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Microsoft has refined the third member of the Xbox line-up to offer a wealth of gaming and entertainment options, as well as address issues of hardware reliability with its Xbox One. Gamers can look forward to enhanced, controller-free gaming on Kinect and an improved online gaming experience, all without fear of facing the infamous red ring of death. HotUKDeals rounds up all deals on a special Xbox One page for everyone from casual gamer to hardcore gaming aficionados. Read more
Crysis 1,2 & 3. Xbox 360/one  @ Xbox Store - £7.49 each
Found 1 h, 19 m agoFound 1 h, 19 m ago
Crysis 1,2 & 3 for £7.49 each on Microsoft UK store. Works on Xbox 360 and Xbox one console's.

“But can it run Crysis?”


Wasn’t aware that Crysis 1 was on xbox! Might be tempted to bite. Completed 2 & 3 and loved them both, crysis 3 multiplayer was fun as well until it died.


I loved this game (y)

PS4 Pro + Red Dead Redemption 2 £315 / (Refurbished) Xbox One + Far Cry 5  £278.10 @ Argos eBay (Using Australian  code)
Found 2 h, 27 m agoFound 2 h, 27 m ago
BE QUICK! Far Cry bundle: Method: 1) Create a new Australian eBay account … Read more
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Xbox all sold. I sit here pressing F5 on my browser window showing ebay XBox One X search results and keep missing these! @reindeer333 - can you please message me personally next time (y)


Black Friday is next Friday, not tomorrow


Change the title to xbox one X please


According to FAQ and Warehouse profile it's 30 days?


sea of thieves bundle is out of stock, but they have a farcry 5 bundle at the same price. last one. i'm hoping Game will do a similar offer to last year's trade in your OG ps4 for a ps4 pro/slim+ cost. but for the xbox

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Xbox One X + Forza 7 + Forza Horizon 4 £342 /PSVR V2 + Camera + VR Worlds + Astro Bot £179.99 @ Shopto eBay (Using Australian discount code)
Found 6 h, 42 m agoFound 6 h, 42 m ago
Good prices. Just tested and this method definitely works. Xbox Forza Bundle: PSV… Read more

Indeedy :)!


You have to enter a real phone number at first to ensure that the number can be verified, but you can change this immediately afterwards.


First time using this trick but worked like a charm. Now to decide whether to pull the trigger or not (nerd)


How can I create new account without the phone number? It keeps telling me to confirm phone number.


It'll be a UK unit providing you choose a UK seller on eBay UK even if they are a Private seller. The change to is to process the payment / voucher otherwise you will be paying X on eBay UK, also you should see both the UK and AUS price when you change the URL part from to Quick read; 4) Find the item you would like to purchase on the UK ebay site, and then change the web domain from to 5) Proceed to checkout and enter the code PLUGIT10 - ensure at this stage your delivery address is set to your UK address & not a random Australian address!

WWE 2K19 Xbox One £23.16 at Xbox One Store US
Found 6 h, 54 m agoFound 6 h, 54 m ago
No VPN required. UK Gold Subscription required (You do NOT need a US Gold sub) You’ll need 3 x $10 Xbox gift cards from Offgamers for £7.72 (£23.16 in total)…t… Read more
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Good for digital game owners, slightly cheaper on the Singapore store ($40SG) you get the credit from SeaGM (y)


The deluxe edition is under £40 too. Not bad of you are game sharing


Yep, and you can sell it on when finished with.


Or if you don't want the faff game are selling it for 24,99

FIFA 19 Xbox One £23.16 at Xbox Store US
Found 7 h, 3 m agoFound 7 h, 3 m ago
No VPN required. UK Gold Subscription required (You do NOT need a US Gold sub) You’ll need 3 x $10 Xbox gift cards from Offgamers for £7.72 (£23.16 in total)…t… Read more
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Just get FIFA 18, same game and can be had for £2. Bargain.


just done it! game share worked out half price to about £12 each!


Heat added. I wonder how long it will take for the "Get Fifa 18, it's basically the same" comments. I play fifa occasionally and still find it value for money! Best deal out there.


