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[PS4] Preowned - Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster £10.39 / DIGIMON: Story Cyber Sleuth £9.59 @ Music Magpie
LocalLocalFound 15th MayFound 15th May
Good prices on both of these. 20% off applies automatically when put in basket
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DIGIMON: Story Cyber Sleuth - £9.59

Digimon Cyber Sleuith: Hacker's Memory PS4 £19.85 at Base
Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
dropped again, it's similar to the first digimon cyber sleuth if you want to try that one first and i believe the story is interconnected

Great price! Hoping Amazon price matches this.


Just ordered! Hot price (highfive) (strong) (strong)


Mega hot and definitely worth at with this price. This is the equivalent to Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon compared to the original releases of Cyber Sleuth and Pokemon Sun/Moon

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DIGIMON Story: Cyber Sleuth (PS4) £13.85 Delivered @ Base
Found 16th MarFound 16th Mar
Featuring more than 250 Digimon from the animated series! Become a detective to investigate and gather clues to solve the digital mystery! The turn-based battle system returns! C… Read more

Considering its essentially a ps3 game due to vita release and isn't aaa its perfect. I alway expect more from a game with a bigger file size and I know it sounds strange but it's normally a good metric.


I watched a good number of hours of gameplay of this - seems to be 2/3 “watch manga characters talk” and run around outside the digital world. In my opinion, a very boring looking game that frustrated me to watch, never mind play. The Digimon sections look good (albeit with daft difficulty spikes and lack of scaling) but seems to be few and far between. Just my opinion, good for you if you like this kind of thing. My suggestion is to watch some gameplay of this before committing. *edit* sequel looks like more of the same, take that as you will.


Missed it. Up to £18.89 now.


Paid 14.99 for this, worth every penny. Keep it up mixmixi!

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Heat! Amazing price and game, very underrated


I'm literally at the post final boss scene as I type this hah. If you enjoyed the first one get it its great. Loads of new digimon and stuff.


Still playing the first from the recent PSN sale. Videos of this one look very similar (almost identical at times).


Loved the first one of these, not finished it as got distracted, hope this is just as good

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth for PS Vita £4.99 @ PSN
Found 21st FebFound 21st Feb
Down from £24.99, now £4.99 Includes: - Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth full game - Black versions of Agumon & Gabumon! - Agumon in both the male or female hero costume - Agumon i… Read more

This is a good game but WAY too easy. Battles become very boring, I auto battle everything even bosses. Problem is, if you switch to hard, it is generally TOO hard. Great game otherwise.


Nice discount! haven't played my Vita in a while and this has been on my radar for PS4/Vita since it launched. Good find! 8)




This is ''pokemon on consoles'' to a certain extent. The characters are pokemon like but I would say they are more developed and the story isn't that bad. Online battles are possible too. Hidden underrated gem. Steal at £4.99. If you like the SMT games Digimon is similar to those as well (e.g. Persona) I would say nothing to lose at such a low price, one of the easiest 9/10s I've given to a RPG recently.


How does this compare with Pokémon? Can you play online, is it live?

[PS4] Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory pre-order £34.99 @ Grainger Games (or Amazon if you have Prime for the extra £2 off)
Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
Best price for the game which is releasing on Friday (19th January) If you have Amazon Prime, you can get £2 off which matches this price. Amazon link here is £36.99 without th… Read more
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saw a deal in just over a month


How long did it take the first one to become 25?


heat but will wait for it to hit 20-25 which ddin't take long for the first one


Awesome thanks was wanting it to be this price at maximum! CS is the most underrated RPG this gen imo


Can never tell with this games they sometimes become hard to find 🤔

Digimon World: Next Order £19.99 @ PS store
Found 29th Dec 2017Found 29th Dec 2017
£19.99, cheapest it's ever been on the PS store! Digi' Extension Pack is also a FREE add on for this game.

Sadly I won't be replaying it any time soon as my back log is crazy! I've only just got cyberdimension and played about 30 mins hah


Try hard mode it is very challenging ..


