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Ryobi RLT26HT 26 cc Petrol Grass trimmer & hedge trimmer kit instore at B&Q for £50
LocalLocalFound 20th JanFound 20th Jan
This is In store Only and not available online. Not sure if it's nationwide or store specific but I found these in Beckton East London store. They had plenty. Really good pr… Read more

Battery power?


Bought this a few years ago and I am not a fan, however, for 50 quid it's not a bad deal. I paid 100 euro in my local DIY store. No way would i pay full price. Heat for the price. Major downside - It is extreamly difficult to start. Grass trimmer, spool will get stuck a lot and require constant stoping and starting to realign it to allow more line to feed out. Once running it seems to do an ok job but perhaps the grass shield could be better to protect from looking like the green giant after use (perhaps this is more a me issue however). I cant comment on the hedge trimmer attachment as I only tried it the once but due to the starting issues I replaced it with a battery powered stihl which wouldn't be fare to compare against.


Thanks for the heat. Would also work for anyone that needs the attachments or a spare driver unit (engine).. all of which are interchangeable I belive. Agree that you would need all the paraphernalia to get started.. but you would normally have to buy that anyway. Thanks anyway.


Showing £165 on the web page, so possibly just a local deal - good value though, if you can find one instore! You'll also need to buy a petrol container, some unleaded fuel, some two stroke oil and a mixer bottle, earplugs or defenders, goggles and working gloves (unless you already have them) I have an earlier model of this with a slightly different hedge cutting attachment and rarely use anything else - if your hedges are high, consider buying an extension pole, saves having to get step ladders out The model I have isn't the easiest to get started, but compared to corded electrical devices I'd sooner put up with a temperamental engine than faffing about with an extension cord, circuit breakers and the inevitable cable cutting and repair which almost certainly will ensue! voted hot anyway

Makita hedge trimmer at Amazon for £64.90
Found 28th Dec 2018Found 28th Dec 2018
Hedge trimmer Makita 18v body only
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I have one, lasts ok on 3Ah but managed to get a 5ah recently which hopefully will do my whole hedge. It works fine but does get stuck occasionally on bigger stuff but the convenience of it outweighs this limitation.


Bought one last week - really good piece of kit for the price. Recommend you use a 5.0 ah battery as plenty of battery power and lasts for ages. Max cutting is 10mm. Agree cheaper to buy through Powertool World.


Does anyone have one of these and are they any good?


Cheaper at PowerToolWorld... and delivery is through DPD who are much better!

Wyevale Clearance - Greenworks Li Ion Garden twin pack - Hedge Trimmer / Leaf Blower
LocalLocalFound 23rd Dec 2018Found 23rd Dec 2018
Picked up a Greenworks Li-Ion tools twin pack in Wyevale Winnersh today. G24BL - Leaf Blower (Cheapest online is £39.99) G24HT54 - Hedge Trimmer (Cheapest online is £68.99). 24V B… Read more

My local store has just been sold to a local building supplies co. No clearance at all!


Some of the wyevale garden centres are closing down and becoming Dobbies or in excess l, 2 of our local ones have 70% of selected bita




Nice prices, not close enough for me to ckeck but if it was, I would. Heat added.

Makita UH4861X-2 48cm / 19" Electric Hedge Trimmer - £39.90 delivered (more in post)  @ Powertool World
Refreshed 4th JanRefreshed 4th Jan
Pretty good price, next best i can spot is £47 odd, good brand so know will be good quality - includes delivery via courier The Makita UH4861X is a powerful and easy to use hedge… Read more
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Drills are 2 types (if not more) they look very similar if not the same.. but the quality ones cost twice as much as the others! Some are for DIY, others general heavy use (I have) and others professional site tools.


Try it and dont forget to share experience 😜


May I use it as an electric bread slicer?


Any good deals on hedging... so I can justify this!


Depends what it is. If it is grass, thistles, brambles etc then as said a brush cutter or personally I prefer a sharp scythe. With a scythe it is much easier to collect what you cut and IMO just as quick albeit a bit more effort. If it is overgrown hedges personally I just use a chainsaw to take it back to where I want/remove. Very quick, looks a bit of a mess initially but soon grows back. With this it will just constantly jam on larger branches and take forever. Obviously only do it if you are competent in using chainsaws because you must stay out of line of the blade, although I've never personally experienced kickback working on a hedge.

