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The Sony PlayStation 4 is more than just a console – it is an online entertainment system with an improved DualShock 4 controller and a faster new interface. If you're thinking of buying a PS4 or any related products, HotUKDeals collects all the best deals of the PS4. Read more
£50 PSN PlayStation Network Card UK £42.99/ £25 PSN card £21.67 @ Electronic First
Found 10 h, 46 m agoFound 10 h, 46 m ago
Note: This code will only work on UK registered PSN accounts. Get your instant download of a £50 PlayStation Network (PSN) Card on PS4/PS3/PS Vita PlayStation Network (PSN) Card … Read more
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seems to have changed to £43.99. I was having issues with the computer so tried my mobile and it changed to £43.99 while I swapped! its gone back to £42.99. ignore me


That's me! Hope you're not being too passive aggressive. The internet is a far nicer place when we're kind. Many many people use CDKeys with no issues. I've used them with no issues on several occasions. Equally there have been a couple of problems which no doubt were my fault. That said, never had an issue with this company.


Cd keys is only unreliable for the people who don’t use it correctly.


I preordered it last year from amazon when it was just under £46. Combined with £2 student prime discount for preorders, it came to slightly under £44.


where you pre order it from? i dont know where to do it the cheapest yes i could pay £45 for smyths but will have to pay for petrol.

Seagate 5tb backup plus portable external hard drive with 2 months free Adobe cloud photography plan 2 Year Warranty £106.47 Amazon/Ebuyer
Found 11 h, 20 m agoFound 11 h, 20 m ago
Great price for this drive (shock) hopefully see sub £100 soon :/ Ebuyer link: The Sea… Read more
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Errrr, without wanting to challenge this ^, its absolute rubbish! This is a slower 5400 drive but is perfectly OK for use as an extra day to day drive, its perfectly OK to rip this drive out and use it in a desktop/laptop for daily all the time use, to say its just for once a day backup is rubbish, there are still many drives around at this price point that are 5400 drives and they work fine, hell some manufacturers still use these high volume low speed drives in new kit....Its a Seagate drive, its 5400 it have a 2 year warranty and its just like all the other drives out there, this isnt a fragile little flower to be mollycoddled!


Lots of people seem to be getting confused over the price for this drive. It's cheap for a reason. (Granted it's a good price for this kind drive) The clue is in the name. It's for backups. This means it's slow, and won't handle lots of activity, like what's needed for game play / video editing. It's really meant for once in a while usage. Say, backing up your work at the end of the day. I wouldn't bother sticking it on a PS4 / XBOX One.


Thanks. Yes, meant 2.5.. typo


You are correct :)


This says 'portable' so I would assume it's a 2.5" drive.

Shenmue I & II (PS4) £20.75 Delivered @ Base
Found 11 h, 37 m agoFound 11 h, 37 m ago
Xbox One version can be had here for the same price (Cheers @BuzzDuraband ) Pioneering Dreamcast classic available for the first time on PS4 and Xbox One. Updated user in… Read more

Thanks been waiting a while for this to drop


I see.


Think my game share bud has got the DLC. Just need a copy of the game again at some point. Yeah awesome game!


I got plat, gonna do the dlc too, loved the game


@BuzzDuraband You're up!

Free PS4 Dark Souls Remastered Chess Theme @ Bandai Namco
Found 11 h, 48 m agoFound 11 h, 48 m ago
Free Dark Souls Remastered PS4 theme from the Bandai Namco online store. Looks banging.
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Wow it looks fantastic


Should be essentially instant


How long does it normally take for the email to be sent?


Found it! Didn't notice the red box at the end!


Click on ''My product(s)'' in the email.

Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) - NEW - Tesco Direct for £18
Refreshed 19th MayRefreshed 19th May
Epic Voiceover: "Enjoy the 2005 fantasy classic Shadow of the Colossus in immersive detail on the PlayStation 4. This PS4 remake delivers the original heroic storyline - pitting yo… Read more
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Shpock you! ;)


i completed this game enjoyed it whats the replay value? can you get other weapons? to kill the beasts... i realised right at the end about the shrines as save points.