Much preferred 'cyber sleuth', this ones very similar to the first ps1 digimon game as mentioned above.. Can be abit tedious at times. Good price tho, heat from me.


If you enjoyed Digimon World 1 back on the PS1 or you enjoy tamagotchi style games this is right down your alley. Heat for me; lots of hours put in to finish it! :D


Found this one crazy annoying to play. Cyber sleuth was much better if a it easy. Heat though

The Elder Scrolls Online: £7.49, Prey - £15.99, Zero Time Dilemma: £15.99 and others @ PSN
Found 28th Nov 2017Found 28th Nov 2017
17 reductions, out of the blue :/ All permanent reductions apart from ESO (expires 6/12). Headlined the games that are the cheapest they've been on PSN... Broken Sword 5 … Read more

They've added quite a few overnight actually (over 20) - I'll create a new thread...


Darksiders: Fury's Collection — War And Death has also dropped to £15.99..again. They raised it to £34.99 for a while, cheeky buggers.


Ye have to wonder how the hell that got past testing, as if Bethesda thought no-one would say anything about it.


Ditto - I got it at release and it was a mess - nearly half a second input lag made it impossible to point your weapons at fast-moving foes and with very limited ammo, it became unplayable very quickly. Fingers crossed because it's the kind of game I would normally get into.


I'd hope they've fixed it by now :)!

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth (PS4) £14.85 @ base.com
Found 4th Aug 2017Found 4th Aug 2017
New lowest price for a physical copy of this I think, albeit only by a few pence. Still, if I'm using the search function on the site correctly (and there's every chance I'm not) I… Read more
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Its like pokemon but for PS4 and u can evolve and devolve ur monsters. The only thing i hate is the digital world... they should of just had a normal world instead of the crappy blocky plain world.


Yeah it's like a mix of Pokémon and Persona you can choose to play as a Hero or Heroine etc it's a great turn based jrpg especially at this price This got a sequel coming up in early 2018 called Digimon Cyber Sleuth: Hackers Memory for PS4/Vita too


Paid 15 quid. Loved it.


Very good. Worth £15


Is this a good game?I never played any of those.

DIGIMON Story: Cyber Sleuth (PS4) £22.99 @ Amazon Prime
Found 12th Jul 2016Found 12th Jul 2016
Lowest I've seen for a physical copy of the game so far.
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They have been knowing to put up false reviews in site and also its well knowing that they have at times told people that they will not give a refund unless they take down negative reviews. Used them once and never again all I got from them where lies about my order and had to get my bank to issue a refund




no dreadful company many people have used them here and goods have never turned up and people have had a hard time getting refunds. sure they are banned from the site


Don't have a good rep IIRC. Slow delivery and non-responsive customer service. Worth paying a bit more IMO but each to their own.


So a site called Video Game Box have it cheaper. Trustworthy site? http://www.videogamebox.co.uk/DIGIMON-Story-Cyber-Sleuth-PS4-p/60000665654453675443.htm

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth on Vita £15.99 / PS4 £19.99 @ PSN
Found 20th Apr 2016Found 20th Apr 2016
Cheapest available! The PS4 version is also £19.99 in the sale (no cross buy unfortunately). This Edition includes: - Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth full game - Black versions of Agum… Read more

I have a vita and PS TV but no ps4 is it playable on vita or laggy also is it like Pokemon


got the vita version in the end, as it's cheaper, is the lead console for this title, and is portable. I also have the luxary of PSTV, as this game works with it. Winner!


Cheers man I'll be getting the vita version then. Heat added btw ;)


Muramasa Blade, Dragons Crown, Freedom Wars, Gravity Rush, Killzone Mercenary, Persona 4, Danganronpa, Sonic games, Tearaway, YS: Memories of Celceta, LBP, Wipeout, Superbeat Xonic.


Nope it doesn't use the touch screen at all it works perfectly on my friends pstv

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth PS4 - £29.85 simply games (eBay)
Found 16th Mar 2016Found 16th Mar 2016
Digimon story cyber sleuth on the ps4, slightly cheaper than the game collection a few weeks ago.