WORX WG914E 20V Grass Trimmer & Hedge Trimmer Cordless Set £79.99 ebay /  positecworx
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
As per title, seems a good deal from positecworx again, strimmer and hedge trimmer with battery and charger for under £80.00. Received mine this morning and am pleased with the qua… Read more

Meehh... looks like the spec on WORX's own website is wrong in that case.



What part number is printed on the box please?


Thanks, mine just arrived. 2.0 amp battery and 1 hr charger included. ?


probably this... 2 x WORX 20V 4.0Ah Battery Packs + Fast Charger + WORX Cordless Combi Drill - £79.99 Keep the batteries and flog the fast charger and drill for £15 - £20 each.

Worx cordless 40v hedge trimmer - £79.99 @ positecworx eBay
Found 31st Oct 2018Found 31st Oct 2018
The WORX 40V Hedge Trimmer is the most powerful hedge trimmer in the Worx range giving you all the power you need to maintain perfect hedges, no matter the size of your garden. The… Read more

Shame they’ve gone I’ve just cut through my hedge trimmer wire and would have quite liked a cordless.


I managed to get one before they went. Great deal. Thanks OP!


Link doesn't work and an eBay search revealed diddly squat (lol)


Not available


Bought this the last time, worth every penny!

Gardenline pole hedge trimmer at Glastonbury aldi £39.99
LocalLocalFound 1st Oct 2018Found 1st Oct 2018
In Glastonbury aldi Unboxed and tested it. Seems legit Telescopic handle with extension piece for a variable height adjustment Working height up to 4m Adjustable support handle… Read more

Picked one up at my local Aldi yesterday - on display at £49.99 but went through at £39.99


I returned for a full refund despite not having a physical receipt sent out with the trimmer, I showed them my online proof of purchase and they checked the date and refunded my card.


Did the warranty sort it?


I bought this and used it twice, it then broke. The pin that allows the angle to be adjusted bent and the plastic handle broke off. The gearing in the head became detached the next day.


Absolute steal for £20. Feels remarkably well put together.

Ryobi expand it hedge trimmer/multi tool (Redditch b&q)
LocalLocalFound 27th Sep 2018Found 27th Sep 2018
Not too sure about this but seemed reasonly priced. This was at the redditch branch. Hope this helps someone
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(highfive) Cracking piece of kit the lop saw, fire is still burning now !


I know was just kidding (cheeky)


There was. I’ve just picked up the brush cutter and chainsaw for £18 each. All sold our now though.


There's no need for anyone to go to this branch looking for these now.


So, what do you need to attach it to?

Powerful WORX 40v hedge trimmer just £79.99 (was £179.99, over £200 elsewhere) direct from UK importer.  3 year warranty.
Found 2nd Sep 2018Found 2nd Sep 2018
Powerful WORX 40v hedge trimmer just £79.99 (was £179.99, over £200 elsewhere) direct from UK importer. 3 year warranty.
£79.99eBay Deals
Just scanning the Positecworx (WORX importer) ebay site for something else and came across this real bargain! I have a WORX 20v hedge trimmer (cost more than this 40v one) which d… Read more

OOS now so I'll expire the deal. That didn't take long!


In your case -yes!


Besford and Worx Up a tree Posting all Worx deals on HUKDEEE


Voted HOT but my neighbour got a better deal, uses mine the tight MF. ;(


gone now....

Ryobi RPT4545M Pole Hedge Trimmer with Extension Pole, 450 W - Green/Black - £69.99 @ Amazon
Found 25th Aug 2018Found 25th Aug 2018
Ryobi RPT4545M Pole Hedge Trimmer with Extension Pole, 450 W - Green/Black - £69.99 @ Amazon
£69.99£119.9942%Amazon Deals
Very handy tool that helps you take care of branches at unruly heights and angles. Safety switches are closer together making it much more user friendly. Comes in 3 separate sect… Read more
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You'reNot seriously going to tell me that's down to the new regs are you? Haha! Apart from anything else, the majority of people are still using the vacs they owned before the new regs. If it IS down to the new regs, people are buying the wrong vacs. New ones have just as much CLEANING power as old ones, they just USE less power. That's because the manufacturers have had to become less sloppy in the way they design their machines, focusing on improving airways, filters, heads, etc., in the same way that car manufacturers have improved aerodynamics and so on. You're the one whose understanding is out of date.