Looks like it's price matched on Amazon for prime delivery


Great - never played it when it came out on PS2. Looks like they polished it up nicely for the PS4!


its a classic mate and its a reskinned version of a ps2 game so it is very old think ps2 was 300mhz processor back in the day if you think of the game in them circumstances edit 294.91 MHz CPU CORES 1 GPU SPEED 147.46 MHz VIDEO RAM 4 MB SYSTEM RAM 32 MB INTERNAL ROM 4 MB no doubt if the totally remade it they could fix up a lot of things i think its a totally amazing feat of a game from that time

ACER 28" UHD Monitor with Freesync / Speakers / HDMI & Display Port + FIFA 19 on PS4 or Xbox One £249.99 @ Box
Found 14 h, 55 m agoFound 14 h, 55 m ago
Not a bad bundle here especially if you can make the most of it with your PC and Console. The monitor is around this price alone elsewhere, so if you're looking for FIFA on console… Read more

I have the 1440p 75hz version of this and ghosting is terrible


10 bit . . . TN . . . Hmmmmm? Somethings not right here :/


Most PC gamers will not be interested due to the 60hz.




1080p IPS/VA 144hz is still way better than 4k60 TN. The resolution will be lower and not as sharp, but the actual picture quality and colours will be superior. There is no point in picking up such a high resolution monitor if it's still TN. If you're a PC gamer, then 4k is useless anyhow, until high refresh rate models are available at a sensible price.

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Steep Winter Games Edition - 70% discount PS4, Xbox and PC. From £12 (£12.60 PC) @ Ubisoft
Found 15 h, 44 m agoFound 15 h, 44 m ago
Seems a great deal for a well reviewed game. This deal expires today I'm afraid - I got back from work and saw it. Someone might be looking out for this. Deal available on console … Read more
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I'll be honest, I TOTALLY missed this! (angel) Now I remember why I switched to PC games mostly. I just automatically assumed all the prices would be for digital download. Poor form from Ubi. :o (poo)


Can’t believe I didn’t think of that myself, so disappointed!


That delivery charge is steep! (excited) ...I’ll grab my coat :S


Yeah cold on ps4 and xbox as £8.99 delivery ruins the deal. Decent for PC though


I’m with you here! You’re better off getting it from Base for £14.29. That delivery is extortionate!

Dragon Ball FighterZ Pass £14.78 @ PSN
24/10/2018Expires on 24/10/2018Found 17 h, 8 m agoFound 17 h, 8 m ago
Great deal for anyone who hasnt purchased any dlc for the game yet. Works out at less than £2 a character. Im annoyed since ive already bought 3 characters for £2.49 each meaning t… Read more
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Thanks OP


Unfortunately not just checked £29.99 (skeptical)


Shame. Thought this was for the full game. Heat in any case.


Is this the same price on xbox?


Alot of thought put into the fighters, makes you wonder why capcom can't pull their finger's out

Strange Brigade Playstation 4 Ps4 £26 @ Amazon
Found 19 h, 9 m agoFound 19 h, 9 m ago
Noticed the ps4 version is now £26 like the xbox version and believe its best price yet hope it helps.

Xbox one prime exclusive only but £26 at Asda too


This game is absolutely dead on arrival. There are 100 people globally playing this on steam and its been out a month, i think that number is quite indicative of other formats. It sold about 30k copies globally and its very focused on online play. Buyer beware, maybe wait til it hits PS+/XBL for a user spike.


Yes you need a active PS Plus account to play online but you're fine offline. Ignore the other comment some people just don't appreciate that people may be buying games for gifts and not for themselves.


Does it cost more to play this online?, do you have to have an online subscription to play the online multiplayer?

Super Bomberman R Shiny Edition PS4 (New) £17.85 delivered @ Base
Found 22 h, 41 m agoFound 22 h, 41 m ago
The Shiny Edition includes: 8 Shiny Bomberman Brothers Set & Golden Vic Viper Bomber Get the Master Chief Bomber - Exclusive to Xbox OneThe Shiny Edition includes: 8 Shiny Bo… Read more
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Yeah I played this the other day for a good 20mins or so and it’s so underwhelming.


I agree. Game isn't worth £12 let alone £18. You can't beat the magic of the old bomberman games. Me and the other half play them quite often on our Retropi.


