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Manufactured by Sony, and released way back in November 2006, the PS3 is still a popular gaming console, with a massive games library and a loyal following. Anyone who wants to play leading titles like FIFA or Battleground without shelling out for the latest console should check out the PS3 offers at HotUKDeals today. Read more
Final Fantasy Games (PS3/Vita), Superbeat Xonic (Vita), MGS Games (PS3), BF4 / BFHL (PS3) - £3.99, Ni no Kuni - £5.79 @ PSN
04/07/2018Expires on 04/07/2018Found 9 h, 3 m agoFound 9 h, 3 m ago
It looks as though a few PS3 & PS Vita games (mostly RPG) were reduced yesterday... Ni No Kuni is reduced again :) Superbeat Xonic looks like a decent rhythm game that's … Read more

If I could only get one what you recommend?


Woah! they even updated the ps3 store with the sales lol


I played them all over a couple of weeks on PS1 with anthology and origins, I'd say they are all really enjoyable, that was many years ago but remember they was all good enough to binge play them all


Only played final fantasy games from VI upwards. Anyone recommend the first 5? If so whats the best one to get?


Bought vagrant story at least

Conan Exiles £24.99 @ UK Playstaion PSN
Found 12 h, 20 m agoFound 12 h, 20 m ago
Deal of the week, pretty good survival game with decent post launch support

I actually own it on Steam too and haven’t booted it up yet, problem is my gf only plays PS4, I can’t get her in to PC gaming.... work in progress. Constant frame rate drops though, ugh- not sure I can deal with that! Think I’ll give it a miss for now and look elsewhere for some survival game fun on the PS4... Maybe “don’t starve together” will be a good shout!


I can't speak for the game on consoles personally as I have it on PC, but a mate of mine who has it on PS4 said that while it's fun, the constant frame-drops are pretty aggravating after a while. If you can refund games on PS4, this is a decent price.


Has anyone played this on ps4? I saw it at this price last night and considered picking it up for 2 player (2 console) co-op. I’ve looked online and can’t find much on the PS4 version, only PC. Any comments appreciated! Heat added too, been following the price on this over the last week and it seems that ~£32 for a physical copy was around the best right now.

PS4 Slim console 500GB Silver x 2 Controllers - £249.99 @ Argos
Found 21 h, 41 m agoFound 21 h, 41 m ago
I think this is the cheapest console available with x2 controllers as standard and a free game. £249.99 reduced from £309.99 You can also add a free game from either - Fallou… Read more
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I'm finally in the market for a PS4, and TBH the RRP for a Slim 500GB Solus should really be £199 by now. There are loads of competitive deals on the XBox; but the Playstation deals seem worse than last year (unless you're after a PS VR Kit). Hopefully we'll see some decent deals drop before Xmas.


this or the blue one..


Yep hold of for prime day. Think I got my Pro for around £200 (from Currys) after flogging the bundled games this time last year. £250 isn't great even with the extra controller unless you really want the white one. Doom and Fallout have been cheap as chips for months, All my local Game stores are out of the DOP console.


£249.99 in my local GAME with Fallout 4 and 2 months NOW TV


I got a PS4 Slim with two controllers and two games that were RRPing at £40, over 18 months ago, for £230. Why have PS4 prices not come down since then?

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PSN Discounts 18/6/18
04/07/2018Expires on 04/07/2018Found 18th JunFound 18th Jun
These sneaked through today... seen a few individual posts but I thought I'd put the full 314 up in a post... bold = lower than ever PSN price bold italic = equal to lowest… Read more

Thanks Bubs, was on the look out for Divinity cheap for PS4 or PC so this was a good heads-up!


might go for ultimate marvel vs capcom, just something for the kids to battle out offline


Mmmm it's good but is the least inventive of them all. Better off getting the hd classic collection. (DMC1, DMC2, DMC3) in fact, thinking on it, DMC4 was shite when compared to the rest (a bit like DMC2) better off getting a copy of the new DMC for a couple of quid from eBay. That one at least innovated a bit.


Loved the original Pac-Man Championship but to date I’ve still never played the second. Might give that a go!


Dirt Rally, Korix and Volume are still on sale, they're meant to be good. Do you have any VR games from PS+?