In before the heat (strong) Nice find


Hot (y)

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Far Cry 5 Xbox One £23.16 at Xbox One Store US
Found 7 h, 6 m agoFound 7 h, 6 m ago
No VPN required. UK Gold Subscription required (You do NOT need a US Gold sub) You’ll need 3 x $10 Xbox gift cards from Offgamers for £7.72 (£23.16 in total)…t… Read more
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Did exactly that with the U.K. sale and had the post deleted, can win on here sometimes


But it's 23.16 if you don't game share (popcorn) not everyone game shares


This is only £11.50 if you are game sharing (y) ;)


This is only 19.99 in cex and game second hand


This is getting out of hand. Appreciate the hard work, but this can all be condensed into 1 long beautiful glorious post

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Xbox One £23.16 at Xbox Store US
Found 7 h, 15 m agoFound 7 h, 15 m ago
No VPN required. UK Gold Subscription required (You do NOT need a US Gold sub) You’ll need 3 x $10 Xbox gift cards from Offgamers for £7.72 (£23.16 in total)…t… Read more
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Cheers mate!


I assume that was a VPN purchase?


Do microsoft allow this? 2 months ago a friend bought several games through the Argentinian store and received a week long ban.


Legend edition is $40 maybe worth if you play MyClub.


Congrats on the expert program @joeydeacon

EA SPORTS™ UFC 3 Deluxe Edition Xbox One £15.44 at Xbox Store US
Found 7 h, 25 m agoFound 7 h, 25 m ago
No VPN required. UK Gold Subscription required. You’ll need 2 x $10 Xbox gift card from Offgamers for £7.72 (£15,44 in total)…tml Go to the UFC3 page on the … Read more
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Dreadful game not even worth it if it was free


If you aren't worried about the deluxe edition the normal version is on EA access now (y)

Batman: Arkham Knight Premium Edition Xbox One £7.72 at Xbox Store US
Found 7 h, 34 m agoFound 7 h, 34 m ago
No VPN required. UK Gold Subscription required. You’ll need 1 x $10 Xbox gift card from Offgamers for £7.72… Read more
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I've got £5 credit atm might pick it up for UK store.


If like me you have some leftover credit on the Turkish store it might be worth buying a 25 TL card for £4-5.


Its on UK microsoft store for £10 too for those who don't want to mess around for the sake of saving £1.86 as its actually £8.14 with processing fees.


On the UK account mate


when you say you need Gold, do you mean you need it on the US account or just the UK account?

Far Cry 5 Gold Edition Ps4 / Xbox One £34.85 at
Found 7 h, 47 m agoFound 7 h, 47 m ago
Far cry 5 Gold Edition includes the full game, season pass and full digital download of Far Cry 3
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No. The DLC is poor and it's not tied to the main game so you're not missing anything


If you’re not interested in FC3, is the Gold Edition worth paying extra over the standard edition - i.e. Is the season pass worth an extra £10-£20 more than the standard edition?


3 and 4, although it can be quite the same if still recommend 4


Completed the game last night on Xbox One, Some people don’t like it but it kept me entertained for around 30 hours and therefore when I got it at £28 second hand it worked out at less than a £1 an hour.This has all the additional content so will last ages. Worth the money when you work out how long you will use it


Far Cry 3 is the good one isn't it? Haven't played any of them so far but fancied giving it a try.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Xbox One £22.81 (Requires XBL Gold for Discount) US Store
Found 8 h, 4 m agoFound 8 h, 4 m ago
Xbox Live Gold required to get the discounted price on the Xbox Store. Steps to make: 1) Add 1x $25 and 1 x $5 gift card from OffGamers . 2) Where required add a US addres… Read more

I've been looking at getting this for a while (was way too pricey for me digitally) now so checked out YouTube for recent reviews and came across this which I have linked in my main OP too. Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Ultimate Review (500+ Hrs Played) The YouTuber also notes that this review was recorded before the release of patch 1.5, which fixes many of the issues mentioned.


Anyone played this? Looks right up my street, but maybe a touch clumsy? I'm not sold just yet. I wonder if this will be reduced further in Xbox's black friday sales?


Such a good game, although unforgivingly hard at the beginning stages.