I bought that version and have the shiny versions of the regular bombermen characters (they're nothing special, I wouldn't pay extra for them). Honestly even at £12 I don't feel like I got my money's worth from this one. It's fine but it fails to evoke the same feeling of fun I got from the older games. If you're on the fence I'd suggest holding off for now as it's likely only going to drop in price over the next couple of months.


That's not the shiny edition from what I can see


Was 11.99 in the ps store last I checked? May have changed with the new sale tho

[PS4] Battlefield 1 Turning Tides & Apocalypse DLC - Free - PlayStation Store
Found 23 h, 15 m agoFound 23 h, 15 m ago
For those who missed the Premium Pass, the BF1 Turning Tides & Apocalypse DLC is now available free to download on PS4. Battlefield™ 1 Turning Tides Battlefie… Read more
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Cheers for this , started play this again after a years absence. I’m really enjoying it again


Both also free on XB1: 1&devicetype=xbox&lc=1033


Why would you be annoyed? Do you complain about PS+ games that you bought 4 years ago?


Anyone else find this annoying, when you have already paid for the season pass


Voted Hot

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 with 2 Hours of 2XP + an Exclusive Calling Card £39.99 @ Amazon prime now (READ DESCRIPTION)
Found 23 h, 25 m agoFound 23 h, 25 m ago
Both PS4 and XBOX. I know Black Friday is 37 days away but for those that want to jump on the Black Ops train this is the cheapest way I have found (apart from that £30 ASDA deal t… Read more

Then post the deal... also it’s for the first and second shop. But by all means if you have a better deal then post it. Easy to vote hot or cold but back it up :)


Cold as it’s not a specific deal for the game it’s a deal for your first shop only and there are much better deals for it in cd keys and more!




There is no single player


Apologies if that was rude, I admit things became a bit derailed. I understand what you mean but usually people do list some highlights things that would make the deal worthwhile which I think applies in this deal but opinions are opinions and we can't always agree and that's okay. Thanks for the discussion anyways, it was worthwhile seeing an opposing view :)

The Last of Us Remastered £7.71 Battlefield 4 £2.93 Star Wars Battlefront UE £4.13 Life is Strange BTS £4.13 from PSN Store Turkey
Found 17th OctFound 17th Oct
PS4 List: 101 Ways To Die - £2.40 (59% off) 1979 Revolution: Black Friday - £4.13 (43% off) 2Dark - £3.60 (68% off) Agony - £11.20 (53% off) Akiba’s Beat - £11.20 (62% off) … Read more
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Cheers @joeydeacon & @BubaMan great work chaps on the list. Some very decent deals here. Inpatient under a tenner Overcooked and Unravel 2 being just a few highlights for me. By the way if you haven't already download the demo of Astro Bot it's ace! (highfive)


Incredible game


I love it, find the weakest currency with a psn store and that's where my next psn account will be (y)


Grabbed Battlefield 4,thanks a lot!


Unfortunately no.

Sony PlayStation VR (Virtual Reality Headset) (PS4 PSVR) £199.99 @
Found 17th OctFound 17th Oct
In the box PlayStation VR headset Processor unit Stereo earbuds HDMI cable USB cable AC adaptor and power cord PS VR headset connection adaptor What you need PlayStatio… Read more

where is cheapest v2?


If it’s just the headset then v1 should be alot cheaper than the package with a camera.


In terms of the headset itself, the only difference between V1 and V2 is proper support for pass-through HDR. If you can get a V2 for the same or better price then fair enough, but it being a V1 headset isn't in itself a problem unless you've got an HDR compatible TV.


I didn’t realise this was the first version not such a good deal after all


Don't buy version 1 unless it's way cheaper than this. This is NOT a good deal.

Battlefield 4 Premium Edition PS4 £7.39 Playstation PSN
01/11/2018Expires on 01/11/2018Found 17th OctFound 17th Oct
Complete Edition of good shooter game for acceptable pri e. Enjoy! Prince is valid until 1.11.2018.