PSN Discounts 13/6/18
27/06/2018Expires on 27/06/2018Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
bold = lower than ever PSN price bold italic = equal to lowest ever PSN price [VR] = PSVR compatible 100Ft Robot Golf - £3.29 (59% off) 101 Ways To Die - £3.29 (59% off)… Read more

Some stay the learning curve is a bit steep but I'll give it a go for £4 ;)


Korix is meant to be a great VR game as well. RTS.


B I had the good fortune to play brothers while in game pass. THE GAME IS FFFFFING AMAZING. The first game to bring me to tears. Is Never Alone gonna scratch my brothers itch? (lol)


There's no gameplay, beyond advancing the story with a button press. Pressing the bell to stop a bus is more entertaining.


In this list Drunken Bar Fight is the only VR title that stands out for me. Wipeout Omega Collection and EVE: Valkyrie are still on offer in the Days of Play sale until the 18th, if you're after some decent VR titles. Wipeout probably being the best VR game experience to date!

*Heads Up* Thrustmaster T300 RS GT Edition [ PS4 / PS3 / PC ] £229 @ AO - **NOW LIVE**
Found 11th JunFound 11th Jun
Later this evening AO will be dropping this down to £229, It works with PC, PS4 and the PS3. I don't think I've seen the GT edition this low before, even over Black Friday we saw £… Read more
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Yes! Tee hee!


Nice humblebrag, mate. Do you also visit Xiaomi deals and say it's tempting but you've got an S9+?


Was going to buy this, then remembered I already have the Fanatec CSL Elite for PS4 with load cell elite pedals so not gonna bother.


T300 is belt driven so provides smooth and powerful ffb. I believe the Logitech has gears so you can feel all the notches.


Can vouch for the t300, brilliant wheel for me for 1.5 years no issues. I have the pedals set with brake mod from eBay and it's brilliant.

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PS4 DualShock 4 £34.99 from Amazon
Found 8th JunFound 8th Jun
As per title! Sold by Amazon so get it quick before they go out of stock!

This price on Argos and can use Nectar points. As someone said the other day, Amazon can go away with price match. Support your high street when you can, like on this deal.


£35.99 now...

Found 8th JunFound 8th Jun

Yeh I’ve just noticed that. Thanks


Can the modders please remove this. I’ve only just noticed that the code MAY NOT APPLY TO TECH / gaming


Didnt think it worked on tech?


Get what for free? 12 month Subscription service?


My current subscription ends on the 28th June, can I use this to follow on from my current one?


I remember the days when they used to be sold for £25 on here in surplus


Heat. Thanks


I reckon this will probably as cheap as you will be able to get as, since the price went up, the lowest I've seen for 12 months membership is £29.99 CD Keys tend to reduce 12 months memberships to around the £32 mark (like now) every few months so for me, personally, I'm waiting for Amazon Prime day to potentially pick up a deal like last year (15 months for £30...but that was before the prices were raised)

SEGA mega drive ultimate collection ps3 Xbox 360 - £2 @ GAME
Found 2nd JunFound 2nd Jun
Searching game website and found these

Just the Sega Classics released by M2 for the 3DS offers the most accurate and feature rich emulation to date. The 3D effect is also surprisingly brilliant coupled with the 16bit pixel art.


Any more information? Haven't had a 3DS and thinking of getting one now.


Pretty easy platinum too.


The emulation is worse than the ps3 x box 360 version, and dont get me started on how bad streets of rage 3 is, they butchered the sounds


Ps3 and xbox 360 games for £2? More than likely at 1 point they did cost this,

Reburb Sony Playstation 3 Super Slim 320GB Charcoal Black Console £71.99 @ music magpie / ebay
Found 29th MayFound 29th May
Not bad for the 320gb version. Item Description: Refurbished Good - This product will show moderate signs of wear and tear, the item has been fully tested, restored to factory s… Read more

Paid £70 for a 500GB super slim on FB with a few games 2 years ago. There will be better deals out there in the wild


I’m really hoping the rumours that Bluepoint are picking up a remake of DS are true! Doubt we’ll hear anything at E3 but that would make my gaming year!


No, defo 500


Didn't this come with a 500gb hard drive? Mine has 500gb I'm sure, maybe it's 250


I'd rather pay less for a smaller hard drive... not like I'd use it for anything other than Demon's Souls...