I think you might want to update your understanding in this area. The UK has seen a dramatic increase in carpet beetle infestation since these regulations were phased in for vacuum cleaners.


The quoted wattage refers to the power it consumes and often bears little relationship to the effectiveness of the tool. It's the same with many products. Had to laugh at all the people who rushed out and bought "powerful" vacuum cleaners before they were banned, when all they were doing was increasing their electricity bills.


does this ryobi fit my petrol ryobi?


All three of these models are 240v mains powered.

Sovereign 18V Li-ion Cordless Hedge Trimmer £24 / £27.95 delivered @ Homebase
Found 23rd Aug 2018Found 23rd Aug 2018
Sovereign 18V Li-ion Cordless Hedge Trimmer £24 / £27.95 delivered @ Homebase
Decent hedge trimmer, well worth it along with the Sovereign grass trimmer @ £23.20 which is also decent. Hedge trimmer is the same as the challenge one that Argos sell for £40 … Read more

Works very well better than my electric one and way more convenient being cordless I’ve no complaints so try it for yourself before you listen to negative comments.


Had one last year and I'm not exaggerating when I say the battery burst into flames. Luckily didn't cause any damage to anything or me (except the trimmer obviously lol). Laugh about it now but no please don't buy. It's not really that fun playing Russian roulette every time you trim the Bush...


Ordered good find thanks


Got a sovereign one a couple of years ago and it was rubbish. The quality was awful and didn't last 15mins off a full charge. Took it back and bought a qualcast one instead. The qualcast one is superior in every way, cuts far better, last longer off one charge and of a much higher quality. Its coming to the end of the summer now, so wait unit there is a good deal on a different model.


Batteries do degarde quite rapidly on this model, having said that, they work well for the first few trims, and if you only have a small area to keep tidy they are probably ideal at the price.

Bosch 70-34 hedge trimmer £99.99 today only Amazon
Found 23rd Aug 2018Found 23rd Aug 2018
Bosch 70-34 hedge trimmer £99.99 today only Amazon
Great deal of the day at Amazon. Been on search for one and was £139.99 yesterday.

Cutting the cable isn't a problem. Easily repaired (shock)


even better deal. Thank you @sawek86


Not a problem any more as I gave up 2 years ago 8)


https://www.worldofpower.co.uk/stihl-hsa-45-battery-hedgecutter-rechargable.html 85,39


I would go with this Stihl cordless..No hassle with cable...

Found 20th Aug 2018Found 20th Aug 2018
Been keeping my eye on this which has now come down £20 so it's a good deal. Good reviews too. It appears a lot of the negative reviews were, I think, a problem associated with old… Read more

I thought the same but I used it yesterday for the first time and it's actually not that heavy especially if the harness is used correctly. No cables to cut either.


These hedge trimmers are very heavy if doing a tall hedge I doubt most people can even hold it up. If it's a small hedge stick with electric way easier and so much lighter.


2 stroke fuel is a mix of special oil designed for 2 stroke engines and petrol. Usually mixed at 50:1 for purposes of small garden engines. FYI. :D


Whats 2 stroke? Youmean unleaded with 2 stroke oil added.


Thank you.

Flymo hedge trimmer at Amazon for £24.99
Found 19th Aug 2018Found 19th Aug 2018
Flymo hedge trimmer at Amazon for £24.99
An Amazon 'Deal of the day'. Flymo hedge trimmer reduced from an alleged £69.99 to £24.99.

Thanks Op I’ve been waiting for a decent offer. Reviews on Amazon seem quite positive, so for £25 I will give it a try. If it cuts as well as people are saying AND it feels well balanced and comfortable to use, it will be a keeper! Thanks again.