It’s just all round more fun and fluid than others. destroys any cod I’ve ever played. Vehicles are a bit OP but infantry is really fun too. Lots of different ways to play and things to do. Fun with a decent squad too


What makes this the best battlefield? Played the first 2 on PS3, got into battlefield 1 on PS4 after the recent deal. What makes it better? Got really bored of the COD franchise


Does anyone still play this? As in, is it still easy to find 64 player servers etc?


Best bf ever made


What does the premium include that the standard doesn’t? Just new multi player maps?

PSN UK sale 17/10/2018 - Celeste £7.39 / Dead Cells £14.99 / Overcooked £3.99 / Ys VIII £15.99 / Unravel Two £8.99 / many more
Refreshed 21 h, 54 m agoRefreshed 21 h, 54 m ago02/11/2018Expires on 02/11/2018
There's a new sale going live now on the UK PSN store, with 220 new discounts on PS4 games, 90 on P3 and 18 on PS Vita (at the time of writing). I'm not in a position right now to … Read more
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Same but i think i'm just gonna have to bite the bullet and get the digital.. the price is too much of a steal


Great sale, heat added but nothing for me this time. Wish I could get YS VIII physical for this price ;(


Thanks op, I've bitten on Celeste. To anyone on the fence about getting Overcooked, it's great, you won't be disappointed. If Dead Cells seems like your thing I'd recommend Hollow Knight over it, so much more game for your money. Though I did enjoy Dead Cells, Hollow Knight is on a completely different level.


Well, the sequel has online and a few different features, like being able to throw food. I honestly recommend getting both. My favourite games to test my relationship with the missus.


Think I might have to bite with overcooked Got a feeling it will be on ps plus after I buy it tho knowing my luck

Buffalo 8TB 7200rpm DriveStation Velocity USB 3.0 Desktop Hard drive. 2 year warranty, free delivery or collect + £167.34 @ ebuyer
Found 17th OctFound 17th Oct
Brilliant drives and not a bad price at £20.92 per TB :) Buffalo DriveStation™ Velocity hard drive promises blazingly fast data transfer speeds  Transfer your files quickly and … Read more
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Anyone know how these compare to WD reliability wise?


any one know what drives are inside these ?


Is anyone else thinking take it apart and just used the HDD or is it just me?


Will it work with Ubuntu Linux?


Very good price, but Buffalo has an appalling reputation for reliability on their NAS boxes. I'm not sure about their external drives but since NAS is essentialy an external hard drive then ???

Refreshed 10 h, 1 m agoRefreshed 10 h, 1 m ago
Seems the usual price but over 100 t-shirts to choose from for free (y)

Exactly this, mine went straight on eBay after that 10 minutes


Loads of guides on YouTube, you need to download hakchi and then the roms that you require. Roms being the games


Any advice on how best to do this? Thanks


Eternal Darkness at 1080p. Time Splitters 2 with online functionality?! Where do I sign up? (cheeky)


Very similar experience - bought it on release last year, played non stop for about six weeks, played the games I wanted to complete again, then sold it on for the same price I bought it. Difference was that the demand was much higher back then!

Fallout 4: GOTY Edition [PS4] - £16.99 @ Base
Found 16th OctFound 16th Oct
Incredible deal for a phenomenal game renowned for it's excellence in the gaming industry. Fantastic value and not to be missed by any video gamer who hasn't played this. A great… Read more
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Why would they? This isn't a multiplayer game when splitting the userbase would be detrimental, so there's no chance that it would become free.


I hope they make the DLC Free


Wish it would drop to this price on steam store


I’m waiting for the Switch version, maybe that may happen as well


113 Hours worth of content according to HLTB for the GOTY edition. Haven't got that much time, let alone 31 hours for the main story.

Playstation Network Card UK - £35 (PS Vita/PS3/PS4)
£29.96 with FB code @ CD KEYS
Found 16th OctFound 16th Oct
Please note this code will only work on UK PSN accounts.  Once your order has been despatched it can not be refunded so please ensure you will be using this code on a UK PSN accoun… Read more
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A little concerned that the description is for guild wars 2 gems. Has anyone actually ordered this?


Any decent psn deals about can’t think of paying £50 for 12 months




Yes. But is there any good deals for it in the store? Last I checked it was £50 for 12 months...that's too steep.


So have CD keys now reduced the discount from 5%to 3%?

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