PS3 Slim Refurbished 160gb £63.99 @ Music Magpie
Found 26th MayFound 26th May
Includes... - 1 Used Controller - USB Cable - AV Cable - Power Cable This product will show moderate signs of wear and tear, the item has been fully tested and is in excellent wor… Read more

Not everyone has eBay, not everyone wants to use eBay, a lot of people also don't trust ebay (their own choice). People prefer buying from a trusted retailer selling themselves. That's why it has gone hot. Argos, Currys, or anyone else could be selling an iPhone X for £799, eBay could have loads used for £699 from different sellers. I could say "OH, EBAY IS MUCH CHEAPER". But no, the retailer's will always become the ones most trusted or become hot


I dont need to post any sellers because theres hundreds selling cheap consoles. Im saying how can 60 odd quid for something you can buy cheaper elsewhere be a HOT DEAL? 60 is cold for a super slim model especially a CECH 3xxx + model with no box. This word 'Refurbished' means jack shi also nowadays. Do i really beleive someone at music magpie as dismantled and refurbished the console? More like wiped the outside of it and label it 'refurbished' Boxed ones at CEX for a couple quid more.


Anyone could say eBay deals. eBay is literally a place for deals for individuals and companies. HotUkdeals doesn't allow any old seller's profile to be posted as it could be you advertising your own or a friends.


100% correct. - However, with a hacked playstation. half of the games that don't "officially" work are due to license reasons, expired soundtracks etc. So you can attempt to play ANY PS2 software you like. As an EG, even PS2 linux if you wish.


Only the phat version uses the built in hardware emulation. These models use software emulation which isnt even 100% compatable, same as the PI. The only machine with 100% pure hardware emulation is the ps tv.

Sony PlayStation 3 40GB Black Console good £49.50 @ music magpie / ebay
Found 26th MayFound 26th May
Not bad for a console for your child. Comes with a controller aswell. Refurbished Good - This product will show moderate signs of wear and tear, the item has been fully tested,… Read more

Did anyone order one, and just have a request to cancel from music magpie because they are 'out of stock'?


Even free will not take it


I use one of these as a media player - one of the few devices that is compatible with Netflix, Now TV (inc. Entertainment passes) and Amazon prime video EliTom


and that would come with a 12 minth warranty would it? EliTom


I prefer the term 'modding'. ;) I didn't do mine. I bought it that way. I homebrewed a Wii once though and that wasn't overly difficult, even for a novice like I was. The makers of multiman/Irisman/etc are still releasing new versions of the software and as the PS3 is dead (apart from a yearly release of the latest FIFA/Pro Evo), I can't imagine it's something Sony care about anymore. EDIT- It's worth noting that you shouldn't take your modded PS3 online. If you're of the mind to utilise the altered tech to play illegally downloaded games using this method, Sony will still block your PSN account and you will lose access to all of your bought games, trophies, etc. You wouldn't take emulated games online though, so you're safe using those. I don't know if it's still a thing, but you used to be able to install/use linux on the PS3 and utilising the usb slots, add a keyboard and mouse to turn your machine into a something resembling a PC.

Disney Infinity - PS3 £4 with code @ The Works
Found 25th MayFound 25th May
ADVERTISED AS £5 ADD CODE DMW2O NOW £4 RRP:£34.99 SAVE£29.99 (86% Off RRP) Only £5

I'm going for it just for the figures, they're so detailed and fun to look at.


You can’t play online but there’s still lots to do, especially for kids, and for £4 you really can’t complain.


Good price but word of warning that Disney no longer supports this & closed the servers so you cant play it online

Early Summer Sale at PlayStation PSN Store Indonesia *Battlefront 2, Sims 4, Fifa 18, Battlefield 4, Batman, Walking Dead, Watchdogs, Killzone and MORE
Found 24th MayFound 24th May
Frantics (English) PS4 Rp 207,200 STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ II (English/Chinese Ver.) PS4 Rp 303,200 The Sims™ 4 (English/Chinese Ver.) PS4 Rp 299,000 The Sims™ 4 Deluxe Party Edi… Read more
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I've given it a go at £8.99 on UK store. Will be patching it. I had 2016 so hopefully see a massive improvement. PES deff feels better gameplay but love FIFA for it's polish and ultimate team.