I have the easicut 610, got it for £40 when Tesco direct was closing down....happy as Larry with it, so this model looks good for £25 8)


Ok thanks. I should really try it. Was thinking of taking back after I purchased it (as I didn’t really want two hedge strummers) but maybe the better cutting quality will be worth keeping it after all. Bought it as it has a longer reach & decent reviews.


It went through my hedge like a knife though butter. Was well impressed with it. So much so that I got a bit giddy and took too much off so haven’t needed to use it again since may.


Yes, just purchased the Titan one. Not used yet. Is it any good? Have used a smaller one (can’t remember make/model offhand..cheapish Argos one I think) and was ok but not great.

VonHaus 7.2V 2 in 1 Grass and Hedge Trimmer - £31.99 @ Domu eBay
Found 31st Jul 2018Found 31st Jul 2018
VonHaus 7.2V 2 in 1 Grass and Hedge Trimmer - £31.99 @ Domu eBay
£31.99£39.9920%eBay Deals
The ultimate garden tool – the 2 in 1 grass and hedge trimmer features easily interchangeable blades for hedge, shrub and grass trimming Made from a durable duty plastic with a me… Read more
Ryobi Hedge Trimmer (no battery) - £56.99 @ Amazon Prime Day
Found 17th Jul 2018Found 17th Jul 2018
Ryobi Hedge Trimmer (no battery) - £56.99 @ Amazon Prime Day
I'd bought this last weekend for £73 on a warehouse deal but have returned and re-purchased. Great bit of kit (I already have a 5ma battery for a pole trimmer). Good price and much… Read more

Couldn't resist - ordered cutter an battery! Will keep tracking price of one hour charger - same at B&Q so may get Dad to get one on a Wednesday,


Thank you!


I did an hour or more and was still at three of the five charge indicators.


How much cutting time would a 5Ah battery give?


Great price. Ordered one of these last night, amongst a whole host of other impulse purchases, but had to cancel when the boss found out this morning. ;( Difficult to argue when our decade old Flymo still works well, despite having cut the cord twice in that time.

450w Hedge Trimmer only £17 at B&Q
LocalLocalFound 13th Jul 2018Found 13th Jul 2018
450w Hedge Trimmer only £17 at B&Q
Found this in the Merthyr Tydfil store ( maybe other stores too ? ) .. still got about 15 there on shelf 450w Hedge Trimmer 41cm cut length only £17 at B&Q was £22 says discont… Read more

I expired this as its not worth the money, .. used it for 10 minutes and motor burnt out ☹, had refund and bought a dearer one now instead !


Still some left in Merthyr store .. check your stores too 😃


Thanks for votes and comments guys .. 😃 (y)


Cheap as chips. No excuse for having an untidy privet. Suits you sir!


To my expert eye this look suspiciously like a box, a cardboard box. Wait! on closer inspection, it appears that there might actually be something in the box. Excellent my dear Watson. What a find. Sorry, I am very tired.

Bosch ASB10.8 li  hedge trimmer set £67 at B&Q
Found 5th Jul 2018Found 5th Jul 2018
Bosch ASB10.8 li hedge trimmer set £67 at B&Q
I wanted a small battery hedge trimmer and this seemed to fit the bill well and had good reviews, although it isn't being promoted as a discount or special offer I found that B&amp… Read more
Florabest 20v cordless hedge trimmer just £49.99 at lidl from Sunday 1 July.
Found 26th Jun 2018Found 26th Jun 2018
Florabest 20v cordless hedge trimmer just £49.99 at lidl from Sunday 1 July.
£49.99LIDL Deals
I recently bought and posted a WORX equivalent of this cordless hedge trimmer: it's very convenient (and safer) not to have a cord and it's been very effective on an old hedge too.… Read more

I can confirm that the batteries are interchangable with parkside 20V tools.


Seems likely and, if so, may be compatible with Ozito (Homebase), Einhell and others too?


Looks the same as the Parkside Batteries used in the 20V power tools, currently £11.99 in Lidl.


Where does the £129 come from? It's £49.99.


129 for a lidl spesh seems adversely and prohibitively priced considering the aldi one was 60

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