Ignore him this is what he says in another thread "i dont buy ps4 games either unless to trade in at a profit . get them primary accounts for free." https://www.hotukdeals.com/freebies/spy-movie-free-o2-priority-from-monday-via-google-play-2385472?p=27250842


How come?


will be £5 soon


Addition: EBay are currently giving some accounts 10% off on orders over £25 so could potentially drop to £26.86


Great price, voted hot

Digimon Cyber Sleuth PS4 £29.99 delivered @ The Game Collection flash sale
Found 27th Feb 2016Found 27th Feb 2016
Flash sale will only last 3 days expires in Tuesday. This gem is a must have I currently have 70 hours in this and counting this game is really awesome especially later on in the … Read more

Not much, but you get 2% quidco too.


I have no clue about Digimon but this game looks amazing! Waiting for sub £20 though!


nice! been waiting for this to come down a bit


there is 4 x free dlc add ons on the PlayStation store if no one sees them/if they don't come with the physical copy


Does anyone know if this includes the black agumon/gabumon etc dlc?

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth only £32.95 at The Game Collection. Free UK release date shipping.
Found 22nd Jan 2016Found 22nd Jan 2016
Cheapest in the UK at them moment I believe.
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I'm also 8 hours in and still on chapter 2 lol


I got my copy on Friday and unless they've sold out (doubt it) you should get the Day 1 bonus DLC stuff too (Awesome game by the way, clocked 8 hours on it and still at chapter 4 lol)


It does include the Day 1 DLC actually i emailed TheGameCollection before they confirmed it.


Sadly this doesn't seem to include the Day 1 DLC, but this is cheaper at £32.75 from Gameseek, and the description indicates it should include the DLC: http://www.gameseek.co.uk/pd/VideoGamesh54phsh0rk/DIGIMON-Story-Cyber-Sleuth


Yeah, at the end of the day its just an upscaled PS Vita game, but it still looks great and from reviews of the Japanese version its got a pretty good story and decent gameplay too. We're lucky to be getting it to be honest :)

Digimon Story : Cyber Sleuth PS4 £32.95 @ Thegamecollection
Found 7th Jan 2016Found 7th Jan 2016
I think its the cheapest for pre-order at the time of posting. I've read/watched some reviews and it seems like a great game. I am not sure if this comes with day one dlc.
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Wow great price this should be more hot thanks OP!


Same, while the Tai Agumon looks great, thats about it, tbh, Id rather save a few pounds anyway, also since I used my 12 - odd pounds of reward points, go it for £20.70.


Heat added, I'm not bothered about day one edition with the price diffence, I didn't even know that digimon was still going


I would imagine it will have the day one dlc since it should come with all preordered games but even if it doesnt its 7 pound cheaper than amazon and game


​Just emailed game collection and Jack has said "we can't confirm as we haven't been advised by our suppliers yet" So I'll be keeping my Amazon pretty order..

Summer Wars Blu-ray - Pre-Order £12.85 @ Zavvi
Found 22nd Jul 2010Found 22nd Jul 2010
The Japanese Box Office sensation When timid eleventh-grader and math genius Kenji Koiso is asked by older student and secret crush Natsuki to come with her to her family's Nagano… Read more
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That's a pity - but at least they should have time to include proper subs also (some of the comments I read seemed to suggest the October 11th release would only be a dub). While you're waiting for this BD release why not watch Kara no Kyoukai (The garden of Sinners)? A series of seven 48 minute - 2 hour anime films released between 2008-2009 (probably no prospect for an English language release); very violent but very, very good.


Currently there is confusion over the release date for Summer Wars on DVD / Blu-Ray. Although Zavvi predicts 11th October, translation difficulties with the film have meant Manga Entertainment are suggesting a possible January / February 2011 for the UK release.


Brilliant Anime - well worth watching! I've been disappointed by too many poorly subbed anime releases lately so I'll wait until I've read a few in depth reviews before ordering.

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