Not played 2018 but hear it is remarkably similar to last year which I picked up for about £8 this time last year and played a lot. I used to be Fifa all day long but PES has a better organic flow to the way the ball moves. You gotta get the patch on it straight away tho if like me you don’t want to play as fake names outside Liverpool, Barca


More fool you. I have USA, canadian and Indonesian accounts. I get my digital games from the cheapest store. Deals like this save me money.


Sony executives themselves have posted on social media about owning multiple region accounts, so you’re safe. I have accounts for several different regions and have done since around PS3 launch time. I guarantee I’ve saved enough to have paid for my PS3 and my PS4 in that time. A little effort for what sometimes can be a big saving. Any games purchased can be played with full trophy support on your UK account. What’s not to love? (y)


How is pro evo this year out of curiosity?

All lego dimension starter packs reduced at Argos PS4& Xbox One £29.99 PS3&Xbox 360 £25.99
Found 24th MayFound 24th May
All lego dimension starter packs reduced Combine with half pack story packs as well as voucher codes+Argos own code for spending £50 or more =Cheap games

Been £29 99 For a long time now price must have just gone up. Strange as we are approaching the bank holiday


May of expired as they are £36.99 now. Argos day probably car changes every Wednesday.


Price jumps up to £36.99 for me. Oh well have some heat anyway, thanks op.

Lego Dimensions - Portal 2 - Level Pack - £12.76 (Prime) / £16.92 (non Prime) at Amazon
Found 21st MayFound 21st May
Quite hard to get hold of this pack for less than full price. According to 3 x camels, this is the cheapest it's been; Blurb; Build Chell, attach her to the LEGO® Toy Tag… Read more
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One of the best packs for dimensions.


Back at £12.76 from Amazon.


Still available from Turbotrance & fulfilled by Amazon at £12.78 (Free Prime Delivery)


£17.99 from Amazon now


Assassin's Creed Liberation HD for PS3 £3.99 at PS Store
Found 19th MayFound 19th May
Save 75%. Normally £15.99. £3.99 til 23/5

The only assassins creed game I really loved was Black Flag until Origins which is amazing. So I’d personally recommend Black Flag and then Origins.


Connor. No way. He was a wet blanket. Worst character of them all in my opinion. Such a whiny SOB. Shay was decent though. I like the entire Rogue story.


I quite enjoyed this on PS Vita until I encountered a game breaking infinite animus bug where you get stuck in the animus loading screen & the only way out is to start a new game. Happened to quite a few people that reported it to Unisoft but they never bothered to fix it (annoyed)


Edward, Connor, Shay and Bayek say otherwise.


Bit harsh on this. Found this a great Assassin's Creed game. The main character was excellent. Which hasn't been the case in any AC game after Ezio and Altair.

12 months PlayStation Plus PS+ £20.67 or 12 months PS+ plus Dissidia Final Fantasy NT (Full Game, English Version) £43.73 from PSN Store Indonesia
Found 17th MayFound 17th May
As of 17th May 2018 you can purchase 12 months PlayStation Plus PS+ from the Indonesian Region Store for RP 350,000 (£20.67 using Credit from Offgamers)… Read more
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Yeah that’s exactly it, you would of course get access to the UK games again should you renew


If I were to go for this deal it would mean I couldn't access my library of PS Plus (UK) games but I would get the monthly games from Indonesia?


How do the free games on the Indonesian account compare to the European selection? How much space roughly do you need for the free digital games that come with a PSN+ account?


Most definitely, I’m in much the same boat as I only play FIFA online so £20 for a year seems the sensible option.


For someone who only plays one game online and doesnt use the UK PSN extras, would this be an easy sensible option?

PS3/PS4/XBOX 360/XBOX ONE Games at Poundland from £2 - £5
LocalLocalFound 10th MayFound 10th May
All of them looked brand new so seemed like a good deal
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The shop in Boston as of today still has “Everything £1” across the front of the shop and across the sign


I know.....have the same concern about The Body Shop.......just cannot buy any bodies! ......and don't get me started on Currys.


Used to be everything £1 - now its amazing value everyday or its poundland and more. They have a sign in the window stating some lines and products are sold more than £1 if they just sold things for £1 - they wouldnt be in business. Times have change.


You should’ve seen their faces when Iceland starting selling food


And they still won’t sell me the till...

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