your ideas to upper management. Do you think their anti virus is bad? Or that the doors don't close/lock properly... Speak up and tell your seniors your concerns, audit failures are never nice. Oh and yeah, just be aware of VM escape and keep your environments sanitised, the advantage of a VM if you can delete and restart from scratch in minutes if you have the snapshots and setups. And I've mentioned it before but the victim blaming mentality needs to go, you know there shouldn't be any shame in being subject of an attack, even if your a security expert... These things happen. "It's about how hard you can get hit and keep going", tape backups and warm/hot sites are key to this. But yeah, it's not ever the user's fault for "opening an attachment", "enabling macros" and so forth. Criminals are cunning, and more intelligent than they are given credit for (especially within cyberspace), the techniques and tricks they use are aimed at targeting human weaknesses. Just make sure you report things, or if something is slow or acting wierd to tell someone. It's okay to get hit, but not reporting it right away and letting incident response/forensics get to work when they need to is a huge issue, hence why blaming users only makes them embarrassed to report what they think is "their stupidity", but this shouldn't be the case and I hope not for the future.


I use Bitdefender on Android and Comodo premium with sandboxed comodo browser (along with the usual browser extensions to prevent crap etc.) on windows 10. Virustotal for the suspicious files. Never had one malware. But IT experience and an active brain are the more effective preventing tools Linux Mint on my most important laptop and never a problem.


you need both tho. I actually hate windows so much, I wish we all used Unix but the Windows firewall is very useful when set up correctly, and can grant useful information. This is only endpoint security... There's also group policy which we use to control what users can do (so we might net let you plug USBs in for example) as a way of securing against a number of things of which malware is included. Alot of people just open emails and click links, that's all they have to do for their jobs. Completely unaware there's all these policies and regulations and systems there to keep them secure. But that's fine, it's not something everyone has to worry about... Yet...


Hmmmm VM escape is happening more and more, plus may I remind you about attacks such as MitB. This is my job and even I am not safe, nobody is. You need Antivirus, preferably premium and certainly not bit defender. Make sure you set your sandbox environment up correctly buddy, just because it's in a VM doesn't mean it's contained. Use aswell, if it's dodgy then virustotal will run it against every AV out there and tell you who says it's dodgy and what they say it is. You might think you won't click on dodgy shit, and I think the same.. it's likely we won't because we know what to look out for, but you don't need to click on a link to be compromised. Even then malware is only one of the many threats. Everyone here, learn to use your Windows firewall settings (look at your public/domain/private profiles and also set up logging to dropped packets AND successful connections) this makes life one hell of a lot easier for malware analysts and forensic analysis. If you use UNIX then, just patch your stuff... For example there was a new vulnerability found in sudo that would let anyone get root with just one line of code in terminal. So if you haven't updated in a year... You should probably apt get your shit sorted. On the actual deal... Bitdefender isn't great, I mean anything is better than nothing but AVG & McAfee are probably the best to keep you safe as of me writing this, if you want antivirus with the largest database go with AVG, if you want features and cool stuff as well as years of expertise go with McAfee. hot just because cyber security is important, more people that see it, more they will think.


I never bother with paid virus killers. I use the free on demand "virus removals" programs like Kaspersky / McAfee Stinger etc. all free and scan everything before I run. I also run anything dodgy in a virtual machine first.

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Bitdefender Total Security - Best AV in the business Free - 5-computer 6-month license @ Sharewareonsale
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Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
AV Test Award - Best Protection - Best Performance - Best Repair Editors Choice 31 Time Winner Bitdefender Total Security — Complete Protection for Windows, macOS, iOS… Read more

This is still working for me


"Best AV in the business Free" This post reads like an advert rather than a curated deal.




Use a different one then.

Demme It redirects you to this website, but in the meantime it got your mail adress

BitDefender Total Security 2021 5 devices / 1 year PC, Mac and Mobile protection £17.80 @ BitDefender
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Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
BitDefender Total Security 2021 5 devices / 1 year PC, Mac and Mobile protection £17.80 @ BitDefender£17.80£7977% offBitDefender Shop Deals
Sharing this as its the cheapest I have seen at £17.80 for 1 year.Its multi device, not just windows 10 Protects Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices Online management for … Read more

You are right, although it will always be difficult for most people to know which if any of them are in some way financially encouraged to give a positive review. Having said that it's a good place to start and if you check out two or three sites and they all give good reviews then you lower the risk.


I use bitdefender and get my license key via email from ebay sales. Just find a seller who has been doing it for a long time and pick the cheapest. The National Cyber Security Centre has some information I agree with the person who said you do not really need it for phones, provided you do not download apps from dubious (not official) sources and provided you dont click on links in sms or emails. Of course some zero day could come out and spread like wildfire and AV may (with heuristics) stop it ...


Note that I had to check out using a fee-free card in USD to get this price, if you set it to £, for me at least, it goes up to £25.


Luckily there are a number of websites that test AV applications for effectiveness against actual threats using a well documented methodology, so we don't just have to rely on the opinion of a random selection of internet users.


User reviews can be useful for common noticeable problems, but very few users will have the will, let alone the ability to test the effectiveness of security software.