Xbox One Wolfenstein®: The Two-Pack
(New Order + The old blood) £10 with gold @ Microsoft Store
Found 8 h, 18 m agoFound 8 h, 18 m ago
Wolfenstein®: The Two Pack, cinematic and rendered in stunning detail with id Software’s id Tech® 5 engine, gives players two thrilling campaigns. Now you can get both critically a… Read more
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I thought the same, especially if you game share - £2.50 per game you can't go wrong with that :)


Great price for these games. Heat from me

Immortal Unchained Steelbook Edition Xbox One / PS4 £19.85 @ shopto ebay
Found 9 h, 26 m agoFound 9 h, 26 m ago
Both versions same price . Cheapest I can see. PS4 link

Tried to reply to this comment but for some reason whenever I paste a YouTube link the app goes berserk! (excited)


Seems like a wasted opportunity but to me it looks a little better than The Surge, which was trash (imho) as it all looked the same!


Meant to be trash?


Good find! Looks abit Dark Soulish.

The Witcher 3 for Xbox One £12.50 / GOTY £14 @ Microsoft Store w/ GOLD
30/11/2018Expires on 30/11/2018Found 10 h, 32 m agoFound 10 h, 32 m ago
Been waiting a while for this to drop in price, from what I've heard this is a steal! Gold members can get it at this price right now, others will have to wait until Nov 19th
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Ah :)


He was agreeing with you and saying the only reason to buy standard is for achievements as they count separately


Not sure I get you there... If you loved the main game, why would you not want more content?


Only really if you like your achievements I imagine at this point. Both counted as separate games as far as lists are aware. Still have a sealed copy of goty I paid about the same for a couple years ago (excited)


Bargain of the year... Maybe

Gears of War 4 Ultimate Edition (Requires XBL Gold for Discount) £12.49 Xbox store
Found 10 h, 53 m agoFound 10 h, 53 m ago
If you don’t have Game Pass and prefer to own it digitally then this is a great price.

^^^^Yeah i forgot about that, basically even if you don't buy these maps you still get to play them online as they are added and removed at random from the normal games map rotation, but if you buy the pass you can play them at any time you want when you set a room up for a private game. lol


Also too add to @XP200 's comment, with the Ultimate Edition the 24 DLC maps you get will provide permanent access for private play.


^^^24 online maps, 6 gear packs, basically 6 loot boxes of xp boosts and skins, but nothing that adds to the single player game at all, so you can quite happily play single and online with the standard game and never know you are mssing anything, but Gears 4 itself is great fun and you can grab it here for under £8.37 and it's play anywhere title so you get a xbox and PC copy of the game. And as i was checking this out i see i already have the digital version, thought i had a retail version, too many games. lol


What does the Ultimate edition include?



[Xbox 360/Xbox One] DiRT 3 - VIP Pass (Add-on) FREE with Xbox Gold @
Found 11 h, 56 m agoFound 11 h, 56 m ago
Unlock all DiRT 3 multiplayer modes, 5 cars and the opportunity to upload highlights of your best runs direct to YouTube* with the DiRT 3 VIP Pass. With the VIP Pass you can prove … Read more

Been free for years - but a nice heads up Storeparser is a good site to see what's going on with price drops etc in the ms store- usually up to date


Always been free

Turok (Xbox One) £4 @ Xbox Live Gold [N64 anyone?]
Found 16 h, 19 m agoFound 16 h, 19 m ago
Turok is back and no dinosaur is safe! When it was first released in 1997, Turok introduced gamers to a world teeming with cunning enemies, traps, puzzles and deadly weapons all wi… Read more

Yeah was also hoping to get number 2 :(


I want to pick this and Turok 2 up but only this one is on offer? Seems a bit weird.


So much for "I have enough games..." XD Gotta get this again!


This game forced me to use the left yellow d pad for movement & the joystick to look on the N64. Far superiour control methed & when applied to golden-eye multiplayer, I was invincible!


bewareoblivionisathand - The ultimate cheat input code for the first game on the N64. If my memory serve me well... It used to be ingrained.

Sleeping Dogs™ Definitive Edition Xbox One £3.60 with gold @ Microsoft Store
Found 17 h, 1 m agoFound 17 h, 1 m ago
The Definitive Edition of the critically acclaimed, award winning open-world action adventure, reworked, rebuilt and re-mastered for Xbox One All 24 previously available DLC exten… Read more
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I don't see why not..either through the website or using the xbox official app once you've logged in/payment card registered etc


I can't look right now, but any chance I can buy this online my phone? Getting an Xbox one for black Friday.


I am replaying this now. Forgot how good it is. I somehow missed the zodiac tournament the first time round, it's pretty cool.


Who doesn't have this already? If there's any chance, get it. Great game, great soundtrack! Heat 🔥

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